How to connect an angle grinder to the car. Angle grinder from a chainsaw and electric saw + (Video)

How to run the angle grinder 125 where there is no el.networks

Need to saw 1 hour without recharging, so the minimum budget requirements not exceed 1500r and mobility, and not to waste time on experiments and buy unnecessary junk have 2 Oops acb 7 and 5 ah wbr, need them to squeeze the energy for full operation angle grinder. 1. power through a converter 12-220, but what? cheap back apc-500 for 300-500r will hold? I don’t want to buy a 1200w inverter for 1500r and then, like in roller skates, guess if you are lucky or not. 2. more complicated. cross the head from the angle grinder with the motor (which?) need to make an adapter and the case for the engine. for 300-500 on AVito buy a screwdriver with a useless acb and cross it with the head of an angle grinder options of powerful boo motors? watched videos of such remakes with different motors and nothing has impressed me yet. RPM and thrust in self-made low, compared to the factory took Bosch and e.See. cross the head of the angle grinder with a motor from a screwdriver or auto pump, put the 775 motor from ali on the head of the angle grinder (about 775-th read can stop the hand). all not that.

Once Bosch with half a kilo battery saws a whole rail, then with my batteries total weight of 3.6 kg can create the necessary traction? п.с. drill 500 watts from the Oops ac at medium speed 5-7A, at high. 13A, but my 200 watt inverter does not pull a 1000 watt angle grinder.

The principle of autonomous connection of the angle grinder

For autonomous use of corded power tools, a 12 or 24 volt battery is used. It is connected to an inverter, which converts the voltage from 12 or 24 to 220 volts of the required power, which is chosen depending on the power of the used devices. The result is a portable battery station, to which you can connect a variety of electrical equipment.

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In addition to the angle grinder, it can be other power tools, kettle, laptop, TV, etc.д., depending on the power of the system. The rechargeable battery is versatile and can provide off-grid power for all kinds of equipment within its power capacity. Power of the grinders depends on their class: domestic models usually have a motor power of less than 1 kW, semi-professional models can reach 1.5 kW, and professional. 2 kW or more. The power of portable battery power plants also varies. and 1000 watts, and 3000 watts.

The portable battery provides standalone power for the tool or other equipment for a certain period of time. It depends on the power of the equipment and the capacity of the battery system used. Afterwards the used capacity can be replenished from 220 V with the help of a battery charger.

2 volt angle grinder with their own hands

List of tools:. hacksaw for metal. drilling machine. glue. screws, self-tapping screws, etc.Hammer drill;- Bench marker;- Trapezium caliper.

Step one. First of all make the handle, you need a PVC angle piece, cone-shaped piece and a piece of pipe. Cut off a piece of pipe and use glue to assemble the entire structure. The result is a finished, lightweight, sturdy handle.

Step two. Make a protective shield for the angle grinder necessarily need a protective shield to prevent flying in the face of sparks, splinters disc and so on. In addition, the protective plate also works as a base, to which the motor is attached. For making this part, you need a 110 mm PVC pipe plug. Drill a hole in it for the protruding part of the housing on the motor, as well as two more holes for the mounting screws. Now you can temporarily attach the motor to the part and make sure everything is done correctly.

Then we take a marker and a ruler, we need to cut off the extra part from the detail, that is to make the working area for the discs of the angle grinder. When you get the hang of it, cut a small piece of pipe and glue it on epoxy, putting it on the engine, as you can see in the photo. As a result, you will get a protrusion that will go into the previously made handle.

Step Three. Finishing up the hullMake sure you drill holes in the area of the handle where the motor will be located. They are needed to keep the motor cool, otherwise it might overheat. At the end of the work, the author installs a vertical handle, which must be cut from a pipe. We simply glue it to the body, using epoxy glue. For quality gluing, grind the glued surfaces with an emery or a drill, as the author does.

Now you can paint the whole body in any color you like. A can of spray paint will do the trick. Look at this beauty from the author!

Step Four. Put the motor in place and fasten it with two screws. Now install the part with the motor into the case. For fixing, the author uses screws, but you can quite glue the construction. But in the case of gluing it will be impossible to disassemble it.

Step Five. Installing the adapterThe motor shaft we install the adapter, then you can install on the motor any attachments that are used for small grinders. The adapter is attached with a hex head screw. These parts can easily be ordered from China. You can install the cutting wheel straight away, so you can check how it works.

Step six. Completing the assemblyThe back of the handle has a plug, it is removable. Here we need to install the switch, as well as the socket for connecting the power supply. Cut holes of the right size and shape, using a drill. Install the switch, it locks into place by itself. And as for the connector/fork, it needs to be glued in with epoxy glue. We solder wires from motor and put a cover in its place. If you want you can also screw or glue it.

Used batteries

To create portable batteries, high-current power-consuming lithium-ion type batteries. Li-ion HD and LiFePO4. are used. With compact size and light weight, such power sources:

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  • have a high capacity and power;
  • They have a stable current output;
  • quickly replenish the charge in about 2 hours;
  • have no memory effect. allow fractional charging;
  • operate over a wide temperature range. from.60°C to 80°C.20 to 50 ° C;
  • are reliable;
  • have a service life of over 1000 cycles.

Nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries are sometimes used to power power power tools, but they are used less and less frequently. They have been replaced by high-performance Li-ion batteries. Today they are considered the top of battery technology development and are used almost in all spheres.

MT Angle grinder to chainsaw converter with tutorial on how to install

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Making a 12v cordless angle grinder

Materials list:- motor 775 or similar;- “bolt-on” flange for motor shaft;- batteries 18650;- BMS for battery, charge controller, step-up converter (it’s all desirable to install);- piece of plastic pipe.

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The list of tools:- glue gun;- metal hacksaw;- screwdriver;- soldering iron;- can with paint.

