How to choose a gasoline grass trimmer for mowing

Model Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 S

Grass trimmer on a straight shaft. Equipped with a 1L two-stroke motor.с. Weight is just over 5.5 kg. Fuel tank capacity 750 ml. A fishing line is included.

  • Easy assembly for fast setup. Lawn mower comes with a set of tools for mounting and setting up.
  • Thoughtful design ensures ease of direct use. The grass trimmer mows easily even in hard-to-reach areas, such as along fences.
  • No vibration makes mowing easier. Working with this brushcutter is not tiring and increases productivity. more grass is mowed in a single pass.
  • Compact design for easy storage and transport.
  • Low noise level makes it comfortable to use.
  • Relatively high weight. Of course, this parameter is perceived by each owner individually, but in general, you can specify this characteristic as a disadvantage, since the market offers models with the same characteristics, but with a weight of about 1.5 times lower.
  • Not very comfortable handle. This is a disadvantage when working for long periods of time. The hand gradually begins to weaken, and the movements become imprecise.
  • Poor maintainability. This is the reason for the high cost of repair. Although the manufacturer claims that his products are working smoothly, but in practice it often happens that they break. Repair of this grass trimmer is connected with the difficulties of dismantling some nodes, which complicates the restoration process.
  • No grass catcher box.

Conclusion. This model is very handy for mowing lawns that have been planted on fairly clean soil and for cultivating rolled lawns on sports and other fields. Grass trimmer Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 S is preferably used for short work.

Model Echo SRM-2305SI

Standard top mounted grass trimmer with a D-shaped handle. The engine is a two-stroke 0.8 L.с. Weight of 5.8 kg. Gasoline consumption 0.5 l/h. Easy i-Start system.

  • Easy start-up. The motor starts easily, which reduces the load on the starter and indirectly extends the life of the device.
  • Easy fueling and low fuel consumption.
  • The rather high noise level limits the use of the grass trimmer in some facilities, such as hospitals, schools, etc.д.
  • Poorly written instructions make it difficult to prepare the equipment for first time use.
  • Difficulty in finding and obtaining replacement parts worsens maintainability.
  • Fewer rpm reduces mowing speed and lowers overall output.
  • Unsuccessful design of the filament drum. from time to time it gets clogged with grass and has to be cleaned by hand.

Conclusion. The model performs well in intensive use. The use of the grass trimmer Echo SRM-2305SI is reasonable for processing lawns with low grass. Not recommended for stony ground.

Model Hitachi CG22EAS

Inexpensive Japanese-made grass trimmer, equipped with a 0.85 liter two-stroke motor.с. Weight 4.7 kg. Equipped with handy handle on bicycle handlebar bracket.

  • Low cost.
  • Easy to change cutting head.
  • Height adjustable handle makes it easy to use and gets the owner used to the brushcutter in no time. You can literally customize your device and experience the real comfort of mowing.
  • The heavy-duty line easily mows grass of any hardness, even fibrous grass with thick stems. Includes steel disc for cutting especially tough grass and young shrubs.
  • Low weight allows for easy operation of the trimmer during lawn care. Thanks to the lightness of the flail mower, it is possible to mow more grass in one sweep.
  • The gas tank lid is not tightly pressed, which increases fuel waste through evaporation.
  • Quick deterioration of fuel hose during operation.
  • Muffler’s spark arresting sieve needs regular cleaning. If you do not do this, it significantly reduces the power.
  • High price of spare parts and components worsens serviceability.
  • This grass trimmer is not effective for large areas of land (more than 15 hectares).

Conclusion. The model is optimal for small areas. Low weight allows people of all physical abilities to do landscaping work. Even teenagers can operate Hitachi CG22EAS trimmer. Low gasoline consumption allows you to mow for long periods without refuelling.

