Where to find a chainsaw in the forest

Adjusting the Foresta chainsaw carburetor

In the event that the Foresta chainsaw does not start at all, its owner will need to move the adjustment bolts marked H and L to the original position. To do this, turn the screws to the fully screwed position, then loosen them by 1/5 of a turn.

You should also make sure that your chainsaw’s engine is in good working order. Air and fuel filters must be clean and completely dry. The further procedure is as follows:

  • The first thing to do is start the saw motor, give it a little time to warm up;
  • After that you can move on to the low speed setting of the saw. To do this, screw the bolt marked L all the way in, and then turn it 1/4 turn in the opposite direction. Then use the T bolt to adjust the saw’s engine idle speed;
  • Then you need to connect the tachometer to the motor, and start turning the H bolt until the motor reaches maximum rpm. As soon as the gauge reads as specified in the operating instructions, the bolt can be released;
  • If, after all the steps, the chain on the bar starts to rotate, it will need to be stopped. This is done by slowly turning the bolt T in different directions until the chain stops.

Once you are finished, you want to test the Forrest saw in different modes of operation. A properly tuned tool should steadily pick up speed when the trigger is pulled, and lose speed when the trigger is released.

) Improved Spear (best for hunting.)

The improved spear is best for hunting and preying at close range.

Having trouble pointing ranged weapons at cannibals? They keep chasing you and catching you every time you stop to wave something at it? The enhanced spear can be the best friend you’ll need in these situations. This improvement Weak Spear. It inherits all of its features, but works better in almost every way.

  • Using an improved spear as a throwing weapon does not actually produce results different from a weak spear. That’s because most of the benefits that this upgrade gives you have to do with hand-to-hand combat.
  • The Improved Spear is one of the few weapons in the Forest that can be used to attack enemies while running. It has the longest range of any melee weapon in the game, and doesn’t require much stamina to use it. This makes it a very appropriate weapon for this strategy.
  • It is very fast and requires less stamina than most edged weapons in the Forest, especially when it comes to ground attacks. You can use it to pick up leaves and sticks from bushes and small trees.
  • It has no technical advantage over the Weak Spear in terms of fishing, but it feels different when you use it to pierce fish in small ponds. It’s just so much nicer.
  • Improved spear is a very easy weapon to make. Combine 2 sticks to create a weak spear. Then add 2 cloths and 3 bones to get an improved spear.

Where to Get a Chainsaw in The Forest

One important indicator of chainsaw durability and quality performance is the correct ratio of constituent liquids when preparing the fuel mixture. Lack of oil has been known to cause excessive friction on parts and wear them out quickly, and excess. To the appearance of soot overheating the engine. This article will discuss the oil and gasoline proportions for the Weak Spear. This is especially important for beginners who have just purchased a tool.

Chainsaw features

Every chainsaw has three basic elements that make it work. These include a 2-pin carburetor engine and two tanks. The fuel mixture is poured into one oil required to lubricate the chain into another. The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.25 liters, which allows it to work continuously for 45-55 minutes. The oil volume is less than half. With this volume ratio, the contents of both tanks run out almost simultaneously.

With two-stroke engines, the oil pump system is not used, so for Chipmill “Steele” you must add gasoline oil to lubricate the shaft, piston, and other rubbing parts. Trying to run on the same gasoline or not following the proportions specified in the instructions for assembling the fuel-lubricant mixture of the two components will break the tool.

Correct proportions

Most often, 1:50 and 1:40 ratios are used when preparing fuel for sawing. This means 50 or 40 parts gasoline add one part oil. The calculations are as follows: 1 liter = 1000 ml, 1000/50 = 20 ml or 1000/40 = 25 ml, t.ะต. In the first case, pour 20 ml for every liter of gasoline, and in the second. 25 ml of oil. If there are no instructions and you don’t know the proportions to prepare the mixture, use the following recommendations:

  • Tool and oil of the same brand. For example, for a Shtil chainsaw, the ratio of STIHL gasoline to oil would be as indicated on the oil container, usually 1:50.
  • The substances used for the mixture have different grades. 1:40 ratio.
  • There is only one brand, but there is no information about the ratio of substances in the oil. they are multiplied by 1:40.
  • In the absence of any data on pollen and oil, the mixture is diluted at a ratio of 1:40. The only thing you need to make sure is that the oil is designed for two-stroke engines.

