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Manual: electric grass trimmer Bosch ART 23 EASYTRIM

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Do you want a neat and well-groomed lawn on your site and adjacent territory?? A lawn mower and grass trimmer are indispensable. these tools will help to bring grass and shrubs to perfect condition.

Where grass trimmer electrical faults occur and how to identify them

It so happened in my practice that the neighbors have already asked for help twice when their engine did not turn on. The most interesting thing is that it was in full working order, and the defect was inside the extension cord.

Therefore, I recommend starting the proceedings by checking its serviceability. To do this, just insert the extension cord into the outlet, and measure the voltage at its end.

When using a screwdriver with an indicator, you will have to turn the power plug twice, checking the integrity of each core by the presence of a phase on the socket contact.

If it is absent, then it already makes sense to look for a wire break in the power supply circuit. By the way, an insufficient voltage level can also affect the operation of the electric motor. It often happens in the countryside.

Then the voltage will have to be raised in one of the most appropriate ways for your particular case. Otherwise, the electric grass trimmer may work with overload, overheat. Pay attention to it.

The strength of its luminescence allows an indirect method to judge the value of the power supply and seek the breakdown of the veins in the extension. The wire will just have to be sorted out by hand along the entire length. Loss of contact usually occurs near the outlet, where vibrations are most often created when mowing.

If everything is fine with power, then we need access to the internal electrical circuit. To do this, you need to open the screws securing the case. They are all located on one side, including the self-tapping screw that fixes the bar.

Both halves of the case, except for the screws, are held on plastic locks with latches. They must be opened with any flat and thin metal object, such as a knife blade or screwdriver.

The top cover can then be easily removed. I immediately recommend taking a camera, taking a picture of the laying of wires through numerous internal channels and recesses. Photo will help in future assembly.

After that, you can proceed to the internal inspection and analysis of the health of all electrical components of the circuit.

How to safely check the operation of the switch

Electrical switching performs a small switch having two fixed positions:

Its operation must be checked with an ohmmeter or continuity test. When the button is lowered, the readings on the display will indicate a very large resistance value. ∞ or 0L, as on my device.

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When you press the button with your fingers, an electrical contact occurs, and the resistance drops sharply to almost zero.

How to ring electrical wires

To detect a break in the wires or the loss of electrical contact anywhere in the circuit allows the continuity of a section of the circuit or the measurement of its resistance with a multimeter in ohmmeter mode.

To do this, it is enough to use even the simplified circuit of the collector motor shown above. It will allow you to sequentially check all sections of the voltage supply circuits to the electric motor.

I show this process on the segment from the power cable plug to the switch contact.

When measuring, I use my multimeter Mestek MT-102. It showed a resistance of 9.3 ohms, which is quite acceptable. If a break is detected, then this place will have to be dealt with further.

In this way, a measurement is sequentially made between all sections, the place of the break is determined. Don’t forget the thermostat. It must always have a closed power contact when cold.

If the electric grass trimmer has been disassembled by an outsider and does not work, then it makes sense to fully evaluate the correct installation of the electrical circuit.

How to check the health of the electric motor on the trimmer

What to look for during an external examination

The most problematic place is usually the brush-collector assembly and bearings. In ideal condition, the plates of the collector mechanism should be sparkling clean and polished, the brushes should be intact and even, and the bearings should rotate easily without play.

The slight carbon dust contamination from the brushes shown in the photo below is considered working and is quite acceptable.

During a preventive examination, it is advisable to wash off such soot with ethyl alcohol, cologne or even plain vodka. After that, the copper plates are wiped with a clean rag, paying attention to the absence of nicks, cracks, scratches.

Shown below are worn commutator plates damaged by poor brush fit due to excessive brush wear or loose springs.

Such a collector during operation creates a constant spark or even an all-round fire over the entire surface of the circle.

How to take electrical measurements

On my website, a separate article describes in detail the check of any electric motor with a multimeter. At its end, I talk about three methods for checking commutator motors.

