Bosch cooking panel How to remove lock

Types of unlock

Blocking is provided in order to prevent various accidents due to negligence. Despite the fact that the hostess occasionally leaves the oven unattended, the unit works automatically. There are several methods to unlock the oven:

Unlocking the oven control panel

To remove the block from the control panel, you need to perform the following steps:

  • The control panel is usually located at the top of the oven. Usually electronic ovens are equipped with a detector. The gas oven is equipped with a more conventional adjustment. On the control panel, you need to find the lock button, in most cases it is indicated by a key sign. Press this button, and then select the option to control the lock, hold it down for a few seconds.
  • The beep should follow, meaning that the unlocking has been successfully. If the display still burns the inscription blocked or the lock of the lock or key means, it means that the block failed to remove.
  • If there is no separate button responsible for blocking, you can try pressing the cancel and lock buttons at once and hold for more than 5 seconds.
  • This method is used for both locking and unlocking the panel.

The lock is provided to protect against switching programs during the cooking process and to prevent accidents with the role of children

To unlock it, it is not necessary to know how to disassemble the hob or immediately call the master, to do this, just press the “Key” button and hold until the indicator becomes active again. After the key is removed from the panel, the “Lock” sign disappears.

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Each heating stage of the burner has an intermediate position, indicated by a dot. To protect sensitive parts of the appliance from overheating or power surges, the hob may reduce the power level for a while.

With the control panel lock function, you can avoid unintentional pressing, for example by children. It is also worth knowing how to disable the lock (unlock) the hob. To do this, press and hold the touch control button for a while according to the instructions.

The hob is ready for use. Switching off: Hold your finger on the # symbol until the indicator above the main switch and the burner indicators go out. All burners turn off. The residual heat indicator remains lit until the cooking zones have cooled down sufficiently.

To cancel the lock, press the “Key” button. Hold it until the key with the text turns off on the display. Then it is possible to change the settings as necessary, as well as perform manipulations with the trolley.

To turn on such a device, you need to touch the “ON / OFF” button. All indicators will show the symbol “-“. Then you need to place a suitable cookware on the desired heating zone. For models without a slider, the degree of heating is selected using the “-” and “” buttons.

After connecting the hob to the electrical network, the control panel is in a locked state (the indicator above the button is on). To unlock the control panel, press the button for 3 seconds. In this case, the indicator will go out, and it becomes possible to use the cooking panel in normal mode.

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Click the “Key” button and hold it down until “Protection against Children Active” and the [Key] symbol will appear on the display. It takes approximately 4 seconds. Now the oven will no longer turn on.

On the control panel, you need to find the lock button, most often it is indicated by a key sign. Press this button, and then select the option. lock control, hold it down for a few seconds. Next, a beep should follow, indicating that the unlock was successful.

Press the “Key” button and keep it pressed until the display shows “CHILD PROTECTION ACTIVE” and the symbol [Key]. It takes about 4 seconds. Now the oven will no longer turn on.

  • Click on the “key” button on the touch panel, keeping until the inscription appears on the screen: “Protection against children is active”.
  • Together with the inscription, the image of the key will burn.
  • All manipulations will take about 4 seconds.
  • Using the hob (continued) Switching on the hob Press and hold the “Lock” touch button for approximately.
  • On / Off” on the control panel
  • On off “. The icon will appear on the digital display
  • On / Off ” you need to select the heating mode within 10 seconds.
  • You need to press and hold the “Key” button for 3-6 seconds.
  • Most often, in the case, if temperatures reaches 50 ° C, the stove is automatically blocked, the “lock” sign also appears on its indicator.
  • Before unlocking the hob, you can simultaneously press the plus and minus buttons on the screen.

After connecting the hob to the mains, the control panel is in a locked state (the display shows “Lo”). To unlock the control panel, touch the “Double/Triple Zone” and “Boil” buttons at the same time.

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Plates from Bosch are equipped with a special locking system, which is used for safety purposes and allows you to increase the convenience and reliability during operation of the unit.

Depending on the design, the third section of the top of the stove is responsible for heating and temperature control. The control panel has a special control button that allows you to temporarily block the work surface and the oven.

When the lock is activated, the hob can be switched on and off normally and the oven timer can be set.

Bosch cooktop child lock

Modern Bosch stoves have several types of manual locking:

  • short-term. a temporary block for self-cleaning of the hob or automatic cleaning of the oven;
  • Protection against children. a mode of increased security, which is designed to protect against children’s burns and injuries;
  • automatic block. blocking that automatically triggers in the event of a power outage or power surge.

During activation of any type of blocking, the corresponding symbol is displayed on the panel. On some models, this procedure may also be accompanied by an audible signal.