Why The Petrol Trimmer Does Not Start There Is A Spark

Checking the fuel mixture

Before starting the engine of the gasoline streamer, check the presence and quality of the fuel mixture. Do not save, do not be greedy and “do not be clever” in this matter. Repair or replacement of the piston group will cost you too much (sometimes up to 70% of the cost of a new tool). Prepare the oil-fuel mixture strictly according to the instructions. Calculate its amount based on real needs. Excess gasoline left over after work loses its quality over time.

Why the lawn mower won’t start. troubleshooting

Caring for the personal plot, summer residents periodically encounter the fact that the lawn mower does not start. There are many reasons for tool failure. To correctly diagnose the problem, the owner of a useful unit in the country needs to know the device and the principle of operation of its individual parts.

Why The Petrol Trimmer Does Not Start There Is A Spark

Fills a candle on a lawn mower

  • Use a candle key to unscrew the candle and check its condition. If the candle is wet and there is a spark, then it has been filled. We open the air damper, turn on the switch button, squeeze the gas “all the way” and start. Excess gas should come out of the exhaust saw and the saw will start.
  • Use a candle key to unscrew the candle and check its condition. If the candle is wet and there is a spark, then it has been flooded. Turn the chainsaw upside down with the spark plug hole and turn the starter 10 times, with all this excess fuel will flow out of the engine cylinder. Then wipe dry (bake) the spark plug, or change it to the newest one and try to start the motor again exactly following the instructions for use. If the plug is completely dry, it means that no fuel is supplied to the engine. But because it is in the tank, there may be a problem in the carburetor. You can draw a little consistency into the syringe, inject it into the cylinder, tighten the candle and try to start the engine. If the engine started up in this matter, it stalled, as it should be, the discrepancy remained and you need to contact the service center.

Gardening tools are probably useful and effective, but there are times when the technique refuses to work. Among them was a trimmer, which has an option to mow both a small meadow and large lawns.

There are various prerequisites for why the petrol trimmer won’t start:

    The most common reason for a breakdown lies in the wrong choice of fuel. Often, very economical users of the device fill the tank with something incomprehensible, but not fuel with the usual octane number. Bad fuel, which is kept in a plastic canister for a long time, has a terrifying effect. The device, which has lost its functionality, therefore, sailing off to a complete bulkhead of the mechanism.

The prerequisites when a new petrol trimmer won’t start are usually the most obvious, such as inability to use the device. On the contrary, the user stores it correctly, uses high-quality fuel and does not even leave gasoline in the trimmer, then the unit will serve reliably for a long period.

When to pick garlic bulbs?

Of course, propagate the garlic not so much with the teeth, but also with additional air bulbs that ripen in the arrows. The seed method allows not only to save the planting material, but also to completely preserve the varietal characteristics of the mother plant. The main thing is to choose the right time for collecting seeds.

How to tuck the line into the trimmer?

Modern lawn mowing technology allows you to take care of the local area with the least effort. Naturally, in the circumstances of the use of garden tools. And practically the most important question when working with garden trimmers is how to properly fill the line.

When to collect nasturtium seeds?

Nasturtium is a beautiful and necessary flower, common in the gardens of Russian summer residents. One of the advantages of this flower is its simplicity and ease of reproduction. Having bought at one fine moment nasturtium seeds, what remains to be done for our client in the next years, you simply harvest them without the help of others.

How to dilute gasoline with trimmer oil?

Technique in the palm of the hand of an attentive and competent person works with good returns longer. If you decide to get a grass trimmer, be sure to study the question of mixing gasoline with oil. This will avoid breakage and prolong the life of your purchase.

Pours Candle On Lawn Mower What To Do

The owner of a summer cottage will not do without a lawn mower or trimmer. However, during its operation, of course, situations appear when this unit for some reason stops starting. And the circumstances of this will please you a lot. Let’s find out why the petrol trimmer won’t start.

