Which concrete drill bit is best for the drill?

Drills for concrete drill design selection and application

If you need to drill a hole in a concrete or brick wall, it is not necessary to use heavy artillery. a peorator. A drill can cope with this difficult task, if an appropriate accessory is inserted into the chuck of the tool in advance. Such an attachment is a concrete drill bit for a drill, which comes in different types, so when choosing it, you need to learn as much useful information about such attachments.

What you need a drill for, even small children know. However, not every craftsman knows that the drill can be used to drill strong materials. brick, concrete, reinforced concrete. To use this tool for concrete, you need to make sure that there is an impact mode. Not all drilling tools have such a function, so when shopping for a tool make sure that it has a hammer function. If it has such a function, then we can proceed to the stage of selecting the consumable.

To buy a drill bit for concrete in any construction store. If you prefer to shop online, then we advise you to visit the catalog of the online store Cylinder. The price of drill bits in this store starts from 5 to 50 hryvnias. Only before buying, it is recommended to understand the design and construction of the cutting nozzle for the drill.

Let’s understand what a concrete drill bit for a drill looks like. This type of equipment is similar to a usual drill bit for wood or metal, but with a slight external difference. The difference is that the cylindrical nozzle has a tip at the end. This tip is also called the head, through which the concrete structure is drilled. To increase the efficiency and increase the service life of the nozzle, the tip has a pobedite bit. The design of the drill bit on the drill is shown in the photo below.

What are made of and what kinds of carbide materials are used on nozzles

First let’s find out what the cylindrical base of the bit is made of. For the manufacture of drills for concrete, hardened steel of different grades is used. Some manufacturers make nozzles from stamped steel, as a result of which the devices fail very quickly. Many insist that the efficiency of this cutting tip depends on the type of material used to build the tip. But this opinion is not true. The entire nozzle participates in the drilling process. If the tip is used to pierce the hole, the cylindrical part is used to remove the residual concrete. over, during drilling the cylindrical part withstands high loads created by the mechanism of the tool. These are the impact loads generated by the hammering mechanism of the tool.

The tip of the nozzle has a surfacing of carbide materials, of which beater is a popular material. Wobedite is a mixture of materials such as tungsten and Cobalt. The carbide tip not only increases tip life, but also makes the work more efficient and productive. What it has to do with? with the fact that the carbide material prevents rapid blunting of the cutting edges, so the drill bit is capable of making quite a few holes in concrete and brick before it becomes unusable.

In addition to pobedite, there are drills for drilling concrete with diamond sprayed tip. Such drills have a long service life, and are used for drilling reinforced concrete bases. It is not rational to use diamond-tipped bits under a drill, and if you need to drill reinforced concrete, it is better to use two bits. one for concrete and one for metal.

This is interesting! The main difference between the drills for concrete and metal can be seen with the naked eye. Concrete drill bit head has cutting edges sharpened at an angle of 75 degrees.

Concrete drill bit marking

Concrete drills are marked similarly to other drills, first the alloy and percentage composition of its elements is indicated (most often these drills use alloy BK8, respectively, with the percentage ratio of cobalt and vanadium of 8%), and then the diameter of the drill bit itself.

Drills used for concrete work are produced by many manufacturers. The cost of the tool depends on the brand name.

How to choose the right drill bit for concrete?

Tip: When buying a tool, you should keep in mind that the higher the price of the product, the higher its quality and longer life.

which, concrete, drill, best

The best manufacturers of concrete drills are presented in the table:

