Can I Mow Wet Grass with an Electric Lawn Mower?

How to mow grass in the country this question is of interest to many gardeners. To date, there are many devices that help to easily cope with this task.

Before you start mowing grass, you need to choose the most suitable tool for work. You should choose based on the characteristics of your site.

Basic tools and equipment

What mow the grass. Device names and their purpose:

  • Hand braids or otherwise Lithuanian. Used them since ancient times. Of course, compared to modern devices, the mowing process will be long, laborious, but cheap.
  • Lawn mowers. It is best to use them strictly for their intended purpose (for mowing grass). This is the opinion of manufacturers. Weeds should not be removed with their help. For example, thickets of wormwood, various field herbs. In this case, the blades quickly become dull, the service life of the device is reduced, it soon becomes worthless.
  • Trimmers. They are called electric braids or benders. Suitable for work on a small area.
  • Tilleri. Usually equipped with mounted mowers. Such devices are able to quickly process a large area.
  • Mini and ordinary tractors. For agricultural work in large fields.

How to mow grass in the country

Based on this list, it becomes clear that the equipment for mowing grass is selected based on the task. If you just need to mow a small square of grass in the country, a hand braid is quite suitable. If we are talking about a beautiful lawn and caring for it, then a lawn mower is used. When you need to remove weeds from a relatively large suburban area, you need a powerful trimer or tiller.

How can you mow grass in the country manually

Many people in agriculture still use hand braids. It is convenient for mowing grass intended for hay, harvesting animal feed, and leveling lawns.

Can I Mow Wet Grass with an Electric Lawn Mower?

There are three main types of braids:

  • Lithuanian. It is considered the most common. The braid is equipped with an even, straight, fairly long handle, scythe, canvas, has a wedge and rings.
  • Pink salmon. It is equipped with a curved handle. Suitable for mowing grass on uneven areas, in hard to reach places. For example, around trees, shrubs, hemp, etc.
  • Serpan. The tool has a short blade (no more than 35 cm), a handle extension, a wing nut. They remove plants that have solid branches, stems (bushes, thickets of grass).

Using a Hand Braid

How to mow:

  1. Take the scythe with the left hand above the handle, and with the right. Grab the handle.
  2. Put the right foot forward, leave the left a little back. This position is considered the most convenient for work.
  3. Start doing circular swings, moving the tool, from right to left. For convenience, hold the handle at the level of the line of the belt.
  4. Turn the body of the body slightly and tilt forward.
  5. Raise the nose of a sharp canvas slightly up so that it does not rest against the ground, and the cutting of grass is even.

Important! It is necessary to observe safety rules when mowing grass, so as not to injure yourself or others.

Grass mowing technique

Mechanical lawn mowers

They look like two-wheeled trolleys, are in demand among gardeners, gardeners. These devices are designed quite simply.

A drum with knives is placed between the first and second wheels. The mower works when a person rolls it. Spinning wheels make knives move, which cut grass like scissors. The slices are smooth. This is a quick way to cut grass.

Such devices have a number of advantages:

  • Easy to use, easy to care for;
  • No electricity needed;
  • They are environmentally friendly, silent, safe;
  • They do not need gasoline, oil;
  • Cheaper than electric or gasoline types.
  • You can use them only on flat surfaces;
  • They are suitable for clean lawns without weeds;
  • Require systematic sharpening of knives.

Petrol trimmer

The device has an engine, trimmer head, cutting tool. Fishing line or knives. They can be metal or plastic.

Connects the trimmer head and engine rod. It has a handle, a lever for controlling the tool. The device is complemented by a shoulder strap for ease of use. Gas mower can be of different power.

She mows lawns, lawns, weeds on the site, around bushes, trees, even outside the garden.

How to mow with a trimmer:

  • Use a device like a hand braid.
  • Turn on the lever, hold the bar with both hands.
  • Make movements smoothly from left to right or forward, without any effort.

Electric trimmer. It is arranged in the same way as a gasoline tool, only it has a cord and a plug. The principle of operation is the same, but it needs a power outlet, which is not very convenient.

Battery trimmer. It is also designed as the first two. It is powered by a battery, which must be periodically charged from a wall outlet. A similar device has a small weight. It can be used by women, the elderly.

Important! The cordless trimmer has a significant drawback. A limited duration of action.

