Why is it impossible to saw with an angle grinder wood. Flat blade blade

Can an angle grinder cut wood?

Some homebrew “masters” fit standard circular saw blades to the angle grinder, the work is done with the protective cover removed. In most cases, such experiments end disastrously. The skilled craftsman suffers serious or possibly fatal injuries.

In this case, there are many wood angle grinder saw offerings in construction markets. Sellers will convince you that the implementation of such a tool is not dangerous in the hands of a specialist. This statement is true as long as these very hands are unharmed.

Prerequisites for not using a circular saw while working with an angle grinder:

  • The disk is designed for low revolutions, the metal of the wheel is hard, but brittle. During operation, it can break into pieces, or else there are variations of the drive soldered teeth that break off with the movement of the bullet;
  • The wood has a viscous structure, so the teeth gnaw unevenly. Because of this factor the tool jumps and vibrates. There is an option to simply lose control of the inventory, and inflict for yourself a volume injury;
  • When the disk jammed (and during work with wood, this situation will certainly arise), the angle grinder simply vorivet out of your hands. The upcoming behavior of a switched on tool with a rotating toothed disc is unpredictable;
  • In times of woodworking, because of uneven loading, the angle grinder overheats and can fail.

The only way out. to make a stationary sawing machine, with a firmly mounted angle grinder, as did the master in the video lesson.

To consider the option of sawing wooden workpieces with abrasive wheels is not advisable, as it is impossible to use perfectly such a disk in any case. It is tantamount to trying to cut a log with a rasping grinder. True, the safety of all this will be of high quality.

To begin with, in any case, it is better to work with a tool that is specifically designed for the particular operation that you need to make. All other tricks are justified only in exceptional cases, when the required tools for some reason were not at hand. This also applies to the question of whether you can saw wood with an angle grinder. In this piece from Housechief, we look at the nuances of this process and the opinion of practitioners.

Sawing plywood with an angle grinder

To saw plywood angle grinder often use wood discs. Because of the large accumulation of dust it is necessary to work in a well-ventilated room so as not to breathe the burning smells. It is better to cut along a previously marked line, pay attention before the end of the process to avoid jamming of the disk with a sawn-off part of the plate.

Cutting OSB with an angle grinder is safer and better with a properly selected blade. The ideal disc would be what is known as a three-toothed wood saw blade, which is designed to work at high speeds. It is a plus if the angle grinder has a speed regulator.

Universal wood disc for angle grinder. A safe disc for the angle grinder. MYTH or REALITY. Review

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Choosing the right angle grinder for cutting and woodworking

If you have to saw wood, you can do it with an angle grinder, but with the right tool. angle grinders are available in different sizes and capacities, which depends on the possibility of using 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 mm diameter bits. A 115 mm angle grinder for cutting discs in wood is not a good solution. This is due to such disadvantages:

  • Small disk size is installed on the tool, which is practically impossible to saw or process anything
  • The inconvenience of working with a small angle grinder on large surfaces

The best solution for cutting wood with angle grinder is a tool for 125 mm diameter discs. Not only does it allow for efficient sawing of the material, but it is also considered to be the safest. However, not so safe that they can be used even by beginners. Tools under 150, 180 and 230 circles is better not to use for cutting wood, because the high power of such grinders requires a lot of effort.

This is interesting!angle grinder. it is not a chainsaw, and not an electric saw, so without proper skills it should not be used for cutting wood.

Most Dangerous Angle Grinder Attachment I have Ever Seen

The safest option is considered an angle grinder under the circles with a diameter of 125 mm. It is this kind of machine should be used when you need to use a tool for sawing woodworking materials. Before you buy a bit with teeth for cutting wood, you need to consider not only its outer diameter, but also the inner diameter. the seating hole. Blades with a diameter of 22,2 mm are available for modern standard tools.


The level of safety is almost the only criterion that makes you think about whether it is possible to cut wood with an angle grinder without risk to yourself and others. The problem with angle grinders is that the disc cannot stop if there is an obstacle in the way, since the angle grinder’s gearbox is not friction driven. Even the wrong cutting angle can be a problem. there is a risk that the disc will jam or turn out, and so there is a risk of the tool suddenly jerking.

