How to turn on the self-cleaning in the Bosch oven

Glass Cleaning Removal For better cleaning results you can remove.

For a better cleaning result, it is possible to remove

Do not remove the door immediately after turning it off

of the instrument. The oven should be cold.

To do this, use a slotted screwdriver

(Use 8-11 mm screwdriver to turn the screwdriver working tip). Doing so

Slowly close the door and remove

Hold the glass with your hand and raise the latches

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The time counter in the oven beeps to indicate the end of the cooking time. Manufacturers place the timer for convenience on the front of the oven, in the place where the adjustment knobs are placed. The mechanical time counter is designed for about 3 hours.

To set the exact time, use the special rotary knob or the button on the display. After setting the correct time, press the clock symbol and go on to set the minutes. At this time, the minute digits will flash.

  • Turn on the oven and open the menu, where you will see a selection of heating types.
  • Press the “Cleaning” text box.
  • Select the “Pyrolytic function.
  • Use the rotary knob to set the cleaning mode.
  • Start pyrolytic cleaning of the oven with the “Start/Stop” button.

On the control panel, you need to find the lock button, most often indicated by a key sign. Press this button and then select the option. lock control, press it for a few seconds. A beep should follow to indicate that unlocking was successful.

Accessories, Installing the Accessories, Directions

Acquired accessories are suitable for cooking

many dishes. Make sure it is set correctly

The oven cavity has been successfully unlocked and the accessories have been inserted into the oven.For better cooking, and for convenience when

The oven is equipped with a choice of special accessories that make it easy to use

The accessories can be retracted to one of the 4 different

levels in the oven. Always retract accessories

Up to the stop, so that they do not touch the glass of the door.

If the accessories are pulled out about halfway, they

locked in position. This ensures that the prepared foods

dishes can be easily removed.When sliding accessories into the oven, keep an eye on

the notch on the back of the tray. It is the one that ensures

Note: The accessories can be warped by the heat.

As soon as the accessories cool down, they will

to its original shape. This does not have a negative effect on the oven’s function and the exterior of the appliance

Negatively affects their function.Hold the tray with both hands at both sides and place it in

the working chamber without warping. Otherwise the tray

The slide-in mechanism can be difficult to push in, and if it is

the enamelled surface could be damaged.Accessories can be purchased through the

service or via the online store. Please quote the HEZ number.

You can obtain the special accessories from the authorized dealership

service or in a specialty store. List

Different products suitable for your oven,

you will find in our brochures or online.

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Special accessories or the possibility of

The of this appliance vary depending on the type of biscuit you want to order from the webshop

countries. See. the appropriate sales documentation.Not all special accessories will fit your

Not all special accessories will fit your appliance, so always specify full

Oven door. additional measures

Safety featuresAfter cooking for extended periods of time, the door of the oven

can get hot.If you have young children, you need to observe

Exercise extreme caution when using the appliance.A protective grid is available for this purpose, which

prevents the oven door from being touched directly

oven. This special accessory (440651) can

freezing.Install the rack in the oven

of any cookies.Place the tray in the oven

cabinet beveled to the door.Universal tray

dripping fat underneath the grid iron.Put the tray in the oven

For crockery, pie molds, roasts, deep-frozen foods

For making pies and small cookies.Place the tray in the oven with the bevel of the door.

For making pies and small cookies.Oven tray should be installed with the bevel of the door.

For making succulent pies, baked goods, large roasts-

For both frozen and deep-frozen foods. Can also be used for frozen and deep-frozen food-

The tray should not be used to collect any dripping fat or meat juices underneath the

with the grid iron grille.Place the multipurpose tray in the oven quickly-

Review: Bosch HBA 43S450E oven. The ultimate oven with catalytic cleaning and optimal choice of cooking modes.

5) Telescopic rails at least one level (in a very extreme case, consider buying an oven without telescopic rails, but with the option to retrofit them).6) Make sure it has a quick heat (very useful when you want to reach the desired temperature quickly).7) Timer with full stop capability.In the end, all my needs perfectly met the oven Bosch HBA43S450.

After ordering and lightning quick delivery (only 2.5 hours after ordering), I proceeded to install it in the niche of the kitchen set. The oven was packed securely, using a wooden bar around the perimeter, the trays were in special bags, the guides inside were fixed on foam struts. The oven was connected to a separate electric line because of the rather impressive peak power consumption of 3.58 kW. Apparently such peak power consumption is consumed only during cleaning, and during cooking does not go beyond the standard framework for such ovens of 2.8 kW. By the way, the complete cable is not very long. only 0.95m. The cabinet is attached by 2 self-tapping screws that are included in the set, to the walls of the furniture.The first time I turned on the oven, it was idle, just like it says in the manual. It was required to turn on the top and bottom heat with convection for 1 hour at 240 degrees to get rid of the primary unpleasant smell of the oven. Well, after that the cabinet was ready for daily use.So let’s look at the constructional features of this oven.The front of the oven is made of stainless steel with small black elements around the glass.

