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Construction and stationery knife

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Blade showdown, cutting melamine laminate boards

Most often, a construction or clerical knife for cutting laminate can be used in situations where you need to trim or cut a small piece of board. You can also use a construction knife if you need to cut off a fragment of the laminate, and there is no other tool at hand. To do this, it is necessary to make an incision of the decorative layer along the markings with strong pressure several times (it will not be possible to completely cut off the fragment like a saw) until a deep trace remains on the surface. Next, you need to put a hammer handle or other stop under the cutting line and break off a piece by pressing on the far edge. The cut can be cleaned with the same knife or sandpaper.

Drill and electric screwdriver

A drill or an electric screwdriver are not the main tools for laying laminate, but are often used to make cutouts for pipes and communications, as well as when installing skirting boards and thresholds after laying the laminate.


Let’s start with the simplest and most affordable. a hand saw for wood or a hacksaw. This is a hand-held tool that is found in almost every home. A hacksaw requires physical effort and can be used when cutting small amounts of material. On a large volume, its use is not effective. At the same time, the choice of a hacksaw with large teeth can lead to the destruction of the decorative surface of the coating lamellas. To prevent such consequences, it is better to use a hacksaw with fine teeth or a hacksaw for metal.

Advice: before starting the cut, a masking tape should be glued to this place, which will prevent the formation of chips at the cut site. It is recommended to lay the board face up.

A hacksaw is not the main tool for cutting laminate by professionals due to low productivity, high physical costs and the danger of damage to the decorative layer of the panel. But in some cases, with small volumes, when it is impractical to use a jigsaw or an angle grinder, a hacksaw may be useful.

An electric reciprocating saw is a direct alternative to a hacksaw. Now there is a large selection of such tools on the market. However, an electric saw will not add much convenience and speed to work. Therefore, in our review we will not dwell on it in detail.

Laminate cutter

A guillotine or laminate cutter is a highly professional and rather expensive hand tool designed exclusively for cutting laminate. It does not require skills and physical strength.

Outwardly, the cutter resembles a guillotine equipped with a sharp knife. When it comes to deciding on the right tool, a laminate cutter is usually not the first choice, as this narrowly professional tool is little known to a wide range of users, despite its effectiveness.

  • Silence;
  • High speed of work;
  • No dust;
  • Experience and skills of use are not required;
  • High cut quality.

Important! Cutting is only possible in the transverse direction.

A circular saw

A circular saw produces a smoother laminate cut than a jigsaw, and much faster. However, working with such a tool requires a lot of attention and is much more dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended to use a circular saw only for those who have the skills and experience in handling such a tool, or have thoroughly familiarized themselves with the operating procedure by watching the video.

Usually, the circular saw for laminate flooring is used only by professionals with very large volumes of work. At home, this tool is rarely used due to its high cost, bulkiness and the risk of injury.

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As with the jigsaw, to cut laminate flooring, the circular saw must be fitted with a blade designed for this particular procedure. The cut is made face up with smooth movements in the longitudinal or transverse direction.

Features of the laminate cutting process

When you start laying your laminate floor, you need to know not only how to cut the laminate at home, but also how to use the tools correctly. Among the main defining points regarding the features of working with laminate, the following can be noted:

  • do not apply great effort when cutting the laminate;
  • in case of a poor-quality cut, the board should be laid with the damaged side under the skirting board;
  • to obtain an ideal cut, the workpiece should be placed with the wrong side down when working with an angle grinder and circular saw, or the wrong side up when working with a jigsaw;
  • before cutting, check the calculations several times in order to prevent damage to materials;
  • curved cuts should be made using a template for measuring bends, gluing construction tape to the cut.

angle grinder

The angle grinder or in the common people “angle grinder” for cutting laminate is used quite often. It is an easy-to-use tool. A clean wood cut disc is installed on it, which can easily cut a laminate panel.

The workpiece is fixed on a flat plane with a decorative layer up. It should be cut slowly, smoothly, without strong pressure and clearly following the marked straight line of the mowing line. Make sure that the blade on the angle grinder laminate does not get stuck or skid in the workpiece while cutting. A certain dexterity and skill are required here, so it is better to test your strength and skill on waste before sawing laminate flooring at home.