No model of angle grinder has a physical or electrical stopper, unlike the same circular saw (tensioning belt) or electric circular saw (electric saw brake). This means that as the blade goes deeper into the wood, there is an increased risk that it will suddenly stop on impact with an obstacle or from a sudden increase in the load on the bit area.

Therefore, recommendations from professionals are as follows:

  • Do not work in wood with chipped discs;
  • Do not cut through wood with an attachment that does not match the material;
  • Select the disk or guide bar length of your chain saw so the cutting attachment matches the radius or cross section of the wood to be cut (log, trunk, beam, etc.).ะด.);
  • Cut thick wood only with a disc with coarse and sparse teeth, the forward movement should be progressively slow, away from yourself.

Important! Under no circumstances do not remove the guard to capture more of the body of the wood. it is better to make several circular cuts. Wear safety glasses for all woodworking operations.

Cutting wood with an Makita angle grinder and saw blade

impossible, angle, grinder, wood

Features of using a wood disk

Unlike circular saw blades, a wood saw blade for an angle grinder is more docile and easy to use. In this case, the probability that it can jam when cutting wood is minimal. If you use discs from a circular saw, the chance of injury is very high.

When cutting wood or wooden workpieces with a saw blade for the angle grinder, you must always use the most basic protective equipment: gloves and a mask (or goggles).

Also in some situations it makes sense to reduce the speed, if the model used angle grinder allows you to do so. A detailed review of what disc for the angle grinder is better to cut wood, you can see in the video on our website.

Operating principle of an angle grinder

To understand whether you can angle grinder to cut wood or not, to begin with let’s understand how this tool works. Angle grinder. it is an electric tool that is used for processing, grinding and cutting stone, granite, various types of metal, cement surfaces and other. It consists of several parts:

  • Body (more often cylindrical in shape).
  • The safety guard for the foreman’s safety during work.
  • Motor.
  • Gear case.
  • Safety clutch.
  • Disc clamping nuts.
  • Buttons for switching on and off, for replacing the disc.

Different models of angle grinders can have differences depending on the manufacturer and model, which in most cases are small. Thanks to the variety of attachments, the tool is considered a universal.

Can wood be cut with an angle grinder

Well, literally, wood is better cut with a hacksaw. But materials made of wood, such as plywood and a thin board of 2-3 cm, then yes, in this case, the angle grinder can be used to cut. We will look at the safety precautions below, but now for the technical details.

To cut wood with an angle grinder you need a wood disc like the one pictured here. It has special teeth that deliver a wide enough kerf to keep the angle grinder’s blade from jamming. and the tool itself is not ripped out of hands. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to cut trees with the angle grinder, literally, and to cut the wood itself, you should approach with maximum caution.

Difficulties of working with an angle grinder

We mentioned about the mismatch of revolutions of angle grinder and circular saw, but users who have angle grinder with adjustable revolutions can say that this factor is taken into account, and any wood saw blade is suitable for their tool.

Of course, by setting the number of revolutions of the output shaft of the angle grinder, corresponding to the one indicated on the marking of the saw blade, they significantly reduce the risk of injury while working, but do not eliminate it completely. The reason for this is primarily the material itself, or rather its structure and heterogeneity.

Even in different places of one trunk the wood has different hardness, not to mention the inclusions of viscous resin, the possible presence of metal in the thickness of the wood: from pellets and bullets caught in the tree during hunting, to the ingrown in it wires, which tied up the branches. Do not forget about knots, which are present in almost all types of wood.

When encountering these obstacles, the saw blade slows down sharply and the angle grinder by inertia just rips it out of hand, and when passing a hard area, it rushes forward with twice the force.

If you encounter metal, there is a great probability that the carbide tooth will break off and be caught by the next one and thrown outward at the speed of a bullet. It’s good if the safety guard is in range.

Even more dangerous is the person who has decided to cut wood, because in this case, the angle grinder must be placed on its side, which changes the usual and comfortable grip, and thus weakens the grip.

We categorically do not recommend sawing wood with an angle grinder that does not have adjustable speed, circular saw blades. But there are special discs for angle grinders designed to work with wood.