Saw Partner 350 Starts Up And Immediately Stalls

Chainsaws partner 350: causes of breakdowns, DIY repair
What can be the reasons for the faults of the partner 350 chainsaw, its main characteristics, as well as ways of self-repair. Useful advice from specialists and

Broken chain

Need to lubricate the chain regularly during the saw operation, because it works in extremely difficult conditions. Its service life is negatively affected by abrasive particles, dust and even overheating.

If you leave the chain dry, it will soon happen. Pulling and overheating. In the worst case, jamming can occur, that is, the sprocket breaks off. Oil is fed through it through channels, which are often clogged with sawdust. They should also be cleaned regularly.

In addition, constantly clean under the cover of the chainsaw from debris and sawdust, as this may not apply the chain brake. In addition, dirt has a bad effect on the performance of the device.

Fuel supply problem

To establish a similar malfunction of the chainsaw, it will turn out when inspecting the candle. Fuel may not enter the cylinder for various reasons:

  1. The fuel filter in the tank is heavily clogged.
  2. The hole in the filler cap is clogged, preventing gasoline from flowing out.
  3. Poor or no fuel coming out of the carburetor.

In the event that there is no correct ratio between the gasoline and the air mixing in the carburetor, or there is insufficient fuel flow, check that the channels and air filter of the carburetor are not clogged. In addition, it may need to be adjusted.

Before cleaning, the filter is carefully removed and washed with detergent, after which it is left to dry. Then it is put in place.

Carburetor adjustment carried out, as a rule, with screws. Maximum and minimum speed. When carrying out it, you must strictly follow the instructions for repairing a chainsaw, otherwise you can damage the engine. Sometimes manufacturers leave only one adjustment screw to prevent inexperienced craftsmen from interfering with the carburetor.

If debugging didn’t fix anything, then it’s worth doing cleaning channels and filter mesh, and also check the integrity of the membrane.

Do not forget that the carburetor is one of the complex mechanisms of a chainsaw, so you need to approach it responsibly when cleaning and disassembling it.

It consists of many small elements that can pop out unnoticed and will be difficult to find. Often after disassembling this device, some users cannot assemble it.

Chainsaw characteristics Partner 350

This model is in great demand among consumers, but most often it is bought by summer residents to work on their plots. The saw is used not only for harvesting firewood, but also in construction.

In general, the Partner 350 chainsaws are distinguished by their compact size. They are equipped with a sufficiently powerful engine. Their main advantages are. Easy start-up and reliable operation, carried out due to a high-quality electronic ignition system and a fuel pump.

It is completely safe to use such a chainsaw. It has a built-in security system that automatically performs inertia brake start for the chain. Its lubrication is carried out in the same mode.

With the launch of the chainsaw, the Partner will not have problems even in winter, since it has fuel primer. The starter drum is equipped with an impeller to help clear dirt. In addition, the manufacturers have provided the tool with the CCS system. This design traps residual particles, and is also used for long-term use of the air filter.

To increase the service life of the chainsaw on the cylinder of the piston group, the developers made chrome walls. This model also has an ergonomic handle and anti-vibration system.

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Why won’t it start

If the chainsaw does not start, then there may be several main reasons, they are indicated in order of frequency of occurrence:

  • Lack of fuel in the gas tank;
  • Stop toggle switch not moved to operating position;
  • The safety brake is engaged;
  • The carburetor is clogged or not adjusted;
  • Faulty ignition system.

saw Partner 350 starts up and immediately stalls

The first three reasons for the inoperability of the device are encountered by inexperienced users, and the last two require urgent attention.

Determining a malfunction of the ignition system is simple. It is necessary to unscrew the spark plug and, if it is outwardly intact, lean it against the metal surface of the tool with its threaded part, then pull the starter. A slipping spark indicates that the ignition is working properly.

Fuel system malfunctions are caused by:

  • Clogging of the carburetor jets;
  • Clogged fuel filter;
  • Violation of the integrity of the fuel hoses;
  • Incorrect setting;
  • Loss of crankcase tightness (defective crankshaft oil seals or crankcase gaskets).

If the saw starts and stalls, first you need to adjust the idle speed, since this adjustment is most often lost.