How to choose a gasoline trimmer

Any garden or country site requires systematic maintenance of order: mowing excess vegetation, trimming the lawn, cutting down unwanted bushes and eliminating weeds. If this is not done, the entire area will be overgrown with weeds and displace garden crops. The lawnmower, or gasoline trimmer, can do the trick. They are more convenient than electric models, as they are energy-independent and mobile, as well as have higher power.

Today there are many models of gasoline trimmers designed for different types of work. They can differ in type and capacity of the engine, boom design, types of cutting equipment, handles, and have different devices for hanging the unit on the back. Our article will help you learn how to choose the right gasoline trimmer for your area: it will be convenient for work and mow not only grass but also hard weeds and young bushes.

Benzotrimmer: which engine to choose

Gasoline-powered trimmers usually use a two- or four-stroke engine. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Use pure gasoline as fuel
  • Service life is longer than that of a two-stroke
  • Economical use of gasoline
  • Low noise and vibration level
  • Infrequent oil changes (after every 50 engine hours)

In addition to the basic varieties, there are 4-stroke models in which oil is not filled separately, and mixed with gasoline (fuel mixture), but the cost of such benzotrimmer will be rather high.

A choice of accessories

In the question of how to choose a gasoline trimmer by price and quality and buy a model suitable for all parameters, the cutting equipment is of no small importance. No matter how powerful the engine of a gasoline-powered trimmer is, a fishing line will not be enough to cut down young bushes and plants with thick stems. And if soft grass prevails on your site and there are a lot of trees or flowerbeds around, it does not make sense to buy a metal blade. even with dense vegetation the cord will cope with, and mowing the grass around objects can simply damage them and blunt the teeth of the saw equipment.

Nylon or coaxial fishing line in various diameters and cross-sectional areas. It can be used for mowing soft and hard grass of different densities. Not suitable for making hay, as it tears the blade of grass into small pieces.

The grass trimmer cord is differentiated by its cross sectional shape.

Main features and functions

Most versatile and suitable for many applications

For cutting hard stems and dead wood

Generally regarded as the gentlest and most gentle on the lawn. Grass regenerates faster and grows back more evenly after this line

For intensive use, low-noise and gentle on engine noise

Soft and dense grass, weeds, burdocks

  • PATRIOT Roundline 2,4mm15m
  • STIHL 2,4mm14,6m
  • STIHL 2.7mm208m². section 00009302616
  • Echo 3.044м.(square) C2070165
choose, gasoline, grass, trimmer, mowing
  • PATRIOT Starline 2.4mm15m
  • STIHL 2.4mm50m five-tube.00009303340 section
  • Echo 2.415м.(twisted) C2070108
  • Champion C7006

Line is a consumable fabric, so you need a new coil over and over again. Choose the right type of line not only by cross-sectional area but also by diameter. Let’s look at a few popular brands of trimmer line.

  • Champion is a fairly young brand that offers in-house manufactured cutting tools. Depending on the intensity of the load, all fishing line is divided by color:
  • Yellow for short work (Round Series and Star Series),
  • Red for heavy use (Square Twist DUO. twisted square and Star Pro. star).
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All accessories of this brand are of high quality.

  • OREGON. one of the leading producers of cutting equipment for gardening equipment. Like Champion, OREGON is also available in different colors and shapes.
  • OREGON Starline. in yellow with a star shape,
  • ROUNDLINE. the round yellow or red one for all work on the plot,
  • Nylium. square section, the line itself is made of nylon monofilament,
  • BIOTRIM is a biodegradable line with a circular cross-section.
  • DUOLINE. gray, coaxial (two-layer: the upper layer is soft, the inner layer is rigid), used for very rigid vegetation.

OREGON line is sold in different spools: for occasional domestic use. coils up to 100 m, for professional use. spools up to 500 m.

  • Husqvarna, one of the world’s most popular gardening equipment brands, also produces accessories for trimmers. All fishing lines of this brand are categorized by color according to their diameter.
  • Green. diameter up to 2 mm,
  • Yellow. up to 2,7 mm,
  • Red. up to 3 mm.

