How to tension the belt on a power tiller oka

How to tension the belt on a single-axle tractor Neva MB-2 with your hands

In order to replace this structural element, you do not need to go to a specialized service. The entire job can be done by yourself in a fairly short period of time. Let’s consider a step-by-step algorithm of actions, by which the replacement of the belt on the motor-block brand Neva is carried out:

  • First of all, the old consumable element must be removed if it has not been done before;
  • In general, the disassembly begins with a step by step disconnection of the protective shield, as well as the main casing;
  • It is obligatory to remove the spring, through the work of which the tension is carried out;
  • then unscrew the screw fasteners, as well as unscrew the limiters that hold the drive belt on the engine pulley;
  • Next, make sure that the motor shaft knobs as well as the gearbox are in the same plane;
  • here is allowed a slight discrepancy, which does not exceed the minimum value of 0.1 millimeter;
  • If necessary, you should adjust the pulleys (to do this, move the motor in the longitudinal plane);
  • after that it is required to adjust the tension pulley, so that there is sufficient tension afterwards;
  • to complete the procedure, a new belt must be installed (start putting on the element from the gear part).

After that you need to reverse the procedure that preceded the procedure of installing a new belt on the single-axle tractor brand Neva.

Important! When performing the work, you need to do everything carefully and in stages, otherwise there is a risk that the new consumable element will break, or drive mechanisms will be damaged.

The mole motor cultivator tears the straps

Today I was tuning my mole again. And that’s what I got to. Began to align the alignment bought 3 washers in a hardware store with an inner diameter of 18 mm and put them under turned out not so good:

I used a ruler and a caliper.

It didn’t really work anyway, I turned the pulley and swapped the belt from the native one to the belt from the power-assisted gazelle.

On it went deep into the the wings on a full coulter

The front attachment may not rip but does not drive when the clutch is depressed, but drives when the clutch is depressed.When a single axle tractor stands, the pulley rotates, but the gearbox doesn’t go (maybe that’s why it gets so hot)?)And the Mole went digging

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I took off the belt guard on purpose, that would be visible node in which the problem.I have ploughed much more than a normal belt, and still dug less than 1.5 hundredweight and the belt is heated and began to break up.

I do not know what to do and what to do here, I adjusted the alignment, tension, but why the belt burns?Maybe the pulley is small? Or something else?Here is a little report, maybe someone else, what else will prompt?Thank you friends for answering!

Belt replacement for power tiller

Quality parts for the motor-block provide excellent and long-lasting operation of the unit, especially the alternator belts, the dimensions of which must match the design features of the device. Do not expect that the purchase of more powerful belts will increase the functionality of the “technical assistant” itself, because their purpose is to realize the potential of the power tiller, but not to raise it to a higher level. Modern belts for power tillers are made of polyurethane and neoprene. These materials are considered more durable and wear-resistant, but still, even they occasionally do not withstand huge loads and tear.

The MB-1 model line

“Oka”, one of the most popular models of JSC “Kaluga Engine”. It is a heavy motor equipment for tillage of absolutely all types of soil, both virgin and previously cultivated. There are eight modifications in the mowing line of power tillers “Oka”. Further in the review, we will consider each of them in more detail.

MB-1D1M10 single axle tractor

Single axle tractor-OCA-MB-1D1M10 This is one of the most popular models at the moment, which has earned many positive reviews. MB-1D1M10 is equipped with an engine made in China (Lifan 168F-2A). Engine power is 6.5 liters.s, tank volume. 3.6 l. In this model there is a metal fuel tank. The weight of the unit is 90 kg.

In the thematic article on our site, devoted to MB.1D1M10, all the advantages of this modification are revealed in detail. with this material in more detail by clicking on the link to the article Motoblocks Oka MB-1D1M10. Overview, characteristics, operating instructions.

Advantages of the MB-1D1M10:

  • high power and productivity;
  • powerful pulling power;
  • adjustable transport track;
  • chain gear;
  • 18 months warranty from the factory.

MB-1D2M13 single-axle tractor

Single axle tractor MB-1D1M13

This model is distinguished by a quality engine and its power. MB-1D2M13 modification is equipped with American Robin Subaru EX-17 engine with 6 hp.с. This machine can be used to work the ground in any density, with the help of attachments.

Pros of the MB-1D2M13:

  • powerful, reliable engine made in the USA;
  • ability to speed up to 9 km / h in second gear;
  • high tractive force;
  • reliability, durability;
  • 24 months warranty from the factory.

single-axle tractor MB-1D2M9

single axle tractor MB-1D2M9

Another variation of the classic MB1. This modification has a Honda engine (Honda GX200) made in Japan. Metal fuel tank. Engine power is 6.5 liters.с.

  • Ability to drive at a speed of 9 km/h in second gear;
  • reliable engine of foreign producer;
  • high quality of assembly;
  • operation with heavy soils;
  • chain reducer;
  • 18 month warranty.

