How to cut the lawn evenly with a trimmer. Scissors

Lawn mowing with a trimmer

The height and frequency of mowing depends on the type of lawn, the season and the climate. Parter lawns are mowed at 4-5 cm for the first two years, dropping evenly to 3-4 cm. The best height for garden and park lawns is 4.5-5 cm. Meadow lawns are mowed twice a season, giving the seedlings time to ripen. Mowing frequency. Once a week, in damp weather. Every 5 days. In dry periods the height of the mowing increases to 5-6 cm, and the inter-mowing interval. Up to 7-8 days. Lawn mowing is carried out frequently in accordance with the growth of grass.

Lawn mowers

Now there are a huge number of models of lawn mowers, which differ not only in price, type of cutting element and motor type, but also the presence of auxiliary options. Therefore, when choosing a lawn mower, you should consider the power of the motor, the area and shape of the lawn, as well as a number of other technical features.

The manual lawnmower lets you mow your lawn without depending on a power source and allows you to do the perfect mowing without damaging the nature. Sharp blades ensure a high quality of mowing, although the work for it is quite difficult.

Electronic mowers are ordinary in operation, ordinary in cleaning, quiet, relatively harmless to the environment, excellent for medium-sized lawns. In fact, the only inconvenience in using this type of mower is the need to connect to a power source. A beautiful solution for small equal lawns.

Gasoline lawnmowers are perfectly suited to mowing huge lawns of any shape, not being independent of external power sources. But gasoline mowers are heavier, more difficult to use and make a lot of noise.

For large areas there is a more complicated and large lawn mowing technique. Typically, these machines are not only equipped with blades for cutting grass, but also tools for aeration and scoring. Some of them include the function of the garden vacuum to collect leaves, grass clippings and debris. Large lawn mowers are called garden tractors.

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How to use mowed lawns

Don’t rush to get rid of the grass clippings, they can and should be used. Let’s look at how you can use cuttings for the lawn. For example, for mulching (in order to improve the access of air and water to the roots of plants), composting, or fertilizing plants on the site.

Cut grass, which will be used for mulching, must be perfectly dried, then it is laid out in flowerbeds, beds, at the foot of fruit trees and shrubs. Don’t forget to update the mulch layer in time so it doesn’t melt and parasites don’t run in it.

Feeding the lawn with grass clippings is easy enough, rather throw it on the lawn (this is not acceptable for all types of lawn) and the nutrients will get into the soil during decomposition. Also, many gardeners prepare compost pits and moisten them. When the grass has rotted, mix it with manure, dissolve it in water and use as plant food.

The first mowing of the lawn. Mowing height

Excessive mowing is no less harmful than insufficient or too infrequent. Bare ground turf leads to the spread of weeds and various diseases, and in the spring and fall it is exposed to low temperatures.

Traditionally garden and park lawns are mowed at a height of 4. 4.5 cm. This minimum mark is suitable for the middle of the season, if the lawn cover is sufficiently strong and rapidly developing. The first 3-4 spring cuts, as well as the last mowing of the season, suggest a height of 5.5. 6 cm.

Approximately the same mark should be adhered to in dry summers. Flower lawns are usually cut to a height of 3 cm and sports lawns to about 2 cm

Of course, no one is immune to skipping this important procedure, and the grass grows too tall

This is fixable, but will require following certain cutting rules. So, cutting the grass immediately to the required level is not possible. In the first after skipping the grass height of 10-15 cm can be shortened by half, in the second. lowered to the desired height.

There are a few more important recommendations for effective and safe mowing of the lawn:

The cutting direction should be changed periodically. this will benefit the quality of the grass cover. The best way is to always move perpendicularly to the direction adopted in the previous mowing operation. This way you avoid thickening the stems, making the grass stiff and prickly.

Rectangular lawns should be mown starting at the narrowest point. In the case of its rounded shape, you should start moving along the contour, and then from the center of the silt and the elongated area to make parallel strips.

Tricks with trimmers on flat terrain

If you mow on level ground, particularly pay attention to the direction of rotation of the spool. Firstly this is important for your own safety and the safety of others. Secondly, taking this into account will make the job easier.

Basically, the first part is clear. Because knowing in which direction different small objects (e.g. stones) fly away, you can always prevent and avoid possible mishaps. Now for the second example, perhaps we should explain.

