Which Gasoline To Pour Into An Al-Ko Lawnmower

Which Gasoline To Pour Into An Al-Ko Lawnmower

On the Russian market it is almost impossible to find a Partner (Partner) chainsaw assembled in Italy or Sweden (the official country of manufacture). The entire range of gasoline saws is made in China. Despite this, they are considered one of the best assembled in China. Reviews of real owners also confirm this. Why are they considered the best, why buy them and why.

Key Features of a Gasoline Engine

First of all, you should decide which design will be most suitable: manual wheeled or self-propelled. The first is much cheaper, but moving it around the site will be more difficult. Self-propelled themselves move on the ground, a person can only ask her the right direction. Such models are perfect for areas with a large number of fruit trees, shrubs, for large lawns.

Be sure to take into account the level of noise pollution, it is especially important to take into account this factor if the work will be carried out near the houses of neighbors. Additional features and price also play an important role. The size of the blade is selected depending on how tightly and often the lawn grass grows to each other.

The cutting system is also very important. There are models with one type or combined. Lateral discharge will be most suitable for the lawn on which coarse and thick varieties of grass grow. Chopping and mulching are intended for frequent mowing, especially since the finely chopped grass will become an excellent fertilizer, and also keep the lawn in its original form when dry days stand.

Rotary engines in lawn mowers are most common. Mowing here occurs on the principle of a scythe, the function of which is performed by blades rotating at high speed. Such models are quite heavy, but very powerful. Such devices are best suited for large areas and for overgrown lawns. If necessary, the rotating blades can be removed and sharpened or completely replaced.

Cylindrical structures usually move on wheels, grass is cut like scissors. With these lawn mowers a very high quality mowing is ensured. Such models should be used regularly, as they do not cope well with overgrown lawns.

The best inexpensive self-propelled gasoline-powered lawn mowers: budget up to 25,000 rubles

Self-propelled lawn mowers are suitable for owners of smooth lawns without stones and sharp landscape drops. This is the most convenient type of lawn mower, because during operation there is no strong tension on the hands. All you need is to carefully control the device, and make sure that the stones do not fall under the knives.

Top Model Partner Lawn Mowers

Partner P53-625 DW (a mower with impact power, 4000 W, can withstand maximum loads, the duration of work at one gas station is 40-60 minutes, depending on the load and speed of movement).

Partner P51-500 CMD (3600 W, a slightly less powerful fellow of the model range, an excellent option for medium-sized lawns, processing personal plots and communal areas).Instruction manual, maintenance of the garden mower.

4 Hammer KMT145SB

Consumer choiceCountry: Germany (manufactured in China)Average price: 18 999 rub.Rating (2018): 4.5

An effective gasoline mower, the advantage of which is the balance of the basic characteristics and the extreme popularity among domestic users. Hammer KMT145SB is based on the Chinese 145-m3 Loncin 4-stroke engine developing 3.5 hp. This turns out to be enough to provide a knife speed of up to 2900 rpm. An average in the class. The mowing geometry also does not go beyond the “middle”. The lawn mower is able to cover a strip with a width of 46 centimeters.

Among the benefits noted by consumers are three options for ejecting mowed grass: back, sideways, or into a soft grass catcher with a volume of 60 liters. The moves are smooth, there are seven levels of bevel height, and a slightly unusual return stroke (which you can get used to). In general, Hammer KMT145SB gives the impression of an excellent device, and, moreover, for a small fee.

Basic rules of operation

  • Do not start the device indoors so as not to suffer from exhaust fumes;
  • When mowing, do not press on the mower, but only point it (self-propelled units move even more easily than usual);
  • Do not mow early in the morning, wait until the grass becomes drier;
  • Clean the grass catcher in a timely manner so that its fullness does not affect the power of the mower;
  • Carefully study the manual from the manufacturer, the manual contains all the necessary information on starting, operating and maintaining both the mower and the engine;
  • Wear protective equipment (long trousers, heavy shoes, a plastic mask, earplugs or headphones).