The handle for opening the door is two-piece. Stainless steel at the front, plastic at the back. This seems to be done in order to prevent the door from heating up.

The door has two panes of glass, which are easily removed for washing.

The door itself is also elementary to detach from the cabinet. You just need to lower the locking element in the area where the door is attached to the cabinet. The door, thanks to its completely smooth surface, can be used as a temporary stand for the crockery while cooking. The door opens and closes quite softly with a smooth stroke (but still in HBG models with SoftClose function this parameter is more palpable). The oven is tangentially cooled. Operating principle. thanks to the fan that drives the air around the perimeter of the oven, a thermal barrier is created that allows you to protect the walls from heat, preventing the hot air from escaping. The walls of adjacent furniture are also not heated.Inside the oven are five-tier runner blocks.

They are also easy to remove for cleaning.

On three levels are fixed telescopic sliding rails with locking function. My oven came with three-tier telescopic rails, although the specifications called for two-tier rails. Models with a third letter S have two-level (43S450), models with a third letter T have three-level (43T450).

This is a very convenient option during cooking. It’s nice that the oven comes with three-level rails, rather than single-level, as with other models in this price range, and they do not need to be purchased (telescopic rails separately cost 160-200).Enameled DEKO, aluminum DEKO and a grate are included with the cabinet. The decks are of medium depth. This set is enough for everything.

I have a pizza stone in the pipeline (the price is 120 bucks, but I have no plans to buy it. as for a stone, not insignificant). The pizza and loaf on the stone tastes even better than on other surfaces. Apparently this is due to the optimal moisture absorption capacity of the stone.On the sides and on the back wall are panels with catalytic self-cleaning properties.

Catalytic cleaning. in this kind of cleaning, the fat falling on the catalytic panels, which are covered with special enamel (it looks fine), interacts and oxidizing reactions are catalyzed, in which the fat is decomposed into water, carbon and simple organic compounds.Bosch calls this catalytic system EcoClean. In contrast to conventional catalytic enamel, Bosch uses so-called eco-lithic enamel with a lifetime of 10 years. Then the panels can be changed or left as is and cleaned by hand. But I think many will have replaced the oven by then.Catalytic panels can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement.

Self-cleaning processes are activated already at a temperature of 80 degrees, but the ideal temperature is in the range of 200-240 degrees. In general, during the cooking process, the stove will self-clean, and if this is not enough, you can then turn on the forced cleaning.The top and bottom of the oven are covered with the proprietary easy-to-clean GranitEmal enamel, which is not damaged by mechanical cleaning.

The upper grill is easy to lower for cleaning.

In the upper right corner is the oven light.

The bulb (judging by the manual) installed a special heat-resistant, can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees and the power of 25 watts.Controls consisted of two mechanical recessed regulators (recessed only when not in use, which is logical and practical) and a touch panel with a symbol clock and information indicators.

Thanks to the flushable controls it is convenient to clean the front panel.Use the left-hand mechanical knob to choose the oven’s operating modes.

A total of 8 modes are available: 1) convection with upper and lower heat, 2) upper and lower heat, 3) convection overhead grill, 4) convection overhead grill, 5) small grill, 6) lower heat, 7) defrosting8) forced light mode.These modes are sufficient for all types of cooking, from grilling sausages to making yoghurt and jams.The right temperature knob is used to set the temperature and heating level of the grill and to activate the self-cleaning (Clean) function.

The central touch buttons allow you to set timers, activate the self-cleaning, activate the rapid heating, the child lock and directly set these parameters with the keys /-.

The timers allow you to set both the end and beginning of cooking (the delayed start function). Very convenient let’s say at 10:00 load food in the oven, at 12:30 it automatically turns on with a set mode, and for example at 14:00 you have a freshly cooked meal.Clock works all the time, showing the current time. I even removed the wall clock as this is quite enough.The instructions that come with the oven are very detailed and include interesting practical suggestions for cooking each class of food (for example: what to do, so that the cakes do not sag, or how to get juicy meat).

There are no complaints about the work of the cabinet, all is cooked as it should be. The main thing is to choose the right mode and time.

