How to Choose a Gasoline Lawn Mower

Gas lawn mowers: how to choose what to look for

In order to clean the area from excess grass, you must correctly select the appropriate device. In addition, it is necessary to determine how much work to be performed by purchased equipment. It is worth noting that gasoline lawn mowing has become a popular technique not only in agriculture, but also in municipal municipal services. In order to perform seasonal work, convenient summer cottage equipment will always be welcome. In total, there are three types of lawn mowers. These are professional, semi-professional and household devices. In order to harvest hay and put the site in order, you need to use professional equipment.

How to Choose a Gasoline Lawn Mower

Semi-professional equipment is used by both amateurs and designers. Household braids speak for themselves. They are operated on personal plots and cottages for the implementation of simple work. The design of absolutely all lawn mowers is identical. There is an engine, a rod and a head on which a cutting object is mounted. Today we’ll talk about choosing lawn mowers in the country.

Types of gasoline lawn mowers by engine type

Petrol engines can be installed on lawn mowers. So, there are two-stroke and four-stroke engines. A four-stroke engine requires gasoline and oil, both of which are in the same tank. These models of lawn mowing are quite expensive, as they are distinguished by increased productivity and a large motor resource.

In order to work with a lawn-mow equipped with a two-stroke engine, it is necessary to prepare a mixture of oil and gasoline. It is worth remembering that the fuel mixture is not stored for a long time, so each time after completion of work the mixture is drained. The advantage of a push-pull device is its low weight.

Of course, both types of lawn mowers have increased power. Reliable is the type of equipment equipped with a four-stroke engine. Over, all gasoline equipment needs careful after-sales service. Constantly need to clean parts, engine. You can refuel equipment anywhere. The operator is not limited to a power source, unlike electric lawn mowers.

Professional units have great power, and this is an additional advantage. But for domestic needs, a lot of power is not needed. Over, increased power means strong vibrations that quickly lead to human fatigue during work. On ten hundred parts, one kilowatt of lawn mowing power is enough.

Features of the choice of manual lawn mowers, parameters

Professional devices are equipped with a power regulator. Where the site is simple, medium mode is activated. And vice versa. Engine power and the number of revolutions are the main indicators when choosing gasoline motor vehicles.

To cut the grass in the set of lawn mowers is a fishing line, knife or disc. Depending on which grass will have to be mowed, the desired cutting element is selected. For example, it is best to work with fishing line in open areas. Thick stems are best cut with metal discs.

In order to keep the lawn mowing during operation, a shoulder strap is used. The mass of professional devices reaches seven kilograms. The belt can be on one shoulder or on the whole body. Best when the lawn mower has a knapsack vest. Then the whole load is distributed evenly on the body, less fatigue.

Of great importance is the shape of the bar. Inside it there is a flexible cable that dampens the engine if the braid is on a stone. In addition, there are curved rod designs, which are convenient to cut grass under benches, near fences.

The ideal option is when the bar is disassembled. In this case, the equipment is easy to transport even in the trunk of a car. Some users say that a collapsible shaft over time entails the appearance of play. However, it is not. Modern technology is thought out to the smallest detail. But the non-separable design eliminates the ingress of debris into the rod, which can interfere with the shaft.

The smaller the mass of gasoline lawn mowers, the better. The dependence is quite simple. The smaller the mass, the more people can work without rest. On average, the lawn mowed weighed 6.5 kilograms. In order to facilitate the construction, production specialists use aluminum. But metal is still metal. It is much stronger than plastic.

The main well-known brands that produce reliable and high-quality gas lawn mowers are: Hitachi (Hitachi), ECHO (Echo), Makita Corporation (Makita), Maruyama (Maruyama), STIHL (Stihl), VIKING (Viking)

Of course, the design, the more reliable, the more expensive. And here it is not worth saving money if you want the summer cottage equipment to work for many years with its active use.

How to choose a gas mowing lawn

Gasoline lawn mowers are an indispensable tool in gardening. With its help, you can even trim the lawn and even get rid of weeds if you make the right choice. And how to make your choice right, we will talk in this article.

What will we use the braid for?

And so, the very first thing that needs to be done is to determine what we will mow and in what volumes. Our minimum requirements for the tool will directly depend on this. We divide the goals into several groups: for example, for periodically mowing the lawn around the house (minimum load); for regular mowing of territories more (personal plot, average load), sometimes with shrubs; and for frequent mowing of various vegetation (as for the work of communal services, high load).

Power and engine type

The effectiveness of lawn mowers depends on engine power. The higher it is, the more work you can do, mow not only smooth grass, but also various overgrown. And if, mowing weeds with a low-powered scythe, it can become worthless much faster than it should.

To work with minimum loads, a lawn mowing machine with 0.8. 1 kW can be suitable (1 kW = 1.36 hp). For the same purposes, it makes sense to look at electric trimmers.

For work of medium loads, it is better to focus on average indicators of 1.5. 2 kW.

For long-term intensive operation, you should choose from 2 kW or more.

The engine is also distinguished by type: two-stroke (in most gasoline lawn mowers) and four-stroke. The first is lighter and cheaper, but less powerful and more noisy. The second is an order of magnitude quieter, more powerful, but heavy and more expensive. For intensive use, it is not a bad idea to purchase a model with a four-stroke engine.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the more powerful the engine, the heavier it is. For an average lawn mowing, it will be optimal 7-9 kg.