Add 20% more fuel to the first three saws in the first three fuel tanks. In this case, the ratio will be 1:42 instead of 1:50, and the 1:40 ratio will be converted to 1:33. 24 or 33 ml of oil per liter of gasoline, respectively. Other hacking events with the new saw are not performed. Manufacturers are advised to operate only at the highest speeds. After starting the tool, the usual proportions are 1:50 or 1:40. In some cases, the manufacturer specifies other ratios, such as 1:25 or 1:32, and must be followed.

What kind of gasoline to fill up a chainsaw?

According to experts, you should use lead-free gasoline obtained by adding lead-free additives with m octane over 90. Foreign models require higher quality gasoline and use the tool manufacturer’s own oils. The fuel brand AI-92 is considered ideal. How to distribute gas for a Chilling 180 chainsaw? oils in the mix is 1:40. Fuel AI-95 is quite suitable for it, but, according to professionals, it is better not to use it for chain saws.

The fact is that it is made on the basis of AI-92 with the use of certain additives that change the quality of the fuel. These components deposit inside the tool and when they reach critical mass, they begin to flake off, impairing the function of the mechanism. Best variant. Follow the instructions that come with the model of your choice. Gasoline is recommended to use fresh, as octane properties are lost when stored in containers for a long time.

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A calm chainsaw: what oil to use for gas?

A number of equipment manufacturers also produce their own consumables, adapted to the characteristics of the specific engine. That is why STIHL also produces oil entirely according to its own technology. It has special additives that can compensate for fuel quality, improving lubrication and cleaning the fuel mixture. It should be noted that Husqvarna HP oil is universal and can be used for any chainsaw. Can be used at temperatures as low as 10 degrees Celsius.

As for two-stroke engines, the following brands of products are used: Sadko, Kraissmann, Oleo-mac Prosint. If you are using a quiet saw, how much oil per liter of gasoline should you pour in? The ratio will be 25 ml of additive per liter of fuel. Keep in mind that there are oils for chains and motors. They are designed for different purposes and are not interchangeable. Using chain oil for the fuel and lubricant mixture will cause the tool to break down.

What brand of engine oil to use?

For each model, the manufacturer recommends a list of materials to use. It is better for the user to adhere to these recommendations, as failure of the device due to improper fuel and lubricants does not cover the warranty. In this case, the owner pays to repair the chainsaw, which can be up to 80% of its value. If it is not possible to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, try the following recommendations:

  • Use only for two-stroke engines.
  • Do not use after the expiration date.
  • Do not add waste oil with high levels of impurities to the gasoline, as the tool mechanisms may be damaged.
  • Chain oils should not be used for the fuel mixture.
  • Preferably use synthetic and semi-synthetic oils, which are more expensive than mineral oils but do not form harmful deposits.

How to mix it?

To keep your machine in action for a long time you need to know exactly how much oil to add to your STIHL chain saw. We have found earlier that it is best to use STIHL unleaded gasoline and AI92 or AI95. High fuel levels negatively affect the unit’s performance and shut it down. With these components add 20 ml of oil to a liter of gasoline for the mixture. Any disruption in the proportions leads to soot on the spark plugs and pistons, as well as the formation of dots. The oils used can be green, blue or red.

Their presence is easily identified by the color of the mixture. A special canister is added to dilute the fuel, often included with the equipment. These tanks are marked with graduated units and have two holes. It is left to the user to fill the container with the mixture components to the required labels, close the lids and mix. Some use plastic bottles and syringes to measure oil for this purpose. In this case, you need to make sure that foreign particles or water do not get into the tank, all this will damage the engine.

What if you do not follow the manufacturer’s recommendations?

If you do not follow the proper oil-and-grease ratio when you add oil to the gasoline on your Shtil 180 chain saw, you could have the following problems:

  • Increase friction and wear on the working surfaces of the parts.
  • Bearings will begin to deteriorate due to insufficient lubrication.
  • Full function of mechanical components is impaired due to premature wear of parts, their service life is greatly reduced.
  • When using low-grade varieties of gasoline and oils, the performance of the unit is reduced with subsequent failure of important components and parts.

Before filling up, prepare fuel, avoiding excessive contact with oxygen. Drain the remaining mixture after completing the work.

