Assembling Tiller Huter MK 7000

basic information

Huter is a German brand that is manufactured in China. This helps to make the company’s products cheaper and more affordable for a wide range of buyers.

In addition to tillers and cultivators, the Huter plant produces generators, chainsaws, garden tools, lawn mowers, etc.

The company started dealing with tillers relatively recently, since 2011. The products came to Russia a little later, including due to the inability to find replaceable elements for original parts.

a tiller is a small machine on its own drive (mini-tractor) that can carry out small agricultural work, in particular, the processing of large plots of land.

The German Huter soil cultivation device is easy to start the first time, for this you need:

  • open the fuel cock and close the air damper;
  • turn on the ignition, move the gear lever to neutral;
  • turn the throttle lever to a minimum;
  • pull the starter handle until resistance, return to its original position and then pull sharply.
  • warm up the started engine for about two minutes, carefully opening the choke.

As for the maintenance of the tiller, the product only requires checking the oil and fuel levels, as well as adjusting the cutters and opener.

92 gasoline is used as fuel, and 10W40 grade is recommended as engine oil.

TOP-4 rating of the best models

In this rating, we have collected for you the best models in terms of price, quality and reliability.

tiller MK-7500M BIG FOOT Huter (Huter) [70/5/26]

Manufacturer: HUTER

Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year

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Wheel type 19×7-8
engine’s type petrol
Engine 4-stroke, single-cylinder
Power, hp. 7.5
Processing width, mm 1000
Forward / backward speeds 2/1
Fuel tank volume, l 3.6
Type of fuel AI-92 gasoline
type of drive belt
Reducer gear-chain, cast iron
Hub hexagon 23 mm.
Starter type manual
Cutter diameter, cm thirty
Reverse there is
Brand country Germany
Country of Origin China


Agricultural machine (tiller) Huter MK-7500M BIG FOOT, developed by German specialists from Huter, will be an indispensable assistant for those who are engaged in home farming, owning a small farm or garden. The unit is able to significantly facilitate the hard peasant labor associated with the cultivation of the land and preparing it for planting or for fallow. The maneuverability and small dimensions of the device contribute to its convenient use in flower beds, beds, in the space between trees or shrubs, etc.

The manufacturer has equipped it with a powerful and reliable power plant in the form of a forced air-cooled four-stroke gasoline engine. The engine has a power of 7.5 hp, consumes simple AI-92 gasoline, the supply of which in a 3.6-liter tank allows it to perform its tasks for a rather long time. In addition to the engine, the equipment of the unit includes a transmission based on a three-stage gearbox (2 steps forward and one reverse) with reverse, a pair of stable soft driving wheels, a convenient control system in the form of a motorcycle steering wheel with levers and toggle switches directly at hand. The Huter MK-7500M BIG FOOT also has a set of installed working tools for cultivating the land (plow, harrow, baking powder, cultivator, potato digger, etc.). Installing an additional tool will allow you to make a lawn mower or a snow machine out of the tiller.

Tiller control is simple and straightforward. The U-shaped steering wheel, where both hands of the operator are conveniently located, is the basis for attaching the clutch lever, gas control with a lock. Directly under the steering wheel there is a lever for setting the required gear. Anti-slip handlebar pads allow operator to firmly grip and guide machine.

All units and assemblies of the agricultural machine Huter MK-7500M BIG FOOT are manufactured according to strict technology and are of high quality. This made it possible to make the unit as a whole reliable, durable and safe for all types of operation provided for in the technical documentation.
Device and functionality

Despite the rather wide capabilities and capabilities, the Huter MK-7500M BIG FOOT agricultural machine has a small size, therefore it does not create problems for its owner regarding its location. All thanks to the correct and rational arrangement of the component components of the device relative to each other. The main mass of the tiller is concentrated on its driven axle, where the wheels or cultivator are mounted. The structure is based on a small, strong steel frame, on which the drive axle differential, transmission, as well as mounts for installing the steering wheel and opener with support rollers are located. The coulter is used to set the cultivator working depth, as well as to install other mounted working elements.

In the upper part of the frame, the power unit of the tiller is mounted, which, among other things, accounts for its main weight. It is a gasoline four-stroke carburetor internal combustion engine with a displacement of 208 cm3, capable of developing 7.5 hp. power. This is quite enough for free cultivation of even not yet plowed land. The engine has a downdraft carburetor that does not require a gas pump, an efficient forced air cooling system, an air filter, a 3.6 liter 92 gasoline tank and an exhaust silencer. Lubrication of its internal elements during operation occurs by spraying engine oil from the crankcase. You can start the engine with a manual starter.

The torque from the engine to the drive axle is transmitted through a controlled clutch and a reversible gearbox with one reverse gear and two forward gears. The gearbox is controlled by means of a convenient lever.

A steering wheel is attached to a special place of the support frame, which is necessary for the operator to hold the tiller, direct its movement in the desired direction and control the parameters of the device. On the handlebars there is a clutch lever and an engine accelerator control (gas) with a detent. The handlebars can be adjusted to suit the height of the operator.

