What You Can Do With A Screwdriver

The presence of a screwdriver inspires many masters to create additional devices and tools on its basis. The fantasy of “Kulibin” is unlimited. Equipment for the carpentry workshop. Turning, drilling, milling machines, drill and angle grinder, mechanical saw and wrench.

Even children’s transport. Electric cars and snowmobiles. Does not stand aside. What can we say about the necessary appliances in the household. Trimmers and lawn mowers, and even a boat engine. The most amazing thing is that all of the do-it-yourself homemade products listed above work on the basis of an ordinary old screwdriver and talented structural solutions by home craftsmen.


The design of the screwdriver is such that a small improvement is enough to get electricity in the field. If you remove a board with an electronic regulator from the inside of the screwdriver and put a diode bridge at the output, this will allow you to rotate the generator in any direction. It remains to clamp a homemade pen into the cartridge. The generator is ready!

Wind generator

Using a screwdriver engine, you can construct a small wind generator for a summer residence or a personal plot, and be independent of power supply. And also it will help with power outages in the network.

It will take a little time to create a wind generator. The rotor part is removed from the screwdriver. The motor shaft is clamped to a plastic plate. We attach bolts to the end gear of the flywheel and fasten on it four blades made of PVC pipe. For the case, you can use a tin can of tea, carefully plugging the slots with sealant. The wind generator is ready to provide electricity, which costs you nothing.

Equipment for the carpentry workshop

Each craftsman joinery equips his workshop with the necessary equipment for his tasks. Not always a person for domestic use can afford expensive manufacturing machines. And this situation is the impetus for the implementation of homemade products on the basis of available parts and tools.

Wood lathe

A wood lathe will become a necessary tool for home craftsmen. Round blanks, door handles, spherical and cone-shaped fragments for wooden railings, chair legs and much more. All this can be done with a home-made lathe based on a screwdriver.

You should not spend money on factory equipment, if such a lathe can be made with your own hands from an old screwdriver, using a minimum of tools and materials.

In brief, one of these variants of a “homemade” machine can be described. A rectangular box (bed) is made of plywood with three sides. In the short side, a landing nest is cut. The screwdriver is installed in this simple wooden bed, with the button up.

The bed, in our case a rectangular wooden box, is screwed to the table and pressed with a clamp. This is done in order to securely attach the bed with the tool to the desktop.

As a support level for the cutter, a wooden block is used, which is also screwed to the table with a clamp.

A piece of a rod with a thread convenient for hooking is clamped into the screwdriver’s chuck. A wooden blank (blank) is mounted on the bar. The screwdriver turns on and turns the wooden workpiece. Using a cutter, relying on the support bar, the master cuts out the desired volume-shaped part.

The tool is essential for craftsmen who use wooden parts and fragments in their work.

Bench drill machine

A table drill machine is needed by many craftsmen in garages and workshops to accurately drill holes in wood, metal, plastic, etc.

Talented craftsmen do not spend money on the purchase of production equipment. It takes a little effort and engineering skills, ingenuity and desire. As a result, you can get a solid design of a bench drilling machine from improvised materials.

The basis of the tool can serve as a gear from a screwdriver. The stem (rack) of the bed of the master can be made of various materials. Everything goes into business: metal bars, typewriter carriages, wooden structures.

The mechanism for raising and lowering the gearbox vertically is also performed in a variety of ways. Even the springs from the expander are not superfluous.

To fix the gearbox to the bed stem, make homemade clamps from textolite, or use suitable parts from other devices or even cars.

Each design is individual and interesting in its own way. The main thing is that the task posed to the drilling machine is carried out with the utmost precision and at the proper quality level.

Do not use broken and old screwdrivers for the machine, since the play in the chuck does not allow you to achieve the desired hole diameter.

Manual router: step by step instructions

If when working with wood you have a task to cut a groove or circle, you should not go and buy an expensive router. By being smart, you can easily solve this problem and turn the screwdriver into a manual milling machine, creating your own lower frame. A structure that would hold the tool vertically. Production attachments for milling on screwdrivers (drills) are on sale, but their purchase is not always financially justified.

