Can you saw tiles with an electric jigsaw?. Grinding angle grinder

Cutting porcelain stoneware with a jigsaw

If there are no standard tile cutting tools at hand, it is possible to carry out the cutting of tiles with an electric jigsaw or even a regular jigsaw. And how. let’s figure out!

Electric jigsaw, of course, is not a tool that every home handyman has. However, if you have it, you can not worry about cutting tiles!

Features of work

Working with this tool, you should adhere to strict rules:

  • It is desirable that you wear protective goggles and clothing that eliminates the possibility of “gripping” the jigsaw during work;
  • Take care of a special headgear, which will not allow your hair to be in the area of the tool;
  • Try not to overload the tool during work;
  • If you have finished the work, not only turn off the tool, but also unplug it from the mains;
  • If you damage the cable while working, disconnect it without touching it directly with unprotected hands;
  • If the jigsaw is malfunctioning, then it is strictly forbidden to operate the jigsaw;
  • It is not recommended to work with the jigsaw hanging up, holding the material in your hands;
  • Do not unplug the jigsaw while it is running, first press the button;
  • If there is any circular sparks on the surface during operation, the jigsaw should not be used;
  • If the lubricant leaks. immediately stop the work;
  • If there is smoke or the smell of burning rubber, turn off the tool immediately;
  • If the tool vibrates excessively during work, if there are cracks on the body. stop work immediately.

Well, we are acquainted with safety precautions, now let’s move on to the main works.

Principle of operation

Cutting tiles with an electric jigsaw is fairly simple, but you should immediately stock up on the appropriate saws that can be purchased in specialized stores. So, the work is as follows:

  • Lay the tile you plan to cut on a flat, stable surface;
  • The jigsaw is brought up, set in such a way that when you turn on the saw does not immediately touch the place of the cut;
  • The motor is switched on;
  • Smoothly, only guiding the tool, make the cut.

The disadvantage of this method is that the saw blunts very often, and they have to be replaced, but otherwise. cutting tiles with an electric jigsaw would be one pleasure!

Well, let’s move on to its handheld counterpart.

What about the pendulum mode

Pendulum mode of the jigsaw (pendulum mode) is used for straight line sawing of thick workpieces. When making a curvilinear cut, the saw in this mode severely tears the edges of the kerf both from below and from above. That’s why this mode is not used for cutting circles.

In general, all materials are sawn according to the same algorithm.

tiles, electric, jigsaw, angle, grinder
  • The center of the future circle is marked;
  • The compass plate is fixed at the desired length;
  • if the cut does not start from an edge, a hole is drilled along the edge of the circular saw.

But when sawing different materials, there are some nuances. The main thing is to choose the right saw for each specific material. And the saw blade should be narrow or of medium width. The wide blade when sawing small diameter circles can bend due to the rotation of the kerf line. As a result either the kerf will go in a straight line, or the saw will break.

tiles, electric, jigsaw, angle, grinder

Laminated particle board, particle board

Either universal wood and chipboard saws are used, or special saws for these materials. When sawing laminated chipboard (laminated chipboard) circles, saws with a fine tooth are used, which tear the edge of the kerf less.


We also recommend reading this interesting article on how to saw laminate with a jigsaw, what electric jigsaw to choose and what saw to make the cut.

Worktops (in the kitchen, under the sink)

Different materials are used for worktops, including very thick laminated fiberboard. The saw must be suitable for the material and its thickness. When making a hole for a round sink, it is important to measure the sink dimensions accurately. It is permissible to increase the diameter of the circle (to cut with reserve) by several mm. The gap will be hidden by the flanging of the shell, and it will go freely into the hole. If you saw exactly to size, the shell may not immediately sit because of errors in the sawing. For a rectangular shell, you saw a straight contour with rounded corners to fit the shape of the shell. In this case, the compasses are not helpful, the cut is made according to the markings.


The plywood is sawn in the usual way. The material is prone to rips on the edges of the kerf, so use a saw on wood and plywood with a fine tooth. For sawing thick plywood (20 mm), it is better to use electric jigsaws of medium and high power (700 W. 1000 W).

Wood, furniture board

The type and thickness of wood is important. Thick oak is much harder to saw than thin pine. For hard thick workpieces (from 35 mm and above) use a medium and above medium power jigsaw (700. 1000 W) and a saw of suitable length.

The plank furniture board is sawn the same way as wood. The only nuance is that the neighboring bars, of which the panel is made, can have a different density. Because the jigsaw can saw unevenly, faster or slower when moving to the next block.


The jigsaw is a simple construction of the base for the saw and the handle, as well as the saw blade itself.

Characteristics of the tool

The tool is very unpretentious and, moreover, not dangerous in principle. The main thing is to change saws as they get blunt. and that’s it.

Also, when you insert cutting element, look not to overtighten the base, but otherwise. no falseness.

Cutting steps

But what about the cutting itself. then everything is much more complicated here.

Yes, you can buy special saws, yes. the work will be without energy costs, but there, as you understand, will not do without a very impressive “but”.

If you have a lot of tile to cut, you’re wasting a lot of time and effort, to say the least.