Manufacturer Tool Features
Makita High quality, solid and wear resistant drills with tungsten carbide tips, which retain their properties even under prolonged load, which is accompanied by emission of heat. Each drill bit is sandblasted and coated with titanium nitride for increased wear resistance. They are characterized by high elasticity, resistance to bending and impact loads. Specially sharpened steel tips make it easier to plunge the drill into concrete, and the spiral shaped notch removes construction dust from the hole.
Rennbohr The drill bit is made of high quality metal, and a special processing protects the product against corrosion damage. Has high strength and wear resistance, reliable protection against deformation. Retains its original shape over a long period of use.
Metabo High-quality, hard-faced, durable concrete drill bits. Extremely temperature-resistant, very durable, with special grooves for quick disposal of drilling waste.
Stayer Usually comes in a set of eight drill bits of different diameters from 3 to 10 mm, packed in a cardboard box. High-quality tool steel is used for the production, and a special surface treatment protects against corrosion. High strength and wear resistance. Unaffected by frequent and prolonged use. U-shaped spiral on the tool helps to effectively evacuate dust when drilling. Cylindrical shank securely holds the drill in the chuck.
Bosch Four-spiral shaped tools. It significantly reduces time and labor intensity for removal of residual concrete from the hole.
Zubr Features of the instrument: Use of carbide plate ВК8, greatly increases the rate of drilling and increases the wear resistance of the drill bit; U-shaped spiral accelerates the withdrawal of unnecessary material and reduces the heat of the instrument; High class of purity of cutting edges; Sharpness angle. 130°; Hexagonal shank, which serves as a secure attachment drills in a chuck, which ensures safe and quality performance of works.
Interskol Availability of pobedite tip allows you to drill concrete and other construction materials. Optimal for use in percussion drills.
Enkor Have optimal price/quality ratio, long service life.Products are made in China. Equipped with strong carbide plates, which are not destroyed even when the drill hits the steel reinforcement when drilling concrete. However, it is not possible to drill through rebar with this drill bit.But when buying such a tool, it is necessary to pay attention to the soldering of carbide plates. they must be even.
Uragan Used for percussive rotary drilling. Features: Manufactured from tool steel, alloy steel, milled helix has a U-shaped form, the shank is cylindrical.

Tip: Which concrete drill bit is best for concrete, everyone decides for himself, according to his financial capabilities. But it is always worth remembering that more budget options, can be fake, which you will immediately recognize when drilling concrete. Therefore, what is the best drill bits to purchase, you should ask for advice to the seller.

Drilling holes

The process of drilling a hole in the concrete with an electric drill

Instructions for drilling concrete:

Tip: A lot of dust is generated when you use a rotary or percussion drill. Therefore, when drilling holes, protective goggles, gloves, and a respirator should be used.

  • Pressing with great force on the handle of the pen, you must gradually move deep into the concrete;
  • When drilling a sufficiently deep hole with a low-power impact drill, it is necessary to apply several techniques, cooling the drill periodically;
  • For large holes, you must first go through the center of the intended hole with a smaller diameter drill, and with a more powerful drill expand the cavity to the desired size;
  • Once machining is complete, the cutting edges of the tool are inspected;
  • If necessary, the drill bit is sharpened.

Drills made of tungsten carbide

It is better to buy concrete drill bits from a quality manufacturer and, if possible, take the advice of the seller based on the scope of application and tasks to be performed. There are many such drills on the market of Chinese or domestic manufacturer, which have the property of quickly deteriorating, they will not be enough for many holes, but only for a couple. troika. Then the drill bit will just start to slip, making the simple task of making the hole long and futile.

Also, very often the tip of an inexpensive concrete drill bit splits off, and it simply becomes impossible to work qualitatively. And if the drill bit is a well-known brand, then after the integrity of the drill bit is broken, it will still be possible to work a little.

In a situation where the market has a wide range of products drills, sometimes it is very difficult to discern which concrete drill bits are better to buy. There are options for buying a separate drill, or buy a set of drills. Buy a little cheaper, that said, or pay a little extra and get the products of a quality manufacturer.

In any case, if you need to make more than one hole we recommend not to take Chinese drills, they can be identified by the presence of hieroglyphs on the package.

Choice of drill bit diameter

Also we recommend when choosing the diameter of the concrete drill bit (pobedite) to take into account the fact that while drilling such material as concrete, there is a beating inside the hole and it contributes to the creation of a hole with a slightly larger diameter than the drill bit itself. Therefore, it is better to first make a hole with a drill bit with a smaller diameter, and then, if necessary, drill out the completed hole with a larger drill bit.