Oil and fuel

As with other four-stroke mowers, Partner lawn mowers need to select high-quality lubricants and good gasoline. Types of fuel: AI-95 and AI-92 gasoline. Oil for four-stroke engines with air cooling.

Recommended viscosity type oil: SAE10W30, or recommended by the manufacturer in the instruction manual.

The first oil change is made after 5 hours after the first start of the unit. In the future, the oil is changed either as necessary, taking into account the load and occupancy of the mower, or every 50 hours of operation (every three months). Oil with water impurities has a whitish coating, superheated oil darkens very much. Both of them are not suitable for pouring into a lawn mower.

Use only high quality fuel and lubricants to extend the life of your mower.

3 Champion LM4630

Best of Side MowersCountry: USA (made in China)Average price: 20 090 rub.Rating (2018): 4.5

In most mowers, mowed grass either pours under your feet or settles in a tank that quickly clogs. The Champion LM4630 Lawn Mower uses a side discharge construction solution. The cut grass falls on the already treated area, and does not interfere with the movement. Champion LM4630 is not a champion in either price or performance. This is a “workhorse” for everyday needs.

Advantages of Champion LM4630:

  • Case material. Steel. But the manufacturer does not indicate its brand, while customers complain that deformation is possible after two years of operation. The same applies to knives that are seriously damaged when hit on a stone. (However, not a single gas mower is designed to work in rocky terrain).
  • Engine power of 4.1 hp quite enough for domestic use. The engine capacity is 173 cm, which is almost 50% more than the AL-KO 119617 Highline 46.5 SP-A. The mower moves quickly, and the operator only needs to adjust its motion vector.

Product Range Overview

The lineup has more than a dozen models. All saws are divided into 3 main classes: household, semi-professional and professional. This separation should not be taken literally and considered that a pro-class tool can work every day for 12 hours 7 days a week without breaks for rest. Partner is still not so much a reliable tool to work in full load mode. This division is conditional and means the following:

  1. Household. Cutting branches, shrubs, sawing boards, trees with a diameter of up to 30 cm.
  2. Semi-professional. Above plus a more efficient sawing of trees.
  3. Professional. Highly efficient sawing of trees with a diameter of 40 cm.

Partner chainsaws must be given a break in work, for example, 30 minutes of work, 10 minutes of rest. This approach will significantly extend the service life.

Partner P340S

Partner P340S household model. A low-powered chainsaw designed for household use. Ice power. 1.4 kW, or 1.9 hp with a volume of 35 cm3. This is enough to cover all the necessary volumes of work on a personal plot or in a garden with a tire length of 350 mm. Small weight (4.5 kg) and compactness allow even women to work with a chainsaw. In the Russian market, it is most often represented by the manufacturer of the PRC. With a full gas tank (250 ml) and an oil tank (150 ml), you can work all day cyclically: for 45 minutes with an interval of 20-40 minutes.

Partner P350S

Chainsaw Partner P350S. Domestic use, work in the garden and on the site. 38 cc engine with 1.96 hp (1.48 kW) does not master the felling of powerful trunks, but is ideally suited for cutting bushes and young shoots of trees. Electronic ignition, inertial two-stage chain brake, chain catcher make operation easy, simple and safe. To facilitate starting the engine, an additional spring is installed in the starter and a gas pump. With a gas tank of 250 ml and an oil reservoir of 150 ml, the optimal tire length (40 cm) allows you to work intermittently full time.

Partner P360S

Partner P360S is a household gasoline chain saw designed for small amounts of work: harvesting logs, cutting young trees and shrubs on the site, sawing boards or wood carvings.

Ice power. 1.52 kW (2.0 hp), engine displacement. 40 cm3, unit weight. 4.8 kg. 250 ml fuel tank, 150 ml oil tank. It is possible to replace a standard tire with a length of 18 ‘’ (45 cm) with a shorter one. Installation and tension (adjustment) of the chain does not require the use of additional tools. For a chainsaw, you can separately purchase nozzles and expand the functionality by turning it into:

  • Mower;
  • Motopom;
  • Motor drill and other devices;

Partner 350

Partner 350 is an amateur (household) model with an engine power of 1.8 kW (1.3 hp) and an internal combustion chamber volume of 36 cm3. A chainsaw is characterized by an increased volume of the gas tank and oil tank: 400 ml and 200 ml, respectively. With a weight of 4.7 kg, the unit’s power and tire length (400 ml) are enough for felling trees with a diameter of 8-15 cm, sawing boards, pruning a garden, harvesting firewood and other care for a personal plot.

