How to cut a round hole in glass

In order to drill holes in glass you will need the following:

hole, glass
  • Drills designed for drilling ceramic or metal materials;
  • A low-speed drill or electric screwdriver;
  • Turpentine;
  • Plasticine;
  • Alcohol.

The sheet should be placed on a completely flat surface. There are nuances: the edges should not be loose, and it should not wobble.

On the drill or electric screwdriver should be set to the lowest speed. In the chuck, clamp the required drill bit. After that, you need to check the drilling. If there is an increased runout, it is desirable to change it. The lowest speed for drilling is 250 rpm, and the highest speed is 1000 rpm.

Alcohol solution should degrease the plane, and then make in place of the upcoming hole recess of plasticine. Pour a little turpentine into this cavity and start work. To avoid cracks, do not press the tool too hard. Effortlessly, gently hold the electric screwdriver or drill bit over the glass and drill holes in the glass.

What to drill glass with?

An ordinary drill bit is not suitable for glass drilling, special tools must be used.

It is necessary to select a drill with specific parameters:

  • Its diameter must correspond to the diameter of the hole to be drilled;
  • its length must correspond to the thickness of the glass to be drilled;
  • The shank must be round (if you plan to use a drill) or hexagonal (if you want to use an electric screwdriver).

What types of glass drills there are:

  • “Feather”. The working part of this drill is made in the form of a feather and is made of hard alloy. This is probably the most budget-friendly tool you can use to drill through glass (as well as ceramic and tile). This type of drill should be chosen if the diameter of the hole to be made is from 3 to 12 millimeters.
  • “Crown” (tubular drill bit). It is designed for bigger holes (12-80 millimeters).
  • The first cutter. It is designed to make a hole with an even larger diameter. Its peculiarity is that the working surface has a central point for primary deepening and teeth on the circumference.
  • “Cylinder”. In fact, it is an ordinary cylinder, one cutting edge of which is sprayed with diamond. They are only used with forced cooling.
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Using a glass cutter

This tool is ideal for making larger, unusually shaped holes. The sequence of work will be as follows:

Is It Possible To Cut A Round Hole In A Glass Window Like A Burglar / Spy Does In A Hollywood Movie?

  • Using a marker, mark out the contours that will be handled.
  • When using a glass cutter do not make too drastic manipulations. Press on the device smoothly and as evenly as possible.
  • Knock with the handle gently on the surface to break off the cut.
  • To get rid of excess material, use the special tongs.
  • Check the condition of the fixture in advance. The cutting roller must be positioned strictly in the middle.

How to drill a hole in the glass yourself: the necessary materials at home instruction

Of course, it is not easy to imagine a situation where a person will really need to drill a hole in the glass, because very rarely you encounter it, but in this life anything happens, and since users of the network very often ask this question, we simply have no right to ignore it. In such a situation, you can go to a glass shop, where all the work will be done for a quite reasonable price, with high quality, since everything is done on special equipment, and in a short time. However, to take advantage of such services is not always possible. Not a problem, now you will learn how to drill a hole in the glass at home.

What tools are needed

To drill a hole in the glass, you can use various tools. Proper tool selection eliminates material damage during machining. The most common varieties are considered:

    Glass drills with cutting edges made of carbide. Working part can resemble a form of a feather or a spear, and you can get a hole with a diameter from 3 to 12 mm when using this tool. Requires special skills to use the tool. Small chips may occur during machining. Metal used in drill production can be durable for many years.

  • Drills in tube form are used to produce larger holes in the glass. Manufacturers harden the surface to extend the life of the cutting edge.
  • the best quality is achieved with diamond drill bits. their working part is shaped like a spear. Gentle drilling is made easier due to the diamond coating. However, the use of special powder significantly increases the cost of the product.
  • In the manufacture of the cutting tool can be used brass and lead. for the base, the surface is sprayed with diamond, which can significantly increase the life of the tool. Be careful when using this tool to cool the cutting area, because too much heat can accelerate wear and tear. As a rule, it is enough to leave the treatment for a few minutes.
  • Tubular bits for glass are also widespread. Diamond dust is used in their manufacture. This tool is suitable for creating large holes. When using the drill bit, care must be taken to keep it cool.
  • Tools that have inserts on the cutting edge. Welding provides a secure, quality connection.
hole, glass

The diameter of the cutting tool must match the diameter of the hole to be obtained in the product.

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Watch the heating temperature

It is important to be aware that the glass itself and the diamond drill bit are both afraid of overheating. To avoid this, the drilling site should be constantly poured with water to cool it down. It is clear that in this case you do not need to pour water all the time without interruption. Just make sure that the place where you drill has a small puddle of water covering the hole. The workpiece must be perfectly level to keep the water from dripping off. Another way to keep water in the place of drilling is to stick a ring of plasticine around the future hole and pour water into it.

If you need to make a hole in the glass, for example, to hang a mirror or insert a handle in a glass cabinet door, you can use these and uncomplicated ways.

For the first method will be needed:

To drill the hole in the glass it is necessary to lay it on a flat surface, you can use a large sheet of plywood, the edges of the glass must not hang down.

The speed of the drill on the drill set to “unity” or “minimum”, depending on the configuration of the drill. It is necessary to exclude strong run-out of a drill bit not to crack the glass while drilling. In such case it is better to use a drilling machine.

Use acetone or alcohol to degrease glass surface where you drill it. The drill should be placed in the center of the intended hole, the drill is turned on, while drilling you need to drop a little turpentine on the glass, in the place of drilling. You can just make a small circle-funnel from plasticine and pour turpentine in it.

To prevent the glass from cracking, the drill should be pressed lightly, without unnecessary effort.

The second method will require:

  • glass
  • solder in the form of lead or tin,
  • wet fine sand
  • A stick sharpened into a cone, with the point of the stick having the diameter of the expected hole
  • alcohol or acetone.
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The work is done as follows: the surface of the glass is degreased in the place where the supposed hole will be located. Sand is poured on the place of drilling, a slide of about three centimeters in height. Make a hole in the sand with a stick so that a funnel is formed, molten solder is poured into the funnel.

After a minute or two, remove the sand from the glass surface, remove the solder, the hole is melted. Before working, it is better to check the technique and try to make a hole in the glass on an unnecessary splinter.

How to do it at home

Many people wonder how to drill through glass.

To make a hole in the glass yourself is not difficult, you only need to properly perform the preparation. What should be done in the first place:

  • remove grease;
  • Tape the allocated place with a plaster to prevent slipping;
  • To place the door vertically;
  • Use breaks to cool down.

It is thanks to these actions, masters manage to do the work qualitatively.

Glass fences

Glass shower cabins

Cottage glazing

Glass ladders

With what and how to make a round hole in the glass?

Before drilling a hole in the glass, the working conditions must be set up. It is important to secure the specimen to be worked on. In doing so, pressure on the material must be avoided. So, the cloth is laid on a clean flat surface. The best solution is considered to be a wood board. It dampens a little vibration. Also, the surface is rough enough not to damage the glass workpiece and keep it in a given position. Additionally, you can glue a thin double-sided adhesive tape.

The next step is to prepare the work surface. Here you need to remove dirt, dust, and grease from the glass. Glass facades can be used for this purpose:

Glass cleaning products Source

The procedure is simple. First the workpiece should be washed. Then wipe with a degreasing solution. Finish the work area by wiping it dry with a clean rag.

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