Salut single-axle tractor with PTO

How to choose a single axle tractor with PTO

When choosing a power tiller with a PTO, you should carefully study the characteristics of the best models. The main criteria for the purchase experts call:

  • Type of engine: gasoline or diesel. Diesel-powered models have high torque, economy, but their repair in case of breakdown will be more expensive.
  • Power. directly affects the performance. The figure is measured in l.с. For mid-range models, a good value of 7 to 9 liters.с. The more power, the easier a single axle tractor can cope with heavy loads, but it will increase the weight and size of the machine.
  • Cultivation depth. varies from 20 to 35 cm.
  • The size of the tiller determines the width of the swath that the machine can work in just one pass. There are also adjustable cutters that allow you to work large areas or work on small garden plots with narrow seedbeds.

In addition to the basic characteristics, it is important to consider that a single-axle tractor is a heavy and large-sized unit. Therefore, it is worth to answer the questions of how and where it will be stored, whether you need to transport it to the site, what weight the operator can physically.

FARM SHOW. Single Axle Remote-Controlled Tractor

Operating instructions

It is not difficult to find spare parts for power tillers “Salut-100”, and that is their big advantage. Before starting work, you will definitely need to assemble the cutters according to the instructions that come with each model. Adjustment of tillers is set on a necessary level, so that the plowing of the ground was qualitative and did not cause any complaints.

Change the oil in the gearbox after 20 hours of operation, taking into account the time of year when the single-axle tractor is in operation. It is filled through the hole in the engine compartment; on average, it is 1:1.1 liter. The level must always be checked, for this purpose there is a dipstick.

To adjust the gears, the manufacturer has greatly simplified the process by placing the lever on the steering wheel. If necessary, you can change the rear gear by pulling the belts in a different position.

If the single-axle tractor does not start after a long downtime, then the first thing that is required from the user. to blow out the carburetor, and then pour a little gasoline on the slide, which should remove the oil. If a repeated problem occurs, it is advised to take the technique to the service for a more thorough inspection.

If during the operation of the power tiller it turns out that the 2nd speed pops out, then it will be necessary to disassemble the gearbox. If you do not have the necessary experience, it is better to entrust this to a specialist.

What is a PTO on a power tiller. description and functions

PTO is an element, which is necessary for installation of different types of mounted equipment on a single-axle tractor. Motoblocs with PTO allow the use of such types of attachments as mulchers, seeders, harrows, stump choppers, mower attachments, as well as devices installed directly into the trailers used for work.

The PTO shaft’s main function is to receive and transmit rotational forces from the engine to the attachment. In most cases this important element is located on the back of a power tiller, so it can be connected to almost all known types of attachments.

One of the main advantages of the PTO is its versatility, high durability and reliability. In addition to the advantages of the PTO has a few significant disadvantages, which are the high weight of the element and the need to use with it an additional gearbox.

Power Plow Series

To date, the manufacturer presents two main lines of power tillers: Salut 5 and Salut 100.

The Salyut 5 technique is a great option for tilling any type of soil and performing other agricultural work. Modifications of this model differ in type of engine and power.

The main pluses of the Salut 5 include:

  • Availability of a gear reducer;
  • three speeds;
  • power take-off shaft;
  • excellent stability;
  • V-belt transmission with two belts.

Salut 100 line was released in 2013 and was dedicated to the centennial of the plant. These are advanced models, with excellent design and ergonomics.

Their main advantages include:

  • 3000 hours of service life;
  • Availability of three-row mills in the set;
  • the switch of speeds which is placed on a handlebar;
  • availability of front and rear hitches;
  • large pneumatic wheels with tread.

Salut single-axle tractor with a PTO

Salute. multifunctional integral single axle tractor (handles rotate through 180 deg.). Grasping tiller 80 and 105 cm, solid rubber wheels, 2 tensioner drive belts, (21) (21) gears, toothed reduction gear, 2 PTO pulleys, weight 80 kg. Salut is available with gasoline 4-stroke engines from various manufacturers.

Note! Since the spring of 2014, all production of Salyut power tillers has been transferred from Russia to China. Given this fact, we offer our customers instead of Chinese Salutes use motor units of the American company Patriot, which, like Salutes, are made in China.