Besides you will not be able to keep the same speed, and because of this you may get breaks while cutting, which is not very desirable. And if this does not scare you. then proceed!

  • On the tile we put a marker line for the trimmer of the future cut;
  • Insert a tile cutting saw into the frame (preferably, of course, a diamond saw);
  • And. let’s saw!

Thus, this is how the cutting of tiles with an electric jigsaw and a jig saw is carried out, we are sure that you will succeed!

Blades for ceramic and porcelain tiles

Porcelain tile is a derivative of ceramic tile, but it is made using higher temperature and pressure. For this reason porcelain tile is much denser, and it can not be cut with carbide saws, designed for ceramics. Conversely, diamond blades for porcelain tile can be used on common material.

A peculiarity of the jigsaw for such materials is spraying. The harder the coating, the better the quality of the cut, and the cutting part will last longer. The spraying has such a parameter as grit. Edge quality and cutting speed depend on the grit size index. The higher the grit size, the better the quality of the edges and the slower the cutting speed.

For straight cuts in ceramics it is better to use wide blades with tungsten carbide inserts, for curved cuts it is better to use blades with minimal width. This applies to any material that can be cut with an electric jigsaw.

Cutting tiles with a stubbing cutter

Another very good option, in my opinion, is to cut tiles with a large and powerful angle grinder with a nozzle for slotting walls. This attachment allows for immediate suction of dust, so an industrial/building vacuum cleaner must be connected to it. Double noisy, but no dust and no water.

Cutting tiles with a tile cutter without dust or water is pretty handy

These are all the ways and tools with which you can cut tiles, the choice is yours!

Electric tile cutter

An electric tile cutter is ideal if you’re concerned about cutting floor tiles while maintaining a smooth edge and beauty.

A tile cutting machine is a complex design, which a beginner will have to deal with by reading the instructions. This machine consists of a powerful motor, a platform on which the cutting element, such as a diamond-coated disc, is fixed, and the machine also has a reservoir for water.

Electric tile cutter models vary, so some models have the bottom of the disc immersed in water, while other models only wet the tile cut area. Wetting with water releases less ceramic dust during cutting, and reduces wear and tear on the cutting disc, which will extend the life of the disc.

It is also worth mentioning how to cut floor tiles with a tile cutter:

  • Take care of your safety and wear safety glasses, because splinters of glass may fly off while you’re cutting;
  • Cutting tiles is done by pressing the tile against the disk. The first contact with the tile and the knife should be soft, and after that, it should gradually increase. Towards the end of the cut, also reduce the pressure;
  • Press lightly on the edge of the tile to avoid tilting to one side, which can cause a lot of problems, such as damaging the material, people around you and the machine;
  • Change the liquid in the tub, because dust remains in it, which significantly reduces the service life of the cutting disc.

With an electric tile cutter, you can cut all types of tiles, and the machine will allow you to perform a 45 degree cut, leaving an even edge without chips, which will not have to be processed by hand.

If you have already decided what to cut the tiles for the floor, then do not hurry, because the electric jigsaw is an expensive pleasure, so you should buy it only if you plan to cut ceramics regularly. The solution to the price problem can be the rental of construction equipment.

Features of work

Cutting ceramic tiles with an electric jigsaw is not difficult. This electric jigsaw is very handy, you can learn to use it in a few minutes.

So, let’s start figuring out how to cut ceramic tiles with an electric jigsaw. The working principle is as follows:

  • Secure the selected saw into the groove;
  • On the tile, draw the trimmer line of the notch with a marker;
  • Position the tile on a stable surface so that the saw does not damage the surface itself;
  • Turn the tool on medium speed;
  • Make a through cut along the contour.

After several tiles, it is advisable to clean the saw and check if it has worn down, so that if necessary, to replace.

Cutting tiles with a jigsaw manual also does not present difficulties. Here is the principle of operation:

  • In the jigsaw mounts, the above-mentioned saw is inserted. “rope”;
  • On the marked line begin to move the jigsaw progressively, cutting the tiles on the contour.

Nothing complicated, however, it should be noted that it is quite difficult to “saw” for so long.

That’s it, the tile cutting with the jigsaw and the standard hand jigsaw is finished! Good luck with the results and the correct calculations!

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Tile cutting thread application

The thread for cutting ceramic tiles allows for a short time and without having special equipment to fit the finishing building material to the size for masonry. There are several varieties of strings:

Tungsten string

Tungsten string is used to make holes for switches and outlets. A hacksaw will be needed to work with the tungsten string:

  • A string trimmer line is marked on the back side of the tile for string cutting.
  • With the help of drill with pobeditovye bit makes a hole in the body of finishing material.
  • A tungsten string is inserted into the prepared hole, which is used to make a circular or shaped hole in the ceramic piece.

SANTOOL 300 mm tungsten blade

Diamond string

The diamond-studded string not only allows you to cut straight tiles, but also to cut intricate shaped ornaments. To perform it, you’ll need:

  • Marker or construction pencil;
  • ruler or tape measure (for marking straight lines for thread cutting);
  • drill;
  • Drill bit with a pobedite tip;
  • Metal jigsaw;
  • diamond thread.

Sequence of operations when the tool interacts with the string:

Diamond-powdered string