PTO shaft mounted spudder for tillers

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Pros and cons of the PTO models

Many people find the simplicity of the model attractive and the possibility of operating two eccentrics at the same time. But they have specific nodes. silent-blocks, which can’t withstand regular loads, wear out and need repair or replacement. The conveyor belt models are more reliable in this respect. They have special gearboxes that allow them to optimize their work. Thanks to their design, it is easy to change the speed of the belt according to the ground conditions. Instead of silent blocks they are equipped with bearings, which also increases the reliability of equipment.

If you compare in terms of efficiency, there is no fundamental difference between the models. The conveyor model may be superior in that after it the harvest remains on the ground. And screeners leave the crop slightly mixed in with the soil.

Characteristics of screen models

Their well-known representatives: KKM-1, KKM-3, “Poltavchanka”, KM-1 for MTZ power tiller.

shaft, mounted, spudder, tillers

Potato digger KVM-3

The design consists of an active ploughshare and a screen. The area for maneuvering equipment should be at least 60-70 cm. in width. The blade undercuts the soil layer, where the sieve is embedded. The vibrating action sifts the soil and separates the crop. The vibration force is strong enough to sift through large, clumpy chunks of soil. After sifting the crop remains on the surface of the ground.

  • wide coverage of the soil. eliminates crop residues in the soil;
  • separates the soil well from the potatoes;
  • can be used to dig out other crops: garlic, beets, carrots, etc.д.;
  • ease of operation;
  • economical use of fuel;
  • Optimal for working on large areas of ground.

Advantages and disadvantages of fan harvesters

Fan models are shovel-like mechanisms with concave edges. Metal rods are welded to the edges. Digging is done with sharp ends. Has the following disadvantages and advantages.

Fan spudger

  • easy to mount on a single-axle tractor;
  • compatible with power tillers that have a minimum motor power. For example, this is the Neva MB;
  • reliable design;
  • high productivity;
  • The simplicity of their construction allows them to be built to order in any region;
  • affordable price.
  • Fan models can work a small area of the ground. it is usually up to 20 cm. to a width of up to 15 cm. in depth;
  • often damages potatoes
  • about 15% of the crop remains under the ground
  • A single axle tractor with a fan spudger consumes a lot of fuel;
  • The harvest has to be harvested manually;
  • only able to work in light, loose soil.

Vibratory potato weed trimmer KKM-3 for power tillers with PTO 14-18 mm (round under the key)

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KKM-3 vibratory potato digger to power tillers with PTO is a unique device designed for mechanized digging of potato tubers out of the ground crops are placed on the soil surface and then can be collected by hand. This model is suitable for collecting not only potatoes but also beets, carrots, garlic, onions. The product greatly simplifies the work process and saves time. Productivity devices is up to 15 acres per hour. Such potato harvester is ideal for power tillers Salyut, Neva, MTZ, Kaskad and other similar units, and also for mini-tractors, in which the drive of the attached mechanisms is implemented by PTO (under the shaft 14 and 18 mm).

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KKM-3 for power tillers with PTO has a well thought-out design. The module includes a special sieve (screen) and an active ploughshare (knife). Two stable support wheels. This modification of the potato harvester has a solid height of the harvested ridge up to 17 centimeters. The gentleness of the soil separation can be regulated with the help of the engine speed of the used equipment.

Vibratory potato harvester KKM-3 for power tillers with PTO is suitable for operation on any type of soil. Even on heavy soils, the implement works smoothly, without causing any problems to the operator. It is very convenient that the dug food crop is almost completely cleared from the ground. This model is suitable for work on small and medium-sized plots. The spudder doesn’t need much fuel to operate efficiently, making it economical.