Shelf life of ready-to-use fuel mixture

Motorists know that there is no need to store gas for a long time, and the ready-to-use fuel mixture wears out even faster. Mix the correct proportions of oil and gasoline for your STIHL chain saw before you start. Manufacturers are allowed to store ready fuel for up to one month, but experts recommend reducing it to 10 days. Immediately after mixing, the solution begins to lose its original properties and, over time, becomes of a different quality than it was prepared. Learn how to prepare so much fuel for sawing that you can use it all at once. This comes with experience. Store the mixture in an opaque, opaque, tightly sealed container. Any metal plastic canister made of combustible materials will do. They also use an oil pan or dark glass container.

Selection of chain oil

In addition to the engine, for which all proportions of oil and gasoline have been found for the STIHL chain saw, there is another important part, consisting of many moving parts. chain. Do not use motor oil, but chain oil to lubricate it. It has completely different properties and is cheaper.

The cave can only be accessed through a small passage under the water. The player will need a rebreather. After a long swim the player will come to the surface in a very large room. Some sections of the walls will resemble the actual construction of the same obsidian-like material as the stone doors.

Cave 1. Dead Cave. Cave 1. Dead Cave). Has three entrances surrounding a small cannibal village from there (one entrance is north of the village, one to the west and one to the east near a small pond).


Carrying the logs affects the player (see. Page). The logs are too big to fit in the player’s inventory, so the player has to carry them on his shoulder. You can push them, or put them on a slope so they roll down it. The player can carry no more than 2 logs at a time (or two logs and one body). When a tree is cut down, it falls to the ground and then crumbles into 4 to 5 logs (they may bounce slightly as they fall because of physical collisions with objects on the ground). The logs can be carried on a shoulder or on a sled. The carried log can be used in the construction of a log building or used to make furniture, shelters, traps or walls. The tree that has fallen into the pond will disintegrate into logs that float to the surface. Such logs will be quite difficult to assemble, as the floating player cannot hold the log as on land. You’ll have to get creative and push the logs into shallow water to carry them on your shoulder. A homemade bomb and found dynamite can be used to cut down the forest. The homemade bomb in this case must necessarily be made with resin, which will give the opportunity to stick the bomb to the tree. You get a sticky bomb. Dynamite, on the other hand, is hung like this. The most effective way to do this is to place the bomb in the center of a pile of trees, this allows you to cut down several trees at once. Using the sledge can greatly simplify the task of delivering logs to the house (maximum number of logs on the sledge. 12 pieces).

You can store logs in:Small Log RepositoryBig Log RepositorySmall Log Repository

To pick up a log, press the E key. To discard, press G. You can immediately use logs for an unfinished building. just walk up to it with the log and press E.

It’s worth noting that a felled tree, when it falls, can damage your structures. The tree will fall in the opposite direction of the last hit. You can avoid destruction or total destruction by turning off destroying buildings in your settings.

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Crafting Resources

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The equipment screen shows some of the items available in the game.

The forest, like any sandbox with a crafting system, allows you to find, collect, and use the huge resources scattered all over the island in a variety of ways. Detection, as well as the correct use for them is a must if you want to have at least a small chance of survival in the game. over, some resources are also used to upgrade items. more information on this topic can be found in a separate chapter.


Wood, or logs in particular, are one of the crafting materials that are used in creating various items and buildings in the game, such as shelters, traps and various types of walls. To assemble them, you have to cut down a large tree (the trunk of such a tree has the thickness of an average human) that you can do by chopping it with an axe (the number of blows required is the same, regardless of the type of axe. 16). Depending on the size of the tree you will be rewarded with a number of logs ranging from 2 to 5. To “make a tree” fall in the direction you want it to fall, such as (down the slope leading to your Camp) you simply have to run towards it as soon as the chopping animation begins.

You can usually carry up to two logs at a time. they don’t go into your inventory like other resources, but are carried by your character. To be able to transport more of them, you need an item called Log Sled. you can create it by combining 21 sticks. Thanks to this you will be able to carry 12 logs.


You don’t need to mine rocks in The Forest.

In The Forest, unlike other survival/sandbox walkthroughs, you don’t need to smash huge rocks or dig tunnels to collect rocks. they’re just scattered all over the island, and all you have to do is collect them. Like logs, the stones are used to build buildings (shelters) and also to create better sources of fire. They can also be used as fairly weak weapons (in melee.