Explained at. If you do not take the direction of rotation of the spool into account when mowing, the grass may end up in the uncut area. You and your machine will then have to work harder to mow under the blade of grass. over, the quality of mowing in such conditions is much lower.


That is the direction of mowing should be chosen, taking into account the direction of rotation of the spool. So that the cut blades of grass fly into an area that has already been cleared.

Techniques for working with the line and disc

There are some differences between the technique of working with a string trimmer and a disc. A line for a trimmer cuts the grass at the very end, but if you move too fast, the entire length is used. The result is that the blades of grass are not cut, but the grass is wound around the cord and the engine is overloaded. So you need to choose the optimum speed. In addition, when mowing tall and tough grass the trimmer line is used up faster than when mowing the lawn.

For your information! If you want to mow a hillside, always keep the hilltop to the right. Climb gradually to a distance equal to the width of the swing.

There are some simple recommendations which, if followed, will make mowing more effective and efficient.

  • Trimmer with the engine below is convenient to mow garden paths, flowerbeds and the edges of lawns. The plane of rotation of the coil of such a device can be placed perpendicular to the ground.
  • Dense thickets, large weeds, bushes need to be mowed with discs or special attachments.
  • When cleaning large areas, the tool should be tilted to the left, in the direction of the sweep.
  • To mow the grass around flower beds, shrubs and other objects, you should turn the grass trimmer head with the hood towards them. That way you can mow the objects themselves and not damage them.

Remember that the bobbin or disc must not touch the ground or any obstacles apart from the grass and twigs that need to be cut.

lawn, evenly, trimmer

Rule 5. How high should you cut the lawn?

The height of the grass depends on the type of lawn you have:

  • A classic parterre lawn, which is used for decoration of open grounds, should be 1-2 cm high. However, in our latitudes, grass of this length will begin to dry out quickly and become tough. For this reason, it is recommended to leave a grass height of 3-4 cm for parterre lawns.
  • The park lawn is one of the most common types of lawns. it is mowed to the height of 4-7 cm.
  • A functional lawn (it is used for children’s games, picnics, etc).п.) has a similar height. 4-7 cm.
  • A sports lawn is used for sports games, therefore, it should contain grass, which is resistant to trampling. The height of the grass on such a lawn is 3-4 cm.

In dry periods, in order to avoid drying of the grass, the height of the lawn increases by a few centimeters.

  • Lawn care in summer. secrets of a beautiful lawnSummer lawn watering, feeding and mowing rules that will help keep your lawn looking tidy for years to come.

How often you should mow your lawn

If you mow grass plants regularly, it will provoke the formation of dense turf, which will not give a chance for active weed growth. Weeds are simply crowded out by the new growth. Regular cutting also saves grass from exhaustion and prolongs its growing season.

The recommended frequency of mowing in spring is 4-7 days, in summer 7-10 days. Exactly how much time should pass between mowing will depend on weather conditions, soil characteristics, grass condition and the season. The last mowing should take place in mid-autumn. And then proceed to prepare the lawn for the winter.

So, to achieve that the cottage or household plot decorated with a beautiful green lawn, you can, if regularly take care of it and properly mow it. It is important not to miss the moment of the first mowing, otherwise later the area will begin to overgrow with weeds, and plants do not grow and develop properly. The tool with which to cut the lawn should be chosen based on the size of the plot, your own experience and capabilities.

Why mow your lawn

The condition of the lawn depends on how this procedure is carried out. Systematic mowing of the lawn has the following advantages:

  • Keeping your lawn clear of weeds;
  • uniform growth of the grass;
  • The appearance of new shoots;
  • Forming a solid base;
  • normal planting density.

Decide on the level of grass cover before mowing.

By cutting too much, the gardener risks losing all the plantings. This is due to the fact that the above-ground part of the plant provides nutrition to the root system. If there is not enough green mass the grass will dry out after mowing.

The first sign of a problem is the appearance of characteristic spots.

If the level of mowing is higher than required, the cover will become too thick. This can result in a lack of nutrients in the soil.

A maximum of 1,5 cm should be removed at a time.

Particular attention should be paid to the frequency of the procedure. If meadow crops are planted on the territory of the household, the lawn must be mowed at least 2 times a month. Otherwise the greenery will have time to grow and end its life cycle.

