Gasoline grass trimmer stalls when you accelerate. Engine trouble

Grass trimmer stalls. how to fix the problem

A gasoline grass trimmer is a useful tool for clearing unwanted grass from yard areas and large lawns. The design of this equipment is quite complex, so if the device breaks down, there may be several reasons. The most likely factors that caused the breakdown are usually described in the owner’s manual. Knowing why the grass trimmer stalls, you can try to fix the defect yourself. The most common malfunctions that provoke a stop of the trimmer, and the possibility of repairing them with your own hands. in the material below.

In order to determine the cause of malfunction of any brand grass trimmer (e.g., Echo) and find out the possibility of fixing it, you need to establish what action the device stalls. The engine may be shut down at idling, or at high rpm, when heated under load or just after start, etc.д.

If it stalls after the gas supply

Owners of gasoline-powered mowers quite often mention that the lawnmower shuts down when you press the gas. Usually such a breakdown occurs due to malfunctions in the carburetor. Failure in its operation can occur due to prolonged storage, use in difficult conditions, significant overloading of the motor. The symptom of such a breakdown will be vibrating movements of the device when working.

As a side note! Users familiar with the repair of the car carburetor, can try to repair this important component of the trimmer for grass with their own hands, using the operating instructions. Otherwise, the right solution is to seek help from the representatives of the service center.

Sometimes the grass trimmer stalls when you throttle because the fuel valve is clogged. It prevents the flow of gasoline. To fix the problem, it is enough to loosen the valves. This way the normal fuel supply to the carburettor will be restored.

Another possible reason why the lawnmower stops when the gas is fed is that the breather (check valve) is dirty. This part prevents the vacuum in the gas tank. If it is clogged, the air does not come in, which means. the fuel does not go to the carburetor. To eliminate the problem, you need to clean this element.

If stalled at high revs

If the carburettor stops at high engine speeds, it means that there is not enough fuel at idle and low engine speeds but not enough at high speeds. Then it is necessary to check the functionality of the following grass trimmer parts.

gasoline, grass, trimmer, stalls
  • The fuel hose. its integrity may have been compromised as a result of cracking. In this case, you need to replace the part. Or maybe you just need to tighten the clamps.
  • The filter-grid between the carburetor and the gasoline mixture hose. it could be clogged. In this situation you need to clean the part.
  • The valve on the gas tank lid. it could be stuck or clogged with debris. Cleaning is also necessary.
  • The carburettor. probably the constant vibration has caused the carburettor to malfunction. This is usually the case with cheap Chinese parts. To fix the problem, you need to perform the adjustment according to the manual. In some cases, all you need to do is loosen the carburetor housing. If the adjustment fails, it is necessary to install a new element.
  • Additionally check the air filter. It may need to be flushed and cleaned or replaced with a new one, as it may have become clogged with dirt and grass particles from tilting the machine when mowing in hard to reach places.

If the mower stalls while idling

If the lawnmower cuts out when idling, this may be due to several factors.

  • Check the fuel solution you have prepared first of all if we are talking about a four-stroke trimmer running on a petrol and oil mixture. It is possible that it is made incorrectly. the proportions are not kept. This causes the gearbox to warm up and the rpm on the drum to drop.
  • Another probable cause is a clogged choke, air filter, or carburetor. These parts need to be cleaned.
  • Another possible factor is an unadjusted or improperly adjusted carburetor. Re-adjust the machine according to the manual.
  • Observe this problem also when opening the air damper. In this situation, the lack of fuel for the grass trimmer is the fault of the air flow.

If the unit lacks fuel, operates properly at high RPM or higher, but shuts down when idling. If the root of the problem is the carburetor, the lawnmower will shut down both when starting cold and when hot.

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gasoline, grass, trimmer, stalls

If stalled after starting

If the machine starts and stops right after you start it, it is an indication of a faulty setting or misalignment. As a result, the fuel comes into the engine unevenly, which leads to significant vibration and disconnection of the grass trimmer. To fix the breakdown, you need to readjust the device according to the user manual.

Another likely problem is a clogged valve that supplies the gasoline mixture. It should be cleaned.

