How To Make A Motorbike Out Of Trimmer Yourself

A trimmer with an engine of sufficient power and torque can become a reliable basis for self-assembly of two-wheeled vehicles. A moped and a motor scooter. They can be equipped with different parts. It all depends on the needs and preferences of the manufacturer. In any case, a correctly assembled unit will be distinguished by efficiency, unpretentiousness in maintenance and ease of self-repair.

What is needed to make a motorbike?

A homemade bike from a trimmer should be assembled from a specific list of parts and mechanisms.

To build a motorbike out of a lawn mower with your own hands, the manufacturer will need:

  • Fully functional 2-wheeled bicycle with a strong frame on the surface of which there are no visible foci of rust. If they are, then the problem areas need to be pre-coated with a primer and several layers of paint;
  • Working power unit from a gas trimmer. The rated engine power should be 3–6 liters. With. Powerful engines are impractical to use, since they will require more fuel mixture;
  • Belt or drive chain;
  • Tension roller for a bicycle from a trimmer;
  • Asterisk. Must match the motor used. If possible, the star can be turned on a lathe with your own hands;
  • Clamp. Necessary for stable mounting of the motor on the bicycle frame. The clamp can be made with your own hands, using an all-metal piece of steel;
  • A cable that will serve as a link between the power unit and the gas handle of the bicycle;
  • Multiple fuses and controller;
  • Exhaust pipe. The length of the standard exhaust pipe from the trimmer will not be enough, so you need to take an additional piece of pipe of the appropriate diameter and weld it to the lawn mowing element;
  • Screws, washers, bushings and other fasteners.

How To Make A Motorbike Out Of Trimmer Yourself

Together with the engine from the lawn mowers, the manufacturer will need the entire fuel system along with the carburetor, factory clutch, ignition and gas tank. All internal mechanisms must be carefully prepared for assembling a bicycle. Flush and replace their defective components.

How to do lawn mowing bike?

An important role in designing a moped from a trimmer is played by the correct assembly sequence. In addition, the manufacturer needs to prepare the workplace in advance and lay out all the elements used on it. This will save time during the subsequent manufacture of homemade products.

To assemble a motorbike from a trimmer, you need to act in this order:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to equip the driving rear wheel of the bicycle with an asterisk. To do this, you need to install 2 elastic rubber gaskets on the rear wheel: the first of them should be located between the spokes of the wheel, and the second. Immediately behind them. The star itself must be tightly mounted on the sleeve, which is located on the outside of the wheel. In this case, the crescent-shaped part must be fixed on the inside;
  2. Next, on the bicycle frame, you need to install the power unit from the disassembled trimmer. It is best to choose the back of the frame for mounting the motor, behind the regular seat. Usually the “trunk” of the bicycle is located in this place. It must be removed, and a sturdy steel plate welded instead. Between it and the engine it is necessary to install a piece of rubber, which will partially dampen the vibration of the motor. To fix the motor on the plate, the operator must use a clamp. He will not allow the driver to get burned during the operation of a homemade moped;
  3. After that, the power unit mounted on the bicycle frame from the trimmer and the sprocket will need to be connected with a drive belt or chain. To be able to regularly adjust the position of the chain, the operator must install a tension roller;
  4. Then the bike with the engine from the trimmer must be equipped with a throttle lever mounted on the hand-made steering wheel. Connect the accelerator to the motor with a cable;
  5. Next, you need to install a gas tank. For its installation, you will need to use a small metal or plastic platform located above the engine. This will ensure the natural ingress of fuel into the cylinder of the power unit;
  6. At the end, the operator will have to install a carburetor from the trimmer on the bike motor.

Before direct use, home-made bikes with a trimmer motor must be carefully checked and tested. To do this, you need to carefully inspect the device of the unit and make sure that all the nodes necessary for its operation are installed on the frame. Then you need to check the moped in action. Having traveled several kilometers at low speed and making sure that the bicycle is in good working order, you can proceed to its more active use on the road.

