How to Cut a Chainsaw Video Properly

A chainsaw, with proper power, can cut down any tree trunk that has enough length of the cutting part. It is necessary to carry out the work very carefully, following all the rules. Particular attention should be paid when there is a risk of unpleasant situations due to too thick, icy or contaminated wood. It is necessary to take into account all factors that can complicate the work, and use the chainsaw carefully, constantly monitoring its actions and the work of partners. In the article, we will talk about how to correctly cut a tree with a chainsaw. A diagram and an instruction.

How to Cut a Chainsaw Properly

What do you need to know before?

There are a number of factors that influence the correctness of felling. The most important conditions are divided into two categories: the technical component of the process and ensuring the safety of all involved persons.

The technical side of the issue is usually requires immediate action even when choosing a chainsaw, since each model is designed only for a certain thickness, density and structure of the wood massif. Sawing is usually quite slow. Acceleration is possible only when working with a well-suited tree or thin trunks (you can even use a mini chainsaw for this). Usually such plants are not of great value, therefore, they are cut very rarely.

The thickness of the tree must be taken into account in advance., comparing with the selected chainsaw model (see rating of the best chainsaws). The device should optimally match a specific power goal. If the tire length of the device does not exceed 35 cm, then the maximum diameter of the tree trunk with which the work is carried out is 30 cm. When the tire length reaches 65 cm, then you can cut down options up to 60 cm in diameter.

For the most massive types of wood, complex and very powerful chainsaws are used (see the most reliable chainsaws), which exceed the standard weight. The tire length in them is above 65 cm.

Sawing technology is also changing along with the thickness of the target. From one cut it is guaranteed to cut trees up to 20 cm in diameter. If this indicator exceeds this threshold, several cuts must be made so that, without prejudice to the device and strong efforts on the part of the workers, cut down the tree.

In many respects, Russian-made chainsaws are no worse than foreign ones.

The chainsaw Forester meets all international standards for quality and safety.

The Ural chainsaw is very convenient to use and therefore popular among consumers.

The greater the height of the tree, the more problematic it becomes to comply with safety regulations. Sawing is also complicated, since more weight requires a certain effort and high power of the device. Sometimes you have to make cuts in a group, observing the distance in level, that is, making them at different heights.

You need to measure the center of gravity in advance to determine the fall of the tree. This indicator is affected by the shape of the crown, as well as the features of the trunk itself. These criteria influence not only the position of the workers, but also the intended cuts, which are optimal. Typically, the trunk needs to be cut completely and under the root, but sometimes a certain part of it is required, which also affects the cutting process.

Step-by-step instructions on how to cut trees

The technology of cutting trees of large and small diameter has several differences. First you need to learn how to cut down small plants:

    Step 1. We are looking for the slope of the tree. Gravity is even slightly suitable, however, the stronger this feature is expressed, the more clearly you can see the exact side of the fall of the plant.

It is advisable to cut straight trees in convenient places for stalling, and not at random. One notch is about half the full size of the trunk.

  • Step 2. On the reverse side, the same incision is made at the same level. It is necessary to wait for the moment when the plant begins to bend significantly, that is, there will be a noticeable drop. First, the tree should be felled when the cut is at the shoulder level of an adult, and then separately, that is, with minimal risk for security, refine the remainder of the array and save only a small stump.
  • Step 3 Sawing a tree into its components can be carried out starting from branches, which are located farthest. Small branches can be easily cut in one step, and thicker branches are desirable in two steps, so as not to spoil the chainsaw. At the same time, the saw chain (see how to sharpen the chain) cannot touch the ground, as this will lead to its rapid dulling.
  • A tree is considered to be large, which in diameter exceeds half a meter. At first, the trunk is used as a support, however, the sawing of the structure can be carried out only after choosing at what angle the plant will fall. Algorithm of actions:

    1. Step 1. From top to bottom, a cut is made with a slope of 60 degrees. It must be done exactly from the side of the intended slope. It is necessary to constantly observe the exact angle and keep the chainsaw absolutely even.
    2. Step 2. A horizontal line is drawn below, which should be adjacent to the extreme inner point of the first cut. When it is carried out all the way, you can take out a corner consisting of wood, which allows you to make a side cut.
    3. Step 3. On the opposite side of the first two cuts, a horizontal sawing is performed, which begins slightly above the lower level of cuts on the opposite side. It is necessary to cut quite deeply, however, it is forbidden to perform the operation completely, that is, the tree should remain in an upright position.
    4. Step 4. In the second file you need to mount a pre-prepared wedge or a special shovel for felling. The remaining volume can be removed with a spatula or by dipping from the inside.

