Chainsaw Starts And Stalls Video

A chainsaw has long been not a luxury, but a necessary tool for those who have a summer cottage or home ownership. But, like any other technique, this tool has the ability to fail, despite the simple device.

The classification of major faults includes:

  • Complete lack of engine plant
  • Engine starts and stalls
  • Unstable tool operation
  • Work stop at load
  • Power loss.

If the chainsaw does not start at all, the reason may be as follows:

  1. Manufacturing defect
  2. Lack of fuel
  3. Problems starting the ignition system
  4. No spark from spark plugs
  5. Poor fuel mixture
  6. Clogged carburetor
  7. Problems with high voltage wire
  8. Lack of compression.

Why does the chainsaw start and stall, what should I do in this case? It is necessary to consider in detail the reasons for this.

Chainsaw starts and stalls: reason,

The reason that the chainsaw may stall right after the factory is due to a malfunction of a certain part of the equipment.

Chainsaw Starts And Stalls
  1. The most common reason why the chainsaw is wound up and stalled may be the low fuel level in the tank. This can be confirmed by stopping the tool when tilted, when the remaining fuel accumulates in a certain place in the fuel tank. With low-quality fuel, a problem with the operation of the chainsaw may also occur, in which case it must be completely replaced.
  2. Clogged breather, which significantly reduces fuel consumption to the engine.
  3. Insufficient contact of the cap of the wire with the candle, which leads to strong heating of the insulator of the candle. Contact deterioration may occur due to mechanical shear or carbon deposits.
  4. Damage to spark plugs.
  5. Muffler clogging, due to which the exhaust gas output deteriorates, leading to engine shutdown. For this reason, the chainsaw may start and stall at idle. Sludge in the silencer can also occur due to poor fuel or improper use of the tool.
  6. Poor carb adjustment.
  7. Piston group breakdown
  8. Problems with the fuel filter or pump. In this case, gasoline may leak through the pump or leak poorly through the fuel filter to the carburetor. As a result, the chainsaw starts and stalls with increasing speed.
  9. Air filter is dirty. Problems with this element of equipment lead to the fact that, with increased loads on the engine, it simply can not cope with them due to clogging and stops. A similar result is also obtained with an increase in speed.
  10. Short circuit due to lack or insufficient lubrication, as well as a problem with the chain brake.

Why the chainsaw starts up badly and stalls

With a poor start up of the equipment “on a cold”, the problem may be in the absence of compression, i.E. The rings are worn out due to the long service life, their replacement is required. Sometimes the reason that the engine starts poorly in an unheated state is a problem with the muffler, as well as poor contact between the spark plug and the wire.

Also, the reasons for a poor start can be wear or damage to the gasket, rubber cuff in the carburetor accelerator pump, due to which there is an additional flow of air, leading to an increase in the revolutions of the saw.


The operation of the equipment must be correct, with periodic inspection of the constituent elements to prevent breakage. To troubleshoot, it is necessary to check all components of the equipment for their functioning.

If the chainsaw starts and dies, the cause can be eliminated on its own. If it is a shortage or improperly prepared fuel mixture, you need to fix it. For prophylaxis during the idle time of the chainsaw, the remaining fuel should always be drained.

It is necessary to carry out periodic check of spark plugs. In this case, remove carbon deposits that clog the joint gap, and also check the tips for fuel. Another cause of malfunctions with spark plugs can be their wetting with gasoline. To do this, they need to be removed, wiped with rags and left to dry. Defective candles are replaced.

If there is no spark between the spark plug and the high-voltage wire, but if they are well connected, the ignition unit must be replaced.

Muffler clogging is a common cause of failure, in which the chainsaw starts and immediately dies. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to dismantle the muffler, clean it from soot using sandpaper or a special chemical solution. If the chainsaw model is not separable, chemicals are poured into the system and are there for several hours, then it is blown.

The carburetor must be adjusted if the chainsaw stalls idling. Fine tuning is quite a time-consuming process, so it is usually done at service centers. But, on some models there are elements for its adjustment, it is enough to turn the bolt half a turn to increase the revolutions of the chainsaw, the problems will be eliminated. If the nozzles, nozzles, channels and filters are clogged, the entire carburetor must be disassembled and cleaned. When the seals, gaskets, cuffs are worn, it is necessary to replace them, preventing the “suction” of air.

If you have problems with the fuel or air filter, you must replace the fuel pump or clean the air filter.

If the breather is clogged, clean it with a regular needle.

When the chainsaw starts and immediately dies, the cause may be a malfunction of the chain. To eliminate problems, the presence of oil in the chain lubrication tank is checked, as well as the oil exhaust pipe for breaks or blockages.

When inspecting the piston group, you should pay attention to the cylinder, if necessary, replace it or the piston. You can bore the cylinder to fit the dimensions of the new piston. If the piston with the cylinder is normal, you should pay attention to the defects of the piston rings and the need to replace them.

Among other things, it is necessary to control the service life of the parts indicated in the product passport, which includes the drive sprocket, tire, chain, part of the anti-vibration system, and replace them in time.

With a long idle time, it is worth checking the condition of the fuel line. If the tube is cracked, you will have to replace it with a new one.