Which snow blower is better gasoline or electric?

Snow blowers. useful tips and recommendations

The first thing that can cause difficulty for women is the considerable weight of the snow blower. If we are not talking about using electric auger snow blowers. and their weight does not exceed 10-15 kilograms. A woman will have to deal with quite heavy machines. Therefore, the snow blower must be self-propelled. But even among them it is better to choose lighter ones. For example, auger petrol snow blowers. Their weight does not exceed 40 kg. They are great when there is an opportunity to remove snow immediately, after it falls. Otherwise, an auger-rotor machine will be required. Among these there are models weighing more than a ton, and there are more compact 70-80 kg. The second important point. the presence of electronic ignition. It makes starting a powerful engine much easier.

The first snow blower appeared in the late 19th century in Austria. Currently, the bulk of manufacturers are concentrated in the U.S. We are talking about such famous brands as MTD, Yard-Man, Craftsman and younger brands like Murrey and Snapper. European manufacturers. Husqvarna and Sun Garden. Talking about where the best snow blowers are made is difficult. For example, part of the production of the American company MTD is located in Germany, and some models of Swedish snow blowers are produced in America. over, manufacturers buy parts, like engines, from the same companies. In evaluating the machine, it is better to consider how easy it will be to drive, whether there is electronic ignition, how many speeds in the gearbox and other.

What models are better: auger or rotary auger??

Machines for snow removal differ in design. The group of light snow blowers are auger, they are also called single-stage. This is because during operation the auger simply shovels the snow into the bucket. As a general rule, they don’t have more than 5 liters of power. с. These include models that run on electricity, as well as with a gasoline engine (2 or 4 stroke), such as SunGarden ST35M. Two-stage auger-rotor snow blowers use rotating teeth to break up caked snow and move it to the impeller. They are more powerful (from 5 L. с. and higher) and run only on a 4-stroke gasoline engine. Both types of equipment have their purpose. Augers are better at clearing freshly fallen snow, and are more convenient to work in a small area. A rotary snow blower can clear snow that has accumulated over a large area.

A snow blower may well be an asset because it will earn you money. Despite the fact that this business is seasonal, the equipment will need a serious. First, you need high power. You will not be able to clear a large area quickly if you use an auger or non-self-propelled machine. The speed of operation will determine the income. Therefore, the choice must stop at the auger-rotary snow blowers 9 liters. с. and more. It is desirable that the unit would be equipped with a headlamp to work in the dark. Can’t do without the electric start function. It does not necessarily have to be battery-powered, it will do from the network 220 V. Control should be as convenient as possible. The snow chute must be able to turn to either side, and all controls must be close to the operator.

What is the difference between self-propelled and non-self-propelled models??

If you think that only in the ability to move its own traction, then you’re only partly right. So we’re looking for a petrol-powered snow blower.

Non-propelled snow plows

Not equipped with a very powerful motor of about 5 liters on average.с. and a single-stage snow removal system. That is, the snow mass is thrown only by the rotation of the auger, so the throw distance is not more than 5 m. This peculiarity has led to its application: the machines are designed for cleaning small areas up to 500 square meters. m and clean delicate surfaces without the risk of damaging them. To this end, non-propelled models are equipped with a lightweight bucket with a rubberized edge that gently removes fresh snow with a maximum thickness of 30 cm, such as from the paving slabs or ice rink. As the low weight of the snow blower does not exceed 35 kg, it is easy to maneuver it. But when removing large masses of snow, it will be more difficult to control the machine, because the operator will have to push not only the car, but also the mass of snow in front of it.

Self-propelled snowplows

Equipped with a two-stage snowplow system. The auger not only shovels soft snow, but also breaks up crumbling, frozen and icy layers and conveys it all to the impeller, which increases the throwing range up to 15 m. These machines are much more efficient in cleaning large areas from 500 to 2500 square meters in size. m and more. Engine power from 5 to 16 liters.с. transmits rotational motion to the wheels, making it much easier to steer. Multiple driving speeds, such as 6 forward and 1. 2 reverse, allows the machine weighing from 75 kg to maneuver on slopes and in tight places, and the operator can choose the appropriate mode of operation depending on the height and density of the snow. The higher the snow drifts and the thicker the snow cover, the slower the ground speed will be. Some self-propelled machines are equipped with a hydrostatic drive system, which makes control more convenient and clear. Self-propelled snow blowers are equipped with wheels or tracks. The latter have good grip and can work in difficult terrain, sloping or slippery areas.

