Which mitre saw is best?. What brand to choose?

best mitre saws

Correct identification when purchasing the tool simplifies work operations, ensures a high level of safety, and helps to successfully solve other practical tasks. The current rating of the best models of trimming saws helps to find the right option based on actual needs. The information below will be useful for a correct comparative analysis of the thematic proposals of the market. In order to choose a high-quality crosscut saw it is necessary to check not only its main technical characteristics. We recommend to pay attention to functional features of individual models and the composition of the standard equipment. For intensive use, professional level saws are purchased.

  • The best inexpensive mitre saws
  • 1. Kolner KMS 210/1400
  • 2. Hammer STL1400/210
  • 3. Zubr ZPT-210-1400 L
  • The best crosscut saws in terms of quality and reliability
  • 1. Zubr ZPTK-255-1800
  • 2. Kalibr PTE-2100/305PM
  • 3. Bosch PCM 8
  • Best sliding compound mitre saws
  • 1. Makita LS1040F
  • 2. Metabo KGS 216 M
  • 3. Bosch PCM 8 S
  • Best Professional Trimmer Saws
  • 1. Metabo KGS 305 M
  • 2. DeWALT DWS774
  • 3. Bosch GCM 8 SJL
  • What crosscut saw is the best to buy

Bosch GCM 8 SDE

  • Comes with a good disk
  • Material quality
  • Soft start and speed regulation
  • Clean cut
  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • moderately heavy

Overall a very positive experience and satisfaction with the product. Had to adjust the zero angle on the table at first. Was a little banged up. And after that, surprisingly, all the other angles fell into place. This made me very happy.

  • Disc diameter: 216 mm
  • Cutting depth 90°/45°: 70/48 mm
  • Cutting width 90°/45°: 312/214 mm
  • Cutting depth on top table 45°: 214 mm
  • Features: Stepless speed adjustment, soft start
  • Special design features: laser marker, spindle lock, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner
  • RPM: 5000 rpm
  • Diameter in the fitting hole: 30 mm
  • Tilt angle: 60°
  • Turning angle: 47°
  • Weight: 18.5 kg
which, mitre, best, brand

What Can You Do With a Miter Saw? Should You Get One? | WOODWORKING BASICS


  • Build quality
  • Setting accuracy
  • Comfortable handle
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Relatively quiet operation
  • Sawing position clearly visible
  • Smooth and solid column

Very good quality cut. Wood cuts just fine, there is very little noise. Saw a lot of laminate, the cut is also very good (although sometimes there were small chips, but very rarely). Light (shade) is clearly visible, not clogged with dust. Very happy with it so far. Very high quality mitre saw. Recommended at.

  • Diameter disc: 216 mm
  • Cutting depth 90°/45°: 60/48 mm
  • Cutting width 90°/45°: 250/250 mm
  • Cutting depth of 45° on top table: 250 mm
  • Functions: cutting depth adjustment
  • Special design features: backlight
  • Speed of rotation: 4500 rpm
  • Diameter in the fitting hole: 30 mm
  • Tilt angle: 48°
  • Swivel angle: 48°
  • Weight: 12 kg

Additional features and safety

Almost all modern models are equipped with a lot of additional features that greatly simplify the operation, increase efficiency, safety of use and value of the tool. Before proceeding to the purchase of a trimmer, you should understand what features are necessary to solve the tasks of the tool:

  • The dust extraction system is a connector for a vacuum cleaner, an external Cyclone system, or a dust bag. If only occasional work with the tool is intended, there is no point in emphasizing the dust extraction system;
  • The safety guard completely covers the saw blade until the moment the workpiece is cut. It is an extremely necessary element of “facing”, which provides additional safety during operation;
  • Depth limitation. This option is necessary if you intend to use the tool to create grooves;

Depth limiting is necessary to create grooves

Hyundai M 2000-255

The Hyundai M 2000-255 was designed by a South Korean company. Has a high power and speed, while it is light and compact. The saw has an electronic RPM adjustment feature that allows you to adjust the saw to handle a variety of materials other than wood workpieces. Soft start with “off-off” protection helps you make a good start and obtain a better cut surface. The tool is equipped with table extensions for longer workpieces.