Preparing to assemble a scooter from lawn mowers

In its basic design, a scooter with a power unit from a household trimmer strongly resembles a motorbike. The difference between them lies in the weight and dimensions of the homemade product. A motor scooter is much lighter and more compact than a moped, therefore, for its manufacture, the designer can use engines with a capacity of up to 3-4 liters. With.

In addition to the power unit from the trimmer, to assemble the scooter, the manufacturer will need:

  • Metal frame from a conventional scooter;
  • Accessories that must be removed in advance from the old bicycle. These include wheel hubs, sprockets, a cable, as well as a drive chain with a roller, the gear ratio of which should be at least 4 ;;
  • Zero resistance filter;
  • Chain gear with a gear ratio of 1: 3;
  • Disc brakes assembled from an old bike;
  • Metal pipes and plate;
  • Screws, nuts and other fasteners.

All assembled elements, especially the frame used by the scooter, will need to be checked for rust and defects. They should not have traces of corrosion, otherwise the homemade trimmer will quickly become worthless.

How to do motor scooter out of trimmer?

To design a scooter with an engine from a lawn mowing machine, the manufacturer will need a strong welded frame. It can be taken from an old scooter, or you can make a frame of metal pipes. Their individual pieces need to be welded to each other with a thick continuous seam. For added reliability, steel spacers and couplers must be welded to the main parts of the frame. The joints must be treated with a corrosion inhibitor. The finished support frame will need to be coated with a thick coat of primer and painted.

The further order of work should be as follows;

  1. Front and rear wheels will need to be attached to a painted and fully dried frame. They can be taken from an old children’s bike;
  2. After that, the engine from the trimmer must be installed on the frame in front of the rear wheel. The distance between the power unit and the wheel should be at least 5 cm. Otherwise a hot motor will heat the wheel, which will increase the pressure inside it;
  3. The fuel tank from the lawn mowers must be positioned above the trimmer. This will ensure the free flow of fuel into the internal combustion engine cylinder. The engine and fuel tank must be attached to the frame using clamps. Thanks to this, the operator will be able to remove the power unit and install it back on the lawn mowing;
  4. You will need to install disc brakes on the rear wheel. They must be connected to the lever using a separate cable;
  5. Instead of a regular carburetor of a gas trimmer, it is necessary to install a fuel unit, the diameter of the inlet of which should be at least 15 mm;
  6. Then, on a homemade moped, you will need to install a zero resistance filter;
  7. After that, the rear wheel of the unit will need to be equipped with a tension roller and connect it to the motor using a chain.

After assembling the motor scooter, the operator must test it. To do this, take the homemade product to a flat surface and check it for maneuverability and smoothness. It is important to detect extraneous sounds that may come from the side of the wheels or engine in time. If they are not, then a homemade scooter from a trimmer is ready for further use.

A motorbike is an indispensable form of transport, especially in a city. After all, finding a way out of endless traffic jams with the help of such a technique will not be difficult. But this does not mean that in rural areas the device will not cope with the ride. On the contrary, it will become a real all-terrain vehicle, with the help of which it will be possible to be in the right place for a quick time. Over, the rights to drive him are not needed, so it can be a real way out for those who could not get them.

DIY bike

The domestic market offers customers a motorbike with an engine of type D. However, such devices have some drawbacks, the most significant of which is the presence of only one gear, which makes the device’s capabilities significantly reduced. However, their cost is not too high, so as they say, get what you pay for.

But you can make home-made units with your own hands. To do this, you need all the necessary materials. Until recently, motorbikes were the cherished dream of any boy. Yes, in childhood, such home-made products caused a lot of admiration. The difference from a conventional bicycle was that such a device was equipped with a gasoline engine. And the current in the circuit could be created using a conventional hair trimmer. Although the use of a trimmer is not necessary, since it can be replaced with any other suitable device.

You can create a motorbike with your own hands, but to do this, you may need a with a similar theme. If the rights to the necessary are protected, then you can use any suitable instruction.