    There is an alternative way to safely felling trees. First, the wood mass is completely sawn through.

    Then the device moves in the opposite direction with a slope to the left and reaches the middle. A wedge must be inserted under the second notch. The tree is finished on the opposite side.

    Sawing branches and trunk with a chainsaw

    Branches need to be disconnected from the bottom of the tree, which already lies on a flat surface. It is necessary to alternately finish the rows of branches, reaching the central branches, in order to gradually completely clear the trunk. All elements must be removed separately, it is advisable to transfer the sawn parts to a specific container during the work process.

    How to chop the trunk, which side. The scheme

    To saw the trunk, you must take the following steps:

    1. About half of the trunk is cut.
    2. The saw turns off (see why the chainsaw stalls), but remains in the tree. At this time, a wedge is hammered into the hole obtained in the first stage, which must be rammed with a hatchet. This is necessary so that the saw does not distort from the weight of the two trunks, but is between them in a free position.
    3. Dopilivanie trunk to the end point.

    Sometimes the tire of the chainsaw remains in the trunk, especially for not only massive, but also hard wood. In this case, pulling it is pointless. You need to quickly turn off the motor, and then you should carry out the impact on both sides of the barrel from the bottom cut, trying to simultaneously pull out the device. This action will require the help of a partner.

    Look more clearly at the:

    Safety when cutting

    When performing the tree felling procedure, it is necessary to ensure complete safety equipment for both individuals and employees. You cannot felling trees yourself. Must have a partner. Do not open fire during operation, and if any, extinguish it before turning on the chainsaw. Also no smoking. Care should be taken in advance to protect the face from sawdust, as they always fly off when sawing a tree.

    Before sawing wood you need to make sure that when you fall it will not affect people, living things will not damage the cables or wires through which current flows. It is forbidden to carry out work in strong winds. It is advisable to calculate in advance the direction of the fall of the trunk up to the exact contour on which all the rods and other elements are cleared so as not to damage the tree, and also not cause its inertial revolution.

    When working with full-fledged, thick pillars, the chainsaw is held with both hands, while constantly feeling tension.

    It is not necessary to carry out work when using only the extreme part of the saw, as this will lead to a strong impact and automatic shutdown of the device, which can ruin all the work by making inaccurate movements.

    When thick columns or massive branches are sawed, it is advisable to raise the chainsaw to a level above the shoulders.

    How to cut a tree correctly. Basic rules and technology

    The main aspects necessary to comply with the implementation of sawing trees:

    To get rid of the continuous sound of a chainsaw, it is necessary to use soundproofing headphones, otherwise headaches during prolonged and regular work are possible.

  • The trunk of the tree for the worker should act as a kind of shield, so the opposite side of the plant is preliminarily marked for sawing it.
  • First, all technological features are determined., only then you need to clearly plan the stages of work, which will help to protect yourself from the effects of the weight of a falling tree. Even with extensive experience, it is necessary to constantly take care of our own safety, since the highest number of injuries are received by workers who, in this area, have long been accustomed to a constantly tense and dangerous environment.


    To quickly cut down a tree, it is necessary to carry out preparatory work in advance, to ensure safety, only then proceed to the event. It is enough to independently apply those positions that the scheme for sawing wood provides for the success of the event to be guaranteed.

    Great importance is given to security technology. To properly perform it, you need to prepare in advance, as well as be attentive to work throughout the entire time of interaction with wood.

    Do not forget that absolutely every new tool, including Chinese chainsaws, needs a break-in, we also recommend reading the article on oil for lubricating the chainsaw chains.