MB-1D2M14 single axle tractor

MB-1D2M14 single-axle tractor

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Popular model with a powerful engine Robin Subaru EX-21 (7 l.с). Due to the high power of the engine, the single-axle tractor is often used by farmers to transport goods and even to travel around the dacha village. Like the previous modification, can reach up to 9 km/h in the second gear. On the first gear speed reaches 3.6 km / h. at such a speed it is possible to work with rotary tillers. The manufacturer’s guarantee. 24 months.

tension, belt, power, tiller

In addition to the obvious advantages of minus can be called only a massive motor block and a rather high price.

MB-1D2M16 and MB-1D2M17 power tillers

These models are almost identical except for the type of engine. The M16 has a Lifan 177F (made in China), the M17 has a Lifan 177FD with electric start. Both models weigh 94 kg, even more than previous versions. Engine power is the same and amounts to 9 hp.с. Warranty on both units is 18 months.

single-axis tractor OKA MB-1D2M17 with Lifan engine

OKA MB-1D1M6 single axle tractor with MITSUBISHI engine

single axle tractor MB-1D2M18

One more modification, which belongs to the new. Comes with a Robin Subaru EX 27 PREMIUM engine, power 9.0 liters.с. Weight of the walking tractor. 90 kg, two gears (one forward, one reverse). Warranty period 24 months.

MB-1D2M18 single-axle tractor

MB-1D1M19 single axle tractor

The unit is slightly less powerful than its predecessors. Equipped with a Chinese engine Lifan (Lifan 170F) for 7 liters.с. Weight of the tractor is 94 kg, number of gears. 2. Any model in the MB-1 mowing line modifications can work in combination with various attachments, as well as with trailed units, such as carts, trailers, adapters.

single-axle tractor MB-1D1M19

पावर टिलर का बेल्ट कैसे टाइट करे Belt tightening power tiller full demo ग्रीव्स मिनी टीलर 14 hp

The most popular types of attachments for the entire mowing line of “Oka” power tillers are: plow, dipstick, potato digger, grouser, snowplow, mower.

Belts for Moto-Block: choice and installation

High-quality drive belt (belt units) for power tillers ensures long-term use of the device for cultivation of the sown area. On the basis of the intensity of use and the service life of the machine you should choose the right belt for your machine. Do not buy the first drive belt on the machine, which will be advised in the store. Increased physical properties of the machine do not make it work better, if the machine is not designed for it.

Features of “Neva” power tillers

There are many modifications of this power tiller (MB-2, MB-23, etc.).д.). Each machine has its own type of belt. Mostly used MB-1 motocultivators are of an old modification. It should be noted that the functioning of the MB-1 and MB-2 devices is based on the mechanism of the V-belt transmission. This system allows the unit to move forward and backward respectively, without its assistance the unit simply will not work. In the MB-1 power tillers there is a V-belt transmission of both strokes. MB-2 releases use only one forward gear. On this basis, to choose a belt for the motor-block “Neva”, you should be stocked with the following data:

  • you need to know the type of belt which corresponds exactly to your machine model;
  • belt length;
  • The degree of tension of the part;
  • type of V-belt transmission (for certain modifications).
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Belts on single axle tractor Cascade

For owners of land plots, an indispensable helper is the single-axis tractor Kaskad, which is produced at Reductor-PM, located in Tula. Perm. Thanks to the easy operation and versatility of this unit has earned great popularity, both at home and far abroad. As with any equipment, in addition to its strengths, there are weaknesses, and in this article we will talk about the belts on a single axle tractor Cascade.

The main causes of element wear and tear

On a power tiller, the belt can tear for a variety of reasons. The main ones are listed in the following paragraphs:

  • repositioning pulleys (in some models of agricultural machinery);
  • poor quality product initially (made with a factory defect, with violation of technology);
  • Wear of the traction sheave knob on the engine;
  • kinked belts;
  • Improper installation of the product (e.g. incorrect installation. too far or too close. of the belt stabilizer);
  • mechanical damage during use. tears, abrasions;
  • misalignment of pulleys, which causes erosion of web edge all the way to the cords, tension is lost, whistling starts, belt tensioned on pulley bends during operation, it causes friction against the belt edge.

It is not uncommon for belts to fail after replacing the engine. Check that the V-belt pulleys are parallel and in alignment with the groove axis to ensure correct running of the V-belt drive. Angular misalignment must also be corrected. When installing the belt on a single-axle tractor, any type of displacement should be eliminated.

If farming is not too demanding, it’s best to loosen the tensioning rollers. This will help save components.

tension, belt, power, tiller

It is very important not only to replace defective parts, but also to understand the reasons why the belts are broken. This will help avoid a repeat of the situation in the future and reduce the cost of purchases. Eliminate the root cause and you won’t have to worry about belts snapping at the most inopportune moment.

Design, repair, maintenance of motor block OKA. Operating instructions

This article is about the design, repair and maintenance of the motor-block Oka. This motorized device has been produced at Kaluga Engine Plant under the name of MB-1 single axle tractor since 1991.

Since 2011 the machine has been renamed “Oka”. Its function is to carry out all types of agricultural work on small to medium sized plots with different soil types. Functional attachments, represented in the range by the manufacturer KaDvi, significantly expand the capabilities of a power tiller.