Tip! If the grass trimmer starts but immediately shuts down, it could also mean that the fuel is not flowing smoothly to the carburetor. The problem can be eliminated by loosening the valve. this will ensure an even and free circulation of fuel in the unit.

Another possible reason is a damaged fuel intake hose. Air can enter through cracks and holes in the system. To solve the problem, you need to increase the engine speed to get rid of air bubbles that have penetrated into the device.

If the choke stalls when the choke is open

If the equipment operates properly at idle speed but stalls when the air damper is opened, this reports air intrusion into the system through cracks in the fuel hose or damaged seals. To fix the breakdown and establish the work of the tool without air suction from the atmosphere, it is necessary to replace the damaged parts.

Peculiarities of grass trimmer operation

All grass trimmers are classified according to the type of power supply: gasoline or electricity (mains or battery). It should be noted that gasoline mowers are superior to their electric and battery-powered counterparts in many respects. Despite the fact that they all perform similar functions, the difference in performance, maneuverability and efficiency is very noticeable. However, the general principle of operation of all types of manual mowers is almost the same. the devices are equipped with engines (two- or four-stroke combustion engines or electric motors), which drive the cutting unit (spool with a fishing line or a metal disc). All elements are mounted on a straight or curved boom, including the trimmer handle, which holds the main buttons.

Since the problem of weak revolutions is more typical for gasoline versions of trimmers, they will be given more attention. Thus, the lawnmower is very comfortable in operation and unpretentious in maintenance. In this case, most of its faults are caused by ignorance of the user of elementary things, which are written in the instruction. Therefore, before proceeding to operate the unit, it is necessary to carefully study the manufacturer’s manual. In particular, to start the engine, it is necessary to do the following sequential actions:

  • turn on the ignition button;
  • press several times on the silicone button to pump the gasoline;
  • Close the air damper;
  • set the throttle lever to the high rpm position;
  • first make a small jerk with the starter handle to feel the resistance of the engine, then yank sharply.

If the lawnmower starts but stalls, you need to put the air damper in the middle position and try again. When the engine starts, you need to turn off the gas and open the air damper, as the grass trimmer works only on the suction.

Important! Grass trimmer operating mode depends on various environmental influences. In hot weather the machine needs more time to cool down. You would also overheat the engine if you work in dense brush or tall vegetation. You must take five minute breaks every 15-20 minutes.

Ways to fix the breakage

On the carburetor, subsequent work is likely:

  • cleaning and adjusting the fuel valve;
  • Similar work with the valve, which lets out recycled gases and vapors (after fuel combustion);
  • Substitution of a weaker spring on the inlet valve;
  • Restoring carburetor cable tension;
  • Substitution of the fuel suction hose, checking and strengthening the loose connection;
  • Changing the rotary throttle to a disk throttle;.
  • Replacement of faulty wire or ignition coil.

Clean assemblies only if they have cooled down. Immediately after starting

If your brushcutter or trimmer stalls right after starting, there are several possible causes:

  • Balancing of previously adjusted valves;
  • First, improper adjustment of the valve mechanism;
  • Clogging of the fuel valve with deposits;
  • The hose is worn or loose.

A faulty fuel injection system makes the lawnmower or weed trimmer vibrate during operation.

The chainsaw will not start when hot

There are no superfluous phrases in the instruction manual; everything that is offered is aimed at trouble-free operation of the lawnmower. Cleaning all parts after each work cycle makes it easier to remove uncured residues and dirt. Clean only when parts have cooled down. This technique helps the quality of the air cooling of the engine and gearbox.

Use fuel with recommended oil as recommended in manual. If the fuel mixture is left in the fuel tank, the oil will float up and land on the choke at startup, impairing its adjustment. The mixture can sludge and clog the carburetor fuel supply.

When storing equipment for winter, check gearbox and piston system, Wrap entire saw in oiled rags and store in a dry place.