Regular cutting is good for the lawn. The turf formed as a result of such treatment, prevents weeds from germinating and moisture evaporation. A lawn that is regularly mowed is more resistant to mechanical stress and drastic changes in temperature than a site that is neglected.

Grass trimmer description for lawn mowing

Lawn trimmer is essentially an electric scythe. It looks like a long pole, on one end of which there is a mechanism for cutting, and on the other end there is a handle to hold the tool. The motor can be located both at the top and at the bottom of the pole. it depends on whether it is a gasoline grass trimmer or an electric.

These tools for grass trimming are:

The efficiency of the described device depends on:

Grass trimmer works on a simple principle: the drive, gasoline or electric, spins a reel with a built-in line and spool. The ends of the fishing line, peeking out, straighten out and act like blades when rotating. line thickness is variable. from 1 mm for regular, weekly mowing to 4 mm for overgrown areas.

The electric tool has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

  • Its advantages can be called:
  • practically silent operation;
  • The lightness of the tool;
  • ease of operation;
  • only the trimmer line is consumable.
  • The minuses of such tools are considered:
  • Dependence on the length of the cord and the electrical outlet;
  • small capacity;
  • prohibition on working with wet grass.

Also, during mowing you have to watch the cable, which can get under the cutting part of the tool. If the area is very overgrown, it is impossible to cut the grass in one trip. Mow an area several times, removing 10 to 15 cm.

Cordless grass trimmers are relatives of electric. They are characterized by the fact that they do not need to be plugged in. you just need to charge the battery. However, such a tool can work for 25-30 min.

An area of 100 m² can be mowed within this time. Then you have to recharge the device, which takes 5 to 10 hours. Another variant is to buy several spare batteries and prolong the mowing for 1-2 hours.

Gasoline grass trimmers use currently expensive fuel. If the landowner has no problems with buying gasoline, this is the option of choice. It is more powerful than an electric and is not limited to the capabilities of the battery.

With such a tool it is possible to mow until the fuel runs out or the line for a trimmer runs out. In addition, such grass trimmers, working on a mixture of gasoline and oil, are much more powerful than electric. A lawn area of up to 1,000 square metres can be mowed with this unit.

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The two disadvantages of the gasoline lawnmower are noise and exhaust fumes. In addition, if you do not observe the correct composition of the mixture, the device can start with problems. Wheeled gasoline grass trimmers are almost lawn mowers. There are two big wheels mounted on them, which improve steerability and passability on particularly difficult terrains.

Which is better: a grass trimmer or a lawn mower

Each grass trimmer has its advantages and disadvantages. Based on the needs, you should choose the one, the benefits of which will be greater in this situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a lawn trimmer for grass:

  • Compact. Compared to a lawn mower, it is much smaller.
  • Mobility. The grass trimmer is easy to use and can be used on small lawns.
  • Indispensable in hard-to-reach places.
  • Can be used in uneven terrain.
  • requires no special care after use. Simply clean off grass residue and check the trimmer line.
  • Convenient for transportation.
  • Price appeal. Grass trimmer costs less than a lawnmower.
  • Low power tool.
  • When grass is cut, it is thrown across the lawn. After work, it is necessary to collect the mowed grass.
  • Can pull poorly rooted grass roots.
  • Mowing in wet grass is forbidden.
  • The work is accompanied by a lot of noise.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a lawn mower:

  • The quality of mowing is even and neat, to a width of 30-40 cm.
  • Do not pull the grass out at the root.
  • The operation of the device is practically silent.
  • Equipped with a grass catcher box, so there is no need to collect the cuttings after work.
  • Mowing requires no special skills or physical exertion.
  • Suitable for working on medium and large lawns only.
  • Used on young lawns with not very tall grass.
  • Productive on flat areas and on slopes not exceeding 10 degrees.

The best choice for lawn care is a gasoline grass trimmer. It allows you to cut vegetation with different stem thickness. If the lawn is homogeneous, a 1 kW electric grasshopper will suffice. Before buying, it’s a good idea to plan the storage and transportation of the appliance.

Did you know? The first garden grass trimmer invented was designed to remove weeds around trees. It was unique in that it did not damage the bark of the trees as a result of the work.

For areas with wild vegetation, it is best to use a metal blade as a cutting tool. Select the appliance according to the work to be performed on a regular basis. Extra power significantly adds to grass trimmer weight and fuel consumption. Poor quality of work and even tool breakage.