What power is an electric screwdriver for an ice drill. Ice Drill and How to Use it When Fishing

electric screwdriver for the ice drill

In addition to its basic functions, the electric screwdriver can be used for other purposes. Many take this tool on fishing trips to drill holes in the ice. We will tell you what electric screwdriver to choose for the ice drill and which company is suitable for it.

Location Model
1. Interskol DAU-13/18V Prices Review
2. DeWALT DCD777D2T-QW Prices Review
3. Makita DF033DWAE Prices Review
4. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 3.5Ah x1 LiHD box Prices Review
5. DeWALT DCF620D2K Prices Review
6. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 5.2Ah x2 Case Prices Review
7. DeWALT DCD791P2 Prices Overview
8. Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 4.0Ah x2 Case Prices Overview
9. Makita DDF481RF Li-Ion 3.0 Ah 18 V x1 Case Prices Review
10. Metabo BS 18 L BL 2.0Ah x2 case Prices Review

Rating of the best screwdrivers for ice drills

Our top picks include only the best ice pick screwdrivers that have optimal features. Each model has received most positive feedback from users. In compiling the rating, we did not forget to consider the pros and cons of each model.

What electric ice drill screwdriver would you choose or recommend??

The best tools for the low price

Here are the best screwdrivers for ice drills at a reasonable price.

Makita DDF451RFE

This hammerless device is characterized by reliability. The model has several speeds, high-quality backlight and convenient buttons to control the device. Ergonomic handle on the side of the device and durable body that allows to use the device in all climatic conditions.

Makita DDF451RFE

As a side note! The product can be equipped with batteries, 4 or 5 Ah.

  • Type. drill. electric screwdriver;
  • additional option. drilling;
  • backlight. yes;
  • auxiliary handle. yes;
  • Compatible with 4 and 5 Ah batteries, yes;
  • Length. 238 mm;
  • weight. 2.1 kg.
  • good power;
  • comfortable grip;
  • pads against runout;
  • reliability;
  • affordable price
  • Long life;
  • can be used in all weather conditions.


This model is distinguished by its quality and reliability. The product has several speed modes. The product can withstand higher loads, so it is suitable for professional use. Model is equipped with an additional handle for ease of use. The device has a powerful motor with a reliable protection.


The product is characterized by a rich complete set. The screwdriver itself comes with two 5 Ah batteries.

The main advantage of the product is the optimal combination of price and quality. The main drawback. in the case of damage to the electric screwdriver, it is almost impossible to restore its work.

  • Type. drill-driver-electric screwdriver;
  • additional option. drilling;
  • backlight yes;
  • extra handle. yes;
  • start button limitation. yes;
  • dimensions (DхВ). 200х208 mm;
  • weight. 2.0.8 kg.
  • small weight;
  • high durability;
  • increased endurance;
  • the machine is supplied with two 5 Ah batteries;
  • good torque figure;
  • high resistance to sub-zero temperatures;
  • Quality backlight, which allows you to use the product in the dark;
  • good power;
  • no overheating.

Makita DDF458RFE

This is a powerful device that has a handy handle and a backlight for evening use. The product features a good torque indicator and several modes, which allows you to easily form a hole even in a thick and dense layer of ice.

Makita DDF458RFE

  • type. electric screwdriver drill;
  • additional option. drilling;
  • backlighting. yes;
  • auxiliary handle. yes;
  • start button limitation. yes;
  • compatibility with batteries, capacity 4 and 5 Ah. yes;
  • dimensions (HxH). 225×259 mm;
  • weight 2.3 kg.
  • body has a reliable protection against moisture;
  • good power indicator;
  • multifunctionality;
  • the presence of an indicator that shows the battery charge;
  • comfortable side handle, which facilitates the process of drilling;
  • The possibility of using batteries with a capacity of 4 and 5 Ah;
  • Excellent assembly without backlash;
  • handy case;
  • ergonomic handle.

The best mid-priced tools

Here are the best screwdrivers for ice drills,

Bosch GSR 18V-60 FC 5.0Ah x2 L-BOXX

This tool is richly equipped and functional, allowing it to be used in a variety of conditions. In addition, the model is characterized by the safety of use, because it has a reliable protection against overload. The product has several modes of adjustment, which allows you to set the most suitable option.

Choosing a high-quality factory ice drill

Finished products that are on sale are divided into two types:

Ion Gen2 vs Jiffy E6 vs StrikeMaster 40v. Compared

  • Power drills. Operate on gasoline. An expensive treat. But they have high power, high efficiency. Most models are designed for drilling holes up to 20 cm in diameter. The disadvantages are. a lot of noise during operation and have an impressive weight.
  • Classic handheld. This drill is a simple design. Cost inexpensive. But when you need to drill more than ten holes, it takes a lot of energy. Not every model can handle ice thickness of more than 0.5 m.