Advice! When working, be sure to use noise-proof headphones and eye glasses.

Handle and spit bar

What type of handle will be used depends on the level of comfort during work, and the type of rod will affect the reliability of the design.

The handle can be D-shaped or bicycle type. When working with the D-shaped handle, you have to hold the braid with one hand by the handle, and the second by the rod near the engine. Often the elbow can come into contact with the engine, which, in the process, heats up and vibrates, which can interfere.

When working with a bicycle-type handle, the hands do not come into contact with either the engine or the barbell; the weight is distributed on the body thanks to the belt. However, not everyone prefers these arms. A matter of habit.

The bar may be straight or curved, solid or collapsible.

A curved bar is shorter, sometimes even more comfortable to work with, but less reliable than a straight one. The point is the shaft that rotates the cutting element. In a straight bar, it is made of solid metal (hard), and in a curved bar it is flexible. The latter, therefore, is less reliable and durable.

Also, in terms of reliability, a pre-assembled rod is preferable, because the joints can loosen over time. You have to choose between compactness and reliability. For heavy work, it is better to sacrifice compactness in the direction of reliability, and for small periodic household chores, a collapsible and / or curved bar is quite suitable.

Cutting elements

An important role is played by the type of cutting element. It can be like a regular nylon fishing line, a plastic or metal knife.

The fishing line, like a plastic knife, is suitable only for mowing even, not hard grass (lawn) and no more.

To work with wild plants, you will need a metal knife. In turn, they differ in the number of cutting angles (3-8), or in the form of a saw blade. The saw blade is suitable for comparing different shrubs.

Make sure that the chosen model has the opportunity to install fishing lines and knives, which often do not come with a lawn mowing machine. We recommend purchasing two discs at once: 4-8 petals, and with many teeth. The first is more suitable for mowing both ordinary grass and harsher grass, the second is for exterminating harder shrubs, even small sprouted trees.

The diameter of the knife seat is usually 1 inch.

Popular manufacturers

The most popular and, as is commonly believed, reliable brands are Husqvarna, Stihl, Oleo-MAC, Makita. The of their products are quite high, but the quality is level. Cheaper, but also acceptable options, for those who do not want to overpay for a brand, we can recommend (normal China) Intertool, Rostec, Sadko, etc.

How to breed gas for a two-stroke engine

Gasoline for a two-stroke engine is bred with oil and poured into a single tank. Ratio: 1:50 (per 1 g of oil 50 g of gasoline; 10 g of oil 500 g of gasoline). For information on how to use gasoline and oil, read the instructions for the tool and ask the seller when buying.

Remember that the diluted solution cannot be stored for a long time (more than 14 days). Do not breed gasoline in front and drain residues after work.

In a four-stroke engine, oil and gasoline are poured separately, into different tanks.

Conclusion. How to choose a gas mowing lawn

For this, as already said, you need to determine your goals. The more you mow, the more powerful the motor will be. For typical housework, we recommend 1.3. 2 kW of power, with a direct barbell, with a bicycle type handle, preferably reliable brands (see on a budget), always with the possibility of working with both a fishing line and a knife.

We hope you can choose the right quality gasoline lawn mowing machine for your home!

Sincerely, BestBuy1.Ru

How to choose a lawn mow?

Lawn mowing is a great tool that can help you with many tasks. With it, you can mow grass, lawns and even cut trees and shrubs in the garden. The range of possible works for lawn mowers is quite large. When used correctly, this tool will save you a lot of effort and time.

Many people think about buying lawn mowers. In this article, we will help you with the choice and tell you how to choose a gas mowing lawn.

Lawn mowing, or as it is also called a trimmer, gasoline lawn mowing is a tool designed for mowing grass, lawns or shrubs. There are also braids that run on electricity. However, this is not always convenient, because not everywhere there is electricity.

Choose a lawn mowing, guided by the following factors:

  • Engine power
  • Engine’s type
  • Cutting element
  • Lawn mowing weight

Engine power

Engine power is one of the main factors in choosing lawn mowers. Power is measured in watts. Choosing a lawn mow should be based on what you need to mow. If this is a small area with grass, then braids with a weak engine with a power of 0.8-0.9 kW will be enough. However, if you buy a scythe to destroy large weeds over a large area, you should pay attention to scythes with an engine power of 1.2-1.3 kW or more. Models of professional lawn mowers are equipped with engines from 3 kW.

Engine’s type

Engines are different. They are divided into push-pull and four-stroke. Preference when choosing should be given to four-stroke engines. They have a lot of advantages: profitability, quiet operation, more reliable. However, there are also disadvantages: high weight (compared to push-pull), expensive spare parts.

Cutting element of gasoline lawn mowers

By and large, the lawn mowing cutting elements can be divided into two types: knives and a special cutting line. The line is designed for mowing not thick grasses.

Cutting knives can be made of metal or plastic. Preference is best given to metal. With these knives you can mow any weeds, shrubs and even young trees.

Today, most models allow the change of cutting elements of the braid. When choosing, preference should be given to just such models.

Lawn mowing weight

The weight of the lawn mowers is a very important factor when choosing. The smaller the weight, the more convenient it will be for you to work with the tool. By and large, the weight depends on power. The more power, the greater the weight of the braid. When choosing, focus on the weight of 6-7 kilograms.