To find out why the gasoline trimmer does not start well or constantly stalls, you need to check the operation of all the main components of the unit one by one. This is especially important after long-term storage of lawn mowers. What you need, the main prerequisites for such a trimmer behavior are as follows:

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What is the resource of the Chinese lawn mowers?

A Chinese or Russian lawn mower is capable of working about 500 hours. But this is with the right mixture, good oil, good factory assembly. If a person pours gasoline from one good gas station, accurately measures the same oil in a beaker, regulates the carburetor for the same mixture, the fuel burns correctly, then the longed-for half a thousand hours of motor life is quite an affordable bar.

But here we must also not forget about the Chinese marriage. They even balance the shafts on the knee, install the cheapest bearings, and stamp carburetors with clogged channels. If a person understands the principle of operation of a two-stroke engine and a carburetor, understands how to sort it out, then he can eventually assemble an almost perfect trimmer.

In general, if we consider a Chinese lawn mower as a space for creativity, then even its breakdown is a reason to learn something new, this is a constructor for a man.

If you need a tool, then you should look for a Japanese analogue, or switch to an electric model.

Wet spark plug on the petrol trim. Flooded engine.

Surely many who use small motorized equipment know what a “flooded” spark plug on an engine is and what unpleasant situations arise because of this. Very often, using newly acquired equipment, many do not check the condition of the spark plug electrodes after updating the fuel and lubricants, and remember this only when the first malfunctions appear.

Trimmer won’t start. Why?

A petrol trimmer is a surprisingly useful thing that can be used to tidy up not only a miniature lawn in the backyard of the house, but also mow a lawn of considerable size without any extra hassle. But, like all things in this world, it tends to break. In this article we will try to figure out what to do in cases where the trimmer refuses to work.

Trimmer won’t start after winter

How to be in such a situation? Don’t worry and panic. This is a very common problem that can be solved in just 3-4 minutes. Firstly, if last year’s fuel remains in the gas tank, then it must be drained. Gasoline loses its octave properties after 2 weeks of inactivity. Secondly, you need to start a lawn mower after a long stagnation in a slightly different way. First you need to open the throttle and pump a little fuel mixture into the carburetor, then pull the handle until you feel a little resistance. After that you can start the trimmer.

Petrol trimmer won’t start well

So what if the petrol trimmer won’t start well or won’t start at all? The most common reason for such a breakdown is poor quality fuel. Remember that, for example, trimmers of the brands “Stihl” and “Husqvarna” are unlikely to start on fuel quality lower than AI-92. You should not save on fuel, because Repair of cylinder parts. The piston group can be one third of the total cost of the scythe, and sometimes even half. Also, when preparing the fuel mixture, it is necessary to correctly observe the proportions of fuel and oil, which are always indicated in the instructions for the trimmer.

What to do if high-quality fuel is poured into the gas tank, there is a spark, but the tool still refuses to start? It is necessary to check the condition of the candle. It is located in the center of the mower body. It must be carefully unscrewed and make sure there is no plaque on it. If there is, then carefully clean the candle from carbon deposits and dry it.

If the lawn mower does not start even after the methods suggested above, then you need to try to remove the air filter and start the device without it. If the trimmer still does not work, thoroughly dust the old filter or buy a new one.

It also happens that the mower works for a maximum of 5 minutes, and then stalls and does not start until it cools down. In this case, try opening the filler cap of the gasoline filler cap. a suction sound should appear. Then screw the cap back on. If you do this manipulation while the trimmer has just started to stall, then the speed will be restored, and you can continue to work. If the mower stalls before opening the lid, then you just need to start it as expected according to the instructions.

Trimmer starts and stalls

If, when trying to start the trimmer, it starts, but immediately stalls, then the air filter may again be the reason for this. It is necessary to remove it and check if it is clogged with dust. If this is true, then you need to thoroughly clean it or purchase a new one. Also, the problem may lie in the malfunction of the ignition coil. In this case, it is better to take the lawn mower to a service center.

Repair and service of garden equipment.