  • speed adjustment
  • laser marker
  • Dust extraction function
  • soft start
  • Clamping clamp for securing the workpiece
  • turntable extensions

Watch a video with an overview of the tool’s features regarding machining precision:

Design features to consider when choosing a tool

Cutting width

Working width is the distance the saw blade can travel over the workpiece (see “Working width” on page 31).Fig.). The wider the width of the broach, the wider the workpiece the tool can cut. That is, if the workpiece is larger than the width of the broach, it will have to be cut in two steps.

Cutting widths can range from 70 to 340 mm depending on the unit. The choice of mitre saws by width of cut depends on actual needs. For example, if you plan to engage in trim skirting boards, you will be quite enough device with a width of the broach up to 100 mm. And if you need to prepare the beams, then you need a device with a larger width of cut.

Cutting depth

Depth of cut determines the thickness of the workpiece that can be sawn. Similar to the broach width, it is the nature of the work to be performed that determines the choice of model. For cutting beech is enough cutting depth of 50. 60 mm, and for the preparation of beams for the roof will need a device with a depth of cut of 100 mm.

The depth of cut is often determined by the size of the saw blade. So sawing depths of up to 75 mm are with discs 210. 255 mm in diameter, 90 mm with discs 255. 260 mm in diameter, over 100 mm with discs 305 mm in diameter. But it also depends on the construction of the facer itself. For example, two models can work with the same discs, but their cutting depth will be different.

Pivoting saw design

Any mitre saw can cut a workpiece at an angle thanks to its guides (we always cut vertically and change the angle by changing the position of the workpiece). But not every saw can cut wood at an angle in the vertical plane.

Most models have the ability to change the angle of the saw relative to its axis. This angle can be 45° to 57°. a larger angle is rarely needed. Naturally the depth of cut is reduced when the saw is in an inclined position. With the Metabo KS 216 M, for example, the cutting depth is 60 mm when cutting vertically, but it is reduced to 47 mm when cutting at a 45° angle.

Quality of the base plate

The best facing tool with a broach must have a quality molded sole (base). Some cheap models have a stamped sole, which over time will come apart, it appears in the process of working dents. Before you buy a saw, check with the seller if the sole is molded. Also pay attention to the quality of the sole itself. Some saws have a thinner and lighter design that also leads to quicker breakage.

Height and surface structure of the stop

The stop is the metal bar that the workpiece rests against during sawing (see “Stop”).Figure.). The higher it is, the easier it is to work with the bar. The stop in some models has a removable top part that can be removed for angled sawing (to let the disc through). In others, it may be hinged (as in most Makita trimmers).

Also pay attention to the structure of the surface of the cradle. Some units have a smooth surface, others have a knurled surface with notches. The second option is better because the workpiece does not slip so much and holds better. Of course, there is always a clamp, which will press the board to the sole, but a better fixation due to the grooved surface of the stop does not hurt.

the width of the groove under the disk

When sawing, the blade goes into the groove, which is located under the workpiece in the sole of the device. The thinner this groove, the better the quality of the cut. For example, when you are cutting a thin rail, a small groove will have fewer splinters. Also, the wider the groove, the more sawdust will fly in, and it is unnecessary waste in the room.

As it is difficult to determine the width of the groove in the online store by the photo, check this point directly with the seller. From experience we say that the optimal width of the groove is 8. 10 mm, and what’s more, already worse.

The Makita LH1201FL

it is a combination of two tools: the saw table and the grass trimmer.

Users note high quality of tearing and crosscutting, productivity, safety.

Smooth start and motor brake allows you to cut cleanly, without jerking. Accidental start protection system eliminates injury and damage to the operator.

The laser pointer shows the trimmer line to cut, but according to owners, it’s not always accurate.

  • easy parameter setting;
  • effective, separate dust extraction;
  • cutting precision;
  • laser;
  • Soft start and motor brake;
  • safe operation.

Metabo KS 305 M, 2000 W

Brush-type cut-off saw. This is one of the most powerful models that cuts through even tough materials quickly. For example, metal. Accuracy is controlled thanks to the laser guide.

Saw blades can be changed quickly because the spindle is locked. No need to remove the protective hood during operation. Carpenter’s workplace is kept clean; there is a dust collector.

Can be moved left and right together with the table during operation. Despite its large size, many craftsmen carry a crosscut saw with them, as it can cut even the toughest material.