Therefore, you will have to constantly push it up or fix the reducer to lower it. And that’s not an option.

The best option. imported goods. For example, products from the company “Mora” absolutely all adaptable to an electric screwdriver. For this purpose, you buy an adapter that connects the auger and the chuck.

Mora model “Nova System” is available with an additional set, in the form of an auger with a cutting head, sold separately. In conditions of drilling thick ice cover, an extension cord will be needed.

The product has a removable spherical shape knives, thanks to which the drilling process is smooth and easy. There is no need to exert special pressure on the tool. the ice drill heinola has a retractable folding handle with 4 different heights. On sale are the following diameters: 175, 150, 130, 110 mm. With such a tool, fishing will only be fun.

How to choose a screwdriver for an ice drill

In order not to make a mistake with buying a good tool, you should know what parameters you need to pay attention to. After all, it will determine the comfort in fishing, and the effectiveness of the preparation of working holes.

How much power to use a screwdriver with an ice drill

To work in combination with an ice drill you need equipment with a minimum power of 60 Nm. Taking into account that most of screwdrivers have torque in the range of 15-45 Nm, and their torque is not cheap. On average the price of models with torque of 60-110 Nm is 8-35 thou. The weight of such equipment together with the battery is 2-3 kg.

Some low-cost tools have an adapter with a gear reducer, which is used to reduce output speed, reducing the load on the machine. Buying such a variant, it is possible to save on the purchase of an expensive device. You can choose an adapter with an integrated gearbox for 5 thousand euros.

How many batteries do you need

Daylight hours are short in winter, so there is not much time for a long search for fish. You need to act quickly, the mobility of the fisherman will determine how rich the catch will be. It is not necessary to set the knee of the bellhop, you can use a high-capacity battery with a charge of 3Ah or more. A battery voltage of 18-36 V is quite sufficient for drilling holes.

Professional equipment has two batteries, where the second is a spare. The tool with a 3 Ah battery can drill up to 50 holes for ice thickness of 80 cm. If you pick up a screwdriver with a battery capacity of 5 A / h, the number of holes will be 75 pieces for the ice thickness of 1 meter.

When using such equipment it is important to know that in cold conditions the efficiency of the battery decreases greatly. To change the battery is not difficult, and not long, just a few seconds.

There is a popular belief among winter fishermen that the first two types are easier to handle negative temperatures. But with an extra battery, the lithium-ion ones will do just fine. There is not so much difference as to the ability to work in freezing temperatures among them. But in terms of weight the first two types lose out to lithium-ion batteries.

Of all the options, lithium batteries have the undisputed advantage. When buying a battery, special attention should be paid to the expiration date. If it is made 2-3 years ago, there is a possibility of loss of its capacity.

What kind of drill is suitable for an electric screwdriver

Experienced anglers select models with right-hand rotation, because they are designed just for standard right-hand drilling and screwdriving. They have a reverse mode, when you can switch the direction of the spindle speed of the power tool. Internal ferrule and chuck not designed for heavy loads with left-hand rotation. It is necessary to approach the purchase thoroughly, find out in which direction the electric drill rotates. Reverse rotation will put an expensive tool out of commission in a short time.

Quality and robustness are among the key requirements of the tool. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to proven brands of manufacturers that have proven themselves on the good side. The review and rating lists the models that made the top sales in 2019-2020.

Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I 0 box, without battery

Electric screwdriver drill with a quick-action chuck. Performs the following functions: reverse, work in the drill stand, drilling. Supplied with. additional handle.


Speed. 2;

Maximum torque of 120 Nm;

weight. 2 kg.


The tool is designed for drilling. Reverse function. Quick-action chuck. Features: spindle lock, power button lock, spot light. speed control.


speed. 2;

Maximum torque 65 Nm;

batteries. 2;

weight. 1.5 kg.

Zubr DAI-18-2-Li KNM4

Electric drill-driver with the reverse function, brake, and an additional mode of operation. drilling. Chuck type. quick-action keyless chuck. Comes with spotlight, speed regulation, spindle lock, overload protection, lock the power button, bit slot in the housing. removable battery can be charged for 1 hour. Includes charger, 2 batteries, bit, case.


speed. 2;

The maximum torque of 60 N-m;

batteries. 2;

❄ How to make Auger Adapter for Ice Fishing Cordless Drill. DIY �� Test on Ice Fishing ENG SUBS

weight. 1.7 kg.

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 3.5Ah x1 LiHD box

Model with a quick-release chuck has the following functions: reversing, work in the drill stand. drilling. Supplied with: additional handle, battery charger, 1 battery.


speed. 2

Maximum torque of 110 Nm;

batteries. 1;

weight. 2 kg.