The choice of a gasoline snow blower: the main characteristics

Engine power determines not only the performance and functionality of the technique, but also its cost. The most inexpensive will be models with a motor 3. 3.5 liters.с. Small in size and maneuverable, they are ideal for regular cleaning of fresh snow on the paths in front of the house or the area near the garage. For removal of snow masses on large areas such as private farms and owned utilities, as well as on the territory of sports clubs, rinks, soccer fields, you need an engine with an increased working life of 9 liters and more.с.

Working area is determined by height and working width. The simplest snow shovels have an average grab height of 30. 35 cm, more expensive. up to 70 cm. At the same time, some models have adjustable slides that allow you to raise the height of the bucket to clean snow in layers. The average working width can be from 50 to 100 cm. The larger the working area of the snowplow, the faster it will be possible to remove the snow-covered area.

The fuel tank volume determines the operating time without stopping for refueling, and the minimum value here starts at 1.6 l. On average, gasoline snow blowers allow for about 1.5 to 2 hours of continuous operation. But with an increased fuel tank up to 6 liters the equipment is able to work up to 3 hours without refueling.

Choosing a gasoline snow blower: the main characteristics

Engine power determines not only the performance and functionality of equipment, but also its cost. The most inexpensive will be models with a motor 3. 3.5 liters.с. Small in size and maneuverable, they are ideal for regular removal of fresh snow on the paths in front of the house or territory near the garage. For cleaning snow masses on large areas as private suburban households, and belonging to the utilities, as well as on the territories of sports clubs, ice rinks, soccer fields need an engine with an increased working life of 9 liters.с.

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The working area is determined by the height and width of the gripper. The easiest snow blowers have an average working height of 30. 35 cm, the more expensive. up to 70 cm. At the same time, some models have adjustable skids that allow you to raise the height of the bucket to clean snow in layers. Working width can be on average from 50 to 100 cm. The larger the working area of the snowplow, the faster it will be possible to remove the snow-covered territory.

The volume of the fuel tank determines the operating time without stopping for refueling, and the minimum value here starts from 1.6 l. On average, gasoline snow plows are designed for about 1.5 to 2 hours of continuous operation. But if the fuel tank is increased to 6 liters, the machine can work up to 3 hours without refueling.

Important design features to consider

Ease of use depends on the engine starting system. The manual starter is a lever that must be pulled several times, applying a certain amount of effort. In this case, the snowplow may not start at the first or even second time. But the simple design of the manual starter ensures the reliability and safety of the engine during starting in all weathers. Electric starter, battery or mains-powered, makes it possible to start the snowplow in all weather by pressing a button or turning the key. But it will require a connection to a 220V outlet in the house or garage.

The most vulnerable parts of the equipment are the snow removal bucket and chute, which have the highest load. When shoveling snow, high snowdrifts and ice, large pieces of ice can damage the plastic chute. Machines with metal main parts are best suited for frequent, heavy-duty use. A steel chute will increase the overall weight of the machine, but it will be more resistant to impact and will not freeze or crack in cold weather. This also applies to the snow removal bucket. Metal edge is much better at cutting compacted snow and will not deform under heavy weight.

The design of the auger rotor system is worth considering when choosing a snow blower for a specific application. Spiral auger blades can be flat or shaped. Smooth blades are designed to clean loose, wet and freshly fallen snow. Blades with additional teeth of different shapes and sizes that rotate in different directions will easily remove high drifts, thick and icy snow. Shallow, longitudinal rips and tines dig into snow, effectively shredding it and transporting it into the snow chute.

Additional features expand the capabilities and value of the machine while also making it more convenient to use. So which one to choose and how to choose a gasoline-powered snow blower for less money? Decide for yourself what’s important to you and what you can do without. Heated grips allow you to work in the harshest of frosts, a headlight illuminates the cleaning area at night, treads on the tires reduce slippage, and the wheel release system allows you to turn the machine without serious effort.


Gasoline snow blowers are more traditional and familiar. Powered by a gasoline engine. It has all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of machinery associated with it.