Advantages of the vibrating potato digger KKM-3 to power tillers with PTO:

Potato diggers differ in such parameters:

  • Dimensions. the greater the length and width of the working mechanism, the more productive the potato harvester is. Narrow implements are more suitable for single beds in the household, while the wider ones with a grapple are used for harvesting potatoes from more than a hectare of land.
  • How to clean the potatoes from the ground. this factor is taken into account, depending on the soil conditions in the region where the potato digger is to be used. If the loose chernozem is easy to fluff, then loamy and sandy soils need additional cleaning.
  • Operating principle. this determines how productively the attachment works.
  • The presence/absence of additional wheels. large machines must have an additional point of support, otherwise it will be difficult for the power tiller to do its main work.
  • Attachment method. the optimal option is considered a screw way to attach the potato harvester to the tiller. This allows the implement to be detached at any time. Some models are mounted only by welding.

Depending on the technological features, there are several types of potato diggers: fan, screen, drum, conveyor, conveyor, vibrating. Each of them is designed for certain types of soil and volumes of processed area.


It takes its name from the fan-shaped arrangement of the wires. Operating mechanism is in the form of a plough, with equally spaced bars radiating out from the plough.

The principle of operation is simple: the plow plunges into the ground under the influence of traction power unit potato rises from the depth and falls into the bars, where the shaken off the excess soil and lies on the carpet on the bed.

Advantages are ease of fabrication and low cost. The disadvantages are a rapid wear and tear of the wires and their breakage when used on hard ground.


Has a more complicated design with extra wheels and points of support. contains the gratings, which are tilted with respect to the ground at an angle.

The potato digger is lowered below the location of the potatoes, after which the potatoes are lifted to the surface, the excess soil on the grid is removed, and the root crop is placed on the ground surface.

One of the advantages is that you can get as much potatoes as possible clean off the ground. A disadvantage is low productivity.


It is a complex mechanism that simplifies the landowner’s work as much as possible. With the help of a plough, which is deepened into the soil layer, the potatoes are lifted and fall onto a grid, after which they are transported to a rotating drum. Next, the potatoes are further cleaned from the soil and placed in the box.

There is another principle of operation of the drum potato digger: the knife cuts the soil layer together with the potatoes and takes them into the drum, where under the influence of the constant movement the excess soil is sifted and the potatoes are poured on the ground.

The advantage is the ability to handle large areas, as well as transport the potatoes directly into the container. No need to dig potatoes up from the ground. The disadvantages include the inability to use on hard soils.


It consists of two main parts: a transporter, on which the potatoes move, and a flatbed, by means of which the layer of soil with root crops is lifted. Not suitable for wet and sticky soils.

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The disadvantage is that it cannot be used on fields where there are weeds. The potato stalks get caught in the conveyor belt, wrap themselves up and slow down the potato harvester.


Potato digger is a bucket with a deepening, in the center of which a conveyor belt is installed.

Root crops are lifted with the soil, moved onto the belt, where the soil residue is removed. Then the potatoes are placed on the ground surface.

The advantage is the possibility of processing several beds at the same time. Potatoes are clean and with minimal damage.

Potato harvester

Potato harrow (spike-1) mounted on a variety of power tillers (rotary cultivator, tractor.

Potato harrow (Pika-3)

Potato harvester (pika-3) is installed on a variety of power tillers (power tillers, motor tractors) P.

Potato digger (heart)

Kartofelekopalka (heart)Kartofelekopalka (heart) is designed for digging potatoes with one.

Potato harvester 2 eccentric under the belt (Poltava)

Vibrating 2 eccentric “Zirka 61” Kartofelekopalka, designed for use with heavy.

Vibratory potato digger “Motor Sich” (Poltava)

Vibrating “Motor Sich” potato harvester is driven by PTO shaft. К.

Vibrating potato digger for minitractors for 3-point hitch “Shipp”

Vibrating potato harvesterCartoflekolokhopalka screen, aggregated with minitractors by.

Vibratory potato digger for tractor with hydraulics, 2 eccentric (Scout) (Poltava)

Vibratory potato harvester for tractor with hydraulics (2 eccentric) is designed.

Vibratory potato digger KVG-1A for MotoScutch with PTO shaft

Vibrating potatoes digger KVG-1A kartofelekopalka vibroelekopalka KVG-1A is aggregated on pbsr.