Below I give two pictures of assessing the state of the resistance of the rotor with a multimeter and an indirect measurement method. The technology for their verification is described in the same article.

In addition to the rotor winding, damage can occur on the stator. The detection method is described there.

When overheating windings due to elevated loads, insulation damage and emergency circuit occurrence. In this situation, the engine will not be able to develop speed at rated power.

Such a test is carried out under load or by removing the current-voltage characteristic, which is not so easy to do at home for an unprepared person.

The owner of the Elektromaster BY video shows in detail the armature and stator test at home.

In some cases, when a similar breakage is detected, it is cost-effective even to acquire a new trimmer for grass with more appropriate technical characteristics.

Grass trimmer Garden Bosch Art 26 Easytrim instructions

Trimmer for grass Bosch Art 26 Easytrim Subscribe a lawn near the house!

This trimmer for grass weighs only 1.8 kg. that is why it is very convenient to use it. Optimal balancing makes work with a pleasant and relaxed technique. The second handle allows you to carefully conduct a trimmer for grass in a variety of positions.

High-performance 300 W engine will delight high speeds.

Pro-Tap bobbin prevents the line of the fishing line when replacing. use with pleasure!

the handle is short, so it’s inconvenient to work with him

Low weight, ease of use, price-quality ratio

Excellent apparatus, convenient to use, for giving. Indispensable. copes well with grass and weeds A

copes well with low grass


It copes perfectly with grass and weeds, easy to use and reliable. BUT. The handle is short and you have to bend

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I do not regret the purchase, for this price. the unit is excellent

compact dimensions, light weight, well suited for short grass, excellent lawn mowing and working next to trees for a brush of maneuverability

easy to use, compact and lightweight, well built

I have been working for 2 seasons, everything is fine

very quickly you can process the area with it

easily and quickly copes even with tall grass

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The manufacturer’s warranty is usually set for a period of one or two years, but for expensive electronics this is not always enough.

Acquisition of an additional warranty certificate allows you to:

  • one. take into account non-warranty risks, such as non-production breakdowns as a result of power surges, fire, flooding, theft, robbery, robbery, natural disasters, supplementing the possibilities of the manufacturer’s warranty;
  • 2. extend the factory warranty.

You can choose the time period for which you want to extend it. it can be 1, 2 or 3 years.

Why does the manufacturer of equipment set a guarantee for one, two or in very rare cases for three years? Everything is simple. The longer a machine works, the more likely it is to break. But you do not throw out the refrigerator, a washing machine or laptop immediately after the end of the manufacturer’s warranty? Of course not. And what if the equipment breaks down when the warranty has already ended? You have to pay for repairs out of your own And often it is a lot of money. The problem will be solved by the certificate “Additional guarantee”.

electric grass trimmer Bosch ART 23 EASYTRIM

grass trimmer Bosch ART 23 Easytrim is designed for lawn care and flower beds in small areas. The grass trimmer is compact and lightweight. For more comfort when working, an additional handle and cable holder on the shaft are provided.

  • Convenient for processing areas up to 500 square meters.m;
  • Ergonomic design and light weight;
  • Convenient control due to optimal balancing;
  • Reliable Pro-Tap spool, which does not allow the fishing line to get tangled when changing the cutting element;
  • Second handle for easy guiding of the grass trimmer in any position;
  • Practical network cable holder.

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Specifications electric grass trimmer Bosch ART 23 EASYTRIM

A type: portable grass trimmer
Cutting width, cm: 23 cm
Mulching: No
Engine: electric
Battery work: No
Power: 280 W
Engine location: bottom
Anti-vibration system: No
Wheels: missing
Equipment: reel with line
Peculiarities: Country of Origin. PRC, line 1.6 mm; 12500 rpm. engine idle speed
Weight: one.6 kg
Grass catcher: No

Noticed an inaccuracy or error in the description? Please, inform us

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to the design, design and packaging of the product: electric grass trimmer Bosch ART 23 EASYTRIM. Please check the information about the product with the information on the official website of the manufacturer. For all your questions, you can contact the Bosch hot mowing line.800-200-29-61

bosch, easytrim, changing, line

Do you want a neat and well-groomed lawn on your site and adjacent territory?? A lawn mower and grass trimmer are indispensable. these tools will help to bring grass and shrubs to perfect condition.