This division makes it easy to find the right size for the job. Husqvarna line is available in round and coiled sections and in small coils and large reels of 50-240 m. There is also a separate series of Whisper and Whisper X cord. the products are highly wear-resistant, because the ends do not break when working (e.g. Husqvarna WHISPER 2.4-15(red) 5784359-01).

In addition to these brands, other brands in demand include PATRIOT, Sturm, Caiman, and others.

Cutting knife

Metal cutting blade or circular saw blade can also be used for cutting dense grass (the stems can get wound up on the fishing line and spool and must be periodically cleaned) and making hay, but their main purpose is to cut bushes, plants with stiff stems and to cut thin trees and branches.

  • Plastic. perfectly copes with dead wood and hard stems,
  • Metal. useful for cutting green, dense vegetation. Made, as a rule. Made of tool steel, hardened ones are more durable, but they are more expensive.

Number of teeth depends on how dense the vegetation and the complexity of the terrain. Knives with 3 or 4 blades are good for hard cases, but for hay-making it is better to take a 1 or 2-blade knife, because it keeps the stalks intact and does not cut them into several pieces.

Gasoline trimmers may have only mowing head with a line or knife, or may have all at once. These models are more versatile and are great if you have mixed vegetation on your property. E.g. PATRIOT PT 5555ES Country, Echo SRM-2305SI, Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 ECO ALUMINIUM.

Boom Varieties

The boom is the most important part of a petrol thrimmer. it connects the engine and the cutting attachment, inside the boom there is a shaft which delivers torque to the blade or the mowing head with the fishing line. There are two kinds of shafts: straight and flexible. Its shape influences the type of boom. it can be straight or curved.

  • Curved booms are usually put on small and medium power grass trimmers to mow soft grass, weeds and work the area with differences in height and in hard to reach places: along the fence, around trees, flower beds and benches. For example, Husqvarna 122 C, STIHL FS-45.
  • Straight handy for working at high speeds and cutting tough vegetation, bushes. robust and reliable than a curved one. For example, PATRIOT PT 3355, Husqvarna 128 R.

Choosing the shape of handle

How to choose a great handle for your country house petrol trimmer? Deciding on the right option. Handles have to fit comfortably in your palms and feel secure, even when working intensively.

  • Bicycle handle (or T-handle). Its shape imitates the precise movement of a regular lawnmower, making it perfect for big, tough jobs. The throttle lever is located on one of the handles. Its only disadvantage: in small spaces or hard-to-reach places it can be inconvenient because of its size (the handle protrudes on the sides). PATRIOT PT 4355 Imperial, Bigmaster BT152, Caiman WX24 Promo have such a handle.
  • D- and J-handle. As a rule, this type is put on benzotrimmer household and semi-professional class, such as STIHL FS-45, Echo GT-22GES, PARTNER XS 9667111-01. They are compact, have a rubber pad against slipping of hands, but it will not be very convenient to mow large areas or very dense vegetation with such a handle.

Lighten the load on your hands

Any model of a petrol trimmer is necessarily equipped with a shoulder strap or a backpack-type device. This takes the bulk of the load off your hands when mowing, because gasoline models have the heaviest weight of all varieties of trimmers due to the volumetric internal combustion engine and fuel tank.

  • A shoulder strap is a textile strap that is simply thrown over the shoulder. There is a carabiner at the end, to which the unit is attached. This is available on all home-standard models and lightweight trimmers such as the BIG-M BC233BM,
  • Backpack type belt (parachute belt, backpack belt, backpack harness) is a textile construction with padded shoulder straps, buckles and additional thigh protection. The grass trimmer can be easily hung on a carabiner hook. Such a device evenly distributes the load on your shoulders and back and is used with powerful professional trimmers with heavy weights, for example, Husqvarna 133R, Husqvarna 327 RDX. The design can be adjusted to any height and shape.