Suggestions for the diameter of drills in the points of sale range from 0.3 to 2.2 cm.


There are a number of criteria that allow you to distinguish a concrete tool from one designed for other materials.

  • Wood drill bits have a sharp tip that plunges into the structure of the material at the initial processing stage.
  • Drill tip for metal alloys has a cone shape with a sharpened part.
  • The blunt end of concrete drill bits is made of tungsten.
  • Metal drill bits are characterized by a black shade.
  • Wood tools have a normal, metallic sheen.
  • Concrete drills have a whitish metallic finish.
  • The metal alloy attachments have an angle of 140 degrees or less.
  • For products for processing duralumin, bronze and brass, it ranges from 110 to 120 degrees.
  • The angle for plastic, copper, wood varies from 90 to 100 degrees.

Careful selection of tools, taking into account all the features described above, will make drilling work without difficulty and in the shortest possible time.

Concrete diamond drill bits

advantageous by the package! Price per package of 6 pc.: 378 р. Price per unit. 1947 p. 73 р.

Best by the package! Price for 4 pack.: 308 р. Price per unit. goods: 77 р. 89 р.

A pack more favorable! Price per package of 4 units.: 408 р. Price per unit. items: 102 р. 103 р.

expensive by the package! Price per package of 6 pcs.: 1 974 р. Price per unit. goods: 329 p. 380 р.

It is more favorable by pack! Price per 6 pack.: 570 р. Price per unit. goods: 95 р. 108 р.

It is more favorable by pack! Price per pack of 6 units.: 714 р. Price per unit. of the goods: 119 р. 140 р.

It is more favorable by the package! Price for pack of 6 pcs.: 702 р. Price per unit. goods: 117 р. 138 р.

Best by the package! Price per pack of 6 units.: 918 р. Price per unit. goods: 153 р. 180 р.

Price per unit! Price per package of 6 units.: 1 152 р. Price per unit. goods: 192 p. 222 р.

expensive by the package! Price for 6 pack.: 726 р. Price per unit. goods: 121 p. 142 р.

It is more profitable by the package! Price per pack of 4.: 204 р. Price per unit. goods: 51 р. 60 р.

Best in packages! Price per pack of 4.: 268 р. Price per unit. goods: 67 р. 77 р.

Best in bundle! Price per pack of 6 pcs.: 2 286 р. Price per unit. goods: 381 p. 439 р.

expensive by the package! Price per package of 6 pcs.: 2 778 р. Price per unit. goods: 463 p. 534 р.

expensive by the package! Price per 6 pack.: 864 р. Price per unit. 144 rubles. 179 р.

expensive by the package! Price per pack of 6 pcs.: 486 р. Price per unit. goods: 81 р. 94 р.

Best in pack! Price per pack of 6 pcs.: 354 р. Price per unit. goods: 59 р. 68 р.

It is more profitable by packaging! Price per pack of 6 units.: 492 р. Price per unit. product: 82 p. 95 р.

Better by the package! Price for a pack of 6.: 1 650 р. Price per unit. item: 275 р. 317 р.

It is more profitable by the package! Price per pack of 4.: 328 р. Price per unit. product: 82 p. 95 р.

Drilling with a drill such hard materials as concrete, brick, granite, requires the use of special equipment, namely, drills for concrete. They are particularly rugged and hard-wearing, as well as small in size. Using them, you can quickly get a neat hole.

The purchase of drill kits saves time in searching for nozzles of the required diameter. The set can include from 3 to 220 pieces. A small set of 5 to 6 tools is good enough for simple household chores. A larger number are needed for professional builders. for any occasion.