For many, an angle grinder is associated with cutting metal. But this power tool has great capabilities and a wide range of sizes and powers, which allows it to be classified as a universal tool. A certain part of the craftsmen do not make another decision when the question of the choice of cutting tools arises. they prefer to cut the laminate with an angle grinder, since it is with its help that they cut almost all materials.

When cutting laminated material with an angle grinder, the cut is flawlessly even and smooth. In order to obtain the best surface quality, it is important which blade is being cut: for cutting wood, metal, concrete or stone. The right circle will help you achieve the best results.

Important! Before cutting, the workpiece is laid and fixed face up. The cut should be smooth, without strong pressure, clearly in a straight line with the mowing line. Use a clean cut wood saw blade to cut laminate flooring.

When working with this tool, a large amount of dust and an unpleasant smell of burnt wood are generated. Therefore, when choosing an angle grinder, it is not recommended to carry out work indoors: for this it is better to go to an open balcony or to the street.


The electric jigsaw is a handy, simple and highly productive tool. In most cases, it takes the first place due to ease of handling, accessibility in operation and efficiency of use. Therefore, when looking for solutions to the problem, than to saw the laminate at home, many of the users opt for it.

To use the jigsaw does not require special training or many years of skill, everyone can successfully cope with it. The result will be of high quality, the cut will be smooth and perfectly smooth, given that the tool operates at high speeds. The main thing in its application is the correct selection of saws for the laminate.

Usually, a jigsaw set includes several blades designed for processing wood or laminate. If you do not have them, you should take care of the purchase in advance. The laminate saw for jigsaw has a special shape and a fine pitch of teeth. Look for the corresponding markings on the packaging. Using the wrong file will result in chipping at the cut edges. Therefore, it is better to cut the panels with a special file for a laminate jigsaw. If it was not possible to find one, you can use a sheet for metal, but the productivity of the work will be slightly reduced.

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Important! The marking is done from the seamy side of the panel. For jigsaw cutting, lay the workpiece on a flat, clean surface with the decorative side down. This way the saw teeth damage the panel less during the cut.

An important advantage of the jigsaw over other types of tools is the ability to make not only straight cuts, but also curved ones. This is very important, if necessary, to lay a laminate floor in the places where pipes and communications pass. A jigsaw will easily cut grooves and leads under them.

Makita Saw Blades

MForce saw blades

Laminate flooring: custom cuts

Revolutionary cutting edge tooth design that sets new standards for saw blades. The double beveled tooth has clear cutting edges and an M shape. Fine cut M-teeth have a large number of cutting edges for a very clean cut. With an Mforce 24-tooth saw blade, you can achieve the same results as a conventional 48-tooth saw blade.

MAKForce saw blades

A wide range of blades for all models of circular hand saws. Dimensions: 135 mm. 355 mm. Number of teeth: 10. 60. Blades can be used for rough cuts, as well as for normal and super thin cross cuts.

Saw blades MAKBlade

Robust, high-quality, shock-absorbing saw blades for high stability when working with the tool. High quality teeth with long lasting cutting edges reduce user stress and help extend tool and saw blade life. Narrow discs provide reduced wear and smoother cuts

Saw blades MAKBlade Plus

Special coating provides extremely low friction, smooth cut and effective corrosion and resin protection.

Special saw blades for cordless saws

The very thin, centered steel construction of the discs ensures an extremely accurate cut of the material. The design of the disc teeth is designed for universal sawing of wood. High quality HM cutting edges ensure smooth, clean cut and longer life.

Special saw blades for plunge-cut saws

Vibration damping system with laser cut, synthetic resin filled slots. The special design allows the use of a very thin blade for a clean cut.

Special saw blades for knotty wood and wood with nails

Deep serrated discs are highly durable and long lasting. These blades are especially effective for cutting knotty wood or wood with nails or screws. In addition, these discs are suitable for demolition work. Longer service life and high efficiency.