  • accuracy becomes greater as the saw head is fixed;
  • The handle is comfortable and durable;
  • precision targeting is provided by a laser, LED flashlight;
  • reliable fixation of the material, cutting becomes safe;
  • table moves smoothly, quickly removes, adjusts.

Zubr ZPT 190-1200 PL

Compact and economical wood mitre saw. It is designed with a movable head that enables cutting of large pieces. The device materials are durable, lightweight. Workplace is not contaminated during operation.

This is one of the smallest models of crosscut saw, it weighs only 9 kg. Therefore, it is chosen for permanent carpentry work.

  • Cutting depth is adjustable;
  • The ability to perform all types of sawdust;
  • collection of chips and dust;
  • protective cover closes by itself, preventing injury to the user;
  • rotary table is fixed in the right direction, allows you to adjust the cutting angle.
  • the absence of additional LED illumination (compensated for by a laser);
  • no speed adjustment and soft start, which can lead to breakage due to overheating.

Sturm Ms5525s

Mid-range mitre saw used for cutting wood. Often used for cutting sheet metal, laminate. Work is done accurately as there is a laser guide.

which, mitre, best, brand

Despite medium power, works at 4,800 rpm, so cuts regularly.

  • small size, comfortable movement;
  • beautiful handle;
  • metal attachment latch, contains a dust canister;
  • Disc is safely replaceable and includes a spindle lock.

Metabo KGS 254 M

Single-speed table saw with feed function for large parts. Sawing is fast and easy because there is precise angle adjustment with fixture points, built-in laser and lights.

The table extensions are infinitely adjustable and the top stops are retractable for greater operator safety during operation.

Saw head tilts to the left for more angular range. The disk can be replaced without removing the hood thanks to the spindle lock.

The integrated sawdust funnel effectively removes sawdust, and the dust container makes the subsequent cleaning process easier.

  • quality products;
  • clean and smooth cut;
  • easy to set corners;
  • broaching function;
  • performance;
  • adapter for vacuum cleaner;
  • good equipment.

High cutting precision thanks to laser marking and high-quality saw blade Source dasinstrument.com.ua

All saws for sawing lumber, regardless of the model, are not only divided into manual (portable) and stationary, but also standard and multifunctional. For example, in the top photo you can see the German model Bosch PCM 8, which has a laser marking that allows you to cut lumber at a very precise angle, which is only possible for this modification of the tool. Multifunction crosscut saws are much more expensive than standard models, and if you want a well-known brand, you’ll have to splurge. But it is not a waste of money to work with a good quality mitre saw. such investments result in cost savings.

Functional features

Work on the stationary type trimmer saw will always be more accurate, because the cut trimmer line is mainly (in newer models) guided by a laser, and the saw blade feed by pendulum type will not deviate even by a millimeter. Of course, an experienced specialist will cut the workpiece at any angle, but the novice craftsman simply can’t physically do it (you need to “stuff” your hand). But, nevertheless, it is necessary to understand what kind of cut can make a crosscut saw.

The crosscut saw’s capabilities:

  • Both stationary and mobile versions of the power tool have the ability to make a cut on the horizontal plane by changing the angle of the end cut. With handheld models there is no limit to this rotation, while with stationary saws the stand and/or table deviation is set by the manufacturer and indicated in the accompanying documentation.
  • Also working on a trimmer saw allows you to change the angle of cut relative to the horizontal plane. In different models (manual and stationary) it looks different. That is, the support cap or table can be tilted to the left or right by 45°, and in some cases up to 60°.

But all these functions depend on the manufacturer: that is, what the factory has put into this or that project, you can do with this power tool. To be fair, it should be noted that the saw blade can not only cut a board or bar at a certain angle, but also cut them along the fiber. For example, a wide and long board can be dissected into slats of the desired width, and if it is a hand-held power tool, the length of the board does not matter at all.

The stiffer the workpiece will stand, the more accurate the trimmer line will be and the desired cutting angle Source usamodelkina.ru

How to Choose a Mitre Saw (3 Steps)

Consequently, the possibilities of crosscut saws are sufficient. it is the change of cutting angles not only in the horizontal plane, but also in the vertical plane. the workpiece must be securely clamped to the base of the worktable or the workbench in order to achieve the required angles. On modern multifunctional saws there are usually tools for fixation in the form of clamps, but for a manual circular saw you can and should use mobile clamps. As a last resort, the workpiece can be screwed to a wooden workbench with self-tapping screws.