What you need to know for selection

  • The type of a shank must coincide with the type of the chuck of your drill, for which you buy the bits. Drill bits with a cylindrical shank are the most common. The hexagonal shank is also in demand. Suitable for the classic three-jaw chuck and ¼” bit holder, making it quick and easy to change bits. SDS-quick shank has a special design, different from other SDS shanks: there are projections on the shank end instead of slots. With their help the drill is fixed in the chuck of the drill. The main advantage of these shanks is that they can be quickly exchanged if required.
  • The diameter of the pobedite drill bit for concrete must be chosen carefully. The fact that when working with very dense materials, which are just such as concrete or porcelain tiles, in the process of drilling causes runout. This results in a slightly larger hole than originally required. That is why the diameter has to be a bit less than the suggested diameter of the hole. On our site you will find drills for concrete from 3 to 22 mm.
  • The length of the pobedite drill bit indicates the maximum depth for which the hole can be made. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to define the size of the future holes and then choose the length of the jig. They range from the very small 60 mm of the 7703010 Wolfcraft to the big 600 mm.

It is worth noting that the price of pobedite drill bit depends not only on the specified parameters, but also on the manufacturing company. Our website offers a wide range of accessories. You can buy tools from such proven brands as Bosch, DeWALT, Metabo, Makita, STAYER and others.

An experienced manager will help you place your order. just call 8-800-333-83-28.

which, concrete, drill, best

How the drill is inserted into the drill

The procedure is very simple and quick, and in the skillful hands of the master it can take a few seconds. However, a number of rules should be strictly observed to protect yourself from unforeseen events.

  • First, make sure that the electric drill is unplugged.
  • Choose a drill, taking into account the nature of the work and the material to be worked, where you plan to make a hole. It is also important to check the compatibility of the consumable with the electric drill.
  • The drill bit is inserted into the chuck with the tip pointing inwards.
  • Next, it must be fastened inside the chuck, based on its type. i.e. with a special wrench (toothed type) or by turning the socket manually (quick-clamping type).
  • After fixation, make sure that it does not wobble, and that there is no backlash.
  • Now you can get down to work.

Important! Before inserting the drill bit, it is advisable to give the jaws enough space to make insertion easier.

How the drill is inserted into the drill Selecting consumables depends on the power tool itself. there are a variety of models, which differ from each other by the variety of technical equipment and functionality. There are models that are not adapted for drilling metal, other electric drills can be installed nozzles with a diameter of 0.8-10 mm or 1.5-15 mm.

Now about the quality of the drills themselves. it is not recommended to buy cheap products, because they are made of low quality material, and therefore will not last long. It is better to pay more, but such drills will last a long time.


Before you buy a concrete drill, you need to make a visual inspection. This part should be without cracks, dents, defects and chips. The edge of the element is inspected along its entire length. When choosing a drill, pay attention to its color. If there is a gray or steel tint, it means that the device has not gone through the finishing treatment. It is needed to give the drill the necessary hardness. The black color of the element signals overheating of the concrete drill.

which, concrete, drill, best

When buying this part, it is worth giving preference to drills with a thin layer of bright golden titanium nitride, which is responsible for the protection and reliability of the element.

It is more economical to buy drill bits in sets. They can be in denominations of integers: 2, 4, 6 mm and so on, or with a gap of 0.5 mm, such as 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 and many others. The set of these parts usually includes a box, which is not only convenient, but also allows you not to lose drills during work.

When buying drills, it is worth giving preference to a domestic manufacturer called Interskol. All products of this factory are made on modern machines. It meets all European standards and requirements. Each part is made of quality raw materials that have high reliability and durability.

Working part

As already mentioned, the middle (coiled) part of the drill is responsible for the timely drainage of dust from the hole. It can be made in different versions, and accordingly will be classified differently.

  • Classic auger drill. designed for drilling deep holes. Optimum design of the helix and the nominal rotation speed ensure an efficient dust extraction. thereby reducing the load on the tool and the time it takes to perform a specific task.
  • Small tilt angle. for use with tools with low impact inertia. Optimal purpose. obtaining a large number of holes, small size (diameter not more than 10 mm, depth. up to 800 mm).
  • Large angle of inclination. such tool has an excellent index of dust removal, which affects the efficiency of drilling. Suitable for through holes and blind holes. However, an optimum effect is achieved by drilling a single hole with a large diameter and depth.