The most readily available improvised material for the home craftsman is plywood and wooden blocks. Here we are going to make the frame stand for milling from them, following the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Make the bottom of the bed. Take 8 mm thick plywood and cut a ring with an external diameter of 10 cm and an internal diameter of 5 cm from it. For this work, we use a screwdriver with a “crown” on the tree.
  2. On the sides of this ring we fasten two wooden blocks of 4x2x10 cm with screws. We put the construction made with the bars up. This will resemble a stool set upside down.
  3. Make the top of the bed. We cut another ring from plywood with an external diameter of 9 cm and an internal one of approximately 4.5 cm (to fit the size of the screwdriver’s body).
  4. We fasten the upper part of the bed to the bars with the lower part with screws.
  5. We put the prefix stand on the body of a screwdriver. It fits tightly into the round hole of the upper part of the bed.
  6. Insert the desired cutter into the chuck and adjust the cutter cutter. Tighten the cartridge.

Manual milling machine is ready. You can get to work!

The self-made design of the milling attachment described above. The bed for a screwdriver, allows you to hold the tool not on weight and strictly upright. And the lower part of the bed performs a supporting function when performing milling operations.

Circular saw or angle grinder

The design of the screwdriver allows you to turn it into a circular saw (angle grinder). However, due to the low power of the screwdriver, this “circular saw” is rarely used for small jobs. Cutting fiberglass reinforcement, a steel chain or a drill stuck in the ceiling for drilling concrete slabs, steel strips of small thickness.

A bolt, a nut and two washers allow you to clamp a small disc for working on metal. This is all that is needed to turn the screwdriver into an angle grinder.

Of course, such an invention has the right to life, especially when the master is not able to afford the whole range of production cutting tools.


A priori, each screwdriver can be used as a drill. Much depends on the power and functions of the tool. For example, impact screwdrivers combine the functions of a hammer drill, screwdriver and drill.

In such a situation, you should not go the long way if there is a short one. It is enough to get a screwdriver from the screwdriver’s chuck and insert a drill. Switch the operating mode to “drill”.

Children’s vehicles

Creating children’s vehicles, moving without physical effort, has always been and remains a fascinating task for men who like to tinker with tools in their own garage or workshop. Of course, it is worth noting that some of these cars require control by adults, in order to avoid hitting, injuries and various troubles “on the road.”

Electric car

How to stay indifferent to a small car passing by? Such “home-made transport” will interest both an adult and a small one.

What little cars do not create the talented hands of our craftsmen. They use PVC pipes, gears from motorcycles, wheels from a garden car, and frames from a bicycle. In an amazing way, all these not-so-needed details turn into a wonderful “adult” toy.

Designs are the most diverse. Three-wheeled, four-wheeled, from metal, wood, plastic. The driving mechanism of all these cars has the same tool. A screwdriver with a battery.

A screwdriver transmits torque to the rear-wheel drive via a chain drive (a large sprocket on the wheel and a small drive sprocket on the screwdriver shaft, a chain from a bicycle). The screwdriver twists the leading small sprocket, through the chain, the torque movement is transmitted to the large sprocket, and from it to the rear wheel drive. Thus, the rear wheels push the front wheels towards the movement and the machine moves.

The on-off control is displayed on the pedal by means of a button on which the pedal lever presses. A little push of the foot is enough. The button is pressed and the “vehicle” is set in motion!

Electric scooter and electric bike

It is difficult to deny a child the pleasure of riding a scooter. But what will be the surprise and happiness when he sees this scooter in an improved, or rather, in a “self-propelled” form. No physical effort is required to ride. Only a smooth road and a balanced movement.

So how do you make an electric scooter with your own hands, while spending a little money? Options may be different. They are united only by the fact that the source of movement, the engine is a screwdriver.

The structural part can be done individually, from an old overcooked bicycle with an extended wheel or from a scooter. But the most important thing in an electric scooter is the motor part.

What You Can Do With A Screwdriver

Summarize the principle of its work. There is a leading asterisk in which the core is hammered. This rod is installed in the screwdriver chuck.

The screwdriver twists the drive sprocket, that through the chain transmits the rotation to the second sprocket mounted on the wheel. What could be easier? How to attach a screwdriver to a bicycle, each master decides differently. It all depends on the possibilities and imagination.

The on-off system is displayed on the steering wheel. Many different solutions were invented for this: cable systems, hydraulics from a hose and two syringes. All in order to turn the screwdriver on or off with a pen or button on the steering wheel. It does not make sense to list those and go deep into their technical features, let this remain the prerogative of the master-motorists.