  • Powerful. able to effectively cope with deep, heavy, wet and frozen snow and ice.
  • Suitable for big works. it is possible to clear snow from quite large areas, it is quicker to work with as it has a wider grip and cleans much snow in one pass; suitable for heavy snowfall.
  • Reliable. in comparison with electric counterparts it is more robust and durable.
  • Self-contained. not dependent on a power outlet, not limited by wire, can be used anywhere (even in the field).
  • Self-propelled models. many are self-propelled, saving you even more effort.
  • Wide range. gasoline snow blowers are available in different versions and sizes to fit any budget.
  • High price. the cheapest gasoline snow blowers will cost as expensive electric ones.
  • Loud. the gasoline engine is much louder than the electric engine.
  • Non-environmental. exhaust fumes are released into the environment when the machine is in operation.
  • Heavy. has a fairly large weight, which reduces its maneuverability and usability.
  • Bulky. requires a lot of storage space.
  • Manual start. many models are started with a manual starter, which can be difficult for some users.
  • Requires constant maintenance. periodically you need to change the oil, plugs, filters, check the belts and blades, thoroughly clean the technique from dirt and salt, as well as to drain the oil and gasoline when idle for a long time.

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How to choose and what to look for?

There are several factors to consider when buying.


The power of the engine depends on how much snow the snow blower can handle. And how far it will throw it.

Electric models do not produce much noise, but the power consumption with high power will be much higher. The consequence is higher energy costs. It is better to buy a device with low power, but to clear the paths of snow on a regular basis.


Metal auger can damage paths on the site or other objects. But a rubber auger is unlikely to overcome ice or hard snow. You can buy a snow blower with metal outlets. But this option would add noise to the machine.

Drive Type

Some models are equipped with wheels, which can be a bit of a complication when there is a lot of snow on the property. But even without them, it will be difficult to push and control the unit on slippery paths.

Mounted wheels handle the first snow, but sometimes owners prefer tracks. This format is more common with expensive and heavier machines.


Controls are similar to the type of lawnmower. The most common is: the handle with which the owner controls and pushes the device. Or a one-piece bracket by the width of the handle.

convenient models have two handles, similar to a garden wheelbarrow. The degree of inclination of the chute can also be adjusted with the control panel on the handle.

The gearbox will greatly simplify management, but the unit itself will become more expensive. But at the same time, the owner will be able to choose the speed and mode of operation.

Maneuvering the snow blower is done by locking one of the wheels, in fact, even a girl can cope with the lightweight unit.


Choosing a brand, you should consider the reputation of the company, the variety of models and quality of materials.

Popular brands have different price segments, quality service and reliable construction.

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How to choose a good gasoline or electric snow blower

The snow blower resembles a lawn mower or a single-axle tractor. The apparatus also has a motor that drives the mechanism and allows you to move. However, the snow has a large mass, so the snow blower engine must be powerful. And this affects the price tag upwards. There are models not only with gasoline engines, but also with electric, as well as with motors of less power. Such a snowblower is only enough to clean a small area. Those who are interested in how to choose a snow blower correctly, it is necessary to pay attention to the main characteristics of the apparatus.

To avoid agonizing over the choice of a snow blower, it is necessary to clearly understand what tasks should be performed by the machine. Also, you need to know what to pay attention to when choosing, what characteristics are key in general, and when using a specific consumer.

which, snow, blower, better, gasoline, electric

Type of apparatus and its principle of operation are important when choosing, but the following parameters additionally affect the cost and performance:

All parameters are interrelated. If one part is improved, its operation will affect all others. And it will increase the cost.

Is it necessary to have a drive

Most snowplow models are not chassis-powered. As a result, the operator of the machine has to exert physical effort to move the machine. It is worth remembering that in winter the ground is frozen and slippery, so this type of movement will greatly tire the operator in a large area of cleaning.

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Expensive models have a powerful motor, which allows you to rotate the wheels without reducing the efficiency of snow clearing. As a means of transportation on self-propelled machines are installed tracks or 2 wheels on each side to eliminate slippage. The cost of self-propelled versions is much higher.

Features of the choice of manufacturer

The most popular, of course, are the reputable companies that have proven themselves. The most common brands of the domestic market:

Recently, you can find numerous Chinese companies, the products of which sometimes cost 2 times cheaper. But Chinese technology is not always reliable. You should be guided by the following parameters when choosing a manufacturer:

As a rule, the technique of famous manufacturers is more expensive, but they have a developed network of dealers, who are also engaged in service. Chinese companies do not have such convenience, and spare parts are not always available for their equipment. Careful attention should be paid to the reviews of the manufacturer’s equipment.

