Chainsaw adjustment oleo mak 937 carburetor

What is the primer on the Oleo-Mac chainsaw?

It is important for owners to know what a primer is in an Oleo-Mac chainsaw, because, thanks to a manual fuel pump for pre-priming, called a primer or suction, a cooled internal combustion engine starts up faster. When starting the gasoline tool with a primer, it is possible to pre-fill the carburetor with gasoline; without using a primer, it will take more time to pump fuel with a carburetor pump by using a starter. Primers are used for engines after refueling with a fuel mixture or for cold engines that have not been used for a long time.

Why the Oleo-Mac chainsaw does not start?

The main reasons why the Oleo Mac chainsaw does not start are looking for, moving from simple to complex:

  • Banal lack of fuel in the gas tank or insufficient amount to start.
  • Inspect all fuel hoses and connections, pay attention to the crankshaft oil seals.
  • Incorrectly prepared fuel mixture. prepare according to the instructions, use only that brand of gasoline with the corresponding octane number, no higher or lower. Remember to add engine oil to the fuel mixture.
  • The mixture is made on the basis of production in 1-2 weeks, after this period, gasoline loses its octane quality.
  • During start-up, the spark plug was filled with gasoline. It is necessary to dry the candle without igniting it, drain the excess fuel mixture, wait half an hour and then put the candle in place and repeat the start. It is advisable to have a spare spark plug if drying a gas-filled spark plug does not help.
  • The problem may be not only in the spark plug, but also in the poor contact of its tip with the high-voltage wire. If the contact is normal, and there is no spark from turning on the starter, then the reason is in the electronic ignition unit. Unfortunately, this item is not repairable and needs to be replaced.
  • If the tool does not want to start when starting, inspect the spark plug: its suspicious dryness means that there is no fuel flow into the cylinder, so the reason may be in the carburetor. Black carbon deposits indicate that an incorrect carburetor adjustment was made, as a result of which the carburetor is feeding too much fuel mixture into the air / fuel mixture or there is too much engine oil in the mixture itself.
  • serious reasons need to be looked for in the cylinder-piston group. Signs. the presence of chips and scuffs on the cylinder and piston. Eliminate problems by boring the cylinder for a new piston group. You also need to check the piston rings. backlash when the piston wiggles by the connecting rod in the cylinder indicates worn piston rings that need to be replaced.
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Why the Oleo-Mac chainsaw does not cut well?

Why the Oleo-Mac chainsaw cuts obliquely and crookedly, the answer is obvious: the reason is in the saw chain, in violation of its cutting properties.

I also remembered: under the cover there is a flap-plug for changing the direction of air flow into the motor (winter / summer), it must be set according to the season.

Question: I decided to buy an Oleo-Mac 941c chainsaw, but I can’t decide on the version: with a chain pitch of 3/8, or with 0.325.

Which option is preferable and why?

Карбюратор Oleo-Mac 937, GS 370 Walbro

Answer: Better probably 3 / 8-1.3. The saw is rather weak at 3/8 it will be lighter than at 0.325.

Oleo.mac Chainsaw Repair (oil pump, carburetor)

Chainsaw repair Oleo.mac (oil pump, carburetor) Service site. Group.

  • number of teeth,
  • design features of the cutting tooth
  • profile height (working part of the link),
  • and even the thickness of the shank, which, being inserted into the groove of the bar, holds the chain on it.

Vital structural elements in Oleo-Mac chainsaws

Italian chainsaws from Oleo-Mac are:

  • Lightweight (household and semi-professional). with a tire up to 45 cm, used in everyday life and for small business tasks.
  • Professional. with a large saw bar, used for felling and harvesting lumber for sale.

The main elements that make up the Oleo-Mac chainsaw device of the original Italian production:

  • The fuel mixture of oil and gasoline (1:50) is poured into the fuel tank (for Italian chainsaws, the volume of the gas tank is 0.23–0.8 liters, the largest gas tank for the Oleo-Mac GS 650 and Oleo-Mac GS 720 models is 0, 8 l, the smallest fuel tank. for the lightweight Oleo-Mac 932C chainsaw. 0.23 l).
  • Then the resulting fuel mixture from the gas tank is taken into the carburetor for mixing with air.
  • The air-saturated fuel mixture is pumped into the cylinder of a 2-stroke internal combustion engine, where it is ignited by a spark from a spark plug.
  • Engine starting
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Replies 2

Carb to clean special. flushing from a can, preferably removing.