Salut- multi-purpose integral single axle tractor (handles turn on 180 deg.). Cutter grip 80 and 105 cm, solid rubber wheels, 2 tensioner drive belts, (21) (21) gears, timing gear, 2 PTO pulleys, weight 80 kg. The Salyut is available with several variants of gasoline 4-stroke engines from different manufacturers. The price of a single-axle tractor will be different accordingly.

Two modifications have American BriggsStrstton engines. This is a Salyut-5BS1. Briggs Straton (USA) engine. 6,0 л.с., And Salyut-5BS-6,5. Briggs Straton (USA) engine. 6,5 liters.с. (In this photo Salut-5BS-6,5) with Intek Pro motor).

In Ukraine, including Kiev, you can buy the model Salyut-5L-6,5 with the Chinese engine LianLing-6,5 l.с. (later replaced by Lifang, also Chinese) and Salut-5DK with a Russian engine. 6.0L.с. We tried to work with all motors. Very comfortable working with American and Japanese engines. About them and about the Russian engine we will tell below. And about the power tiller Salyut with the Chinese engines will not talk. Maybe they are good on their own, but in comparison with others, they do not hold out yet.

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So it looks Salyut with a Japanese engine Robin-Subaru (Japan). 6.0 liters.с. (model Salyut 5P-6).

The SALUT, as well as many power tillers and power tillers, has a belt transmission from the engine to the gearbox (the photo shows a black side cover that protects the belt transmission). But the Salyut has its own advantages.

To see this plus, let’s take off the protective cover, under which we find not one belt, but two. Thus we have: a) less slipping of the belts; b) possibility of transmitting more torque to the working shaft of the power tiller; c) longer service life of belt transmission.

Gear of motoblock Salyut toothed. That’s already a serious and undeniable advantage over chain reducers. We have been convinced of the reliability of the reducer Salyut for several years.

This is one of the universal joint pulleys. These pulleys make the machine very versatile as they significantly increase the types of work the SALUTE does.

CONCLUSION: Thus, a single-axle tractor Salyut. is a serious machine. In addition, not 10, not 20 or even 30, but as much as 80 kg! That’s why we didn’t make much ado about it. First and foremost we decided to try it on the hardest job, plowing.

To improve the traction of the wheels with the soil, “shoeed” on Salyut the heaviest wheels, which are in Kiev in the Technical Center “Lawn and Garden Technology” (we advertising tricks about the miracles of ultra-lightweight cultivators can not persuade). The result is that the single-axle tractor is 30 kg heavier. The plough was mounted on a universal hitch that enables adjustment of plough tilt angles in three mutually perpendicular planes and ensures steady position during work.

The first field we entered was fairly clean, the soil was not heavy, sandy, but there was not much moisture. But it will do for tests. We didn’t have to adjust the plough for a long time. in 15 minutes we ploughed non-stop. The plow easily cut the soil, which crumbled and, turning around, fell into the furrow. The single-axle tractor follows the furrow in an obedient and stable manner.

It was easy to drive, sometimes even one hand was enough to keep the machine in check. Here the layout of the tractor is clever: the engine is shifted forward and balances the rear-mounted plough. In addition, the engine is located much lower to the ground than, for example, the NEVA or OKI, which lowers the center of gravity and easy handling Salut. This is how the leaders of modern horticultural motorized machinery compose their power tillers. the Italians.

Objectivity should be said that the soil on which we tried Salut, medium by severity. To test the capabilities of the power tiller, we went to look for real black soil. We found it, and even with stubble. This is where we tried it. For the peace of mind, we took the Salut, not with an American engine, but with a Russian one. After we have started the engine we felt the difference with American engine at once: it roars and shakes. But it works!

We drove into the field with a plow. We made our first furrow. As always, it’s not deep. The main thing is that it should be straight. After that they made the second furrow, also not deep. Again, the main thing is to have a straight line. And on the third furrow they tried to run the plow deeper. And that’s where it started: the wheels were spinning. lower the heel of the plow lower, the plow plows out. lower the toe of the ploughshare, the wheel comes out of the furrow. twisted the ridge to the left and t.п. We’ve done two passes before we set it up.