If you are not satisfied with the belt harness, which comes in the basic set with a gasoline trimmer, you can pick up another, more convenient. As a rule, all belts have a standard carabiner attachment, to which you can easily attach the machine by the special hole.

If you are still undecided what to choose gasoline trimmer, reviews of specific models you can find on our website in the product card. When choosing the right equipment, you need to have a clear idea of what it will be needed for. Then you will not have to regret spending money and put away in the garage unsuitable equipment.

In order to choose the right gasoline trimmer, assess your site and the nature of the work that will be performed on it.

Drive type

If you’re going to buy a grass trimmer, first answer the question: do you need a device with a gasoline or electric engine?

String Trimmer Basics: How To Choose a Gas String Trimmer

Gasoline engine provides full autonomy. You can mow even on the neighboring field, nothing limits you. Except, of course, the weight, and it is not a little gasoline models. And to prepare such a device to work is sometimes not easy. Engines can be four-stroke or two-stroke: the latter need to fuel with a mixture of oil and gasoline. Fuel, of course, will need to fill in any case, but in the country you want to breathe not that fragrance, and the flowers and freshly cut grass.

By the way, the exhaust fumes along with the characteristic crackle from the engine operation of such a trimmer for grass also violates the idyll so that not everyone will fit this option. But not only grass, but also plants with thick stems can be mowed with enough power.


From inexpensive models can be recommended Huter GGT-2500T. At a cost of about 10,000 it has a fairly powerful engine 3.3 liters.с., The necessary tools and a container for mixing gasoline and oil.

Electric motor is noticeably quieter. No need to fill it up, just plug it in. By the way, there are also cordless models, but they are quite expensive. Economy-class electric trimmers are not as powerful, so there may be problems with thick stems. But no exhaust fumes and no rattle: enjoy your work.


One of our most popular and reliable models. STIHL FSE 60. Not the cheapest, but with a powerful enough engine, shoulder strap included, and a large number of authorized services throughout Russia.

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What should be the power of a good trimmer for the grass?

The more powerful the machine, the more expensive it is. That’s why you should know what power is good for you so you don’t overpay.

The characteristics of trimmers and lawnmowers necessarily include the engine power. Note that this is the power consumption, but not the power on the shaft, but you can be guided by it, too. Exactly how many watts or horsepower a machine should have so you can work with it without problems? Let’s get it straight. about the right choice of trimmers, we told in another article.

What to buy a gasoline trimmer? Choosing the right model

What is the best gasoline trimmer to buy. the most important question at the beginning of the dacha season. This unit can mow large areas without reference to the outlet and fight with overgrown shrubs on the garden patch. Grass trimmers are also actively used for quick and easy haymaking and weed control in seedbeds, as an additional tool to the lawnmower to cut grass in inaccessible places, such as around trees, along a wall or fence. Powerful models can even cut thin branches from trees and bushes. Depending on the type of vegetation on your property, you can pick up the appropriate equipment for the grass trimmer or choose a model with power suitable for the nature of the work on the site.

The advantage of the gasoline engine is a good power and mobility of the unit, you are not tied to the outlet and can cut the grass even at a considerable distance from the house. this is a constant plus if you have a large area plot.

If you have decided that you need a lawn mower with a gasoline engine, then the following information, which will be presented in this article. for you. Benzotrimmer which is the best price quality user reviews. all questions are answered in our article about the main aspects in the choice of equipment and rating of the best models of benzotrimmer presented in the Russian market.

Key parameters for choosing a gasoline trimmer

Modern benzotrimmer what is the best, which one to choose for a cottage or garden? How to determine the right characteristics? The main parameters of gasoline trimmer are power and performance. These values should correspond to the amount of future work on the site and their intensity. For processing a small area once in 30 days, it is better to buy a unit with low power, which will be able to fight the grown grass and weeds, dry vegetation. This mower will serve for several seasons, the cost is low and the brand is not particularly important when you use it not in intensive mode. from time to time. For constant operation of the grass trimmer (7 hours a day) you will need a model with good power and quality parts. Under these characteristics fit the products of the brands Husqvarna, Echo, Makita, STIHL, they have a long service life and system reliability, which justifies their high cost.