The driving wheels of the agricultural machine Huter MK-7500M BIG FOOT are a pair of steel disks with pneumatic tires, the diameter of which is selected in such a way as to easily overcome possible irregularities in the soil. In addition, the tires are equipped with the so-called “swamp” tread, which firmly clings to the soil and prevents slipping. Such wheels make it possible to maximally convert the engine thrust into the translational movement of the unit, regardless of the state of the ground.

The launched tiller independently moves forward, performing the work for which he was currently equipped. The operator only needs to prepare the unit, activate it, make the necessary settings and control its movement using the steering wheel, walking after the unit.

The reliable engine of the Huter MK-7500M BIG FOOT agricultural machine developing sufficient traction makes it a high-performance tool capable of working on fairly large land plots.
The unit is autonomous. Thanks to its 3.6-liter fuel tank, it can run continuously for a sufficient amount of time.
Tiller wheel track rollers are equipped with rubber tires with grousers, ensuring reliable contact with the soil.
The wheels are covered with special shields that limit the possible spread of soil.
Reverse in the undercarriage of the unit significantly increases its ability to maneuver in a narrow space.
A special opener with rollers allows you to adjust and fix the depth of soil cultivation.
The controls of the agricultural machine are placed on a comfortable handle, similar to the U-shaped steering wheel of a bike, so its control is not difficult and accessible to everyone.

Agricultural machine Huter MK-7500M 70/5/5

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The weight: 89 kg
Engine: Huter
Plowing width: 85 cm
Speeds: 2 forward / 1 back
Power transmission to active attachments: PTO (power take-off shaft)
Electric start: not
Engine make: Huter
Power, kWt): 5.5
Power (hp): 7.5
Spark plug: F7TC
Hub: hexagon 23 mm
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 l
Engine volume: 208 cm³
Reducer type: gear-chain
Clutch: belt
Engine’s type: petrol
Cutter diameter: 30 cm

Agricultural machine Huter MK-7500M 70/5/5 is designed for use in agriculture, and is also suitable for private use. Equipped with a powerful engine and durable cutters. The speeds are shifted using a lever. The reverse contributes to the maneuverability of the machine. The position of the control handle can be adjusted.

Working depth
The coulter adjustment makes it possible to choose the depth of cultivation.
Comfortable control
Adjustable handle makes operation more comfortable.
On the case of the Huter MK-7500M 70/5/5 there is a shield that prevents the operator from getting the ground.
Reliable motor
7.5 HP engine easily copes with the processing of soils of any nature, including virgin soil.
  • 3 gears (2 forward / 1 reverse);
  • Connection of additional attachments. a wide range of tasks to be performed;
  • Reverse. for the maneuverability of the unit;
  • Sturdy frame;
  • PTO;
  • Reliability;
  • Long service life.
  • Agricultural machine engine complete with frame
  • Control handle
  • Set of brackets and blades for cutters disassembled
  • Shift Knob Extension
  • Assembly tool kit
  • Mounting kit
  • Protective wings
  • Fender brackets
  • Passport products

Attention! Wheels are not included.

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Mobile to MKM-3 COMFORT MVK0018432

One of the best tilers in its class. It is comfortable and safe to work with it. You can dig up the soil to a depth of 34 cm in a short time.

The unit quickly accelerates to 8.3 km / h on the front drive and to 2.5 km / h on the rear. Effective for small areas.

тиллер HUTER MK7000 обзор,Полная сборка #Культиватор#тиллер#huter#Каксобрать#культиватор#хутер7

It is used for plowing, removing weeds, hilling potatoes.

Due to its compact size, it is convenient for transportation and storage. Equipped with hardened cutters for quality soil cultivation.


  • processing width. 73 cm;
  • cultivation depth. 34 cm;
  • engine displacement. 212 cu. cm;
  • engine power. 7.07 hp;
  • fuel tank. 3.6 l;
  • wheels. height 8 “, width 4”;
  • dimensions. 146x50x150 cm;
  • weight. 67 kg.


  • maneuverability;
  • easy start;
  • unpretentious care;
  • comfortable handles;
  • oil sensor;
  • high-quality assembly.


  • light weight;
  • high price.

Mobile K MKM-3 PRO MVK0018443

A reliable and high-quality unit that is easy to work with thanks to its high power. You can dig up the soil to a depth of 34 cm in a short time.

Suitable for small areas because the working width is small.

Accelerates up to 8.3 km / h forward and up to 2.6 km / h when reverse.

At the same time it weighs only 67 kg, which is very convenient for transportation and storage.


  • processing width. 73-105 cm;
  • cultivation depth. 34 cm;
  • engine displacement. 196 cubic meters. cm;
  • engine power. 6.53 hp;
  • fuel tank. 3.6 l;
  • wheels. height 8 “, width 4”;
  • dimensions. 146x50x150 cm;
  • weight. 69 kg.