The engine stalls when you press the gas in the following cases:

  • Improper adjustment or clogging of the jets;
  • Automatic brake actuation;
  • Excessive chain tension.

The chainsaw stalls under load, mainly only if the carburetor malfunctions. The saw can work normally under light load, but it does not reach its maximum power and stalls.

Malfunctions and their elimination

The Partner 350 chainsaw gets malfunctions mainly when the rules of operation are violated. Elimination of most problems requires experience with gas powered tools, knowledge of the principles of operation of two-stroke engines.

But, as practice shows, repairing a chainsaw with your own hands is possible even in the field. The main thing is to correctly diagnose the cause of the breakdown before repairing, so as not to do unnecessary work and not to aggravate the situation.

Therefore, it is important to make adjustments and preventive maintenance in a timely manner, so that later you do not repair yourself in unsuitable conditions.

If the chain is not lubricated

Chain lubrication is important to reduce the friction of the links in the guide bar grooves. An oil supply screw is provided to adjust the lubrication system. The chain is lubricated only during its movement. You can check the operation of the oil pump by directing the toe of the tire towards a light surface. When you press the throttle grip, oil splashes should appear on the surface.

Briefly about the manufacturer

The Partner trade mark began its history more than 50 years ago. In 1950 the first development saw the light. A special Swedish saw “Be-Bo”. During the entire period of the 50s, this chain-type saw steadfastly withstood the competition and even managed to become one of the most popular in all of Europe. With the help of “Be-Bo” we began to improve the logging process in Scandinavia.

A few years later, the products were re-released under the name Partner C6, and after this debut release, all products of this company came out under the brand marked with the Partner badge. Peel was predicted to be a special success. This novelty simply rocked the entire world market! Immediately after the first models, the release of the analogs of the Partner R11 and X21 type followed.

Soon TM received a new name, known to this day all over the world. This is AB Partner.

In the 60s, the company developed rapidly and increased its production. Export volumes grew by leaps and bounds, and the popularity of chainsaws reached unprecedented heights.

Since 1961, this organization began the production of engines for petrol cutters and go-karts.. A decade later, in 1971, a new factory came into operation, which contributed to the expansion of the product range.

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Starting in 1990, Partner began production of a range of gasoline-type garden equipment, among the products there were new chain saws, lawn mowers, trimmers, etc.

In 2006, when Electrolux, which has owned Partner production since 1979, began overproduction at Husqvarna AB.

Saw Partner-350 (Partner). Characteristics and operating instructions, carburetor adjustment and tuning, device diagram

Modern chainsaws differ in order from their predecessors. New models from leading manufacturers are already equipped with more reliable and powerful motors that allow work to move faster, excellent anti-vibration systems that do not give hands fatigue and do not get tired after the first hour of work. It is easy to work with such units, they are easy to care for and repair. But the price, respectively, is an order of magnitude higher.

Good chainsaws can’t be too cheap, and that’s a fact. But it is not always necessary to overpay big money for the supposedly distinctive advantages of the model, if such are not so critically necessary. Today there is a huge selection of such equipment, among the names of which are both time-tested brands and new models that have not yet had time to loudly declare themselves (see the article which chainsaw to choose). If you look at the chainsaw russia, the price of these chainsaws is an order of magnitude lower.

The best option among the many available (see the rating of chainsaws) is the Partner chainsaw. Its price ranges from 7,000 to 9,000 rubles. This option is the most convenient and useful, does not require additional equipment and is an excellent solution to many economic problems.

Description and technical characteristics of the device

The Partner 350 chainsaw is an example of an excellent saw workshop, suitable for various types of work in the garden, harvesting firewood, etc. When compared with the Stihl ms 180 chainsaw or Patriot chainsaw, the Partner 350 is very necessary when it comes to intermittent use. At low load levels.

It is important to note that the unit has a chrome-plated inner surface of the working cylinder, which makes it possible to significantly extend the operating life of the device. This chainsaw has a good air purification system, CCS mark. In other words, it will be said that the unit uses an air cleaning system, which is based on the principle of a conventional centrifuge.