Depending on who will mow the grass (a strong man or woman, a teenager), the benzotrimmer is selected by weight. Working with heavy equipment for a long time is difficult, so you need to choose lightweight models.

The type of boom affects the performance and reliability of the mower as a whole. Grass trimmers with a curved boom are not designed for heavy loads, because they have a steel cable in the design, which transmits the rotation of the cutting equipment. But they are good for mowing grass, especially in hard-to-reach places (along fences, around trees). And models with a straight boom have a metal shaft inside, which can withstand high power and dense vegetation.

The type of cutting equipment affects the ability to use the mower for different jobs. Mowing head with a fishing line is used for grass and small weeds, a knife made of metal or plastic can cut dead wood and thin shrubs. The thin branches on trees can also be handled with a circular saw blade.

Shoulder strap or backpack suspension provides comfort during trimmer operation. For prolonged use a soft satchel system is used to take the load off your hands, for short mowing a textile soft strap is suitable.

Popular brands of petrol trimmers

To date, the market offers a large number of garden equipment brands benzotrimmerov: both domestic and well-known international. Popular brands offer both professional and budget class products for a wide range of customers.

  • Husqvarna. the oldest brand of equipment for construction, repair and garden. The combination of years of experience, new Japanese technologies and modern materials.
  • Makita. another Japanese brand with professional equipment. One of the most reliable and technologically advanced, according to user reviews, including Russian.
  • Echo. quality Japanese products at bargain prices.
  • STIHL is a German brand of excellent quality products, recognized around the world.
  • Patriot. American brand of construction and garden special equipment, budget line is not inferior in quality to the professional.

Rating of the best gasoline trimmers

The undisputed sales leaders are Husqvarna, STIHL and Echo brands. Popular brands, representing consistently high quality tools and equipment for the garden, have a large number of positive feedback from users. The question of which gasoline trimmer is better to buy Hitachi or Makita, Husqvarna or ECHO is difficult to answer, because these brands provide the market with the same quality Japanese product with a reliable design and economical fuel consumption. Scope of use. professional.

But in addition to well-known and untwisted giant brands, there are other brands, whose quality is not inferior, but cheaper. Let’s take a closer look at gasoline trimmers: what is the best, price, quality, scope of application.

Benzotrimmer Echo GT-22GES

Perfect for country houses. lightweight household trimmer with gasoline engine. Popular model, the 670 Watt unit is powerful enough for small and medium-sized areas: lawn grass mowing and thin-stemmed weeds. On the question of which gasoline trimmer is better to buy for countryside, reviews on the model Echo GT-22GES are mostly positive. Comfortable, lightweight and productive equipment for occasional garden work.

  • Light weight 4.5 kg.
  • Low fuel consumption (0,62 l/hour).
  • Easy start function.
  • Curved shaft (effective on difficult terrain).
  • Anti-vibration system (rare in home models).

PATRIOT PT 3355 gasoline grass trimmer

Lightweight but powerful (1300 W or 1,8 l. с.) a great for country houses. Works on hard terrain (bumps, pits, ravines) as effectively as on flat ground. Versatile gasoline trimmer handles mixed vegetation: dense grass, dead wood, thick-stemmed plants. Handle and boom length are comfortably adjustable for body height. Soft textile shoulder strap relieves strain on hands. A good option for occasional use.

Husqvarna 323R Gasoline Lawn Trimmer

Light in weight but powerful garden trimmer shows good performance in medium-sized areas. Suitable for mowing soft and dense vegetation and thick stems. The 2-shoulder belt attachment allows for comfortable operation and reduces strain on the hands.