Tighten all three screws.
L Unscrew a quarter of a turn until it starts.
Then turn the neutral until the optimum idle speed is reached.
Then unscrew H until it stops stalling at the maximum gas.

And do not forget to press the gas once after using the blue flap to remove it from the half-throttle. For an hour I could not understand why she gasses with me after it was started. because of this atypical auto-half-gas.

Adjusting the carburetor of the oleo mak 941s chainsaw

How to deal with problems in chainsaws Oleo-Mac

Why does the Oleo Mac chainsaw stall, loses speed or does not start at all? It is essential to know such questions for the owners of the Oleo-Mac chainsaw in order to do the right service and prevent the repair of the Oleo-Mac chainsaw.

Не набирает обороты бензопила “Oleo Mac 937”.

  • Actual fundamental structural elements in Oleo-Mak chainsaws:
  • Obstacles when starting your Oleo-Mac chainsaw:
  • Problems with the Oleo-Mac chainsaw:

Malfunctions and methods of their elimination

Common faults can be:

  • clogging of filters or nozzles, removed by cleaning;
  • damage to the membrane (acts as a pump), is solved by replacement;
  • failure of the gaskets, it is necessary to replace them with new ones after disassembling the body parts of the carburetor;
  • valve jamming (a needle that cuts off the fuel supply to the carburetor), an assessment of its condition is required to determine the possibility of its further operation or replacement;
  • violation of the contact of the choke lever with the accelerator, restoration, repair or replacement of the unit is required.

Often, some of these problems occur after a long period of inactivity of the chainsaw. To restore operability, it is required to perform full maintenance of the nodes and pre-start work.

Is it worth doing DIY repair

Self-repair of the Oleo Mak chainsaw carburetor is advisable in the following cases:

  • the breakdown is simple, obvious, the necessary parts are available;
  • have experience in performing such work, qualifications;
  • the manufacturer’s warranty is not lost;
  • there is no way to contact the service center or it is financially unprofitable.

It should be clearly understood that self-repair cannot guarantee a positive outcome of events. Therefore, it is worth taking on it only if you have knowledge of the design and principle of operation of the carburetor.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of Oleo Mac chainsaw carburetors:

  • great resource;
  • compact size;
  • three adjustment screws that allow fine tuning (a feature of all modern chainsaws with membrane carburetors);
  • compact size and relatively low weight of the structure, in comparison with analogs;
  • affordable cost of parts, carburetor assembly;
  • unpretentiousness to the quality of gasoline.

It is also worth noting a number of disadvantages:

  • it can be difficult to find a repair kit on sale, in small towns;
  • difficulties with settings, high requirements for the qualifications of tuners;
  • the need for periodic adjustments during long-term operation.

Customization tools

Since the adjustment is carried out using external screws, you will need the included Phillips or flathead screwdriver with the saw, the width of the working part is 4 mm. A tachometer is required to control the speed.

chainsaw, adjustment, oleo, carburetor

Carburetor repair kit

To repair the carburetor, you will need a repair kit, the composition of which is as follows:

  • rubberized seals;
  • diaphragms: for the pump and control;
  • needle valve assembly.

Oleo Mac chainsaw carburetor. adjustment, repair

The stability and reliability of the engine of the Oleo-Mac chainsaw depends on the quality of the preparation of the air-gasoline mixture in the carburetor, it performs important functions. it allows you to smoothly change the engine speed, control idle speed. During long-term operation, it may be necessary to reconfigure it. how to do it correctly and avoid mistakes?

Nuances of adjustment

When adjusting the carburetors of Oleo Mac chainsaws, the following nuances usually arise:

  • Mismatch of screw markings. Depending on the model, equipment vendor, or other factors, the markings may differ from those described. In such cases, it is recommended to carefully study the instructions supplied with the device.
  • After adjustment, the chainsaw must be turned off and allowed to cool for 10-15 minutes to check its operation from a “cold” start.
  • In the absence of experience or the necessary knowledge, it is not recommended to adjust the screw “H”. This is due to the likelihood of setting up a low-quality fuel-air mixture, which can cause wear of the piston group, failures in starting and engine operation.
  • At all stages, it is required to control the speed of the internal combustion engine using a tachometer. An oscilloscope or multimeter with this function can be a replacement for a tachometer.