Concrete borers: parameters and selection rules

Today’s market offers a wide range of cutting tools for metalworking. You can buy a ready-made universal set or a set of drills for metal. For a single use, it is not worth paying for everything and at once, but to pick up something specific to perform any operation, which corresponds to certain characteristics.

Design features of drills for the concrete drill

First you need to figure out what a concrete drill bit looks like on a drill to make a hole in the wall. To realize the idea, you will need a drill with an impact function. It is for an impact drill it is necessary to select a special drill for drilling concrete. In normal drilling mode without a blow, the tool will not be able to cope with the task.

What an ordinary drill bit for wood and metal looks like, everyone imagines. For drilling concrete, similarly designed nozzles are used, only with a slight difference. the presence of hardfacing of carbide materials on the tip, head or working part. These tips are designed to punch through the wall, and at the same time increase the life of the cutting tool.

Drill bits in concrete are coated with a tungsten-cobalt bit hardfacing that combines tungsten alloy with cobalt. This carbide is only applied to the bit head, which is directly involved in contact with concrete and other similar materials. An alloy of tungsten and cobalt makes the cutting bit tough, reliable and resistant to cutting edge abrasion.

In addition to pobedite, manufacturers also produce tools for concrete drills with a coating, or more precisely, a coating of diamond dust. These bits are even more robust when cutting tough materials. They can even be used for drilling in reinforced concrete, because of their high cutting performance.

Distinctive features of concrete drills are not only in the design of the head, but also in the shank. The shank is the part that retracts into the drill chuck and is clamped by the legs of the mechanism.

This is interesting!The head of a concrete drill bit consists of a cutting plate, which has a protrusion 1-2 mm larger than the spiral itself. It is this cutting plate with a special sharpening angle of 75 degrees that is coated with pobedite. It is by the design of the head that you can distinguish the device for concrete on the drill from other attachments for drilling metal and wood. Before you choose a winner drill bit for your drill, you need to understand their types and design parameters.

History of pobedite

The alloy called “bobedite” was created in the USSR in 1929. Intended mainly for the production of cutting tools. The main goal of the developers was to select the optimal composition and obtain a material of exceptional strength. The solution was found. The composition of the new alloy at the time included the following metals:

From tungsten carbide began to make tips on drills and to use for other purposes. The new technology has greatly simplified and made more efficient the processing of materials that are particularly durable.

Since its creation, the alloy composition has changed many times: a different ratio of tungsten and cobalt was used, additives were added, etc. Now you can find solutions that are:

  • Have different proportions of components;
  • cheaper;
  • easier to make;
  • are more durable;
  • suitable for working with less hard materials (steel, aluminum, etc.).

Despite the fact that the compositions of such modern alloys differ markedly from the classic one and from each other, they are still called victorite.

Metal drill bits design differences and marking

The modern market offers a large selection of cutting tools for metalworking. You can buy a ready-made universal kit or a set of metal drill bits.

For a single application, do not pay for everything at once, but pick something specific to perform any operation that meets certain characteristics.

An experienced lawn mower knows all the inscriptions in a nutshell:

  • metal of manufacture;
  • what material to work with;
  • working diameter of the drill bit;
  • accuracy grade;
  • country of manufacture (logo).

Spiral drills with a minimum diameter are not labeled. But the other designations cannot be understood by the beginner homebrewer either. For example, marking Р6М5К5 denotes composition with a certain percentage of tungsten, molybdenum and cobalt. it is the highest quality drill bit.

But with 15% cobalt is also a quality tool, the designation P9K15 shows that it is a high-speed steel drill bit.

Imported alloyed steel products are marked HSS:

  • HSS-E VAP (for work with stainless steel);
  • HSS-E with the addition of cobalt (for work on metal with high ductility);
  • HSS-Tin with titanium (for increased cutter hardness);
  • HSS-4241 drills aluminum products;
  • HSS-R maximum toughness tool.

Note: Look for the markings on the shank of the metal drill bit, as shown in the photo.