After cleaning, the prepared air will enter the carburetor through special filters. If you are interested in tuning the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw, then we inform you that you can easily disassemble and clean it on your own. To adjust the carburetor just add air to the system and let it run for a minute. Then check it several times in a row, but slowly. You can see how to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw here.

If there are “dips” in dynamic work, then it will be necessary to unscrew the L-screw L by ΒΌ of its turn and re-check everything. As you can see, adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands is possible and is of particular difficulty.

The device of the Partner 350 chainsaw is quite simple to understand. If you are a beginner and do not know how to cut trees with a chainsaw, go here. To finally understand the scheme of operation of this unit, we suggest that you familiarize yourself in detail with the user manual.

Chainsaw Partner 350 features:

  • Household saw;
  • Equipped with a single cylinder two-stroke engine;
  • The specific power of the system is 1.8 hp. (1.3 kW);
  • Cubic volume of the engine. 36 cm;
  • Start type. Manual;
  • Fuel volume. 400ml;
  • Oil volume. 200 ml;
  • Cooling system type. Air;
  • Maximum idle speed up to 4000 rpm is characteristic;
  • The working length of the bus is 0.4 m;
  • Chain step. 3/8;
  • The type of fuel used for work. Oil gasoline;
  • Nominal weight approx. 4.7 kg.

Why won’t it start and what to do

There may be several reasons why a chainsaw does not start or does not start. To install them, you need to diagnose the device. Possible causes of a problem launch:

  • There is no spark on the spark plug;
  • Poor condition of the air and fuel filter;
  • Poor fuel supply and exhaust duct performance;
  • The breather, which is located on top of the tank, is not functioning well.
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Carbon deposits often appear on the spark plug electrodes and the tool will not start. Therefore, first check the spark plug. If the reason is not hidden in her, then the other elements are examined.

  1. To test the spark plug, remove the spark plug. To do this, remove the tip located on the high-voltage wire, take out the candle and put the tip back on. The candle is applied to the cylinder and the starter is started. The engine ignition unit is working properly if the electrodes give off a spark when switched on. When there is no spark, you need to adjust the distance between the electrodes with a feeler gauge or clean the entire part. The distance between the electrodes must be between 0.2 and 0.5 mm to start the saw.
  2. To check the fuel supply, fill the tank with a fuel mixture. The system tube is disconnected from the carburetor and pumped up. Fuel comes in jerks when the system is working properly. With a weak feed, clean the channel through which the fuel or filter is supplied. When gasoline leaks appear under the cap of the tank, it means that the tank is overfilled and may affect the operation of the engine.
  3. Check the fuel filter by disconnecting it from the carburetor. The gasoline supply channel is disconnected and fuel is pumped. If there is no pressure in the pipe, then the fuel is drained from the tank and the filter cartridge is pulled out. It is cleaned or replaced with a new one.
  4. The breather (valve) located on the fuel tank cap is designed to equalize the air pressure, which allows gasoline to flow freely into the carburetor. Sometimes it gets dirty, the air does not flow inside and a vacuum is created, which does not allow the chainsaw to start. The hose through which the fuel is supplied is disconnected from the carburetor, then checked. Fuel should flow from the disconnected hose. If this does not happen, then it is cleaned with a simple needle or a jet of air under high pressure.

If it starts and stalls

When the chainsaw starts and stalls, it is due to the carburetor or other parts. Reasons for malfunction:

  1. Fuel does not flow well to the engine. This is due to a clogged breather.
  2. There is not enough fuel in the tank. By tilting the tool sideways, the remaining fuel flows into one place. This causes the saw to stop working.
  3. Poor quality fuel.
  4. The plug insulator overheats when poor contact is made between the wire cap and the plugs. The contact between them becomes worse with soot or mechanical shear.
  5. Spark plugs defective.
  6. Fuel does not flow well to the carburetor through the fuel filter or pump. As soon as the tool starts to increase speed, it immediately stalls.
  7. If the air filter is dirty, the engine will not handle high loads and will stop.
  8. There is insufficient or no lubrication in the chain.

Reasons why the Partner (Partner) chainsaw won’t start and how to fix them

If the Partner chainsaw does not start, there is no need to rush to take it for repair. An instruction is attached to each tool, which indicates how to eliminate the malfunction with your own hands.