Vacuum Cleaner With Angle Grinder

During repair or construction, it is sometimes required to carry out concrete work: cut an opening under a window, a niche, and ditch walls for wiring. Masters know how many small particles are formed. Cleaning after such events is a very laborious task. We suggest figuring out whether cutting concrete without dust is possible and how to organize this process.

How to choose a disk for “angle grinder”

Concrete is a durable material, so working with it is quite difficult. To perform cutting, most often use an angle grinder (angle grinder). This tool is better known in everyday life as an “angle grinder.”

Vacuum Cleaner With Angle Grinder

A diamond wheel is used as a nozzle. Depending on the design features, they are divided into several varieties:

  • Segmented
  • Solid;
  • Combined (turbocharged).

The first option is a solid base with a segmented edge. Such a circle is low cost, but not too suitable for working with durable materials. It must also be taken into account that it is used only for dry cutting. The solid disk has a continuous diamond edge, so that no chips are formed during operation. Such a nozzle heats up quickly, so it must be cooled with a continuous water stream.

Combined or turbo-diamond disc is universal. It withstands maximum load and is suitable even for cutting reinforced concrete.

Before buying the nozzle of the right type, you need to figure out what material you have to work with. Reinforced concrete is reinforced with metal rods that the cutter may stumble upon in the process. Therefore, if it is supposed to deepen more than 10 cm, use should be made of high-strength discs, i.E. Turbocharged ones. Fresh concrete is more abrasive, with time the material hardens, its strength increases. This factor should also be considered when choosing a circle for cutting.

The disk segments are attached to the canvas with silver solder or by laser welding. The first option is more suitable for wet, the second is used only for dry cutting. When choosing a suitable diamond wheel, you should pay attention to its diameter, which should be suitable for the parameters of an angle grinder. An important criterion is also the speed of the disk. It is better if it is higher than the maximum possible indicator stated in the technical specifications of “angle grinder”. This will ensure optimum operation.

Vacuum Cleaner With Angle Grinder

Wet Concrete Cutting Technology

Using water allows you to cut concrete “angle grinder” without dust and overheating of the tool. The technology allows you to solve several problems at once:

  • Increase the life of the diamond nozzle,
  • Avoid dust
  • Increase the speed of work.

One way to ensure that the water supply is continuous is to secure the hose so that fluid enters the disc. If there is no water supply in the working area, an assistant can be involved in the process. He will use a primitive device from a plastic bottle to wet the circle. At the same time, the incision site is wetted with liquid. This must be done carefully so that water is not poured into the tool.

The method is not very applicable in multi-storey buildings, since there is a risk of flooding the neighbors from below.

How to make a casing for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands

The angle grinder with a built-in vacuum cleaner allows you to get rid of the “angle grinder” small particles of material formed during the cutting process. But what if there was a need to cut concrete with a conventional tool without additional options? The simplest solution is to purchase a casing for a vacuum cleaner separately or to make a device with your own hands. You can attract an assistant who will collect the particles formed during the cut with a vacuum cleaner.

It is easy to make a convenient nozzle from a simple plastic canister, in which an automobile “frost-free” is often sold. For work, you will need a construction cutter and a container of a suitable size, the neck of which will fit in diameter to the hose of the vacuum cleaner.

The manufacturing sequence is as follows:

  • Mounting holes are cut on both sides so that you can easily change the direction of rotation of the disk.
  • A suitable slot is made under the circle.
  • To attach the cutter, an “angle grinder” cuts another hole.
  • The hose is docked with the neck of the canister and fastened with a transition ring with a clamp.
  • “Angle grinder” is laid in the casing and all elements are connected.
  • The unused hole is covered with a lid.

A good dust collector will turn out from a simple five-liter polyethylene bottle. It is attached using a standard protective casing, and the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner to the neck. This design is suitable for any kind of work, except for chipping.

Last tip: in order to make a cut evenly, marking is first applied. Then along the line are fixed wooden blocks. After this, a shallow incision is made up to 1 cm, the stops are removed and the work continues. Throughout the process, coolant is supplied to the blade of the disc. Perform all manipulations in safety glasses, a respirator and gloves.