What is the best brand of drill bits?

Do-it-yourselfers still stockpile tools and jigs and fittings from Soviet times. Can not say that they were bad drills, especially pobeditovye, but how to sharpen a drill bit for metal without equipment?

It is easier to buy new cutting tools from foreign and domestic manufacturers:

  • Bosch. all products of exceptional quality.
  • Ruko. look for the best carbide-coated cross drill bits for reliability.
  • Haisser. their titanium-nitride coated drills withstand extreme stresses (machining steel, copper, bronze, ceramic metal, etc.).).
  • “Zubr. a well-proven domestic brand, optimal price-quality ratio, offers reliable cutters for metal, particularly with cobalt.

Surface preparation

It should be remembered that the wall is looser than the following layers. Before you start drilling, you need to make sure that there is no wiring, pipes, electrical cables in the chosen place of overlap. To cope with this task will help the metal detector, as it reacts to non-ferrous metals, iron and steel.

If you ignore this condition, you can bump into rebar, damage the drill bit, or cables/pipes that have been hidden in the ceiling. If this area meets all of the above requirements, then the wall is marked on a point, and then. in it is made a small hole at slow speed with a drill. It is also worth remembering that the surface of the concrete wall is more friable than subsequent layers.

How to drill a wall

Before drilling a hole in the wall, you must familiarize yourself with the algorithm of the work. The first step is the marking out of the wall. Then you can proceed directly to the process itself. To begin, the tool is turned on several times to outline the future hole. During the process, the drill should be periodically removed and the tool should be allowed to rest, so that the tool does not overheat and the motor does not fail. Some craftsmen dip a drill bit into cold water.

How not to hit the wire

First you need to ask where in the wall wiring is located. The wiring diagram will help you in this. If it could not be found, you should think about how not to get into the communications.

To determine the location of wires, you need to use a detector. It is applied to the place where it is supposed to drill. The device, however, has a margin of error of a few centimeters. To avoid hitting the wiring in the ceiling, you should see where the light fixture and the switch are located. From the first to the second wire runs along a smooth path without slopes.

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, the wiring must be de-energized before work begins. Then, if you could not avoid the communication, at least you exclude the risk of electrocution. Now you know how not to get into the wiring when drilling the wall. But immediately after the completion of manipulation should turn on the machine. If it is not knocked out. everything is fine, and the wiring has remained intact.

Drilling holes in reinforced concrete

On the surface of the wall, it is necessary to carry out the marking. The tool is first turned on low speed to make a small hole. When you intend to install a plastic dowel, the hole must be made slightly deeper

It is important to keep in mind that inside the hole will accumulate dust, which is not always realistic to take out of there, so when calculating the depth should be laid a small reserve

Drilling a tile

When the choice of drill is already implemented, you can move on to the work. If you have a tiled wall, you need to prepare some tools and materials:

When the deepening is supposed to make a small one, you should stock up on a tool, which is known among masters as a ballerina. In the central part of the future hole the enamel cladding is beaten a little, for this purpose the tool is set to low revolutions.

At the point of drilling, duct tape is glued to prevent the drill from slipping. An alternative and more technological solution is to use the conductor, which is a board with holes.

Start with the power on low and then increase the rotational speed. Using a vacuum cleaner, a second person immediately removes the dust from underneath.

Drilling large diameter holes in the wall

When you do not plan to hit the wiring and know how to avoid it, you should also ask how to make a hole with an impressive diameter. If you work according to the recommendations, the result will meet expectations. If you want to make a 150 mm hole, you need to use a pobedite drill bit. If this parameter should be higher, you need to buy an auger drill.

Drilling depth limiter

When selecting such accessories, you should be guided by the diameter that should be obtained as a result. This element consists of two parts, one of which will be in contact with the surface and will not damage it. Usually such a limiter is purchased in a set with a fixation screw. The uniqueness of this addition to the tool is that it prevents the drill from skewing. Included with this device is a hexagon wrench. It is fixed on the drill.