Usually you can carry no more than five stones. after that the character will simply refuse to take more. To counter this, you can create a stone bag (combining 1x boar skin, 3x rope and 1x cloth) or a stone sled (combining 21x Stick). The first item allows you to carry 10 gems, the last allows you to carry 22 of them.


Cloth is used to make many items (such as Molotov cocktail or Slingshot) it is also used in the process of improving items. The cloth can be found in suitcases scattered around the island, in cannibal villages, in caves, or even as a decorative element of stuffed animals created by enemies.


Drink is used in the production of Molotov as well as bombs. Bottles of precious liquor can be found inside suitcases. hidden in close proximity to the plane in which you crashed. as well as lying on the coast. You can also consume the drink, but this is highly undesirable as it will only reduce your energy.

Booze can also be used to upgrade weapons, allowing you to make weapons that can set enemies on fire.


Sticks, which are one of the three main resources (which are rocks and logs) can be collected in two ways: by picking them up from the ground (or from small bodies of water) or by cutting down small trees and bushes. Wands are required (usually in large quantities) in the making of a wide variety of items and most buildings. You can also use the stick in melee, but it does almost no damage.

This item is also often used in weapon improvements. it is required in a large part of the blueprints.


You can collect leaves as they fall to the ground, as well as chopping grass, plants, and small curls (from which you get a stick, and the leaf will automatically collect).


Coins, unlike the first thought, are not used as a payment method because you will not encounter any trading system in the game. Like all other resources they are used in the crafting process. in the current state of the game you can only use them when making bombs, combining them with circuit boards, electrical tape, wristwatches and booze. Coins can be found hidden inside suitcases, inside caves or lying on the beach sand. or you can “retrieve” them by hitting the sand with a stick or spear.


Money can be burned, it can also be used to buy drinks (Soda).

At this point (versions 1.0) serves two different functions. It can be used as a replacement for leaves when starting a fire or buying soda. The latter can be done in the final location of the game, in the Lab, where you will find vending machines. there you can spend money buying precious cans of soda.

Duct tape

Isotape is used to make valuable items (such as a slingshot or bomb) and is one of the rarest items in the game. Find it in suitcases scattered all over the island.

Fuel canisters

Fuel tanks are used to fill up a chainsaw.

Fuel canisters contain gasoline and are used for one purpose: to fill the fuel tank of a chainsaw. This item can be found in caves and some cannibal villages.


Feathers can either be made or found in the world.

Rope is one of the most essential materials in the game. it is used to create a large number of items, as well as in the construction of much of the buildings. This item can be found mostly in cannibal villages, it can also be created by combining 7 pieces of cloth.


Feathers can be obtained by killing birds.

Feathers are mainly used to improve items, but are also needed to make several types of arrows. Ropes can be obtained in two ways. by killing birds (you will get 3 to 5 feathers per bird using this method) or by building a Birdhouse. Once a building has been constructed, birds will land inside it, and feathers will accumulate there, up to a maximum of 30 units. The character can carry an unlimited amount of feathers.

Body Parts

You need to kill an ogre to get body parts. a task that shouldn’t be too difficult.

Body parts, or more specifically, arm, leg, and head are used to make items. The most common use for them is to make Effigies. designs that are designed to scare off enemies. The head is the most valuable of all, as it can be used to make a head bomb, the most powerful explosive in the game. Body parts can be obtained from the bodies of dead ogres. you just need to hit the corpse a few times with your axe and the body parts you are looking for will start falling.

Lizard skin

Lizard skin is used as the first armor in the game. You can equip it from your inventory screen. this will cause a new panel to appear, displaying your armor status, next to your health bar. This allows the character to withstand more punishment from enemies before he begins to lose health. These items can also be used to create Stealth Armor, an updated version of the standard lizard. Lizard skins can be obtained from the bodies of slain lizards along with their meat.

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Circuit Board

Circuit Boards are one of the most valuable items in the game.

Printed boards, at least in the current state of the game, are only used in one recipe. as one of the components needed to make a bomb. This is one of the rarest items found in the game. a few circuit boards can be found to the left of the crashed plane, and others are scattered throughout the caves where the spider mutant hides. Given how rare this item is, you should use it (or, more specifically, the bombs you can create with it) with caution.

find, chainsaw, forest

Wrist Watch

Wristwatch used to create bombs.