But when we set it up Here we go. They’ve caught it Once again we were convinced: a plough should be adjusted properly. If you spare no time, it will be more than worth it: you won’t be ploughing, you’ll be a real pleasure. Light, fast and of high quality. We pressed hard chernozem and even in stubble, practically full turnover of layer and 100% incorporation of stubble residue. Not every tractor plow is up to the task, and here’s some single-axle tractor.

Eh, beautiful! Well, who still doubts that you can plow with a power tiller??

To assess the quality of ploughing, during the test drive we measure the depth of ploughing, the consistency of the plough, the hardness of the soil, the degree of loosening and the degree of incorporation of crop residues.

After one hour of work with Russian engine we stuffed our palms so badly that they were worn out for a week. Yes, and the noise from it was a lot (the photo measures the noise level in the head area of the operator). But this defect has been already eliminated by the plant, having removed from production the salut with a Russian engine.

The good weighting of the SALUT also affects the work with the tiller: if the NEVA has to be held from tipping over, the Salut kind of glides over the ground. It doesn’t take long to get accustomed to it. After 50 meters you are already walking comfortably and confidently with the tiller. Soil clodding, as well as on NEVA, is regulated by rotational speed of cutter, but soil separation is more uniform. You can see it with the eye, you don’t even have to measure it. To all appearances, the influence of the fact that the blades of neighboring cutters overlap in width and the NEVA blades of neighboring cutters do not reach each other about 8 cm.

And of course we tried out the 2-row header with the SALUT! The fact is that no matter how many times we’ve tried the 2-row packer, we’ve never liked it. May be it will be better with SALUT? No, that’s where it went wrong, too. The single-axle tractor was turning sideways, so much so that I couldn’t hold it straight. That’s because if one of the riders digs a bit deeper into the soil, the soil slows it down immediately. And in general, the soil is a heterogeneous medium. That’s why the single-axle tractor twists from side to side. In Ukraine, you can easily buy a 2-row packer. But you might have problems later on in the garden. However, who does not agree with us, you can buy it even at us, in Kiev, in the Technical Center “Lawn and Garden Equipment”.

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In any case, we do not like the 2-tier finger. Maybe because we’ve worked with a disc coulter and can see the difference?

With single-row disc riders, we cut ridges much faster than the usual 2-row one. And best of all, it doesn’t get tired! Because it’s easy! And to be effective, we put the single-axle tractor on high wheels. In this case, the gearbox of the power tiller will not hit the soil ridge in the rows.

Well, how does Salut work with a root rotor digger? Pretty sure. This single axle tractor pulls the digger like a needle pulls a thread.

We’ve often heard from owners of power tillers who’ve tried digging potatoes: “I’ll never pick up a shovel again!”. We made sure of it ourselves: compared to a shovel, digging potatoes with the Salut is not a big deal. Also, there are far fewer lost and cut tubers.

Even in such neglected potato fields the SALUT manages to get the potatoes out.

Another inconvenience we experienced was on the turnouts of the motoblock. The wheels do not turn relative to each other, and the Salyut has no differential as the NEVA has. Workers say that they do not want to weaken gearbox with differential. Maybe they know better.

But there is a way out of this situation and it is quite successful. This is a differential hub.

which is installed on the half-axle of the power tiller and to which the wheel is mounted.

on which the wheel is attached. The differential half axle is fixed on the shaft of the motor block just like a conventional one. Now to turn the single-axle tractor, you just need to turn the rear gear, press the clutch lever and Salut itself starts to turn.

NOTE: both hub and half-axle are developed in our Technical Center, and the idea was borrowed from the Italian manufacturers. You can also buy them from us, in the store of the Kiev Technical Center “Gardening and Gardening Equipment”. For purchasers of motor-block will be 15% lower.

Earlier in Ukraine, including Kiev, it was possible to buy exclusively Russian haymakers for Salyut power tillers. Owners of these mowers have had serious complaints about the complete lack of spare parts for them, especially the cutting elements. segments. The factories-manufacturers did not indulge their dealers in Ukraine with spare parts. Now the problem is completely solved: the haymakers for SALUT are already produced in Ukraine. Any spare part for these haymowers can be easily bought in the Kiev store of Techcenter “Lawn and Garden Machinery”.