  • high-quality case;
  • low gasoline consumption;
  • deep soil processing;
  • ergonomics;
  • maneuverability.


  • small grip;
  • not all equipment fits.

TOP-7 rating of the best models

Place Name Price
TOP 7 best light tillers
one PATRIOT Victory (440 10 7212) 27 000 ₽
2 Mobile K MKM-3 PRO MVK0018443 44 000 ₽
3 Mobile to MKM-3 COMFORT MVK0018432 38 000 ₽
four Huter MK-7000 19 000 ₽
five Aurora COUNTRY 800 HD 31 000 ₽
6 PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel) 19 000 ₽
7 Caiman VARIO 60S TWK 59 000 ₽

Huter MK-7000

Agricultural unit used for cultivation, loosening and leveling the soil, as well as for other tasks.

Demonstrates excellent results in gardening and farming.

Convenient for use in narrow areas.

Equipped with a variable speed petrol engine for ease of use for the operator. Suitable for pairing with attachments.


  • processing width. 61-100 cm;
  • cultivation depth. 30 cm;
  • engine displacement. 208 cubic meters. cm;
  • engine power. 7 hp;
  • fuel tank. 3.6 l;
  • wheels. height 8 “, width 4”;
  • weight. 72 kg.
tiller, huter, 7000


  • power;
  • simple assembly;
  • maneuverability;
  • effective work;
  • high-quality assembly.


  • sharp gear shifting;
  • small width of tillage.

PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel)

Lightweight yet powerful technique with excellent performance. A good choice in terms of value for money. Due to its low weight, the device is manoeuvrable.

The presence of two forward and one reverse gear allows you to choose the best option in different situations. Thanks to the spacious fuel tank, you can work for a long time without stopping.

At the same time, gasoline consumption is minimal.

In one pass, you can process a wide strip, so it will be possible to put the site in order in the shortest possible time.


  • processing width. 85 cm;
  • cultivation depth. 30 cm;
  • engine displacement. 208 cubic meters. cm;
  • engine power. 7 hp;
  • fuel tank. 3.6 liters;
  • wheels. height 8 “, width 4”;
  • weight. 73.6 kg.


  • power;
  • a light weight;
  • quick start;
  • adequate price tag;
  • comfortable clutch handle.


  • there is no disc cutter for plant protection;
  • lacks speed on tight ground.

Aurora COUNTRY 800 HD

One of the most popular lightweight tillers with excellent value for money. Simple and easy-to-use technology will become a universal assistant.

There is a possibility of choosing the width of the processed area, so the model is suitable for working on a large area and in small aisles.

Large wheels provide good flotation on all types of soil.

There are two forward and one reverse speeds, which significantly increases comfort when working.


  • processing width. 80-120 cm;
  • cultivation depth. 30 cm;
  • engine displacement. 207 cubic meters. cm;
  • engine power. 5.71 hp;
  • fuel tank. 6 liters;
  • wheels. height 8 “, width 4”;
  • dimensions. 155x80x91;
  • weight. 65 kg.


  • choice of the width of the processed area;
  • power;
  • several speeds;
  • Russian assembly;
  • stability;
  • robust housing.


  • inconvenient emergency shutdown handle;
  • not all equipment fits.

Distinctive features

Light tillers are sometimes confused with cultivators, but they are more functional despite their small size and weight. Equipped with high efficiency four-stroke engines.

Suitable for summer residents and homeowners. Effective in small fields and garden beds. Due to their compact size, they have excellent maneuverability, which allows you to handle narrow aisles.

Despite their small size, they are characterized by high power. Equipped with pneumatic wheels with excellent relief, providing the device with good cross-country ability even on difficult terrain.

There are two classes of technique:

  • Ultralight. Suitable for plots up to 20 acres. They process a strip up to 30 cm, due to which they are convenient for working in narrow spaces. Equipped with removable handles for easy transportation and storage. Equipped with two-stroke engines. They are distinguished by great endurance. Due to the hooked cutter, they hook on weeds and loosen simple soil well.
  • Lungs. Weigh up to 60 kg. Equipped with more powerful engines up to 4 horsepower. overall than super-lightweight. They have cutters up to 90 cm wide.They are distinguished by functionality and the ability to perform a wide range of tasks.

Before buying equipment, you should decide on the cutter speed:

  • 100-130 rpm. elimination of weeds;
  • 150-180 rpm. plowing the soil;
  • 180-200 rpm. soil preparation for sowing crops, work on solid soils;
  • 320-350 rpm. using the tiller as a vehicle.

TOP 7 best light class tillers: rating of 2020 and how to choose a device for a summer residence

11/28/2019 2,059 Views

light class tiller. a practical and reliable unit used alone or in conjunction with attachments.

Despite its small size, it copes well with plowing the land, cultivation, hilling potatoes and other tasks.

When choosing a technique, it is worth evaluating its advantages and disadvantages, as well as comparing popular models.