Specialized service center “Agrotechservice”. Comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service for garden and municipal equipment from world manufacturers! We sell spare parts with delivery throughout Russia!

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New Petrol Trimmer Will Not Start Reasons

Petrol trimmer won’t start? Prerequisites and solutions on the example of Elitech T750

In general, a similar conversation should start with the fact that after buying a garden gasoline tool, it would be better to first familiarize yourself with the annotation attached to it. Gasoline trimmer filter or buy a new one. The trimmer will not start. Then many problems could be avoided. But since this happened, the gasoline trimmer will not start, then you need to find sources of inoperability. And in this article we will discern the main prerequisites why the trimmer does not start on the example of the Elitech T750 model, as well as general tips for using such a tool.

Start with the obvious! Let’s figure out how to correctly start a gasoline trimmer. It may be that the reason lies precisely here.

First you need to bring the red toggle switch on the trim bar to the “I” position. This means turning on the power. Then you need to switch the fuel supply lever on the carburetor and use the fuel “suction” button (similar to a pipette, located on the carburetor). If the engine does not start at all or stalls quickly, do not trim and rpm. This is necessary to supply gasoline to the engine. Return the fuel delivery lever to its original position. Finally, pull the starter handle sharply towards you. The trimmer should work. Try it several times if it doesn’t work the first time. If after such manipulations the situation has not changed and the gasoline trimmer does not start, then you should first inspect it yourself before you take it to the service center. There are two main reasons your garden trimmer won’t start:

Petrol Trimmer Will Not Start Reasons

What to do when petrol trimmers won’t start?

The gasoline trimmer is a surprisingly necessary tool, with which you can mow not only a small clearing in front of the house, but also a whole large lawn. There are several if the trimmer does not start or if you immediately make sure that the candle is not broken. Unfortunately, there is nothing endless in this world, and therefore you may be faced with the fact that petrol trimmers will not start.

Most likely, it is completely oiled and needs to be replaced. After passing through the bridge, then stalls and does not start until the trimmer does not start. If everything is fine with the filter, it may be that the ignition coil is out of order.

In the case when the petrol trimmers do not start, and you have done all of the above, the muffler may be clogged. It must be dismantled, burned on a burner, after which all carbon deposits can be easily shaken out.

Why won’t the trimmer start (petrol)?

Why won’t the trimmer start (petrol)?

Because he worked his way. Why, there can be any number of answers to this question. Bad fuel is far from an argument. Maybe a person doesn’t know how to use it, and that’s why it’s wrong. Fuel does not flow, the candle is broken, the wires are broken, did not turn on, does not know how to use, the trimmer is burnt out / broken, but you never know what other reasons may be. There is also such. hand hooks.

There may be several reasons why the petrol trimmer won’t start.

If the trimmer does not start or immediately stalls after starting, then the problem may be in the fuel tank (namely, as fuel), in the spark plug and sluice duct, in the air or fuel filter, in the breather or in the exhaust duct.

1). It is imperative that before starting the trimmer, you need to check the availability, and most importantly, the quality of the fuel mixture.

2). The trimmer may not start or stall when the spark plug is flooded. It will need to be unscrewed and wiped.

You need to dry the candle channel for at least 3040 minutes. Otherwise, a new candle may also fill up.

3). If the trimmer starts without an air filter, then it is better to replace the old filter with a new one.

4). Trimmer may not start if fuel filter is dirty.

five). Also, the trimmer may not start due to dirt in the breather.

Also, the reason may be the ingress of dirt into the exhaust channel or clogging of the muffler mesh.

The gasoline trimmer may stop starting for several reasons at the same time.

First: try to clean the carburetor. dirt will damage the mower.

Secondly: a vacuum may form in the barrel. If so, try making a small crack in the barrel lid.

Third: check the trimmer setting is correct.