Pay Attention! Even well-known manufacturers sometimes produce unsuccessful models, this applies to any technique.

Material of main parts

The main part in the snow blower is an auger. It can be rubber or metal. The final choice depends on the amount of snow and its density. The metal auger can even shred chunks of ice, but it is more expensive.

However, the metal auger has a disadvantage. marks from its operation can be visible in the summer if it’s pressed firmly to the ground.

Diverting snow spigots are made of metal or plastic. The latter is not very durable and can break from ice or rocks. And the metal pipe is noisier in operation and gives vibration.

Peculiar ergonomics of different models

Cheap snow blowers operate similarly to a lawn mower. On one side there will be a handle that regulates the auger, and there is a control handle across the width. The handle often needs to be pressed against the handle. There are wheelbarrow-like models. with two handles. The load on the hands in this version will be less.

Range of snow shoveling is also controllable. There are 2 settings for adjustment:

  • Horizontal angle. Changes in the range of 180 degrees in front of the machine’s stroke, so as not to hit the operator.
  • Vertical angle. It determines the range of throwing snow.

Devices in the low and medium price category have only manual adjustment of these parameters. expensive snow blowers have electric blade adjustment, which makes it easier and faster to set up.

In self-propelled machines, it is relevant to have a gearbox, which will allow:

which, snow, blower, better, gasoline, electric

Expensive models are equipped with automated maneuvering, which makes it much easier to steer. And the presence of an electric starter allows you to not pull the handle in freezing temperatures in an attempt to start the engine.

Engine: A balance of economy and power

The main characteristic of a snowblower is the power of the motor. The more powerful it is, the easier and more efficient it is to clean snow. But a powerful engine consumes more fuel and oil, and is also noisier. But these are insignificant parameters if a large area needs to be cleared of snow.

Recently, snowthrowers with electric motors are gaining popularity, as their noise level is lower, and maintenance of the electric motor is easier.

Additional parameters

Manufacturers try to equip their machines with options that add comfort. However, when choosing a snow blower, you should not consider them as a determining factor. These options include:

  • Lighting. In winter, the sunny day is short, so this option is useful. But you can install the headlight yourself, which will be cheaper.
  • Snowdrift Crusher. This ability of the snow blower increases its cost, but you can work without it.
  • Heated control knobs. Useful in harsh climates. If the winter in the region is mild, you can just dress warmer.

An overview of popular models

There are plenty of options on the market today for effective snow blowers. Which one to choose among them, you need to think, based on the value for money and quality. The best option is to go to the website and compare models with each other through the catalog. So you don’t have to go to the store and listen to the pushy salesman. Consideration:

The main parameter may be different. So, buyers are usually guided by price, and then by other features.

Honda HSS655ET: a professional machine

Honda is a very popular company in the world. The reason for this success is the reliability of motors in all machinery. Snow blowers are not exempt from this trait. However, Honda augers are not exactly of high quality.

The low quality of augers is due to their small size. The result is sometimes breakdowns if you have to work at peak load. Honda only makes augers from polymer material, while other manufacturers almost always use steel in professional models.

Honda HSS655ET stands out among the professional models. After all, it is not always the power and a wide grip that are important for professional models. Compact, maneuverable model is preferred in the city or dense development.

  • Two-stage auger width of 55 cm.
  • Cleaning depth. 50 cm.
  • Crawler type drive, which eliminates slippage and increases maneuverability.
  • GX160 engine. It is simple, reliable and economical.
  • Engine output 6 liters. с. For a small fence width it is enough.
  • Transmission. 2 speeds forward and 1 speed backward.

Electric drive by DAEWOO DAST 3000E

In 2016, the Korean company released a model DAEWOO Power Products DAST 3000E with an electric motor. Although the novelty looked a bit expensive. about 16 thousand. but surprised with its characteristics:

  • 4L electric motor. с.
  • Auger width. 51 cm.
  • The maximum cleaning depth is 33 cm.
  • Tilt and fold adjustable steering wheel and has a cable sweeper.
  • The presence of a headlamp.
  • Weight. 17 kg.

The engine starts only by pushing the two levers on the steering wheel. a plus for the safety of the unit. The main feature is the auger made of metal, which has rubber pads. And most competitors use plastic augers on electric snow blowers.

