Adapter For Angle Grinder For Setting Wheels

How to make an angle grinder from a chainsaw?
The angle grinder attachment for a chainsaw is a useful and necessary device in many cases. In the presence of the above restrictions, it is quite permissible to install such a device on chainsaws of certain characteristics, using only cutting wheels suitable for these purposes.

Kit overview and operating principle

When installing such a device, the chainsaw receives two additional functions at once. A gas cutter and an angle grinder. This turns out to be necessary in conditions where direct connection of a conventional angle grinder to an electric voltage source is difficult, if not impossible.

A pulley is installed on the drive shaft of the chain saw drive sprocket, which, using a belt drive, is kinematically connected to the saw blade axis, while the rotation speed of the main shaft does not change. To install the nozzle itself, studs are used that secure the chainsaw’s saw bar. In the industrial designs of the nozzles under consideration, there are holes, the size and location of which is consistent with the parameters of the chainsaw of a particular manufacturer. The size of the saw also determines the largest diameter of the saw blade that can be installed.

adapter for angle grinder for setting wheels

Chainsaw angle grinder attachment includes:

  1. Deep groove ball bearing in dustproof housing.
  2. Driven pulley.
  3. V-belt.
  4. A mandrel to which the cut-off wheel is attached (not more than 150 × 22 mm recommended).
  5. Wrench for tightening the disc and two studs.
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Chainsaw attachment-angle grinder is equipped with a special fastening groove, with which it is connected to the main tool. A faceplate and nut with a left-hand thread is used.

The presence of a nozzle allows you to use the chainsaw for cutting stone, steel, building blocks and other objects, the dimensions of which allow using a disc with a certain diameter value. The diameter, in turn, depends on the brand of the chainsaw. Stihl saws from Stihl-180 to Stihl-250 are best suited for these purposes. This is explained by the peculiarities of turning on Stihl chainsaws: at first, when the centrifugal clutch is turned on, the number of revolutions of the crankshaft is about 4500 min 1: it is at this angular speed that the spindle works most steadily. Then the speed can be increased up to 7000… 8000 min. 1.

The manufacturer of grinder attachments for chainsaws recommends using no more than 75% of the rated power of the main tool, do not work without a safety cover, and do not use wheels for cutting and grinding work, the permissible rotation speed of which is less than 10,000 minutes. 1. The presence of a roller bearing that allows significant axial loads eliminates the skew of the saw blade and jamming of the nozzle during prolonged work.

How to make an angle grinder from a chainsaw?

They often try to improve the functionality of the chainsaw by developing special attachments, and often even without being particularly interested in the conclusions of the tool developer himself. The chainsaw angle grinder is one of the first of its kind. Is it worth buying it, what difficulties can you face when working? Let’s find out!

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Difficulties and limitations

The angle grinder attachment for the chainsaw poses a number of problems for users:

  • How to protect moving parts from fine steel or stone dust generated during cutting?
  • How to choose the characteristics of the cut-off wheel?
  • Can I install one chain saw attachment from different manufacturers?

The availability of effective air filters for working with these types of nozzles is recognized by everyone. The fact is that during the separation of substances with a fine-grained structure, a significant amount of small particles of shavings are released, which standard chainsaw filters cannot cope with.

There are two kinds of filters worth considering. Chainsaws made in China (Partner brand) are equipped with standard single-stage filters that clog very quickly. Manufacturers of a higher price category (Stihl, Husqvarna) equip their products with two- and three-stage filters, which are able to sequentially retain particles of different sizes. The durability of the chainsaw engine in such conditions increases markedly. Therefore, it is best to install an angle grinder-attachment on a chainsaw for models that have three consecutive cleaning filters in their design: foam, paper, nylon. They are difficult to damage by steel shavings, and can ensure the normal operation of the device drive.

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Experts advise to retrofit saws with standard air-cleaning filters from passenger cars-SUVs, which effectively cope with fine particles of any density.

A second hazard is associated with the use of saw blades that are not designed for high-speed chainsaw engines. Husqvarna saw manufacturers insist on this. Indeed, cutting discs can fly apart due to exceeding centrifugal forces, and serious injury to users is possible. The danger increases with continuous operation with this attachment: overloading the drive elements can generate vibrations for which the saw blade is not designed. Therefore, it is required:

  • Limit the number of revolutions of the chainsaw engine;
  • Use only discs designed for higher rotation speeds;
  • Work only with a protective cover;
  • Use tool models that have a kickback protection function (an inertial brake must be present in the design).

Let’s summarize. The angle grinder attachment for a chainsaw is a useful and necessary device in many cases. In the presence of the above restrictions, it is quite permissible to install such a device on chainsaws of certain characteristics, using only cutting wheels suitable for these purposes. The price of the structures is quite affordable. From 1400. 1500 rubles. For Husqvarna saws, up to 2200. 2300 rubles. For saws from Stihl.