  • You can mow grass under shrubs, trees, along fences, poles, on slopes, in inaccessible areas. Used for cutting bushes.
  • These devices are considered universal. After all, you can install a knife instead of fishing line to mow shrubs.
  • You can feed the animals with grass trimmed with trimmers.
  • Electric and battery devices do not pollute the environment.

The disadvantages of trimmers are directly related to specific models:

  • Gasoline trimmer is too noisy, has harmful exhausts;
  • Mowing the electric trimmer may interfere with its cable;
  • The cordless trimmer has a limited run time.

Wheel Lawn Mowers

They are divided into three types: gasoline, electric and battery.

Gas mowers are equipped with gasoline powered engines. Knives are placed under the bottom of the body. They are driven from the motor shaft. Equipped with handles to push lawn mowers. They have control levers.

Many mower models are equipped with grass pickers. During the operation of the apparatus, it is going to the grass catcher. Then the filled container is freed.

On a note! Certain types of lawn mowers have a mulching function. In the process of mowing, the grass is simultaneously crushed, scattered over the mown surface.

A gasoline appliance is considered more difficult to use than an electric counterpart. It is necessary to regularly fill the machine with gasoline, oil or the mixture of the same name. All components are mixed in specific dosages. Start the device according to the instructions.

Electric and cordless lawn mowers work similarly to gasoline cars. They may have all the same functions. The difference is only in the principles of engine operation.

How to work with a lawn mower

With some skill, even teenagers can cope with a summer lawn mower.

Note! First you need to try to mow plants of different heights in order to understand how to operate the machine.

  1. Before you start mowing the grass, you should inspect the site. Remove stones, large branches, branches, as well as garbage.
  2. After the site has been prepared, install the cart on a flat surface.
  3. Now you should carefully inspect the machine. Knives, bolts must be securely fastened, ready for work.
  4. In a gas mower, you need to check the amount of fuel, oil. Refuel if necessary. You can not do this when the device is working. If gasoline suddenly runs out during mowing, turn off the engine and allow it to cool.
  5. Now you can safely turn on the machine. Start the electric device by pressing a button. As for the gasoline model. Carefully pull the starter cord all the way. Then they pull sharply at themselves.
  6. The process is simple. It is only necessary to move the trolley with the unit in the right direction. It is necessary to move smoothly, constantly forward. If you need to pass back, then the mower is first turned off and only then gently move.

Important! It is not advisable to mow wet grass with an electric mower. You can get an electric shock.

Self-propelled mowers

They can have front or rear wheel drive. They move independently. You just need to give them direction. These machines are suitable for medium, large areas with lawns.

  • No physical effort required. Can be used by retirees, women, adolescents.
  • Not suitable for small areas, you need to often change the direction of the device.
  • High price.

A self-propelled mower is extremely rarely used in an ordinary summer house. This is a serious technique for fields, vast spaces.

Common questions

The better to mow tall grass

Now about how to mow tall grass. In principle, such thickets can be mowed with a manual scythe (which they did before), with a trimmer and even a wheeled lawn mower (if the area is large, the surface is flat, not littered).

The better to mow tall grass

However, in the first case, only a healthy, strong person can work as a lithuania, and a mower on wheels will not get everywhere, and it is intended primarily for lawn care.

According to many experienced gardeners, the most suitable tool for this purpose is a gasoline trimmer with increased power. They can easily mow trees, poles, places along hedges, borders, mow tall thickets of grass.

How to mow grass in a small area

Using a trimmer is best for small as well as medium-sized summer cottages. This equipment is lightweight, maneuverable, it can reach the most difficult places, uneven, uneven surfaces.

You can mow grass with fishing line, and thick stems of dense overgrowth, shrubs with a disk.

Important! Even women and senior citizens can easily use the battery model.

How to cut grass manually

A similar question is often asked by gardeners. Not many people know that you can use lawn scissors.

They are of two types:

  • Mechanical scissors (manual, rotary, ordinary);
  • Cordless scissors.

They are also used as ordinary household tools.

How to mow grass quickly? This can be done using all of the above means, choosing the most suitable based on the characteristics of the summer cottage and the location of plantings.

And finally, one small piece of advice. Of course, this cannot be called mowing, but getting rid of the grass is possible with the help of improvised means. Use an ordinary hoe, cut the grass with a knife or weed it by hand.