DeWALT DCD701D2 Li-Ion 2.0 Ah 12 V x2 TSTAK case

The tool is capable of performing the functions of reversing, motor brake, drilling. Rapid-action chuck. Snap-on lock, spotlight, speed regulation, spindle lock. Accessories: charger, 2 batteries, case.


speed. 2;

maximum torque. 57.5 Nm;

batteries. 2.

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 5.2Ah x2 Case

Model with reversing function, drill stand operation. drilling Equipped with a quick-action chuck. Fully loaded, 2 batteries; comes standard with 2 quick-change chucks: 2 batteries, battery charger, auxiliary handle, carrying case.


power, electric, screwdriver, drill, fishing

speed. 2;

power, electric, screwdriver, drill, fishing

The maximum torque is 65 Nm;

2 battery packs;

weight 2 kg.


The tool is used as a drill and an electric screwdriver. Quick-change chuck allows fast accessory changes. Power button lock, spot light, speed control, spindle lock. Battery can be charged for 1 hour. Accessories: battery charger, two batteries, carrying case.


speed. 2;

maximum torque. 70 Nm;

batteries. 2;

weight. 1.7 kg.

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 4.0Ah x2 Case

Electric drill/driver for drilling and work with fasteners (reverse rotation, drill stand operation, drilling) with quick-action chuck. Included: 2 batteries, battery charger, additional handle. case.


speed. 2;

power, electric, screwdriver, drill, fishing

maximum torque. 110 N-m;

batteries. 2;

weight. 2 kg.

Makita DDF481RF Li-Ion 3.0 Ah 18 V x 1 case

Model equipped with a quick-action chuck. Functions: reverse, motor brake. Additional operating mode. drilling. Includes: battery, battery charger, auxiliary handle, carrying case.


power, electric, screwdriver, drill, fishing

speed. 2;

maximum torque of 115 Nm;

batteries. 1;

weight 2.6 kg.

Metabo BS 18 L BL 2.0Ah x2 case

electric screwdriver for reversing and drilling. Features a quick-action chuck. Yes: speed regulation, power button lock, spot light, spindle lock. Comes with: two batteries. battery charger, case.


speed. 2;

maximum torque of 60 Nm; speed. 2; Metabo BS 18 L BL 2; equipped with a quick-action chuck;

batteries. 2;

weight.1.2 kg.

Not only for the sake of saving time, experienced fishermen prefer to make an electric screwdriver holes. They note other advantages of such a necessary tool: reliability, functionality and ease of assembly. In successful drilling much depends on the chosen model with an adapter, and it is necessary to take into account characteristics of the auger.

The thickness of plastic is of great importance, the body and the electric motor must be powerful enough. For an ice drill for an electric screwdriver it is better to choose a sturdy construction, preferably metal. The form also determines the convenience and quality when drilling the ice.

Everyone decides for himself, which electric screwdriver to choose for the ice drill. Often the purchase of an inexpensive model is the reason for having to buy such a device again. The ice drill will serve for many years if it is properly operated, looked after and stored. If handled carelessly, any high-quality tool, battery or adapter will fail.

Medium cost screwdrivers

The list includes units with a price of up to 20 ths. What you can choose an electric screwdriver for fishing:

  • Bosch GSR 18V-60. the company’s products are known for their durability, quality and performance indicators. Can be used at home and outdoors, deservedly popular among ice sports enthusiasts. The equipment shows a low percentage of noise and vibration when used. Depending on the material to be worked, the rotation speed can be adjusted, and if the drill jams, the motor locks out automatically. Convenient handle prevents slipping out of the hands during drilling. Batteries operate at temperatures up to.20 degrees. The disadvantages of the device include the lack of a secondary handle.
  • Denzel BLDL-IB 18-02. equipment is equipped with brushless motor with extended service life. The apparatus has additional lighting of the working space, charge indication, protection against discharging or overcharging. Speed regulator, electric brake. The device with a reinforced design is sold together with 2 batteries, a case and a recharger, and other additional accessories.
  • DeWALT DCD709S2T. Chinese device of quality and reliability, used for various tasks. Brushless motor prevents overheating, the maximum speed. 1650 units per minute. Minuses of the device consider a small battery capacity of 1.5 Ah, the lack of a secondary handle and overpriced.
  • RYOBI R18PD7-0. modern device with an advanced motor, built-in computer, electronically controlled clutch. The equipment has a key lock and the performance is equal to 85 Nm. No battery and charger included, sold separately. Additional accessories to the machine are a drilling depth limiter and a second handle.
  • Drill DeWALT DCD791D2. with power of 70 Nm, optimal for combination with mechanical drills. Lightweight and small unit is easy to carry, standard accessories included: 2 batteries, battery charger and carrying case. Brushless motor guarantees good performance, does not cause overheating. The equipment has additional lighting.

Important! Medium-priced devices are sold more often than cheap and expensive analogues. Professionals and amateurs prefer to choose modern equipment that meets the criteria of safety, certain parameters.