  • Lightweight (4.5 kg).
  • Variety of accessories (Circular saw blade and line head).
  • Handy bicycle handle.
  • Fuel priming pump.

Husqvarna 143RII gasoline grass trimmer

Powerful and productive gasoline trimmer for tough jobs. Can withstand heavy loads and work intensively without interruption. Able to cope with tough grass, dense shrubs, young growth. Equipped with an engine guard and a large 950 ml gas tank. Equipment: 4-blade blade and flail head. Gardeners choose this type of power tool for landscaping streets, city parks, parks and allotments.

Echo SRM-4605 petrol grass trimmer

Most powerful and productive model in its class. Use in large and very large areas with mixed growth: dense grass, weeds, dead weeds, bushes and even young trees. Internal cylinder and piston system has a special low-temperature electrolyte coating that prevents premature wear and tear.

  • High power (1800 watts).
  • Large fuel tank (950 ml).
  • Easy access to the air filter.
  • Low fuel consumption (1.4 kg/hour) for powerful trimmers.

STIHL FS 38 gasoline grass trimmer

Household trimmer with 650 watts of power for grass and soft vegetation. Curved boom for difficult terrain (bumps and pits) and mowing the lawn around any objects (benches, trees, flowerbeds). Great for private use in the garden and in the country garden or as an accessory to a lawn mower (mowing in hard to reach places).

choose, gasoline, grass, trimmer, mowing
  • Lightweight (4.1 kg).
  • Compact round handle.
  • Hand-operated fuel pump (helps dampens start-up jerks when starting).
  • Automatic line length adjustment.
  • Safety goggles included.
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PATRIOT T 545 Pro Benzotrimmer

An excellent model for large areas and difficult terrain. Included line trimmer head and three-blade metal blade enables you to cut through dense grass, dry stems, bushes and weeds. Bicycle handle makes it easy to steer when cutting through tough vegetation. Handy spark plug change system without tools.

For grass lovers: choose the best brushcutter for 2020

Looking for a tool for drastic weed control and lawn care? Here are our recommendations for choosing the right brushcutter.

By the law of meanness on the site of the most active growing things that you absolutely do not need weeds. A gasoline grass trimmer or a lawn mower can help you cope with them. As a rule, these machines are more powerful than electric ones and allow you to work without being connected to the mains. But how to choose a brushcutter so that it can cut even tall grass and does not cost too much money? Telling you what to look for and giving our rating of worthy models.

If you suddenly have a small area and always have access to electricity, then you can buy an electric trimmer for the grass. Our rating of electric trimmers will help you.

  • Power of household trimmers is not more than 1 liter.с. They’re good for mowing paths and small lawns.
  • Agricultural trimmers for grass is more powerful. from 1 to 1.5L.с. They can completely mow a garden plot of up to 10 acres and trim bushes.
  • Professional models more powerful than 1.5 liters.с. Used for lawns in large areas, dead wood, hedges, young brushwood, etc.д.

Remember! The more powerful the engine, the heavier it is.

The device gasoline trimmer for grass

The basis of gasoline grass trimmer is the boom, which houses the cutting unit, engine and controls the tool. Special straps distribute the load on the operator during operation.


Gasoline grass trimmers are most often equipped with two-stroke motors, but there are models with a four-stroke engine.

Every internal combustion engine has a duty cycle. a series of processes that result in a portion of force acting on the crankshaft. Working cycle is:

Expansion of gases and their escape from the cylinder

Takt is the movement of the piston in one direction (up or down). If an engine completes a work cycle in two strokes (one shaft revolution), it is called a two-stroke engine, if in four. four-stroke. Fuel motors can run on gasoline or diesel fuel, but garden trimmers use only gasoline motors.

Two-stroke engines are relatively simple, weigh less and are not afraid of low temperatures. They are cheaper than four-stroke motors, that’s why they are so popular. At the same time, two-stroke motors are noisier and produce more harmful emissions, so they are almost unusable for greenhouses and hothouses.