Electric snowmobile

How much fun winter days bring to children! Skis, skates, sledges. And how many times do kids ask adults to ride them on a sled? It is hard to refuse children such pleasure. Home craftsmen approached this issue more thoroughly and made the sled “self-propelled.”

All that is needed is source of torque. This source, or rather the base, will serve as a screwdriver with a working battery.

First, the iron construction of the sled is chosen. It can be real steering sleds. And maybe homemade products that are installed on the frames and also have a steering wheel, sometimes a bicycle. But be sure to install a handle on the steering wheel, which will serve to turn the engine on and off. Outwardly, it will look like a brake handle on a sports bike.

Since the homemade craftsmen come up with different designs of snowmobiles, there are also different systems for attaching a screwdriver to an iron platform. Only summarizing it is possible to bring together the principle of installation and action, which is as follows. A wheel is mounted on the rear sled with a special metal construction, and a screwdriver is above it. In fact, a screwdriver gives torque to the wheel through a system of two sprockets and a chain. The screwdriver shaft rotates the drive sprocket. An asterisk transmits rotational motion through a chain to a second asterisk, which is mounted on the wheel. Thus, a screwdriver makes the wheel spin and push the sled.

It remains only to bring the control system to the steering wheel. The control is a cable system, one end of which is connected to the power button of the screwdriver, the other is attached to the handle on the steering wheel.

Clamping and depressing the handle, we turn the screwdriver mechanism on and off.

Of course, it will take effort and time to cope with such work. Purchase a sled or base material, a cordless screwdriver itself. But the efforts that you make will more than pay off with children’s joy and with those emotions that are not described by words and are not calculated in monetary terms.

Garden use

We are part of nature. How harmoniously each of us feels in the garden, in the country or in a personal plot. Exactly trimmed lawn, weathered beds delight our eyes. That’s just to manually achieve such a result is very difficult. Aching back, grass-cut fingers can be excluded from your life if you use ingenuity and use the most primitive tools to design a garden trimmer, or lawn mower, as we usually call this tool.

It is very easy to make such a trimmer. To do this, you need:

  1. Cordless screwdriver;
  2. Disk for polishing the body;
  3. Two clerical blades;
  4. Two screws.

Creating a tool literally takes a couple of minutes. Two clerical blades are screwed onto the disk for polishing the body. Only they are not tightened tightly, but so that they “hang loose” easily. This connection option allows the blades not to bark, but to be laid when they come in contact with an obstacle. The disc itself with the blades already attached is installed in a screwdriver, naturally with a cutting tool down. The tool is ready to go!

Such an amateur trimmer will allow you to mow grass in hard-to-reach, narrow places, in aisles or where there are partitions. Of course, the undoubted “plus” is the saving of time and effort that you spend manually weeding. Only two drawbacks are seen. You still have to bend over and in this position cut the grass, and then collect it manually.

There is also its own specifics. With high grass such a tool must be “fought” in a special way. First cut off the top, and then the base, since long grass can get tangled on the base of the disk. Then it must be removed manually.

Of course, in comparison with lawn mowers, trimmers and industrial type shredders, such a tool looks amateurish. But a “little helper” is better now than grandiose plans to buy an expensive lawn mower in the future.

Outboard motor

How nice to ride in a boat in warm summer weather. One bad luck. I do not want to pick up oars. Savvy comes to the rescue.

But what if you adapt the motor from a screwdriver to the boat using improvised tools for this?

What is easier to apply for this “idea” the following materials:

  1. Screw (rabbit):
  2. Long metal stud;
  3. Battery screwdriver.

The essence of the idea is as follows. In a rabbit rabbit (in this situation, a propeller), a hole equal in diameter to a metal stud is drilled. The screw is mounted on a hairpin and secured securely. The longest pin itself is inserted into the screwdriver, which twists the pin together with the screw. The engine for the boat is ready!

It remains only to come up with some kind of metal structure, which will reliably fix the screwdriver on the boat itself. But this is too simple a task to discuss. Yes, and every amateur will be able to show their inventive abilities in this matter.

Lower the stud screw into the water and turn on the screwdriver. It only remains to slowly swim and enjoy those beauties of nature that you see around. There is only one thing. Really assess the capabilities of the batteries and “do not swim for the buoys.”


Do not limit the fantasies of skilled craftsmen! Thanks to their ideas and talented hands, the old technology not only gets a new life, but also improves the quality of our work and rest.