Ws 04b kwt stripping tool

669 Stripping tool WS-04B (KVT)

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Stripping tool WS-04B (KVT)

Tool WS-04B (KVT) for electrical installation works, namely for removing of insulation layer from cables with cross section from 0,05 to 6,0 kV. mm, cutting of wires up to 6,0 kV. mm, as well as the pressing of wire lugs with a cross-section from 0.5 to 6.0 mm.

The WS-04B tool (KVT) has the ability to automatically adjust to the desired size and volume of the insulation coating. For working with wires cross section from 0,05 the tool is equipped with a microtuning screw.

Five-position profiles for pressing sleeve lugs insulated NSHVI and non-insulated NSHV. The stripper comes equipped with reinforced clamping jaws and an easy-to-remove distance adjustment mechanism.

The wire stripper is reset by two built-in springs. The mechanism is resistant to external damage thanks to the protective cover on the housing. Two-piece handles with soft thermoplastic gripping zones prevent the tool from accidentally slipping out of the operator’s hand.

The WS-04B Stripper (KVT) is a safe, rugged tool tailored to the needs of professionals.Weight: 0.32 kg. Length: 205 mm.

Automatic multifunctional stripper with micro adjustment screw

WS-04 is an excellent and worthy stripping tool. However, you should be cautious about all additional options (like 6-in-1) other than those that relate to the main functionality of the tool. At best, a good stripper should be able to strip and cut the wire. All other “gadgets” are for those who like to shop in the “Shop on the Couch” style. When they offer you a ten-piece set of knives for a thousand dollars, plus they give you the same set as a present, and if you buy it right now it comes with a universal wonder-knife, that should stop a normal person. To crimp insulated and any other lugs, you should use only a highly specialized tool.

This is the most popular modification of everyone’s favorite stripper WS-04. The main difference of the new model is the special “window” through which the stripped insulation falls out. The WS-04 had no such hole, and the stripped insulation had to be simply shaken out of the tool, which was not very convenient and took extra time. With the new WS-07 stripper, it won’t be a problem.

If you are worried about the result, it is better to crimp the tips not with a tool for stripping, but with special, for this purpose, press jaws. But, as a last resort, if there is a strong need to press an instrument, these profiles can also be used. They are designed to fit many different styles of lugs depending on the stripper model. insulated, bushing, small section copper, auto-terminals, a variety of specific connectors. But it is not possible to achieve a good result with them.

This problem occurs most often when using low-quality wire. If you look at the wire from the end, the current carrying core should be placed in the insulation exactly in the center. If it is, as is often the case, offset to the side, it is more likely to be damaged when stripping with hand strippers. In that case, it is better to use automatic tool models, or try the neighboring larger Caliber.

Strip flat two- and three-core wires like PPV, VVG-P, PUNP of small cross-sections (up to 2.5 mm2 maximum), telephone wires TPP and the like with the following stripper models: WS-04A and B, WS-07, WS-11, WS-12, WS-14, WS-15 and WS-17. However, please note that these tools peel not all flat wires (depending on the material and thickness of the sheath), so before buying a stripper is better to test.

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It is not recommended to cut or strip live cable with any tool at all. Before any work, the line should be de-energized, but if such a need exists, or there is no guarantee that no one will apply voltage at the moment when you work with the wire, then you must use only special insulated tools, which allow working under voltage up to 1000 V.

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These tools are most often imported. And in the majority of the countries wire cross-sections are designated by American standard AWG, which in principle does not correlate with the cross-sections in mm². For example, a cross-section of 0.5 mm² according to the AWG standard is designated as 20. The higher the number, the smaller the cross section of the wire. For more information see. “Cable cross-section conversion table from AWG to SI system”.

wire stripper ws 04b kwt

Electric Fiber Wire Stripper WS-04A (KVT). is a good choice, which our online store “77 Volt” offers its customers to buy and MO at a low price, for only 1463.09 !

Our specialists will answer all your questions. We strive for long-term cooperation and we will do our best for each customer to find the necessary electrical goods. Goods purchased from us are of high quality, so we are confident that you will refer to our online store again and again. Call or write us and we will take your order.