Special saw blades for stainless steel

Heavy-duty blades specially designed for cutting stainless steel.

Special saw blades for metal

New saw blades for cutting metal provide cleaner, faster cuts. New tungsten carbide construction with strong teeth for excellent shock resistance.

Special saw blades for aluminum

The very thin, centered steel disc construction ensures an extremely accurate cut of the material. The unique design of the teeth ensures high efficiency when cutting non-ferrous metals. High efficiency when cutting laminate.

Special saw blades for construction

For circular saws. Specially designed for rough work on the construction site. Robust design with strong and durable cutting edge.

Special saw blades for sandwich panels

Special blades designed for cutting metal-composite materials or so-called sandwich panels. Multi-layer panels consist of two layers of metal and an insulating inner part. These blades are designed to cut metal layers of panels with low heat generation, preventing material damage between the two layers.

Special saw blades for laminate flooring

For cordless circular and crosscut saws. Specially designed for cutting laminate flooring. Clean and quiet cut.

Angle Grinder Cutting

This method of cutting NP does not require much physical effort, while the edges of the coating remain even, which is especially important when joining Double clic laminate. It is important to choose the right disc for your angle grinder. Discs for cutting tiles, metal or concrete are suitable, and the process itself must be carried out from the front side of the coating. in this case, there will be no chips along the edges of the front layer.

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Be sure to take precautions when working with an angle grinder, and also place a block of wood under the laminate or cut the NP by weight. Before starting work, if it is planned in a regular room, cover the furniture with foil. otherwise, the dust suspended in the air will cover it with a thin uniform layer. It is easier to remove the film later than to start a major cleaning.

Hacksaw cutting

This is the easiest and most common home renovation method. For work, a metal file is suitable, which must be well pulled on a hacksaw and sawed at an angle of 45 degrees. The only drawback of this method is the laboriousness of the process, which is clearly visible when slitting the laminate, since only one row is cut in this way.

The best option is to put the marked panel on a stool, press it with your knee and cut it with moderate shoulder girdle efforts. When you reach the middle of the panel, start cutting from the opposite side. it is easier and faster, while in the process of slitting, simply break off the already unnecessary pieces of the coating.

DIY laminate cutting. methods and tools. Stroyremontiruy Blog

Cutting the laminate is a necessary step when laying the flooring, which can and should be done by hand. Below we will look at the main methods of cutting laminate and see what kind of tool is needed for this.

Cutting with a sharp knife

This is an “extreme” way to cut laminate flooring, as with its apparent simplicity, it is very deceiving. A painting knife with a sharp blade is used, for the work of which the marking is done, a metal ruler is applied and the surface layer of the laminate is cut with a knife from the front side. After that, the panel is turned over and broken off like drywall. Be sure to make a deep cut and take care of your hands. a blade can damage them worse than a power tool.

There are also special cutters for the laminate, but this is a purely professional tool that makes no sense to buy for laying the covering in one room or even throughout the apartment.

Jigsaw cutting

It is also a fairly simple and safe way to cut NP, however, it is important to follow the mowing line of the marking accurately, which is not always easy for an owner with minimal work experience. To get the first experience, you can practice on trimming the coating before starting the main work. The jigsaw is also useful if you need curly cutting. the main thing is to accurately make the marking and cut strictly along it.

A jigsaw file is selected with fine teeth, and the furniture is protected from dust with a protective film.

Slicing methods

You can cut the laminate (longitudinal and transverse cutting):

  • – angle grinder,
  • – manual hacksaw,
  • – Electric jigsaw,
  • – Sharp painting knife.

Almost all panels need to be cut across, and only the outermost row of the laminate is cut along.

For the accuracy of cross-cutting, be sure to use a joiner’s square, with its help the line is retracted exactly at 90 degrees and there are no problems with joining the plates. Perfect precision is not required when slitting. as the edge of the material will “go” to the wall and covered with a plinth.

Questions and answers

It doesn’t matter which side to cut the laminate?

Which cuts more precisely. a hacksaw, a knife or a jigsaw?

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