I used to cook Hungarian goulash soup on the surface. But now I cook in the oven, I think it tastes better.

You can take this data from the tables in the manual. It has everything in detail: what, how and how much. By the way, I was surprised that there are special European test standards for cooking different dishes, and based on these tests and created a recommendation table. As practice has shown, they are quite accurate. Once again it was a reason to be sure of German pedantry.I was also surprised at the speed of reaching the set temperature when activating “rapid heat” mode (on the touch panel). For example, the stove can be heated up to 270 degrees Celsius in the “convection top and bottom heat” mode for no more than 8 minutes and then the buzzer sounds to indicate that the selected temperature has been reached. Advantages and disadvantages of the oven:Advantages: 1) All necessary cooking modes2) Catalytic cleaning system3) Telescopic rails on three levels4) Fast heating mode5) Defrost mode (unlike microwave it does not defrost as aggressively and unevenly)6) Delay cooking timer7) Stylish appearance8) Recessed controls9)Easy to clean (removable rails, Removable catalytic panels, tiltable grill, ultra-easy door removal) Disadvantages1) At temperatures over 180 degrees, the door is noticeably warm.2) It is hard to wash stainless steel elements (with the special. easy).3)Wet hands are not always comfortable to turn the controls (in particular the heating mode selection)In general, a very good oven that I am not disappointed.

Carry out the settings as described in

Press the Clock© button to set the duration when the time indication is off

Set the duration using the “A”-terminal

Button = 30 minutes. Button. suggested value = 10 minutes.

After a few seconds the oven starts to

A beep is heard. Oven goes out. Press the © button twice and turn off the function knob.

Press the Clock© button. Change duration

The duration with the button or the button

Press the Clock© button. Press the button., until the reading on the indicator is set to 0. Turn function knob off.

Press the Clock© button twice and set it as explained in step 4.

During the pyrolytic cycle the food remains are burned to ashes. This is what we can call a complete self-cleaning method, since you do not need to clean the oven door after cooking your favorite foods, as with catalyzing. The remains of food and fat will be burned off by the high temperature of 500 degrees.

Pour a couple of cups of hot water into the sprayer, add half a teaspoon of liquid soap and the same amount of baking soda. Shake the mixture well. Spray the mixture onto the soiled surface and leave it for about half an hour. Then wash the oven with warm water.

To set the time: Press sensor 1 (MENU). The “Steam Basket” symbol must light up. Set the current time using sensors 2 and 3 (arrows pointing left to right) After 7 seconds. After the time setting is finished, the new data will be entered into the memory.

To do this, you need to press the key and wait for the plate to unlock. The main thing, if you have a small child, do not show him how to do it. The same principle is applied to the back of the appliance.

Catalytic self-cleaning

This method also requires temperatures, but not as high. Catalysis is the acceleration of a chemical reaction under the influence of some substances. Catalytic cleaning thanks to the special composition of the enamel that covers the walls.

Features of the process

Chemical substances included in the enamel, under the influence of temperature 140-200 ° C destroy grease, food particles that stick to the surfaces during cooking. All the dirt is turned into ash, which is washed out of the cooled oven with a damp sponge.

One of the most effective modern coatings that allows ovens to clean themselves is EcoClean. It’s patented by Bosh, but it’s used by other manufacturers, too. This coating splits the dirt at a higher temperature. 270 ° C, and its service life is much longer.

Cons of catalytic cleaning

Catalytic self-cleaning of the oven occurs during the cooking process: the dirt, not having time to stick and dry, is immediately destroyed by the “smart” enamel. And if something doesn’t wash out the first time, it will disappear during the next use. This cleaning method is suitable for both gas and electric ovens, and it requires no additional energy or time.

The disadvantages of catalytic cleaning

Unfortunately, this appealing method has some drawbacks as well.

  • Self-cleaning enamel is sensitive to certain foods: it is destroyed by acids and milk.
  • On average, it lasts only 5 to 6 years (not counting the EcoClean coating, which the designers claim lasts the life of the oven). That’s why many models include removable, self-cleaning panels: when the enamel stops working, they can simply be replaced.
  • The oven does not clean itself on all inner surfaces, but only on those that have a special coating. The glass door and base don’t have it. And that EcoClean is only for the back wall. You have to buy additional removable panels to protect the other surfaces.
  • Hence another disadvantage: small gaps are left between the walls and the removable panels, and it is precisely these that have to be cleaned with great effort.
  • Too much stubborn dirt does not disappear in one go with this method of cleaning.