It is not permissible, it is dangerous for the tool and the health of the mower to use metal cord instead of fishing line. It is more efficient, but there is more strain on the gearbox and engine. A piece of worn-out piece of wire flies at a speed of a bullet when torn off. Mowing more efficiently may cause engine piston group to wear out soon. To get the best results the sprocket shape of the line should be used.

It is forbidden, as it is dangerous for the tool and the health of the mower, to use a metal cord instead of a fishing line. Cutting is more efficient, but there is more strain on the gearbox and engine. Worn piece of wire, when torn off, flies at the speed of a bullet. Why does the engine start badly when hot? Why won’t the grass trimmer start?

Gasoline grass trimmer Starts up and stops

Why the grass trimmer gasoline does not start? Causes and their elimination

Recently, the gasoline grass trimmer has acquired the status of one of the basic tools in the arsenal of gardeners. This is not surprising, because a motorized grass trimmer allows you to quickly bring order to your yard. However, sometimes it happens that the grass trimmer does not start on hot and even on cold. In such situations, we have to independently determine the cause of the malfunction. Let’s find out what to do if the grass trimmer does not start. The reasons that most often lead to such troubles will be discussed below.

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On high revolutions

When the grass trimmer stalls at high revolutions, it is due to the following problems:

  • clogging or jamming of the valve, located on the gas tank lid;
  • the carburettor has become unadjusted due to the vibrations that occur during the operation of the mechanism;
  • problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture;
  • atmospheric air leakage;
  • the hose, intended for fuel intake, is cracked or poorly connected.

Adjust the carburettor according to the instruction manual of the trimmer. To adjust it, it is often sufficient to loosen the tightening of its housing. If there are problems with fuel mixture circulation, the fuel mixture may flow into the carburettor a little bit. After it is exhausted, the engine stops at high revolutions.

the lawnmower stalls at high rpm on gas

Perhaps the most common complaint associated with gasoline trimmers is “the lawnmower shuts down”.

Of course, this can also be caused by a more serious fault. However, most often the case is much simpler than it seems at first glance.

To cope with such a problem, first of all, try to deal with its causes yourself, because, having found out the cause, it is much easier to deal with the problem, and sometimes it even self-liquidates.

In fact, the reasons, this, when the lawnmower cuts off at high revolutions, there are quite a few.

Another is the presence of faults in the power system.

In that case the lawn mower will stall at idle speed. Problems with the power system can be caused by an improperly regulated or unregulated carburetor.

Vibrations that occur during operation of the mower can lead to misalignment.

Incorrect adjustment of the lawnmower can be corrected by simply adjusting it according to the requirements specified in the instruction manual.

In addition, sometimes gasoline grass trimmers can stall because the valve located in the gas tank lid is simply clogged or stuck.

To find out, try using the mower by loosening the gas tank cap.

If the device works properly in this mode, clean the valve.

Furthermore, the lawnmower can shut down due to poor fuel supply to the carburettor

Why does the machine start, you may ask??

The reason for this is that at first the fuel runs into the carburettor a little and there is enough fuel to run at higher power.

But then it is exhausted and at high revs the engine starts to stall.

As for the carburetor, the problem may also lie in the fact that its body is too tight.

The reason that the lawnmower stalls at high rpm on gas can also be caused by air suction.

We’re talking about a possible spot through which air may be flowing as the engine heats up.

Among other things, don’t forget to check the fuel intake hose. The problem may be that it is loose or cracked.

At idle speed

At idle speed, common reasons for the grass trimmer stopping are the following:

  • reduced gearbox rpm when it heats up, which is a consequence of using an unsuitable fuel mixture;
  • Throttle valve blockage;

If the problem area is the carburetor, then the technique will stop and at “cold” and “hot” start.

Why does the STIHL 180 stop when I step on the gas or idle at full throttle?

Every tool is capable of breaking down and the STIHL MS 180 chainsaw is no exception. Today we are going to try to answer these questions: why does the chain saw choke when revving, idling and at full throttle? Check the diagnostics and troubleshooting options for this STIHL 180 chain saw.

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Why does the chainsaw stop when you press the gas?