Wristwatches are used for one purpose. to create bombs. They can be found in the bodies of killed passengers (they are hidden all over the island, as well as in caves) in caves or inside suitcases.

Teeth are used to improve weapons. they allow the player to increase the amount of damage the weapon can do. They can be purchased from cannibals. each strike with a 10-15% chance of “falling out” of the cannibal. This is the reason. if you want to get a lot of it, you should attack your opponent with the weakest weapon, such as Stick, as the damage dealt has no effect on the probability of losing a tooth.

find, chainsaw, forest

Sap is used to create items as well as to upgrade them. It can be obtained using two methods. cutting down trees (every time you fall on a tree, you also get 2-3 pieces of this resource) or by making a Sap Gatherer. A sap collector mounted on a tree will consistently accumulate sap, up to a maximum of 30 units. you must collect the resource regularly to prevent its creation.


Skulls are used to create very useful lamps.

Skulls are one of the most valuable items used to make weapons and build buildings. Worth noting here is the “Skull Lamp” design, a lamp that you don’t have to constantly light like a normal fire. Skulls can be purchased from cannibal villages, they can also be found on a boat or in caves. The item can also be made by cooking a cannibal’s head over a fire (like regular meat).

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is used to make medicines that restore lost health points; it can also be consumed to get rid of infection. This item can be found growing in the woods in the wild, but because of its small size and mixing with surrounding plants, it can be difficult to find.


Blueberries are mostly used as food. they reduce feelings of hunger, irrigate character, and restore lost energy. What’s more, they don’t spoil. they’re the perfect snack for long journeys. This item can also be used to create Blue Paint.

There is also a second type of berry in the game. Twinberries. These are poisonous (so you shouldn’t eat them) they are used to improve items (apply poison) and create poisoned arrows. They differ from ordinary berries in color. the edible ones are light blue, while the poisonous ones are much darker.


Chicory leaves are used to make items that restore energy. They can be found wild in the forest. their leaves are light blue in color.


Another plant that you can get in the game. The bushes have white flowers, making them easy to distinguish among the vegetation. This plant is used to create healing potions (Herbal Medicine) and to restore energy (Energy Mix).


The last type of plant available in the game. Plants have orange flowers and stand in the background of the forest. The plant is used to create medicines, as well as orange paint.

Jack mushroom

One of the two types of mushrooms that can be found in the game. These mushrooms can be eaten raw, but they are poisonous. Instead, you must cook them to get rid of this negative effect. They can also be used to improve items. they can be used to poison weapons.

Jack mushroom

The second kind of mushroom in the game, with the same characteristics and uses as flyswords.

Codes for clothes in The Forest

To change your clothes, simply type the appropriate command in the console. The code listclothing will allow you to see a complete list of available types of pants, jackets and hats:

  • addClothingById(number 1 to 3). headgear;
  • addClothingById(number 4 to 8, 31). pants;
  • addClothingById(number from 10 to 12). long-sleeved blouses;
  • addClothingById(number from 14 to 17). short-sleeved blouses;
  • addClothingById(number from 18 to 20). sleeveless;
  • addClothingById(number from 21 to 24). t-shirts;
  • addClothingById(number 25 to 28 and 30). long-sleeved shirts;
  • addClothingById(9, 29, 32, 33). clothing sets.

Where to find mutant body parts

Remember one thing. In The Forest, the craziest survives. If you run through the fields and pet rabbits, you will become food. Your plans include ending up in a mutant’s stomach? No? Then get ready to do creepy things.

Mutants, like humans, don’t like to be hurt. So after killing the aborigine, dismember him with an axe. That way you get three five items. the head, 2 legs, and 2 arms. They can be used to build scarecrows (what is it, why is it needed and what kinds of scarecrows there are, read in a separate article). You can use the body parts to defend yourself against attacks from the same mutants.

Kill the mutant man with his wife’s head. After such atrocity the tribesmen of the unhappy lover of human meat will not come to your camp for a long time. And for greater effect, throw these guys with the severed legs of their warriors. In combat against a group of enemies it is best not to use the limbs. But in a one-on-one fight, you can show the mutants that the wrong person they decided to have dinner.

The guide is very useful for those who are not ready or just do not want to explore the island up and down. Some players just can’t handle the challenges that the game offers them. Therefore, it is easier for them to just use our guide and come to the specified coordinates to find the right item.

The Forest Where to Find a Chainsaw Map

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