Step 1. Installing the motor in the caseFor self-making we need the case from the angle grinder, remove the armature and the stator winding, you can leave only the switch. If the angle grinder body is dirty, wash it with acetone or other solvent.

We need the gear housing, in it install a piece of sanitary pipe, it is desirable to screw it, and you can glue it to a suitable glue.

Now we have the place for installation of motor 775, we mount it in the tube, the author glues it on the hot glue. Keep in mind that the motor will be hot, the glue may melt and get inside the motor.

Also for good ventilation of the motor you need to drill holes in front of the purge windows. The motor itself can be screwed to the plug for the selected pipe. On the shaft of the motor put a flange for mounting discs from grinders, they are in China for different diameters of shafts. Finally, the author painted the parts with spray cans to match the metal.

Step two. AssemblyAssemble the angle grinder, screw the gearbox with the motor to the body. Inside of the case the author put three 18650 cells in series. Of course this is too weak a power supply to last long.

It is necessary to put a BMS-controller on the battery, otherwise the battery will be discharged and will fail.

Also install a battery charging module inside the case, which will not allow overcharging, batteries explode from overcharging. We derive the socket for connecting the charger and connect the trigger.

Step Three. TestingTo demonstrate performance, the author cleaned the aluminum basin with a wire brush and also cut the steel profile. The device works perfectly, and it all looks good. In general, the idea to use the body from the angle grinder is not a bad one, but you need to assemble everything better.

At this point the project is complete, I hope you liked the homemade machine, and you have found useful thoughts. Good luck and creative inspiration, if you decide to repeat this. Don’t forget to share your ideas and homemade things with us!

Safety at work

Angle grinder refers to the most traumatic tools. If the disk breaks while working its splinters fly at crazy speed, often injuring the operator or people nearby.

Working with an angle grinder (roughing materials, cutting) generates metal, stone or plastic dust, especially dangerous for breathing. Therefore, when working with this tool, it is important to use personal protective equipment: a respirator, goggles, gloves and tight clothing over the whole body.

For an angle grinder, it is important to pick up the tooling that matches the speed of this model of the mechanism, its thickness and seating turnover. In doing so, it is necessary to maximize the disk and firmly fix the workpiece for processing with both hands.

Cordless angle grinders are not always suitable. Many men prefer an ordinary stationary angle grinder. But lightweight and graspable cordless angle grinder is very convenient, can be used in all conditions, especially where stationary tools can not work.

When choosing a cordless angle grinder

Many gentlemen can not immediately decide what kind of angle grinder (angle grinder) they want to have. To do this, it is important to know for what materials and to what depths you will use it. This is what determines the diameter of the wheel fitted to the power tool. It is also important to know the power required by your future power tool. Stationary angle grinders have more weight and impressive size. However, their power and functionality are much greater.

Angle grinder from a car battery is made by many “craftsmen” on their own. Its peculiarity is that for charging this angle grinder is enough low voltage car battery. And the cost of such a model angle grinder is much cheaper than the purchased. This tool is used for cutting many materials, including textolite and glass. Sometimes it is equipped with a circular cutter, which adds additional functions of a circular saw.

Methods of making an angle grinder from a car battery can be found in special technical magazines or in videos on the Internet. Nowadays, homemade angle grinder also sells on hand. The price of such products is negotiable.

angle grinder from a drill

You will need the following tools on hand for this conversion:

Before you start the conversion, you need to make sure that the drill itself will not be needed in the near future. And then it is enough to follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Choose a nozzle for the future angle grinder.
  • Take a rod of steel of small diameter and grind one of its edges. This action is necessary for better entry directly into the nozzle. Also, for better adhesion, you should slightly grind the places that will be in contact with the petals of the chuck and the rod itself.
  • Secure all elements.

Quick and easy way to create an angle grinder

There is a second, more complicated way to achieve the desired result.

  • The chuck is removed from the drill. The angle grinder will not require it, so it can be cleaned, lubricated and placed in storage.
  • Choose a nozzle for the future tool. It is better to make it a piece of solid steel, the lighter version is not suitable.
  • The choice of rod. It needs such a length, so that at 1,8-1,9 cm its part protruded beyond the limits of the drill. Then you need to grind one of its ends with a rasp so the result is a rod that fits perfectly into the slot in the nozzle itself. Before jointing, it is worth to smear its ends with machine oil for better passage.
  • The ball bearing is mounted on the place for the lead. The rod will be threaded through it with further fixation at the base. If this step is not required, the rod is fixed in its place.

Following the instructions, the angle grinder is obtained in 1-2 hours

Make in this way an angle grinder can be made in a few hours and still get the necessary tool.

Angle Grinder Hack! Don’t Throw Away the old Angle Grinder!

How to make a dimmer regulator?

A very effective and easy solution to this issue will be to create a remote frequency converter. A dimmer. a device for adjusting the light level. can be used as a converter. You will need a plug and socket. It should be noted that the implementation of such a device can be done in different ways. Especially easy are 2: with and without a fuse box.

  • Screw the 2 wires to the ends of the socket so that one of them is longer. Then connect the long end to one of the pins on the plug. Fix the end of the 2nd wire to the contacts of the dimmer, and connect its other lead to the 2nd contact of the plug.
  • When using the second option is required to make a number of modifications to the scheme, and specifically to place on the cord between the plug and automatic dimmer. In general, the dimmers are provided with normal switches, but we need an automatic, which, if something goes wrong, will turn off our device from the mains.

So, the frequency converter angular grinding machine is ready, and for practicality it can be placed in a specialized case or fixed to a panel made of wood. It should only be taken into account that such a device is homemade, and when working with the power grid, you need to be cautious.

On how to make a speed controller for an angle grinder with your own hands, see in the video below.