Electric grass trimmer head device. Trimmer heads: review of models, reviews

Trimmer heads are used for cutting grass and lawns. Such a device has a fairly simple device and is easy to operate. Thanks to this, the unit has become popular with the population and utilities. Light weight is an additional plus, almost anyone can cope with the work of such a device. Consider the features of the aggregate and reviews about manufacturers.

Trimmer heads include a cutting element, a special rod, a mover and a control mechanism with a handle. Designed knot for cutting grass in the courtyard and garden plots. The compactness of the device and ease of operation allow you to do high-quality work in the most inaccessible places. With this unit, you can also prune shrubs and a young garden. Adjustable elements allow you to set the desired cutting height of grass on lawns and playgrounds.

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When choosing trimmer heads, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Power rating.
  • Weight of the device.
  • Power type.
  • Engine placement, which can be top or bottom.
  • Type of cutting piece.
  • Rod type.

Classification by type of line supply

Husqvarna trimmer heads are classified according to the way the line is fed, as follows:

  • Manual type. The feeding of the fishing line in this embodiment occurs by a mechanical method. To lengthen the cord, you will need to stop the device and pull out the edges of the cutting part with your hands.
  • semi-automatic. Such specimens allow the replacement of the cord without touching the head of the ground. This option is feasible with the help of a special key and an anchor mechanism that makes it possible to lengthen the working part of the fishing line due to centrifugal action. It is important that the whole procedure is carried out with the unit turned on.
  • Automatic trimmer heads are distinguished by the fact that during their operation, the extension of the cord is performed automatically after a decrease in engine speed. Line feed is carried out in the normal mode.

Of the above mechanisms, the manual version is not very practical and convenient. Automatic variations are also not popular due to the high line consumption. The optimal version will be semi-automatic execution.

Criterias of choice

When purchasing Champion trimmer heads and other models, you need to focus on the purpose of using the unit. For a large area with a flat lawn surface, it is better to use light and not very powerful modifications. If it is planned to process an overgrown summer cottage, it is more reasonable to take a model with a high power rating.

Selection of the cutting element also plays a last role in the final functionality of the unit. The working part is a special fishing line or working knives. This takes into account the stiffness and density of plants. The universal trimmer head will allow you to process most of the vegetation, but it is not always durable and efficient.


The adaptation under consideration is a coil of a special configuration, which is equipped with an internal cord. It can have different sizes, it is wound on the inner element of the spool up to 15 meters long.

The edges of the fishing line are set at a certain distance for the possibility of work. When it hits hard objects (stones, trees, etc.), the working element is destroyed. Depending on the type of fixture, the heads may have a different configuration. Universal analogue suitable for most modifications. This is due to the possibility of using a number of special adapters.

bosch, easytrim, changing, line

Filling the line

According to this parameter, trimmer heads can be divided into two categories:

  • fast charging. On such models, when winding the cord, it is not necessary to disassemble the coil. One edge of the next refilled fishing line is wound into a reel and wound several times. After selecting the desired length, the material is cut.
  • Collapsible type heads. To refuel them, you need to remove the reel from the unit, then remove the used line and wind a new analogue.

The working head contains special pointers in the form of arrows. They are responsible for the direction of movement of the working part during rotation. If it is necessary to wind the fishing line in the direction of rotation of the shaft, it is turned to a certain position. Excessive number of Cord is fraught with the output of equipment.

If it is impossible to wind the cord after a blow on the semi-automatic head, winding should be performed again. Most likely, the user did not pull the ends of the scaffold out of the sockets.