What Kind Of Nozzles Are On The Grass Trimmer

Owners of private houses, cottages and summer cottages each time ask themselves about the purchase of special equipment for mowing lawns and home gardens. For such purposes, a trimmer, lawn mow or lawn mowing is used. Some call this type of tool a lawn mower. With this device it is easy to bring your summer cottage in full order, but first you need to find out what trimmers are and what is better to choose. It is in these issues that we have to understand in detail.

Trimmer or lawn mower what is it and what is the purpose of the tool

Initially, manual braids were used, which were used to mow grass not only on the personal territory, but also in fields and meadows. Relatively recently, trimmers have appeared, the work of which is to perform similar tasks as manual braids, only with significant relief. This relief is achieved through the use of power units in the tool design, through which the cutting knives are driven.

The main purpose of trimmers and lawn mowing is to mow different grass. Mowing or mowing of vegetation occurs through the use of steel discs with sharpened knives or heads with fishing line. A rotating steel disk effectively copes with mowing grass of various heights, thicknesses and densities. The fishing line is used mainly on trimmers for mowing small and medium grass in home gardens, near the house and yard.

Powertrains on trimmers what are lawn mowers

Manufacturers produce lawn mowers with the following types of power units:

  1. Gasoline. Operate from two-stroke (less often four-stroke) engines
  2. Electric. The design uses electric motors powered by a 220V household network
  3. Cordless. A cross between gasoline and electric. They are based on electric DC motors that operate from an autonomous power source. A battery

What to choose among these models of lawn mowers? To purchase the most suitable model of grass-mowing equipment, you must first find out all the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Trimmers working on gasoline what are the advantages and disadvantages

One of the most common options for lawn mowers is a lawn mower. Two-stroke internal combustion engines are used as a drive mechanism. Four-stroke motors are less common on tools, as they have 2 times more weight, and therefore cause inconvenience in operation.

Two-stroke engines run on gasoline, which is pre-mixed with oil. A mixture of gasoline and oil is needed to lubricate the internal mechanisms of the motor during operation. Ai-92 brand gasoline is mixed with special two-stroke oil in a ratio of 1 to 50. A distinctive feature of gas trimmers is their high power. Typically, the power indicators of such units are in the range from 1 to 3.5 kW. Having an idea of ​​what a lawn mow is, we will find out all its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of lawn mowing and lawn mowing include:

  1. Autonomy and mobility. This equipment can be used for work not only on personal territory, but also in the field
  2. High power, which allows you to effectively cope not only with large volumes of work, but also with mowing grass of different thicknesses of stems
  3. The possibility of using the device not only as a tool for mowing grass, but also as a snow blower, outboard motor, etc., but this will require additional nozzles

Gas units also have some disadvantages that you need to know about before making a purchase:

  • Release of hazardous exhaust gases that are inhaled by humans. Even if you use a respirator, the use of this tool contributes to environmental pollution.
  • The need for constant refueling, for which it is necessary to take breaks in work
  • High weight. This is due to the severity of the internal combustion engine. Depending on the power of the units, their weight reaches 5-6 kg
  • Noise during the work. It is necessary to work the lawn-mowing in protective earphones to reduce harm to health
  • Difficulties in carrying out repairs. Gas trimmers are maintainable, but not everyone is able to understand the device device and its repair

Trimmers their purpose pros and cons

Trimmers with electric motors are designed for use in household areas near the 220V power source. Electric units are weaker in power compared to gasoline, however, this can not be considered a direct drawback. After all, to put in order the household territory, electric trimmers are able to cope completely. Their advantages include:

  1. Light weight compared to gasoline. They weigh an average of 2-3 kg, which is quite within the power of the elderly and women to operate the tool
  2. Affordable cost. Again, when compared with gasoline units, electrical analogues cost 1.5-2 times less. Each owner of a private house can afford such equipment.
  3. Full environmental friendliness. Electric trimmers do not emit exhaust gases, therefore they can be used even in protected areas for lawn mowing
  4. Low noise level. They work quieter than gasoline counterparts, which makes it possible to control them without the use of protective headphones