TIP to Salut and NEVA owners: The Salut is not the first single-axle tractor that we have had to hold in our hands. Therefore, to adjust the plow for high-quality and easy work is not difficult for us. The one, who will do it for the first time, will have to make some fuss. Therefore, do not neglect the Instructions for Use that we give to every customer. You’ll gain not only in time but also in effort. Owners of the NEVA, which has an increased and shifted backward center of gravity, will also need to further balance the single axle tractor, hanging forward some weight. For example, a rail, as a farmer from Chernigov region did (see photo). photo). Only then will you be able to work without straining your arms and back.

Say: a power tiller Salyut quite confidently “furrow” the expanse of your garden.

Kiev, Private Enterprise “Technical Center “Gardening machinery. This article was written in 2006., supplemented and redesigned in 2010.

Salyut-100 (HVS-01) 7.0 л.с.

Domestic Salyut power tillers have well-deserved popularity in Russia. Simple in operation and reliable single-axle tractor Salyut 100 KHS-01 with engine Hwasdan 7.0 л.с. is no exception. This professional machine is ready for the most intensive work and is perfect for heavy, uncultivated ground.High efficiency and capabilities of the technique is provided by the durable engine with 7 horsepower. The air-cooled motor runs reliably in any weather and isn’t afraid of overloading.At first sight it may seem that the single-axle tractor is bulky and clumsy. But it is not so at all. Clever compact design allows users to store and transport the machine without any problems. And thanks to the reverse gear, the machine can easily turn anywhere, as well as leave when it is buried. A total of six speeds are available to the operator, two of which are used to drive in reverse.Salyut 100 HVS-01 single-axle tractor with Hwasdan 7 engine.0 л.с. superbly suited for moving on its own wheels. Agricultural tread provides excellent cross-country capability. Such wheels help to overcome difficult terrain without effort and easily transport the machine to the place of operation. Thanks to the removable cutter bar sections, the working width can be adjusted. The minimum working width is just over 30 cm and the maximum working width is almost 90 cm. If necessary, the single-axle tractor can be equipped not only with milling machines, but also with tines, axle extensions, and, of course, additional attachments. For mounting of attachments, a hitch is required. Attachment of various additional tools is necessary to maximize the functionality of the power tiller.The model also features modern ergonomic design, adjustable steering wheel in two positions and excellent stability. In a word, this technique is a worthy competitor to the well-known foreign power tillers.

Advantages of Salyut 100 single-axle tractor with Hwasdan 7 engine.0:

Technical characteristics of the Salyut-100

The Salyut single-axle tractor has a classical design, in the form of a milling cultivator with mills, which are installed instead of the wheels. At the same time, a pair of pneumatic wheels is attached.

The single-axle tractor also has a PTO pulley. The pulley allows you to attach additional utility and agricultural equipment, which greatly expands the range of work performed.

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Having own weight of 72 kg, tractive effort, with additional weights on the wheels of 35 kg and the front hitch of 15 kg, is 70 kgf. A reasonable area for processing from 12 to 50 acres.

Let us consider the characteristics of the walking tractor in more detail.

Engine of the power tiller Salyut-100

The “Salyut-100” is equipped with engines of different manufacturers and capacities. The power difference is small and varies from 6 to 7 liters.с. But the list of suppliers is more extensive.

The most widely represented power tillers with Chinese engine Lifan 168F-2B with a capacity of 6.5 liters.с. Engines of other well-known global brands are also used:

  • American Briggs Stratton Vanguard 6,5 series PRO. 6,5 L.с.
  • Japanese Honda GC 190. 6 hp.с.
  • Japanese Robin Subaru EX. 6 hp.с.
  • Chinese Hwasdan H170F. 7 liters.с.

All engines have not big differences in characteristics and performance. But the design in general has a lot in common:

  • Cast-iron liner, greatly increases the life span of the engine.
  • Forced cooling.
  • Protection from start at minimum oil level.
  • Minimal noise and cost-effectiveness.