For two-stroke engines, it is necessary to prepare a special fuel mixture of gasoline and 2T engine oil. The manual usually recommends using gasoline with an octane rating over 89, but the best option would be fresh unleaded AI-92. Gasoline with a higher octane rating (95 and 98) contains additives that can be detrimental to the engine piston system, leading to overheating and damage.

Each manufacturer has its own recommendations on what proportions to create a fuel mixture and what components to use. It is not suitable for conventional motor oil, because it is designed for water-cooled engines. 2T oil is just right for air-cooled engines. Some major brands also produce special oils for their own engines.

Four-stroke engines on gasoline trimmers are much less common, due to the fact that they are heavier and more expensive than two-stroke engines. But it is quieter, more economical and produces fewer harmful emissions. For the four-stroke motor there is no need to prepare a fuel mixture, because the mechanism runs on pure gasoline. Oil is also used, but it is not mixed with fuel, poured into a separate container, does not burn, and serves only for the correct operation of the engine.

Cutting equipment

Petrol-powered trimmers use a line (filament) or cutting blades and discs.

A filament reel can be installed on any grass trimmer. The recommended line diameter is always stated in the manual. Cord is good for mowing around trees, fences, walls and other buildings. the fishing line is good for thickets of grass, whose stems are not too thick.

filament feeding system can be semi-automatic or automatic. Semi-automatic is more common: on the bottom of the spool there is a button, pressing which adjusts the length of the protruding ends of the line. Automatic system is supposed to feed every time the motor is turned on.

Almost all gasoline grass trimmers come equipped with blades and cutting discs. The only exceptions are some models with low power (up to 700 watts).

Blades are available in metal or plastic. This tool is perfect for cutting bulrushes, phragmites, thorny grass with thick stems and for trimming bushes, but it is not a universal tool. The blade should not be used where there is debris or where stones or metal parts hidden in the grass can be caught. The risk of damaging the gearbox is greatly increased in this case. Mowing in hard-to-reach places near trees, fences, walls and greenhouses is much easier and safer than mowing with a fishing line.


The boom can be straight or curved, have a collapsible or monolithic design. Telescopic chainsaws are not used in gasoline mowers.

Grass trimmers with a curved boom are somewhat more convenient to handle, but the rotation from the engine to the gearbox in them is transmitted by a flexible cable. A system like this is not well suited to high loads and is not very durable. Models with a straight boom, where the torque is transmitted by a rigid transmission shaft, are better suited for intensive use.

Grass trimmers with a collapsible shaft are easier to store and transport in the truck, but this design is less common because it does not always guarantee a high safety margin. The monolithic boom models are better able to support heavy loads and are more durable.


Gearbox is a module consisting of two bevel gears that transmit rotation from the motor to the cutting attachment. Gears require periodic lubrication. Moving parts break down much more quickly without lubrication. A hole for lubrication is located above the rotary nozzle assembly.


The cutting attachment of the grass trimmer is always protected by the blade guard (skirt). The cover protects the operator by preventing debris and small rocks from flying around. The hood usually has a cutter. a sharp knife that removes excess line length.


Since gasoline grass trimmers rarely weigh less than 4 pounds, special straps with fasteners and clasps help distribute the load. Belts can be shoulder or backpack type. Shovel-type distributes the load more efficiently and is considered the preferred option.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

To buy the most suitable trimmer for the grass, it is enough to evaluate the main parameters that affect its operation and usability

  • performance. determined by the power, which ranges from 0.25 to 2.5 kW;
  • type of power supply. gasoline devices are not tied to a power source, electric ones work from a cable or battery;
  • type of cutting element. models are equipped with a fishing line with a diameter of 1-3.5 mm, a metal blade, disc or plastic knives;
  • weight. it varies from 2 to 9 kg, it determines the vibration of the device and the comfort in use for a long time.