  • The snow blade is not remotely adjustable and has nothing to do with the adjustable steering wheel.
  • There is no impeller on the pipe, which makes it easier to shovel snow.
  • Cleaning is one-stage.

Iron Angel ST 2000

Consumers acknowledge that among snow blowers, the best choice is the Iron Angel ST 2000. In addition, the model is popular.

Dutch snow blower made of durable materials and able to operate in extreme cold. Distinctive features of the model:

  • Plastic auger with rubber linings.
  • Optional powered wheels.
  • Screw width. 50 cm.
  • Cleaning depth. 25 cm.
  • Reach up to 6 m.

Additional wheels add maneuverability, and the motor has overload protection.

Inexpensive quality from Champion

For a summer cottage requires inexpensive snowplow, gasoline engine which will work flawlessly. Champion ST656 is such a model, which has serious parameters:

  • 55 cm wide grapple.
  • Auger height. 51 cm.
  • The two-stage gripper system will throw away wet snow.
  • The motor has a capacity of 5 liters. с.
  • Gearbox with 5 forward and 2 reverse speeds.

Those who will buy this technique, you should pay attention to the bolts against auger jamming. they are made shear, that is made of soft metal. Some owners changed them for a stronger one, as a result of which the keys of the reducer were cut, which makes the repair of a simple construction more expensive.

The snow thrower has a low weight of 73 kg. This parameter is ambiguous. the machinery is easy to control, but with a heavy load it starts slipping. It is advisable to make your own ballast.

Some simple answers

One of the most common questions. self-propelled or non-self-propelled?

Regardless of the drive type, any snowblower needs to be controlled by an operator, so the weight of the snowblower becomes important. If you are contraindicated to physical exertion, or there are restrictions associated with lifting weights, then the purchased unit must be self-propelled and as light and mobile as possible. If there are no such contraindications, then you can buy a non-self-propelled machine.

Single-stage or two-stage?

Depending on the area to be cleaned, the type of snowplow can be as a single-stage. only an auger, and two-stage. auger and rotor. The advantage of having a rotor is that the flow of snow coming out of the chute is thrown to a greater distance. But it is worth remembering that only self-propelled models can be two-stage, and a long throw distance is not always convenient, especially in small areas.

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Varieties of snow blowers: types, areas of application.

In this article, we will talk about the classes of snow blowers, the type of control, the areas of application of different snow blowers. So you can choose the right machine for cleaning your area.

Choosing a snow blower by technical characteristics

Although the power is not a priority characteristic when choosing snowplows, it is important when cleaning large areas. Here is a little table to help you decide how to choose, depending on the area. It gives the area/power/range ratio. The latter is important when cleaning large areas, because a small throw distance will require more passes over the site, and this is a waste of time and effort. At the same time, on small plots, the throw distance and power should be proportional to the area.

Gasoline or electricity?

The power source is determined individually for each user. On small areas, the use of a powerful gasoline snow blower with a four-stroke engine is not justified at all, both because of the financial cost of acquisition, and wasteful use of fuel. Therefore, it is preferable to buy electric snow blowers for cleaning limited areas, clearing paths and removing fresh snow in order to save money.

Wheels or tracks?

The choice between the wheels and crawlers affects several factors, or rather distinctive features that affect ease of use. The possibility of locking the wheels increases maneuverability of the snowblower, allowing the operator to turn the machine without effort. Equipping the same snow thrower caterpillars allows you to work in areas where there are slides, kerbs, also if necessary to overcome the steps for transportation. This makes it much easier to work on sloped surfaces. Also a big advantage of tracked snow blowers is the ability to regulate the balance of the machine by the operator.

The device, principle of operation, the main characteristics of snowplows

In this article we will tell about the device and the various nodes of snowplows, let’s analyze the most important when choosing a snowthrower technical characteristics, we will pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of different types of snow removal equipment.

Recommend a self-propelled snow blower that is as lightweight as possible.

Under your description fits the model from the American manufacturer Murrey MS5580. The weight of this snow blower is only 35 kg. For transportation, it can be easily placed in any car. But this model is an auger snow blower. It can cope with not every job: it can not clear high snow drifts and hardly removes wet snow. If you will not immediately remove freshly fallen snow, then you should choose a model of auger-rotor type. They are powerful (5,5-7 liters). с.) and therefore heavier, weighing at least 75-85 kg. The working width is 61 cm. If the first model has one speed, the auger-rotary already has 5-6 forward and 2 backward speeds, so they have good maneuverability.

