single axle tractor Neva MB 2 how to start

Loader wheels

Tires are a modified group of wheels, in which there are no tires and cameras.

The main purpose. to carry out work on the fields (the key value is the performance of traction with the ground).

This refers to steel discs with special external inserts that provide significant assistance with movement.

Kum 680 wheels for ploughing

A distinctive feature is the presence:

The dimensions of the wheels of the Neva motoblock of this modification:

Installation is carried out on the gearbox shaft. no additional connections are provided.

Kum 540 universal wheels for tillage

The difference from the 680 model is that it doesn’t have a continuous rim, but only the side. the inside is full. In addition, the spikes are not slanted to one side, but have a V-shape.

When driving into the ground, the clutch with the ground is carried out not only by the spikes, but also by the rim itself, due to which the maximum effect is achieved.

Important! To install in addition there is a need to purchase an extension, because any fasteners in the standard variation is not provided. only holes with a diameter of up to 65 cm.

Universal wheels Kum 540 with a long hub

The KUM 540 is often used for plunging, but with the bushing already installed. connected directly to the gearbox shaft.

An additional feature is the track width, which can be up to 68 cm.

  • number of hoops. 2 pcs.;
  • Wheel diameter over spikes 540 mm, over hoop 460 mm. Width of the spikes is 90 mm;
  • planting diameter of hub. 30 mm.

Installation on the gearbox shaft. The total weight does not exceed 13.5 kg.

H tines for plowing

Of the features are the large diameter and width. Used when it is necessary to work on virgin soil or fields after winter downtime, when the surface is still hard and requires preparation.

To ensure the best passability of your equipment Installation is possible on the shaft of the Neva power tiller or on extensions. depends on the situation.

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In the case of direct mounting, track width is 40 cm, with the use of an extension, it ranges from 65 to 70 cm.

Mini H tines for ploughing

Tillers for Neva cultivators have similarities with the KUM model range.

Optimal for plowing.

H tines for ploughing with a long hub

Fully identical to the model range reviewed. The only difference is that there is a hub already built in.

Track size is fixed at 65 cm in this version.

Mini H grousers for ploughing

Today it is one of the lightest models of the MINI H for plowing. During plowing, the ground is already prepared and not hard, due to which there is no need for a massive type.

The diameter on the hoop is set at 28 cm, and the width for ploughing is 9 cm.

Designed for summer and winter operation.

How to start a single axle tractor in winter?

The power tiller is a versatile piece of equipment that can be actively used even in winter. With its help, or rather with the help of such attachments as a snowplow, you can clear the snow on your garden plot. But here there may be some difficulties with starting the engine at low ambient temperatures, but there is always a way out.

Here are some tips to help you actively use a single-axle tractor in winter:

  • Modern models of this equipment are available with air cooling. It greatly simplifies the process of operation at sub-zero temperatures. you do not need to add antifreeze and constantly monitor the work of the radiator, which has a water type of cooling. However, there is a disadvantage. in winter the engine will cool down faster;
  • On sale you can find special insulated covers for the machine, which protect the engine from rapid cooling, but they are extremely rare. You can do with improvised materials, but make sure that the heater does not get into mechanisms and does not damage the system;
  • To start the engine in winter sometimes you need to prepare it, namely. to pre-heat. For this, the engine itself needs to be watered with hot water so that it reaches a state for normal starting;
  • Don’t forget about the oil in the gearbox. As it is known, it thickens at subzero temperatures. There are two choices here: use synthetic types, which retain their properties better in winter, or use more liquid.

If you stick to these recommendations, it will not be hard to start the single axle tractor in winter. Here is a video that will tell you how to start the machine during cold weather.

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Also worth mentioning is how to start the machine in the spring. The first thing to do is to drain the oil and the fuel if they are in the tank and replace them with new ones. Don’t forget to check all systems, mechanisms and parts for damage. Only after that can you start your machine.

Start the farming machine in winter time in the same sequence as in any other time of the year. The only difference is to let the tractor idle for at least 15 minutes. during this time its engine is warmed up and will be completely ready for work.

  • open the petrol cock;
  • the choke lever must be in the “start” position;
  • The ignition must be turned off;
  • Pump with a mechanical starter a couple of times;
  • now turn on the ignition;
  • Pull the starter again.
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How to start a single axle tractor correctly?

Moto-blocks are quite serious and expensive gardening equipment. If you want it to fully perform its functions, serve long and reliable, then you need to look after it carefully and follow all the manufacturer’s prescribed recommendations for operation.

When you bought the equipment, it is important to know how to properly start a single-axle tractor. There is a certain sequence of actions, consisting of preparing the equipment for start-up and its direct launch.

Assemblage type of tractor

Depending on the possibility to disassemble and repair the device, converters are divided into two types:

  • Budget option, which installs inexpensive disposable parts. If a part fails, it is better to replace the gearbox with a new one.
  • Dismountable design, which allows you to easily replace a broken part. It can serve reliably for several years without failures.

According to the type of gearbox design, there are the following:

Инструкция по сборке и запуску мотоблока НЕВА

This type of machine is equipped with a reverse rotation of the power tiller.

Technical Specifications

This unit can operate even in winter, you only need to choose the proper oil.

How to start power tillers?

As is known, power tillers can be gasoline or diesel. Can be started in a variety of ways. Therefore, the reasons why the singleaxle tractor Neva does not start may vary greatly.

Before you start the single-axle tractor after purchase or after winter, you should check the availability of each part and their condition, the state of contacts and wires. Also it is necessary to change oil and add fuel.

single, axle, tractor, neva, start

Most often, the unit may not start exactly after winter. You must remember that storage in a cold and damp room does not go away. You will encounter problems such as:

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Always check the oil level before starting. If it is insufficient, the piston group may fail completely.

single, axle, tractor, neva, start

Repair of power tillers Neva: how to do everything correctly without the help of specialists

First it should be noted that among the many models of the specified manufacturer, it is the MB1 and MB2 are considered the most well-known and widely distributed. On their example and we will deal with the most common malfunctions.

  • If the owner of a power tiller noticed oil leakage on the output shaft, he should immediately remove the half-axle caps and make a replacement of the collar;
  • If there is a jamming of the gearbox, you should disassemble the mechanism and replace the unsuitable chain;
  • If there is no kinematic connection in the gearbox, it is necessary not to delay and renew the sprocket in the block;
  • Problems with the transfer may appear as a result of destruction of the shift knob or because of the cut threaded portion of the shift knob. To get rid of problems, it is worth replacing the damaged parts;
  • When the overrunning clutch starts to go bad, it’s obvious. You should remove the starter, take out the clutch and grind grooves for the balls. Fill up with a little quality oil to minimize friction between the clutch and the shaft.

General Description

They can work 10 to 15 acres of land without much effort.

The first single axle tractor was built in 1984. They are produced in St. Petersburg at the company Krasny Oktyabr. There are several modifications of the Neva MB-2 by the type of engine installed.

The Neva power tiller is convenient and easy to work with. No special training is needed. It is enough to follow the instructions for using trailed implements and get good skills in operating them. Maintenance is also not a problem.