Vibratory potato harvester Motor Sich with drive shaft in a set (Poltava)

Vibratory potato harvester “Motor Sich” is sold complete with a drive shaft (cardan).

Vibrating potatoes harvester under PTO (2 eccentric) (Poltava)

Maximum possible deepening. 20 cm, width of row is 40 cm. It is enough to.

Vibrating potato shovel under PTO of motor-block (for motor-blocks 105, 135, 1100)

Vibrating potato harvester under the PTO Vibrating potato harvester for power tillers with air.

Vibratory potato harvester under the PTO of a power tiller, low-speed (for power tillers 105, 135, 1100, etc.).д.)

Vibrating potato shovel Vibrating potato shovel for air-cooled power tillers with minitractor.

Vibratory potato harvester “Motor Sich KVG-1V”

Vibrating-crushing potato harvesterMotor Sich KVG-1VMotor Sich Vibrating-crushing potato harvester.

Racker-digger under the belt (Kentavr)

Belt type screen-drum potato harvesterKartofelekolokhopalka screen under the belt is designed for swinging machines with a harvester’s drive and auxiliary conveyor belt.

Potato digger for minitractor transporter KM-5 (drive on the right, chain)

Transporter KM-5 potato digger for minitractor Transporter for minitractor.

Potato harvester for power tiller (DeLuxe)

Potato harvester for Moto-blockRate harvester for Moto-block (DeLuxe) is designed for digging out of holes in a harvester and for transporting peasants.

Karofelekopalka for motor tiller (under PTO, 2 eccentric, reducing gear)

Dvoeksentrkovyy vibrating potato digger can be combined with power tillers from 6 l. С., To.

Potato harvester for power tiller (Poltava)

Potato digger for power tiller is designed for digging out of various root crops, such as:.

Power tiller for power tiller (Poltava)

Potato digger for power tiller with a reinforced design is designed for digging out of various.

Mechanized potato digger KM-3 (PTO 1100-6)

Mechanized potatoeshovelkalkaKartofelekopalka mechanized KM-3 installed on the average.

Mechanized potato harvester KM-3 (two eccentric, belt) (Bulat)

Mechanized potato harvester KM-3Powered potato harvester KM-3 (double eccentric) nb.

Mechanized potato harvester KMU-3 (vibration, belt drive) (Bulat)

Mechanized potato harvesterMotorized potato harvester KM-3 is designed for harvesting and grooming.

Mechanized potato harvester, belt-driven (right or left-hand drive) with active knife

Mechanized potato diggerMotorized potato digger is designed not only for mechanized.

Tractor vibratory potato digger (for mini-tractor) (Spike)

Tractor vibratory potato digger, adapted to work with minitractors with engine power.

How to mount the potato digger on the power tiller

The spudder is now ready, but it is still too early to start. First of all, it needs to be set up and aligned properly. The aim is not only to harvest the potatoes, but also not to damage them.

Walterscheid NZ Kinematics

  • Loosen the bolts between the rack and the lock.
  • Move the ploughshare, at the same time setting the furrow depth. The optimal depth is 30 cm. If the depth is less, you can damage the crop.
  • Tighten the clamping screws.
  • Now adjust the inclination of the board. All you need to do is to turn the crank until the board hits the ground, then turn it the other way. The back part of the board must be approx. 5 cm above the ground.

The simplest mechanism. This potato digger is essentially just a shovel with the edges bent inward and thin metal rods welded to it. The sharp tip digs into the ground, lifts the potatoes, the soil falls onto a grid of metal bars as it moves, the soil falls through the bars and the clean potatoes are placed on the ground where they are picked up manually.

