Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment Oleo-Mac

If you are the owner of a private house or from time to time go out of town to visit the cottage, then you just need a saw. It is useful for quick and easy harvesting of firewood, as well as pruning of trees. Such a tool will be indispensable in the construction of verandas and arbors. Hand saws and saws do not lose popularity, but the development of technological progress allows modern consumers to purchase excellent gasoline saws at an affordable cost.

Responses about household models

Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment Oleo-Mac

The simplest representatives of this class are amateur tools, which are represented by models with the ability to work for 45 minutes a day. Household models have power within 2 kilowatts, low profile circuits are installed on them, which help reduce vibration during use. If you are interested in Oleo-Mac chainsaws, and to solve everyday tasks with the help of equipment, then home craftsmen advise you to resort to the optimal solution in the form of the above option. The performance of the circuits installed in such tools is not so high. But there are positive features, including ease of use, as well as ease. The master will not feel strong loads on his hands in the process of completing tasks on the site. Such Oleo-Mac chainsaws will help to cope with small-scale construction work, pruning trees and harvesting firewood. According to users, such a chainsaw will be enough to maintain order in the garden.

Semi-professional models

Semi-professional Oleo-Mac chainsaws, according to builders and home craftsmen, are an ideal option for those who plan to build their own home. In the process of carrying out these works, it will be necessary to process the lumber, as in the creation of a roofing frame system. If you are faced with the task of flooring, there will also be no way without a gas saw. Those who like to work in the garden will always need such equipment.

Professional Model Reviews

At home, to cope with a professional option without special skills will fail. This is due to a significant level of vibration, since the performance is very high. It should be noted and a very impressive weight, which exceeds 6 kilograms. This load will be noticeable for the hands, this is especially true for those who previously did not have experience with similar equipment.

Power Reviews

Users argue that power is the main factor that affects the ability of the machine to handle massive wood. The higher this indicator, the faster you can cut a heavy trunk. In order to determine the needs, it is necessary to sort out the expected loads that will be placed on the tool. If the plans do not work with thick logs, or use the tool every day, then you can choose the Oleo-Mac chainsaw, the power of which does not exceed 2.6 kilowatts. Even if you have the amount necessary to purchase professional equipment, do not be tempted by high power. As users emphasize, this indicator certainly entails impressive weight. It will not be easy to work with the unit.

Narrow Saw Tire Reviews

Lightweight tire reviews

Buyers really like that spare parts for Oleo-Mac chainsaws can be purchased at any service center at an affordable cost. However, quite often consumers turn to repair shops after the unit has fallen from a height. If you have to cut not on the ground, then it is best to purchase a chainsaw, which has a lightweight long tire. Consumers say that it is made of steel, which lightens the weight of the device.

Tires with interchangeable heads

Carb setting

Oleo-Mac chainsaw carburetor is supplied factory-set. However, if you want to carry out these works yourself, you must distinguish between screws, which can be from 1 to 3. Each of them is indicated by its own letter. For low revs, use a screw with the designation L. If you need to adjust the upper revolutions, use a screw under the letter H. To adjust the idle speed, use the screw under the letter T. If we are talking about models with one screw, only it is present.


Repair of the Oleo-Mac chainsaw will not be needed for a long time, if you do not fit into the internal structure yourself. It is best to entrust this matter to professionals, even if it comes to setting up a carburetor.