There are several reasons why the trimmer will not start. I will list the main ones:

  • Bad fuel. Each trimmer model requires petrol with a specific octane rating. Check the instructions for use and make sure you fill in exactly the required.
  • Flooded candles. At the same time, I advise you to check the candles for performance. Sometimes even new (in a box) candles may be inoperable or defective.
  • The fuel mixture does not flow into the carburetor. Pump her up a little.
  • The ignition coil is out of order.
  • The muffler is clogged. It is necessary to free it from carbon deposits. To do this, carefully disassemble and clean (you can burn on a gas burner).
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Usually, our trimmer would not start after winter, and we used to take the trimmer to the workshop almost every spring, where it was repaired to us. But, once, a knowledgeable person advised us in. First, never leave gasoline in the trimmer for the winter, because old gasoline can be the reason that the trimmer does not start, and he also said that it is necessary for the trimmer factory to pump the carburetor with a fuel mixture. After we began to follow these rules, our problems with the trimmer disappeared.

First of all, you can see the candle. If necessary, replace it, making sure that the plug is not broken and gives a normal spark. The next problem will be lurking in the fuel system. As mentioned above, we check the tightness, then we check the fuel filter, change it if necessary. We clean the carburetor, see the effect. It may be necessary to dig into the ignition system, adjust. To check the fuel system, you can pour a few grams directly into the cylinder through the plug screw holes, screw in the plug and try to start. At least the trimmer should make sounds of the engine running for 1-2 seconds and some smoke should fly out of the muffler.

If the trimmer does not start at all or it stalls immediately after starting, then you first need to look for the cause in the main components and assemblies, for this you need to check in the sequence below, so, this is the sequence:

These nodes are basically the whole problem.

Reasons why the petrol trimmer won’t start

The owner of a summer cottage cannot do without a lawn mower or trimmer. But in the process of its operation, situations may arise when this unit for some reason stops starting. And there can be many reasons for this. Let’s find out why the petrol trimmer won’t start.


There are not only situations when petrol trimmers do not start, but there are cases when, after starting, they work for a couple of seconds and immediately stall. Inspect the spark plug again: if it is “thrown”, and this situation repeats even after wiping and drying it, go to the “revision” of the air filter.

Perform cold starts correctly!

Often gasoline trimmers do not start after trying to “put them into operation” after long-term storage. But since this has happened the gasoline trimmer will not start the spark plug trimmer. Failure to launch in this case is often caused by incorrect user actions.

If you are faced with exactly this phenomenon, then during a cold start you need to close the damper, and then pump a small amount of the fuel mixture into the carburetor. Then pull the starter handle until you feel resistance, then start the trimmer with sharp and energetic movements.

Adjustment and tuning of the carburetor

The maximum and minimum engine speed, smooth idle speed are regulated by the carburetor. The stable operation of the lawn mower depends on the amount of the supplied combustible mixture and air, their ratio. the lawn mower will not start if the carburetor is not adjusted correctly. The procedure for adjusting the device for supplying fuel at low speed (L), high speed (H) and idle (T) is regulated by the screws of the same name:

  • The chainsaw must run for at least 10 minutes, since the adjustment is carried out hot.
  • Screw H is turned smoothly to maximum speed, then turned by ¼, counterclockwise, reducing the speed of rotation of the engine shaft.
  • Idling is adjusted with the screw T, ensuring that the scythe does not rotate.
  • The screw L is adjusted, at first opening the maximum throttle, and then smoothly reducing the speed to stable minimum.

After adjustment, a serviceable carburetor with cleaned filters and a checked ignition must ensure the engine is running. In the event of a carburetor malfunction, after repairing it, you will need to adjust the feed system again before starting the lawn mower.

Rare breakdowns that prevent lawn mowers from working can be:

  • Rewind spring defective;
  • Broken or stuck starter pulley;
  • Defective starter assembly.

The most important malfunction, the elimination of which is associated with replacing the engine, may be the failure of the engine piston group. The cost of repairs will cost about 70% of the cost of the product. Understanding the reasons why the lawnmower won’t start will help: