A mini tractor from a Neva power tiller with your own hands

Minitractor from a Neva power tiller

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Turning a power tiller into a small tractor can be a bit different. Everything depends on the design features of your power tiller and its ability. Let’s consider the principle of making a mini-tractor from Neva motor blocks.

As in the first case, before making a mini-tractor, you need to study the schematics. They detail the dimensions of the elements and the order in which they will be assembled.

The order of action when remaking will be as follows:

  • The frame is made in the same way as in the first case. Use pipes of different cross-sections. Fastening of the frame elements is carried out by means of bolts and welding;
  • Then proceed to the manufacture and installation of the undercarriage. To install the rear wheels, use an additional axle, which can be made from a steel tube. In both ends of the latter, press bearings and bushings, which will be equipped with rear wheels;
  • Next, you need to equip the tractor from a Neva motorblock with a motor. It is possible to install the engine both in the front and in the rear of the frame. In the second case, the front and rear wheel base of the mini-tractor will need to expand;

At the end of the handmade unit will be left to equip the driver’s seat, lights and parking lights. Due to its small size, the finished tractor will have high maneuverability, which will allow its effective use in hard-to-reach places.

Installation of the brake system and electrical equipment

After installing the motor, proceed to the installation of no less important node of the mini-tractor brake system. You can buy new brakes for the homemade machine or use the unified parts from a passenger vehicle.

First of all, determine the place (using the layout diagram), where the brake pedal will be located in the modification. On the marked plot, mount the mount for the pedal and the main brake cylinder. The cylinder is then connected with hoses to the brake drums located on the front wheels of the converted tractor.

Immediately afterwards, the brake system is checked for leaks, and if it is broken, the system is redone. To avoid ridiculous mistakes, it is better to use a clear drawing, which shows all the main nodes of the tractor. To control the system, be sure to pump and remove any air residue. This will make it workable and provide proper functionality. The system can also be supplemented with a parking brake.

The next step of the self-transformation of a Moto-Block into a fully-fledged mini-tractor is connection of electrical equipment and sensor output to the dashboard. It is recommended to do it for convenience and safety of transport operation. The panel is equipped with a temperature meter, coolant indicator, ignition key, oil pressure and fuel level gauge in the tank. If desired, the homemade tractor is equipped with a buzzer, stop lights and turn signals.

Additionally the machine can be equipped with cladding and canopy elements. This will give the mini-tractor an attractive appearance and make the operator’s work more comfortable. After completing the process of modernization of the tractor, it is necessary to run in the homemade mini-tractor, so there was lapping of parts and improved lubricability of mating surfaces.

A mini tractor from a power tiller with your own hands. the order of making

Before you start making a mini-tractor on the basis of a power tiller, you need to prepare the necessary materials for the work. The conversion kit includes:

  • welding machine;
  • screwdrivers and wrenches;
  • An electric drill and a set of various drill bits;
  • angle grinder and a set of discs for working with metal;
  • A set of nuts and bolts.

To assemble a tractor from a power tiller correctly will help appropriate drawings. These must contain information on the order in which the parts must be connected and what method of fastening is suitable for their secure installation.

The modification of the power tiller into a minitractor is performed in the following order:

  • A mini-tractor based on a motorcycle tractor must be fitted with a strong and reliable frame. It must be able to support an extra pair of wheels, plus the load carried in the tractor will be pressing on the supporting structure. To make a strong frame, it is best to use metal pipes or angles. Be sure to note that the heavier the frame, the better the tractor will grip the road, and the better will be the plowing. The thickness of the walls of the frame is also not important. the main thing is that they do not bend under the pressure of the transported cargo, You can cut blanks for making the frame with the help of an angle grinder. all parts are then bolted together, and then definitively welded to one another. To make the frame stronger and more reliable, equip it with a cross beam;
  • Immediately after the frame is made, it can be equipped with an attachment mechanism, through which the small tractor will be equipped with additional devices. The linkage can be attached to the front or the rear of the supporting construction. If in the future it is planned to use the manufactured mini-tractor with a trailer, then a towbar should be welded to the back of its frame;
  • The next step is to equip the front wheels. For this purpose, it is best to equip the mini-tractor to be made with two hubs already prefabricated with brakes provided on them. Next, you need to fix the wheels themselves. For this, take a piece of steel pipe of a diameter that fits the front axle. Next, attach the wheel hubs to the tube. Drill a hole in the center of the tube, which is necessary for mounting the product to the front of the frame. Then install the steering rods and adjust them to the frame by means of a worm gear. After mounting the gearbox, install the steering column. The axle at the rear of the tractor being made is mounted through pressed bearing bushes. The wheels used should be no more than 15 inches in diameter. Smaller parts will lead to “burying” the front part of the machine, and larger wheels will significantly impair maneuverability of the mini-tractor;
  • The next step is to equip the tractor with an engine from the tiller. It is best to install the motor in the front of the machine, as this way you will improve the balance of the agricultural machine when operating with a loaded trailer. For installing the motor, equip a reliable mounting system. When assembling the motor do not forget that the PTO shaft must be fixed coaxially to the pulley located on the rear axle of the mini-tractor. The effort on the wheels should be made with the help of a belt drive. In more detail about the conversion of a motor-block into a mini-tractor will tell the video.

Міні трактор своїми руками / Mini tractor with his own hands

The tractor, made by your own hands, should be equipped with a reliable braking system and a quality hydrovalve, which is necessary for the trouble-free operation of the unit with attachments.

Materials and tools required

To assemble with your own hands a mini-tractor from a power tiller, you will need:

  • Rolled metal to make a welded frame (square, channel, angle, and so on);
  • wheel set (with a solid axle or 2 semi-axles)
  • wheel bearings;
  • a seat of suitable dimensions;
  • hardware for assembling (nuts, pins, bolts);
  • Consumables for welding operations gas, oxygen, wire, electrodes
  • lubricants;
  • primer, paint for coloring the assembled product.

Necessary details for the manufacture of a mini-tractor

Certain tools will also be required for the work:

  • metal hammer, chisel, keys;
  • Welding machine for frame assembly work;
  • gas cutting set, if necessary;
  • angle grinder for cutting, grinding metal elements;
  • an electric drill with a set of drill bits;
  • taps and dies;
  • accessories for painting and corrosion protection work.

You may also need turning equipment for working with the wheelset.

Making a mini-tractor from a Neva power tiller

Creating a mini tractor from a Neva power tiller with your own efforts, you will get the following conveniences:

  • The machine requires little space. So, you do not need to build a garage for it.
  • The price is considerably inferior to the price of an already ready-made working adapter for a power tiller.
  • To work requires the cheapest fuel and in small volumes. It will be enough and 2 liters.
  • Top speed of 30 km/h.
  • It is not difficult to find spare parts. They are available almost everywhere and their are quite low.
  • If you equip such a tool with tires with deep tread, you can achieve high cross-country ability and excellent traction with the ground.
  • Compact dimensions even in difficult terrain with abundant trees. It also works comfortably in yard areas. Neither asphalt nor paving slabs are affected.

Of course, the independent creation of such a masterpiece is possible with some skills and knowledge. Before the main work will need to analyze many different drawings and diagrams, read technical literature and watch helpful videos.

There is no universal scheme and the same set of drawings. Since the apparatuses of different manufacturers have design differences, power and other parameters. How to make a mini tractor from a Neva power tiller? Start by selecting a model and drawings.

If you can’t buy or find a single-axle tractor “Neva”, its analogues such as “Zubr”, “Salyut” and “Argo” will do fine. There are also a number of Chinese equivalents. But Russian products are in high demand. Blueprints and schematics of a homemade tractor from a power tiller Neva:

They will also be useful in your work:

  • Metal corners and pipes;
  • stainless steel (1 sheet);
  • drill;
  • welding equipment;
  • mounted equipment;
  • A standard set of tools for installation (screwdrivers, wrenches, nuts, bolts, etc.д.).

Minitractor can be equipped with only the most necessary arsenal:

What you need a mini-tractor for?

The minitractor performs the same functions as a single-axle tractor, but with the difference that you will drive your equipment, not push it in front of you. You can also install additional equipment and modernize your machine even more. For example, to install a simple mechanism and a bucket, making an analogue of an excavator, or attach a trailer and transport different loads.

On such a unit, you can easily move even on the roads, pre-installed headlights and clearance lights. You can also make it even more durable by attaching a canopy to protect it from the sun’s rays.

If you think that make a mini-tractor from the motor-block Neva their own hands is difficult and expensive enough work, then you are mistaken. You can use improvised materials, but there are even special kits available for this process. over, in the Internet there are a lot of drawings and diagrams of those who have already done it.

There are general recommendations that will help you make a mini-tractor reliable and durable. So, a single-axle tractor must be powerful enough to have enough power to move the future unit and perform all tasks. If your model is less powerful, then instead of a frame you should make an adapter.

About the mini-tractor from a “Neva” power tiller: how to make it with your own hands, remodeling

To work on the garden plot brought pleasure, well, or was easier, people buy power tillers or minitractors. But there are those who decide to make a mini-tractor from the motor-block Neva with their own hands, in order to reduce costs. To turn a power tiller into a four-wheeled helper, you can buy an adapter with a seat.

Fracture frame from a motorized block Neva with his hands

Dear visitors to the site Samodelkin a friend from the material presented by the author you will learn how to make a homemade mini-tractor from a power tiller with a break frame with your own hands. Mini tractor.It is an excellent assistant in the conduct of a private farm, thanks to it you can plow and till the land, as well as to transport various goods around the site, and in winter to clean the snow.

To assemble a mini-tractor you can in the garage, with a minimum of spare parts from the domestic car industry and a little scrap metal) The basis for the creation of a MT submitted served time-tested single-axle tractor Oka, changes are made to a minimum, namely, installed the wheel from VAZ and perekinutirovany gas and clutch cables on the pedals. Steering from Moskvich-2140 Sobol steering wheel. Second half-frame welded from angle, towbar is installed in the rear to transport a car trailer.

In front of the tractor has a blade with adjustable angle of attack for clearing snow (standard from power tillers), but amended with a mechanism for lifting and locking the blade in transport position.

And so, let us look at the features of the design of a mini-tractor from a power tiller.

  • single-axle tractor OKA 6 hp
  • Moskvich steering wheel
  • metal corner
  • VAZ wheels 4 pcs
  • sheet metal 2 mm
  • driver’s seat
  • fog lights and a generator
  • welding inverter
  • angle grinder (angle grinder)
  • wrench set
  • drill
  • measuring and locksmith’s tools
  • capable hands)

Step-by-step photos of assembling a mini-tractor from a power tiller with your own hands. Blade for clearing snow from a power tiller with modified lifting mechanism. Making a fractured frame, or it’s more of an adapter. Gas and clutch cables thrown on the pedals. Installation of hubs and making rear fenders from metal 2 mm.

Self-made mini-tractor from a power tiller is a fairly common way of making a mini-tractor at home. In general, not bad units come out of the following brands of power tillers:

Centaur 2090D

For example, let’s take a single-axle tractor Kentavr 2090D, from which you can easily make a future minitractor. The whole list of works comes down to the fact that you need to make a frame structure of metal profile, as well as to complement the device seat and a second pair of wheels.

  • type of engine used. 4-stroke, diesel;
  • maximal power. 9 l.с.;
  • fuel tank capacity. 5,5 l;
  • Speed of rotation. 3 thousand rpm;
  • type of cooling. air;
  • engine volume. 418 cm3.

, total

Zubr NT-135

Also not bad results can be achieved if you convert single-axis tractor Zubr NT-135, which has similar characteristics as the previous version.

  • Type of the engine used. 4-stroke, diesel;
  • maximum power. 9 l.с.;
  • fuel tank capacity. 5.5 l;
  • Speed of rotation. 3600 rpm;
  • type of cooling. air;
  • engine displacement. 406 cm3.

In this case, the final price for the finished homemade mini-tractor will be formed on the basis of the cost of the necessary materials. In particular, we are talking about the following components:

  • Hydraulic system. In principle, you can take it from the old agricultural equipment.
  • Wheelset. taken from old domestic cars.
  • Rudder and brake system.

Summing up all the costs, the final