Electronic ignition and primer make it possible to start the engine at any time of the year and at any temperature.

Partner 350 XT

The Partner 350 XT chainsaw has an engine capacity and power of 36 cm3 and 1.3 kW (1.9 hp), which allows it to be used in the household both for site maintenance and repair and construction work. A 14 ’’ (350 mm) tire is not designed for felling, but is ideal for domestic use. With a weight of 4.7 kg, engine vibrations are actively damped by the anti-vibration system. An enlarged gas tank (380 ml) and an oil tank of 200 ml allow you to work with a break for cooling the saw engine, full time. The model, like all Partner chainsaws, is equipped with a chain brake and a chain catcher for safety.

The photo shows a 350 XT CHROME chainsaw

Partner 351

Partner 351 semi-professional gasoline saw makes it easier to work on logging, clearing a personal plot, and organize proper maintenance of the garden.

The engine with a power of 1.8 kW (1.3 hp) and a volume of 36 cm3 is a two-stroke carburetor. The weight of a chainsaw without a tire is 4.7 kg, which allows you to handle it with even one hand, which is highly recommended for safety reasons. 380 ml gas tank, 200 ml oil tank. The level of own noise, like the entire line of Partner chainsaws, is in the range of 100-110 dB.

A duplicated air purification system, a chain brake, and vibration damping are included in the standard set of improvements.

Partner 351 XT CHROME

Partner 351 XT CHROME. Semi-professional chainsaw with an engine power of 1.9 hp (1.4 kW). The volume of the combustion chamber is 38 cm3. With a tire length of 16 ’’ (40 cm), the gas tank volume of 380 ml and the oil capacity of 200 ml are enough for continuous operation during the day for 40-50 minutes, after which it is necessary to cool the chainsaw engine for 20-30 minutes.

Electronic ignition, an automatic oil pump and a reliable fuel pump allow the engine to start at any temperature outside. You can harvest firewood for the house, clean the garden, and carry out minor construction or repair work on the site. The double brake and anti-vibration system make working with the Partner 351 XT CHROME safe.

The country of manufacture of this particular model is USA. Rarity.

Partner P352XT

Partner P352XT. A budget (household) version of the chainsaw. Economical fuel consumption, a system for reliable start of a two-stroke ICE in any weather, a vibration damper, operation without interruption for up to 90 minutes are the main advantages of this model.

Engine power. 1.9 hp (1.4 kW), combustion chamber volume. 36 cm3. The volume of fuel and oil tanks is standard, 400 ml and 200 ml. A tire length of 40 cm (16 ‘’) allows you to confidently process the garden, dissolve the business forest (a board up to 40-50 mm thick), and carry out repair work on wood.

Partner 370

The partner 370 semi-professional chainsaw is equipped with a 1.4 liter two-stroke gasoline engine. From. (1.8 kW), with a combustion chamber volume of 34 cm3. With a recommended tire length of 35 cm and a chain pitch of 3/8 inch, the saw is optimal in small construction work, as well as when clearing a section of shrubs or young shoots.

An automatic oil pump economically consumes oil from a 300 ml tank; a separate 400 ml tank is designed for gasoline. Air filter system, primer, automatic lubrication of the chain. All these improvements allow you to save fuel and work longer without interruption.

Partner 371

The Partner 371 chainsaw model is powered by a 1.9-hp two-stroke ICE. (1.4 kW) with a combustion chamber volume of 37 cm3. This power is enough for domestic purposes. You can’t cut a big tree with a tire length of 40 cm, a chain pitch of 3/8 ‘’ and a chain thickness of 1.3 mm, but you can clean the area from the thickets or cut the board along or across. The volume of the gas tank is 0.37 liters, the volume of the oil tank is 0.2 liters. The work cycle is 45 minutes in 20 minutes. Additional devices. Vibration damper, automatic brake and chain tensioner, booster pump, automatic lubrication of the chain, air purification system and heat removal from the engine.