Electric lawn mowers have more advantages compared to lawn mowers, but there are also disadvantages that you must be aware of:

  • Low power indicators, which excludes the ability to cut large, thick-stalked and dried grass
  • Inconvenience to use due to attachment to an electrical outlet. In addition to the lack of cable, in the process, it should also be controlled so that the wire does not fall under the cutting knives
  • When overloaded, the engine heats up, which leads to accelerated wear. Regularly during work, it is necessary to take breaks to cool the motor
  • If there is no electricity at the cottage or there are power outages, then the considered model of the lawn mower is useless

Cordless trimmer when used effectively

Relatively recently, battery types of trimmers have appeared, which eliminated all the shortcomings, as in the above units. To understand what the battery trimmer is designed for, you must first find out its design, advantages and disadvantages.

The work of the units under consideration is based on the use of an electric DC motor. This engine has similarities with electric trimmer motors, but with the exception of the power threshold. Cordless models have a priori low power, so it’s worth noting right away that they are not able to cope with tall and thick-stalked grass. The motor is powered by an autonomous power source. Rechargeable batteries, as a rule, with lithium-ion filling.

The advantages of the considered types of trimmers include:

  1. Autonomy
  2. Mobility
  3. Ease
  4. Easy to use
  5. The option to change the angle of the head
  6. Lack of attachment to an electrical outlet
  7. Unpretentiousness and environmental friendliness

Having eliminated the shortcomings of the electric and gasoline units in the battery, we could consider them the most effective. However, battery models have their significant drawbacks. These disadvantages are manifested through the following factors:

  • Low power indicators, so you cannot use such a trimmer to cut grass in the field
  • Short battery life, which depends on the load. The thicker the grass and the thicker its stems, the faster the battery discharges. On average, devices are able to work for 20-30 minutes, and after discharge, require recharging for at least 1-2 hours
  • High cost. Battery models are more expensive than electric ones, which is associated with the use of expensive lithium-ion tanks. However, battery devices are no more expensive than gasoline

Types of trimmers at the location of the engine. What is the difference and what is better

Choosing a trimmer, you will definitely find another difference. This is the location of the power units. These places are different, and what it affects, we find out further.

What Kind Of Nozzles Are On The Grass Trimmer
  1. The lower position of the power unit is mainly electric and battery trimmers. On petrol lawn mowers, the engines are located only in the upper part. The obvious advantages of such units are: simplicity of design, as there is no gear mechanism, and ease of operation. Their only drawback is that they are not intended for mowing wet grass, as water can get into the engine. Even if the device is protected from water, the restriction of its use for cutting grass during dew is not eliminated. In addition, models of trimmers with a lower arrangement of motors are characterized by low power indicators, which is also their disadvantage. The presence of the option to change the angle of the head position allows not only to mow in a horizontal position, but also at different angles
  2. The top location of the motor is the most popular version of trimmers. Over, these include gasoline, electric and battery. They are not afraid of operation during dew, and also have a significantly larger power reserve than units with engines below

Having considered all kinds of trimmers, the question is quite relevant: what is better to choose? Brief conclusions about where to focus your attention are presented below.

Conclusions What kind of trimmer is best for home

First you need to decide for what purpose the equipment is purchased. If you need to provide care for your homeland, then you need to choose among electric and battery devices. If the constant binding of the tool to the outlet does not cause discomfort, then it is clearly better to buy an electric trimmer.

If it is planned to mow grass not only near the house, but also in the field, in the country or far from the house, then there are no options here. You should buy only a gasoline unit. It will work as long as you refuel it. Despite all the shortcomings, gasoline braids continue to outperform eco-friendly and lightweight electric trimmers in terms of sales.