  • Simple design, easy to build,
  • Easy to mount on a single-axle tractor,
  • Can be installed even on motor blocks with low engine power (for example, Neva MB),
  • High capacity,
  • Reliability,
  • Price.
  • Small digging depth, up to 15 cm.,
  • Small working width, up to 20 cm.,
  • Not everything can be dug, about 15% of potatoes and other root crops stay underground,
  • Damages the potatoes,
  • Only works on light soils,
  • The power tiller uses less fuel,
  • Potatoes must be hand-harvested after digging.
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Vibratory potato harvesters

The design of the vibration potato digger KKM-1 for the motor tractor Neva has an active ploughshare and screen grate, driven by a belt. With the help of the ploughshare the earth is cut to the required depth, then it enters the screen, where by means of vibration the earth is sieved and the potatoes and large chunks of earth remain, after that all this is dumped along the way of the power tiller. This type of cultivator works on row-spacing of 60-70 cm. This design is also used to harvest onions, garlic, beets, etc.п.

Technical characteristics

  • Overall dimensions: 707060 cm.
  • Weight: 45 kg.
  • Working width: 39 cm.
  • Productivity: up to 0.2 ha/h.
  • Digging depth: 20 cm.
  • Drive from power tiller: pulley, V-belt.
  • Compatible with power tillers: Neva, Cascade, Oka, Favorit.

The KKM-2 and KKM-3 models do not differ much in their features, the only difference is that they are mounted on MTZ, Agro and MTZ 132H power tillers respectively.

  • Can work on heavy soils,
  • Good working width and digging depth,
  • Good potato skimmer,
  • Convenient in use,
  • Efficiency on large tracts of land,
  • Low fuel consumption of the power tiller.

Another vibratory, screen-type spudger. Universal hitch, suitable for both right- and left-hand pulley. Digs out potatoes even in heavy soils. It has an auxiliary knife for easy use. Minimum power requirement: 6 liters.с. Compatible with all types of power tillers, both Chinese and Russian as well as Japanese.

Weight: 34 kg

  • Overall dimensions: 906756 cm.
  • Weight: 34 kg.
  • Working width: 39 cm.
  • Productivity: up to 0.2 ha/hr.
  • Digging depth: 20 cm.
  • Power train drive: pulley, V-belt.
  • Compatible with power tillers: Neva, MTZ, Agat, Salyut.


Vibrating (screen) type potato digger for power tillers. It can be driven by either a power belt (left or right hand drive) or by the rear PTO. The depth can be adjusted using the pneumatic wheels. Great versatility and high performance make this potato digger one of the best for effectively harvesting potatoes and other root crops.


  • Overall dimensions: 957980 cm.
  • Weight: 34 kg.
  • Working width: 40 cm.
  • Performance: up to 0.25 ha/hr.
  • Digging depth: 25 cm.
  • PTO drive: pulley, V-belt, PTO.
  • Compatible with power tillers: Neva, MTZ, Weima, Salute, Bulat, Motor Sich, Forte, Zubra, Favorit, Kentavr, Cascade.
  • Able to be combined with any belt-driven tiller or PTO,
  • Great performance,
  • High quality workmanship,
  • Even works on heavy soils.

KM-1 for MTZ motor-block

Vibration harvester KM-1 is aggregated with power tiller MTZ-09N through its rear power take-off shaft. OEM metal wheels. All joints are made through silent blocks (rubber bushings).

Technical Data

  • Overall dimensions: 856858 cm.
  • Weight: 35 kg.
  • Grasp width: 38 cm.
  • Productivity: up to 0.2 ha/h.
  • Digging depth: 18 cm.
  • Drive from power tiller: PTO.
  • Compatible with power tillers: MTZ.

Harvesting on farms and small household plots as well as planting seed and seedlings is rather laborious and monotonous. And if on large farms all work is done with machines, on private plots, land cultivation, sowing and harvesting are mostly done manually. However, for such farms small agricultural machinery such as power tillers, cultivators, mini-tractors and various attachments have been developed specifically. One type of such equipment is a potato tiller for a power tiller, which allows the fastest, easiest and highest quality harvesting on a small homestead plot.

Review of potato diggers for power tillers opens the power tiller version of the potato digger, designed for digging root crops. Used on light and medium soils. No hitch included. Parameters: 550 x 445 mm. Can be purchased at any point of sale.

Patriot 490001130 potato digger, without a hitch