Partner 391

The Partner 391 chainsaw is equipped with an upgraded clutch and primer, which is why it is ideal for working in the conditions of the Russian changing climate. Domestic purpose: with a tire length of 35 cm and a chain pitch of 3/8 ‘’. Only the preparation of lumber in the construction and repair of wooden structures, clearing the garden. The engine chamber volume is 39 cm3, the engine power is 1.7 l. From. (2.3 kW). The capacity of the fuel tank is 400 ml, the oil tank is 300 ml, which ensures continuous operation during the day with a half-hour engine cooling every 40-50 minutes.

Partner 740

Partner 740 semi-professional gasoline chain saw is equipped with a more powerful engine. 2.04 hp (1.5 kW) with a chamber volume of 40 cm3. The tire is also installed longer. 40 cm (16 inches).

Comfortable work is provided by tool-free installation and adjustment of the chain, automatic chain brake, double air purification, automatic chain lubrication, vibration damper, emergency blocking of engine operation, rubberized grip holders.

A more powerful motor allows you to cut young trees and dissolve them into logs. At a chain rotation speed of 12000 rpm reliable operation of the chainsaw is ensured.

Partner 842

The Partner 842 unit is of a semi-professional orientation, as it is equipped with a gasoline two-stroke engine with the EcoBoost system, with a power of 2, 18 hp. (1.6 kW) with a combustion chamber volume of 42 cm3. The length of the standard, optimized for weight (5.5 kg), dimensions and engine power of the tire is 40 cm or 16 ’’. Installation and adjustment of the chain (maximum rotation speed of which 12000 rpm) is carried out without the use of auxiliary tools.

Additional amenities include an anti-vibration device, an automatic chain brake, an operation lock and automatic engine braking, as well as the presence of an electronic ignition system, a primer and an engine easy start system.

Partner 4200

Semi-professional Partner 4200 chainsaw: with a chamber volume of 42 cm3 and engine power of 2.7 hp (2.0 kW) has a relatively light weight of 4.7 kg, which makes the powerful unit convenient in achieving any goals in its personal plot.

Appointment: sawing of building materials from wood, fuel preparation, cutting of branches and bushes, felling of young shoots of trees, other repair and construction works.

Nicosyl coating on the engine cylinder extends its life. Additional functions: vibration damper, automatic circuit brake, emergency blocking and engine braking, electronic ignition and primer, as well as easy engine starting.

Partner 4600

Partner 4600 refers to a semi-professional chainsaw, as it has an engine with a capacity of 3.0 hp (2.2 kW), and the chamber volume is 46 cm3. Although the mass of the unit without a tire is only 4.7 kg, it will not work with one hand. The torque is too high (10,000 rpm). The tire length is 38 cm, which allows maneuvering in hard-to-reach areas.

Additional amenities: cooling system, protection of mechanisms from dust, side chain tension, anti-vibration system, automatic inertial chain brake, primer, oil flow regulator, nickel layer on the cylinder, decompression valve. The volume of the gas tank is 450 ml, the capacity of the oil tank is 200 ml.

Partner 4900

The Partner 4900 chainsaw is the most powerful of the company’s range of saw units. The engine is two-stroke, ICE is two-stroke, the volume of the combustion chamber is 49 cubic meters. See, power. 2.3 kW (3.12 hp), revolutions. 12500 rpm. The mass of the saw without a tire of standard length (450 mm) is 4.9 kg. A 450-ml gas tank and a 200-ml oil tank provide a temporary supply of work.

Additional mechanisms and devices: two-stage chain brake, anti-vibration system and primer for starting a cold engine, cylinder cover. Nicosilo, handle holder on rubber shock absorbers, side chain tension, decompression valve.