Drill on winter fishing

So, winter fishing is a process that takes place during the cold season, that is, when the bodies of water are covered with ice. In order to reach the water, the fisherman needs to drill holes with a special device, and place the floats of rods with bait in them. To create a hole, such items as a crowbar or a drill are used, while the second is considered more popular and convenient. Among the conveniences of use are:

  • the ability to punch holes in ice that is thicker, while expending less effort and time;
  • The resulting hole has a cylindrical shape with smooth edges without chipping or cracking of the coating, which can be dangerous;
  • when using does not create unnecessary noise, which is important because it scares the fish, and thus the fishing process can become unsuccessful.

The design of the auger is simple, it consists of a clevis, which is an elbow-shaped handle with a special chuck for clamping the cutting part (knives, drills) they can be sphere-shaped or straight. Its use requires not small efforts.

To facilitate the drilling of the ice thickness, craftsmen have designed automated devices, upgrading conventional devices, using as an additional element an electric tool (electric screwdriver). By combining the two devices, a number of qualities are gained:

  • time saving, as a rule, more fruitful fishing requires more than one hole, and their drilling takes a lot of time, with an electric addition the procedure is faster, thus there is more time and effort for the fishing itself;
  • ease of use, no additional effort or skill is required;
  • ability to work with all types of ice, including dry and thick ice;
  • the tool is also kept low noise level;
  • versatility, it is possible to use an electric screwdriver.

Of course, such a development has qualities that cannot be considered positive, among them:

  • battery failure, this occurs when the temperature drops below the manufacturer’s specifications;
  • Unstable operation, this happens if you run the auger counterclockwise, after a few turns, the adapter will come loose and begins to slip inside the chuck.

But despite this, automated ice picks are very popular among fans of winter fishing.

The device of automatic drill

An advanced ice drilling device consists of these parts:

Adapter or an adapter, is an integral part of such a design, it acts as a connecting element between the drill and an electric screwdriver. If necessary, everyone can make an adapter by himself for this requires a steel rod of appropriate diameter. Then it is necessary to grind one edge into the tail for fastening and drill holes to fix the adapter with the ice drill pipe.

Shopper Testimonials

Nikolay B., Irkutsk. Bought a DeWALT DCD991X1 winter fishing screwdriver. Ergonomic. easy to hold. Can be transported without any problems and does not weigh much. It is powerful and allows you to drill dozens of holes without straining.

Roman G., Omsk region. The consultant advised me to buy a Makita453 18v, but it is not the same quality as 3-5 years ago. I chose DeWALT DCD 771 D2 18V. It has a comfortable rubberized handle, impact-resistant plastic, has a backlight. you can easily drill at night. The device works softly and quite quietly. The only disadvantage is the case, it is unforgivably flimsy for such a good tool.

Choosing an ice axe screwdriver, it is important to pay attention not only to the price and design, but also to the technical parameters. it depends on them, how easy and convenient it will be to drill the ice. It is worth giving preference to trusted manufacturers of power tools, well-tested by consumers.

The middle segment (from 25 000 )

In the middle price segment there are models with additional features and features. The presented rating of power tool manufacturers allows you to choose a good electric screwdriver for ice drilling.

Bosch GSR 36 VE-2-LI 4.0Ah x2 L-BOX

Powerful and serious power tool with a high torque of 100 Nm. It is a hammerless screwdriver for the purpose. Comfortable operation with side handle with rubberized non-slip grip surfaces. Also features backlight, battery gauge and power button lock. The model’s features include fast battery charging. only 1 hour 33 minutes.

Metabo BS 18 LTX-3 BL Q I 5.5Ah x2 case

  • power
  • reliability
  • compactness
  • runs for a long time without recharging
  • excellent build quality
  • fast recharging

Model Metabo BS 18 LTX-3 BL Q I 5.5Ah x2 case is assembled in Germany, which already speaks for itself. High-quality, professional-quality tool with quick-action chuck and 120 Nm of torque. Has a pulse mode function and electronic speed control. Adapted for use in a drill stand. According to numerous reviews of winter fishing enthusiasts, this is the best electric screwdriver for ice fishing.

Bosch GSR 18V-60 FC 5.0Ah x2 L-BOXX set

  • powerful
  • lightweight
  • quality
  • noiseless
  • batteries hold power for a long time
  • reliable
  • interchangeable tips

Bosch GSR 18V-60 FC 5 cordless model.0Ah x2 L-BOXX set, perhaps the best of its kind. Thanks to the set of 4 interchangeable nozzles, the work with the tool was extended possibilities. Reverse, electronic speed control and overload protection provide maximum safety. Long-lasting battery capacity of 5 Ah guarantees continuous use of the electric ice drier. Received the maximum number of positive reviews due to its versatility.