In an online store you can buy 77 Volt tools for the stripping tool at an attractive price. The most important component in electrical work is to have an easy-to-use and high-quality electrical installation tool. Our store www.77volt.Ru offers you power tools from the leading manufacturer “KVT. The tool for wiring works, produced by factory “KVT” passes all technical tests. The quality management system of KVT plant is certified according to ISO 9001-2008.

Name WS-04A (KVT) (automatic multifunctional stripper with a screw for stripping insulation).

  • 0,05 6.0 insulation removal from wires, cross-section range;
  • 6.0 wire cutting section. not more;
  • 0,5 6.0 crimping lugs, cross-section range;

Our online store of electrical equipment offers wide choice of products. The tool for stripping the insulation is presented in a range of affordable in the online store We offer our customers to buy Stripper WS-04A (KVT). stripper automatic multifunctional with a microtuning screw for stripping. On our website you can place an order and delivery of any product or recommend it to your friends. For more information on tool sales you can specify on contact phone numbers.

Insulation tool WS-04A (KVT) in the catalog of the online store 77 Volt combine a variety of tools and devices. Affordable products, which we have from 1463.09. will allow you to easily, quickly and accurately lay a mowing line of communications, perform various construction operations, and at home to repair appliances and electrical appliances.

Performing a variety of tasks requires its highly specialized wiring tool and equipment for electrical work, such as a product under the article number 61668, which you can find at 77 Volt.

To quickly and safely cope with the work, we can pick up and such a type of tool, as a tool for stripping WS-01D (KVT), as well as a rich selection of other useful equipment.

KVT Insulation Tool WS-04B 61669

KVT Insulation Tool WS-04B 61669 used for stripping, cutting wires and stripping jackets. Automatic adjustment for thickness of part to be machined.

Working area is reinforced for a quick and qualitative cut.

Due to the width of metal jaws, several wires can be stripped at once. Tool is equipped with a removable stripping length adjuster. Ergonomic handles fit comfortably in the hand and prevent the tool from slipping during use.

stripping insulation of wires with 0.0510 mm 2

sheath stripping of flat wires VVG-P, PUNP

crimping of sleeve lugs 0.56.0 mm 2

In the standard range of 0.26 mm 2 : automatic adjustment to the required wire insulation thickness

In the micro range of wires from 0.05 mm 2 and for cross sections of 10 mm 2 a microtuning screw is used

Heavy duty jaws with 11 mm gripping width

Strip several wires in a single action thanks to wide clamping jaws

Five-position crimping profiles for single sleeve lugs

Types of crimped lugs: NSHVI, NSHV

Removable stripping length adjuster

Non-slip, two component handles with soft thermoplastic inserts

  • Type automatic
  • Purpose for stripping, crimping and cutting wires
  • Material plastic handles
  • Weight kg. 0,35
  • Max wire cross-section, mm² 10
  • Cutting diameter adjustment yes
  • For coaxial cables no
  • Min wire cross-section, mm² 0,05
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Stripping tool WS-04B KVT 61669

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Wire Stripper WS-04B, KVT

Wire stripper with micro adjustment screw Model: WS-04B 4in1: Strip insulation from 0 V conductors.05-10 mm2 wire cutting up to 10 mm2 wire sheathing from flat wires VVG-P, PUNP crimping sleeve lugs 0.5-6.0 mm2 In the standard range 0.2-6mm2: automatic adjustment to the required wire size In the micro range of wires from 0.05 mm2 and for 10 mm2 cross section a microtuning screw is used Reinforced press jaws with 11 mm gripping width Simultaneous stripping of several wires in one movement, thanks to wide press jaws Five-position press profiles for single sleeve lugs Types of pressed lugs: HSSVI, HSSV Protective cap Removable clamping length adjuster Slip-proof, two-piece handles with soft thermoplastic inserts Two integrated return springs Weight: 350 g Length: 205 mm

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KVT Tool for wire stripping WS-04B, KVT. 61669

In the standard range of 0.2-6 mm2: automatic adjustment to the required size and thickness of wire insulation; In the micro range of wires from 0.05 mm2 and for 10 mm2 section uses micro-tuning screw; Heavy-duty compression jaws with gripping width of 11 mm; Simultaneous stripping of several conductors in one movement, thanks to wide pressure jaws; Five-position pressing profiles for single sleeve lugs; Types of pressed lugs: Non-slip, two-piece handle with soft thermoplastic inserts; Two built-in return springs; Weight: 350 g; Length: 205 mm;

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