Sergei: According to the main characteristics, the Partner P842 chainsaw was considered one of the most suitable models for me. The cost was alarming (a cheap tool), it clearly does not meet the declared parameters. Everything is much better than I imagined. Strong case, high durability (I use the third year without major repairs), the presence of a good configuration. I believe that for the household. The most optimal solution. Of course, the new chainsaw should be properly configured, and then it will show its best side, and at 100%.

Vasily Sergeevich: From the first day, there were problems with the operation of the Partner 370 chainsaw: unstable engine starting and idling. I tried to regulate the carburetor twice, but in the end it was replaced at a service center. After the repair, my failures stopped, the saw works like a clock. The center said that it was not China that was needed to buy, but the Swedish original. The engine is now running steadily, the chain was replaced for the first time after 11 cubes of (approximately) sawn thin logs.

We study the assortment and get acquainted with the best creations of the brand

The models below have gained considerable fame in the domestic space, so they are considered the “face” of the company, reflecting the technical capabilities of the brand.

Gasoline Lawn Mower Partner P40-450C

The model is designed for processing areas of up to 800 square meters. M. Installed Briggs engineStratton 450 series is a proof of the reliability and high power of the device, because the mechanisms of this brand are considered one of the best.

The device belongs to the household class, therefore it is often used by private individuals to process private possessions. People managed to verify the reliability of the design, the possibility of easily adjusting the cutting height, the speed of the device, etc.

Partner’s cutting deck is made of steel, just like the body itself, which is not afraid of any mechanical damage or the negative impact of natural factors. Thanks to the capacious container for collecting plants (50 l), it is rather rare to clean the container.

  • Engine displacement: 148 cm3;
  • Horsepower lawn mower: 3.5;
  • Power consumption: 2.61 kW;
  • Fuel tank volume: 0.8 L;
  • Single turns: 3060 rpm.

Using special wheels on the bushes, the operator can adjust their height, maneuver and not worry about the stability of the machine. The low noise level and exhaust gas cleaning will turn the work not only into a pleasant one, but also into a relatively environmentally friendly one.

Gasoline Lawn Mower Partner P53-550CMW

The unit is equipped with a special switch lever, thanks to which you can start the car in just a few seconds. Using the definition of the gradation of the cutting height, at the end of the cleaning work, you can get the perfect lawn.

The presence of a special system for mulching allows a person to immediately turn it into a useful fertilizer immediately after cutting the grass. However, the operator has 2 modes: classic cut and tamper in the grass catcher, or grinding and discharge.

It is worth noting the particularly large size of the container for plants. 66 liters. Since the object is made of dense fabric, it is not afraid of blows on curbs. Over, you can clean the bag in just a few seconds by simply shaking out the contents.

  • Engine power. 4 hp / 2.98 kW;
  • Engine view. Briggsstratton 550 Series
  • Cylinder volume. 158 cubic meters. Cm.;
  • Speed. 2900 per minute;
  • Mower passage width. 53 cm;
  • Range of haircut heights. 30-80 mm.

Enlarged rear wheels guarantee patency even in the most serious snowdrifts. Also, thanks to a similar design feature, the pressure on the lawn is reduced, and after the operation of cutting, there are no dark stripes on the grass that spoil the whole view.

Gasoline Lawnmower Partner P51-500CMD

In one pass, the mower cuts the fishing line 51 cm wide. As for the mowing height, in this regard, the height is adjustable from 33 to 90 mm. All collected vegetation is rammed in a 71 kg tank. The kapron collector has a double density and is coated with a special substance that protects against the loss of even the smallest particles.

The model is equipped with a special handle adjuster that allows you to fold the unit and store it in the most compact size. Manual starter allows you to quickly start the car, literally the first time.

  • Self-propelled construction;
  • Gasoline engine, type. Four stroke;
  • Engine capacity. 158 cubic meters. Cm.;
  • Power. 2.7 liters. S. (2000 W);
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 0.9 l.

Thanks to the air filter and the steel casing, the lifetime of the unit is significantly increased.

Despite considerable competition, Partner Lawnmowers managed to gain a niche in the market and gain a considerable number of fans. A serious approach to their work and constant attempts to improve conquer people who are trying to keep track of technical innovations in the field of gardening.