Gearbox of Salyut-100 crawler tractor

It is a reducer with three gears, two of which are designed for forward movement and one for reverse. On early models of the power tiller, the gearshift lever was on the gearbox. On modern models, the gear stick has been moved to the handlebar for convenience.

Transmission on the power tiller

The torque is transmitted from the engine to the reduction unit by the V-belt drive. The clutch mechanism includes: two V-belts, return spring, tension roller with lever, rod with control lever.

Pressing the control lever, located on the handlebar, we act on the roller through the rod, which creates the tension of the belts that transmit the rotation from the engine drive pulley to the gearbox idler.

The engine pulley has four pulleys, two pairs of different diameters. At the pulley gearbox three streams, two of which, 1st and 3rd is for belts drive, and the middle stream for the connection of active attachments.

Features of the use of motoblock “Salut 100”, the technical characteristics of the device

There are 2 versions of this unit: and 00. Overview of the model range includes a description and characteristics of this technical device.

Salute 5

Technical characteristics of the technique Salut 5X:

Engine type Four-stroke
Engine model Honda GX200 OHV
Valve arrangement Upper
Starter type Manual
Used fuel Gasoline
Crankshaft Horizontal
Number of forward speeds 2
Number of rear speed 1
Tillage width, m 0,6
Working depth, m Up to 0.3
Type of clutch Belt
Type of gearbox Gear
Diameter of cutters, m 0,31
Dimensions, m 0,860,530,82
Weight, kg 78

Fuel tank capacity and engine power of power tiller Salyut. 5 l and 6,5 l. с.

The machine is tilt-resistant due to its low center of gravity and offset forward position. The handle can be adjusted in height for convenience.

Salut 5X can be used with a wide range of additional equipment such as mower, planter, potato planter, etc.д.

There is another variant of Salyut. 5 BS. This model is equipped with Briggs Stratton Vanguard engine. This configuration changes the technical characteristics:

Salute 100

Engine model Lifan 168 F2
Power 6,5 л. с.
Average fuel consumption, l/h 1,5
Fuel tank capacity, l 3,6
Gearbox type Gear
Working depth, cm Up to 25
Maximal speed, km/h 12
Type of engine Four-stroke
Front gears 2
Reverse Yes
Traction class 0,1
Clutch type Belt
Tillage width, cm Up to 80
Working depth, cm Up to 25
Dimensions, m 0.850,450,65
Weight, kg 78
  • Low noise and vibration level;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • economical fuel consumption;
  • powerful motor;
  • The possibility of using the technique in conjunction with additional equipment;
  • cast-iron sleeve.

The Salut 100 is also available with a Honda engine.

Types and differences of PTO shafts

Today agricultural equipment manufacturers equip power tillers of four basic types. These include:

  • Dependent PTO. this type of machines operates simultaneously with the clutch. When the clutch is disengaged, the PTO is simultaneously stopped. To control this type of mechanisms on the tractor blocks levers are used which are installed near the steering wheel of the machine. As soon as the lever is lowered by the operator, the shaft is engaged, and when the lever is raised, the shaft is disengaged. If debris or soil gets inside the PTO, the single-axle tractor should always be stopped without disengaging the preset take-off drive. After waiting a few minutes for the power tiller to reach its normal load level, you can continue operating the equipment;
  • Independent PTO. to use this type of mechanisms it is not necessary to connect them to the clutch of power tillers. This guarantees an even load on the drive unit during work and allows the operator to use all the additional mechanisms of the power tiller without having to start the engine for this purpose;
  • Synchronous PTO. these mechanisms start rotating together with the drive wheels of the used power tiller. In connection with this feature of such PTO shafts smoothly operate only at a constantly maintained speed of rotation of the wheels;
  • asynchronous PTO. the speed of this type of mechanism does not depend on the rotation speed of the wheels on the power tiller. PTO shafts of this type have found application in the connection and use of equipment that pumps water, cleans hay, sprays the garden from pests.

In connection with the individual characteristics, each of the listed PTO types has found its application in one way or another. They are used for connection and stable operation of harrows, mowers, seeders and other useful at home implements.