How to Dilute Gasoline With Lawn Mower Oil

Summer residents, owners of private suburban households for lawn care, mowing weed, buy small mechanization. They prefer trimmers driven by internal combustion engines by pouring a properly diluted mixture of gasoline and oil.

Motorized braids require maintenance, the use of combined fuel. Observing the ratio of gasoline to oil, it is easy to achieve the performance of lawn mowers.

Why buy trimmers?

Comparing with similar mechanisms, when choosing a lawn mowers are preferred according to the following functional indicators:

  1. Mobility and low weight of the unit, allowing you to carry it over distances, use in hard to reach places for mowing.
  2. Universality. The lawn mowing unit is equipped with a unit for changing working elements directly during operation of the unit.
  3. Constructive simplicity that allows you to use the braid for a long time without frequent settings.

How to Dilute Gasoline With Lawn Mower Oil

These, other positive characteristics, give customers the confidence that acquiring a trimmer, make the right choice.

Types of Lawn Mowing

Today, on liquid specialized trading floors, a large selection of mechanisms for mowing grass, small shrubs. For example, lawn mowers with an electric motor, with gasoline power plants are offered. Lawn mowers equipped with diesel engines are not produced, since they are low-speed.

Liquid statistics show the advantage of lawn mowing with internal combustion engines over electrical counterparts. Electric scythe is used in places where there is a stationary electrical network.

Push-pull and four-stroke

The internal combustion engines used in trimmers are two-stroke and four-stroke. By design solution, two-stroke engines are simple. But they require a high-quality fuel mixture.

Gasoline for a trimmer with a two-stroke power plant needs an accurate dosage of lubricating fluid. Ignoring the requirement leads to a sharp reduction in engine life. There are problems with its launch.

A four-stroke engine does not require the right proportion of oil and gasoline. The formation of the desired mixture is automatic. The components of the combustible mixture are stored in different containers. Fuel is expensive, but the costs are covered by the silent operation of the unit, the environmental cleanliness of the exhaust gases.

How to choose the right proportion?

Trimmer is seasoned with A-92 brand gasoline. There are other factory instructions requiring gasoline of a different octane rating. For example, A-95. The difference in cost is minimal.

The selection of oil does not accept liberties. For two-stroke engines, the API sets a specific order:

  • For tillers, lawn mowers, air-cooled mopeds. Ta class;
  • Engines with a cylinder volume of 200 cm³. Oil of class TV;
  • For all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles recommends the use of TC class oils;
  • Yacht engines, scooters, motor boats use TD brand lubricant.

From the above list, the lubricant motor fluid of the last two positions is not recommended for use with power plants of trimmers. The letter designation indicates which oil products are used to make the lubricant.

Attention: If you buy a product on liquid domestic trading floors, be interested in the designations on the container. The English words self mix say that self mixing with gasoline is not required. If the label contains the phrase pre mix, you should prepare the combustible mixture yourself.

How to prepare the fuel mixture for the trimmer?

We will tell you how to dilute gasoline with oil for the trimmer. Preliminary should deal with the solution of organizational issues:

  1. Selection of containers for storing components of the fuel mixture. Buy metal canisters for gasoline. For lubricating fluids, the factory packaging is enough.
  2. You should not prepare a large amount of flammable mixture in the engines, as its structure is disturbed. The separation into fractions will begin: the heavy will sink to the bottom, and the light will form the top layer.
  3. Prepare a medical syringe for an accurate dosage of the lubricant to be added to the gasoline for dilution.

We draw the attention of the owners of the trimmer to one detail. Do not buy lubricants for future use. Buy the amount that is enough for the upcoming season.

Ratio of components

How to dilute gasoline will help to carefully read the attached instructions for the lawn mowing. Units of different manufacturers differ in the volume of fuel tanks and the materials from which they are made. The instructions attached to the units give an exact answer to the question of how much oil is needed per liter of gasoline.

The exact proportion of the oil ensures flawless operation of the trimmer throughout the summer season.

What do two-stroke engines dislike?

When preparing the working mixture manually, it should be remembered that two-stroke engines do not reach their design working power if the proportions of the fuel mixture are violated. The above condition makes the owner of the unit comply with the proportions. As practice shows, the use of lawn mowers with underfilling of a lubricant product, oil starvation of the engine is observed, which does not allow bringing the unit to standard power.

Excess lubricant does not allow the engine to develop the required power. When preparing the working mixture, a reasonable question arises as to how much oil needs to be mixed in gasoline. It helps to determine the exact standard. It is recommended to pour gasoline into the trimmer according to the following mathematical calculation. If the fuel tank holds 5 liters, 1 liter of gasoline is divided by 50. That is, 5 liters of gasoline for trimmer mowers are poured into 5 liters, 100 ml of lubricating consistency is poured. The owner of the lawn mowers gets the perfect fuel for its structural composition.

Action algorithm

Fuel quality increases with proper mixing of the components of the mixture. Before the piglet, the question arises of how to breed, in what sequence. When mixing components, pay attention to whether the containers are cleaned. An insignificant suspension can block the flow of fuel into the carburetor. The fuel tank should be filled with a special container with a filtering device.

The order of this. Half of the available gasoline is mixed with the volume of a specific amount of lubricant. The mixing process follows.

When the components have a uniform consistency, 50% of the remaining fuel is poured into partially diluted gasoline. So it is recommended to breed fuel for the trimmer.

Important feature

The prepared combustible mixture for the trimmer enters the combustion chamber of the cylinder in the form of a whitish fog. Integrated gasoline oil lubricates the crankshaft, cylinder walls. Filling the oil fluid into the fuel is fraught with premature wear of parts and trimmer assemblies. Exceeding the norm leads to sagging settling on the working parts, which is also fraught with premature technical wear of the lawn mowers.

A gas mower will serve the owner for a long time, provided that they do not pour any gas into the fuel tank, but qualitatively prepared fuel.


Today, getting a trimmer for yourself is not a problem. It occurs on a mow, if the pigtail improperly prepared the fuel mixture. The motor often dies suddenly, like a blowtorch. We have to start the engine over and over, pulling at the semi-automatic winding device, popularly called the “shutter”.