From the range presented on the site we recommend to pay attention to Snapper snow blowers. Machines are equipped with BS winter engines. They are produced by the American company, which is part of the Briggs and Stratton Power Products Group. When you choose the Snapper rotary auger, you get the Free Hand Control system, in which all the levers for changing speed and throwing direction are under your hands. Differential release for easy maneuvering is incorporated into the Easy Turn system. In addition, such models are equipped with a headlight for illuminating the road at night. An electric starter is used to start the engine. You may also be interested in the famous snow throwers Husqvarna, which are characterized by a particularly rugged construction.

In what direction and how far the machines throw the snow?

Each snowblower has a value. the maximum throw distance. But it can be adjusted downward. This is done with a canopy that attaches over the chute. If it is tilted down, then the throwing range will be reduced. Depending on the model, the adjustment is done manually or with a lever closer to the handles. You can change the discharge direction by turning the chute. The convenience of this adjustment is largely determined by the cost of equipment. On inexpensive models, it is made manually. On higher-priced snowthrowers, the lever is located next to the handles. The operation of this system is usually based on mechanics. Uses a worm gearing or a pulley and cable system. Electronic controls are rare.

Snow blower manufacturers buy their tires from other companies. The Snow Hog brand is well-proven, because no snow is blocked in the tread, which prevents the machine from slipping. These tires used a pattern assembled from the letters X. You can see it on all auger-rotor snow blowers, including brands like MTD, YardMan, SunGarden. Nowadays, this question is not crucial. New tires with V-shaped tread are just as good as the familiar X-tract. The most important thing is to have a high tread. that ensures good traction with the surface. Crawler snow shovel has maximum stability on ice, because its footprint is much larger than that of a wheeled snow shovel.


Rounding out our selection is the DDE STE140 ultra-budget electric snow blower. Despite its flimsy appearance, it is suitable for clearing small amounts of fresh snow outside the house on paths, parking lots, aisles and garden areas. It is important to note that the compacted and wet masses of snow can no longer be cleared by it.

Equipped with 1400 watts motor and scratch-proof plastic auger. The electric shovel removes loose snow up to 12 cm in height, the throw distance of snow does not exceed 6 meters. The low weight will be a plus for the fair sex or elderly citizens.

With the average price of snow blowers at 30-50 thousand, the following model looks like a real gold tooth insert. But let’s take a closer look at it.

Cub Cadet XS3 71 SWE

As we noted above, for cleaning very large areas, you should focus on the most powerful snow blowers with a large bucket. Perhaps one of the best options in the heavy duty class is the model Cub Cadet XS3 71 SWE.

The snowthrower is equipped with a four-stroke carbureted gasoline engine with electronic ignition Cub Cadet ThorX rated at 10.6 liters.с. It runs on gasoline Ai-92 or higher. The engine is designed specifically to operate at low temperatures, characterized by energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, low noise and vibration.

The engine can be started with an electric starter from a 220 V mains supply or a hand starter. Fuel tank capacity of 4.7 liters, allows you to work without interruption for 3.5 hours at maximum load.

Six forward and two reverse gears, depending on snow depth and consistency. Wide, tubeless rubber wheels with deep tread provide good traction for excellent all-terrain mobility. Wheel drive with wheel release for turning.

The wheel release switch under the handlebars makes it easy to manoeuvre the machine left and right. One wheel drive can be disengaged by pulling the trigger. Heated grips keep your hands warm in extreme cold.

Metal Cub Cadet XS3 71 SWE snow blower bucket has a working width of 71 cm, with a maximum snow cover height of 58 cm. Bucket is additionally equipped with two vertical, adjustable folding blades, they are designed to cut through the hardest snow cover.

which, snow, blower, better, gasoline, electric

The bottom of the bucket is equipped with height-adjustable plastic skis that prevent damage to paving slabs and other surfaces. Three-stage auger effectively removes and grinds not only loose snow but also ice and crust.

The snowblower can also be used in the dark. Two halogen lights on the body. Headlights turn on automatically when the engine starts. When the chute turns and covers one headlight, the second headlight continues to illuminate the work area. Cub Cadet snow blowers have a 3-year warranty.

And in conclusion, even if you do not have a modern snow thrower, a reliable shovel is always at your service.