Instruction manual

So, in order to make such a device, you need:

  • Bike;
  • Motor;
  • Bracket;
  • Homemade starlet;
  • Exhaust pipe;
  • Fuel tank;
  • Brake for the rear wheel.

Bike engine

You can make a motorbike by following this instruction:

  1. Take a regular bike with ownership rights. For this purpose, it is not necessary to use a new device, since even an old unit is ideal.
  2. In order to fix the welded frame without problems, it is necessary to use a bracket prepared in advance.
  3. On the rear wheel you need to install an asterisk, which you can do yourself.
  4. You can buy an exhaust pipe anywhere. It is attached by welding.
  5. Instead of a fuel tank, it is quite possible to take a bottle from a siphon for soda.
  6. An additional brake can be installed on the rear or front wheel, as the device becomes faster and a regular brake may not work on time.
  7. It remains only to connect all the details with each other. This may require a specialist if he himself has no experience with current.

In addition, you can decorate the resulting motorbike with the help of various crafts from waste materials.

And although you do not need the right to drive this type of transport, do not forget to respect the rights of pedestrians and other road users.

There are quite a few options for making snowplows from trimmers. The easiest way is to replace the cutting element with a rotor. Such a snow blower works like a shovel. He rakes the snow, and then throws it in any direction. Before you start the production of a snow blower with your own hands, you need to stock up on a welding machine, an electric drill, an angle grinder and consumables.

Manufacturing principle

It is better to draw a diagram of the device in advance and put down all sizes. Only in this case you get a real snow cutter from a trimmer. The case can be made of a small metal barrel. For this:

  • In the bottom of the barrel cut a hole for the gearbox;
  • The barrel is shortened to 40-50 centimeters;
  • A hole is made from the side to eject snow;
  • A disk is made from sheet metal and the blades are welded to it (the impeller should turn out).

The main thing is to give the blades the correct bend. It depends on how efficiently a homemade snow thrower from a trimmer will work. The more blades, the farther and more snow is thrown. Snow removal is made from the remaining parts of a metal barrel. It is necessary to cut a rectangular strip of the required size, and then bend in the form of a crescent. On the sides, side parts are welded that do not allow snow to fly apart. You should get something resembling a bent gutter. Thanks to him, snow will be thrown in a certain direction.

Then a scraper is made and welded with a “snail”, along which it will pass, and crumbled snow will be thrown out to the side. In the production of the scraper, sheet steel is used. Dimensions should correspond to the inlet of the “snail”. To ensure that the whole structure glides well in the snow, a metal sheet is welded from below, creating a semblance of a wide ski. Snowplow is welded over the hole for ejecting snow. Better to make it adjustable. Then the snow will be thrown in the direction that is required.

Today, many people know how to make a snow thrower from a trimmer yourself. And since not everyone has a desire to make the machine themselves, you have to remove snow with shovels. Modern snow removal equipment works on three different principles, one of which is auger.

Equipped with a screw

The work of the auger snow blower is based on the principle of a grinder. Only there is a worm mechanism used that feeds meat to knives, and in a snowplow, snow is pushed by a screw shaft to a snowblow. Such an apparatus is capable of casting snow at a distance of three meters or more. Thanks to the screws, even an insignificant layer of ice formed under the snow is removed. The auger crushes into small fractions and sends it with snow to a throwing blade, and then to a snow removal pipe.

Rotor equipment

In a rotary snow blower, the snow ejects the rotor, creating increased centrifugal force. Passing through the pipe, snow is discarded at a distance of 6-7 meters. The rotary snow blower works like a powerful vacuum cleaner. However, it is not intended to break the ice. This is even dangerous, since getting on the rotor blades, small and large particles of ice, they are necessarily damaged. Making a rotary snow blower yourself is much simpler than a screw machine. However, difficulties exist in both cases. Noteworthy is the combined snow blower. The reason for the appearance of this version of snowplows was the advantages and disadvantages of the first two types of devices.