Your chain saw is running fine when idling but stops abruptly when you step on the gas. What can be the reason? It is immediately clear that it is not the ignition (no spark), t. к. if the ignition is faulty and there is no spark, the tool would simply not start. That leaves the fuel system.

There are a lot of problems with the fuel system and to find the exact reason why the STIHL 180 chain saw cuts out when you accelerate it, you need to do a complete diagnosis. Read here about other STIHL 180 chain saw faults and what to do about them.

Checking the filter

The first thing to check is the fuel filter.

In some cases, a clogged filter is unable to pass a sufficient amount of fuel mixture.

So there is a fuel shortage which causes the STIHL chain saw to burn out when you step on the gas and not get enough fuel. and that causes the STIHL chain saw to shut down.

If the fuel filter is clogged, you may notice a noticeable drop in power at maximum rpm, but this is when it is only slightly dirty.

Air filter

On the World Wide Web, it is reported that the STIHL 180 chain saw may be shutting down because the air filter is too dirty.

I’d like to refute this misinformation and inform you that the STIHL MC 180 carburetor has a compensator which is designed and installed to ensure that the air required for normal operation of the STIHL 180 bypasses the contaminated air filter.

Of course the power would be slightly reduced if the air filter was clogged, but it would certainly not stop. Another reason for the loss of power is piston wear and tear, and you will need to have the STIHL MS 180 servo chain saw piston repaired.

The carburetor

If you can’t get the chainsaw to rev up when you step on the gas, it may be because the carburetor is faulty. Your STIHL 180 chain saw was working well and then it was left there for a long time without use.

It was started and it runs fine when idling, but can stall when you touch the gas. Why it shuts off? The problem is a stuck carburetor nozzle. Of course, it is not 100%, but the probability of such malfunction is high.

We recommend reading our article on carburetor construction and repairing the STIHL 180.

To check the nozzle, you need to remove the carburetor and disassemble it. To remove it, you need to unscrew the two nuts fixing the air filter and carburetor, and then remove the air filter and the engine control lever, disconnecting the control rod of the air damper from the carburetor. Pull the carburettor a little and disconnect the fuel hose.

After removing the carburetor it should be blown and cleaned from dirt, only after that you can unscrew the carburetor.

Unscrew the cover of the main chamber of the carburetor, this is the one on which the compensator is installed on top. Further, with the help of a bolt 8 mm and a length of not less than 50 mm. Knock out the valve.

After the nozzle is removed, you can blow it with a compressor. The valve should let the air in one direction only, if you can freely blow the valve in both directions, then it is defective and should be replaced with a new one. To reassemble the chainsaw after the valve has been repaired, follow the reverse sequence of disassembly.

To see graphically how the repair of the carburetor, or rather how to correctly knock the valve-nozzle out of the carburetor housing, you can watch the video.

Another common reason why the saw may stall at higher RPMs is air leaking into the carburetor.

Check this is only possible with a special tool, but it is worth noting that if preventive work with the carburetor has not been carried out for a long time, you can install a new set of gaskets in the carburetor. In some cases this helps to solve the problem with its depressurization.

Disassembling the carburetor to replace the gaskets, you need to carefully inspect its needle valve, press the rocker and check its lifting.

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Sometimes, especially after a STIHL chain saw has been sitting for a long time with fuel in the carburetor, the needle can stick to the carburetor housing and not perform its functions.

Simply put, the carburetor needle valve will not let the fuel mixture flow. In this case the saw will not work.

Why does the engine idle?

The first and most frequent cause of this fault is improper adjustment of the carburettor. To adjust the idle speed, use the STIHL adjustment screwdriver included with the machine. The adjustment hole is on the right side of the STIHL 180 on the handle and is marked with “-” and “-“.

If your STIHL chain saw does not hold and cuts off at idle speed you can be almost 90% sure that there is something wrong with the fuel pump, normally an air leak in the crankcase through the oil seal or more commonly through the crankshaft oil seal. Air intake reduces or completely cuts off the fuel pump’s pulse. As a result, the STIHL 180 chain saw doesn’t get the right amount of fuel and shuts down at idle speed.

To make a diagnosis, you can use a special device called a vacuum gauge.