Metal cut-off saw with their own hands

the electrical part

Since the angle grinder will be fixed from below, we can no longer turn it on in the usual way. It is necessary to provide for the installation of the following elements:

  • a clamp, which will keep the control button in the “on” position all the time;
  • socket to connect the angle grinder;
  • The control post that turns the power on and off in this socket.

It is very good to use an industrial control post in such a design. Such a unit has two keys. The “start” button is quite tight, which protects against inadvertent activation. Large and soft “Stop” key allows you to quickly turn off the machine, if necessary, by reaching for it with any part of the body.

Cutting tool

The saw uses circular saws, abrasive wheels of various diameters and landings as cutting tools. In this case you need to look at the instruction manual of the saw, it shows the recommended parameters of the blade. For example, the Makita LC1230 saw uses a 12-inch diameter, 25.4 mm disc with 60 teeth for cutting. It can be a Makita saw blade, 305×25,4×60, for example, Makita B-29393. Also discs of other manufacturers that fit technical specifications can be used. Cutting is usually done with hardfaced discs on the ends of the teeth.

The assembly saw with your own hands

Saw blades, also known as reciprocating saws, are used in many applications in mechanical engineering, metalworking and the woodworking industry. Sometimes there is a need to use such a stationary machine at home when you want to get a straight cut of certain materials. To do it with an angle grinder, which is held in the hand, is impossible, so sometimes there is a need to learn how to make a cut-off machine by yourself from improvised materials.

Making a homemade cutting machine will help to solve a number of complex problems:

  • cutting sheet metal;
  • cutting ceramic products;
  • Cutting materials at any angle;
  • manufacturing of identical products;
  • the cutting of the metal profile into pieces of the necessary length.

Buying a stationary machine for home use makes no sense, because it is quite expensive, and the payback may take several years. To save money, but at the same time to have your own cutting machine in the garage, you should resort to making it yourself.

Instructions for assembling a stationary angle grinder for metal cutting

There are many schemes for making the bed and brackets for a homemade pendulum cutting machine from an angle grinder. We can recommend that you use old car shock absorbers, which will allow you to make a bracket with the possibility of adjusting the departure from the angle grinder. This greatly extends the opportunities for the use of such equipment, while the cost of acquiring old shock absorbers is minimal.

It is not recommended to use shock absorbers as a bearing structure because of their thin walls, so it will be necessary to additionally strengthen the brackets with a steel tube of a suitable diameter.

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All elements of the structure are cut with an angle grinder, which will later be used to assemble the crosscutting machine. The metal elements used for the base and the brackets can be joined using a welding machine.

After assembling all the major components should be tested, measure the possible angles of incision and finally fit all the elements to each other. After the base is assembled, the metal elements should be painted with a special rust-preventive paint.

Trimming saw for metal with their own hands

The arm and head bracket are recommended to be secured by studs using ball bearing elements. This will simultaneously tighten the fastening nuts tightly, while the accurate movement of the rocker arm will be easy, without backlash and jamming.

When the metal construction is ready, it is necessary to adjust the departure of the axis of the angle grinder, for which the shock absorber rods are fixed with two nuts and a threaded rod.

To the metal rod of the shock absorber should be welded eyelets, which will later be attached to the angle grinder or angle saw. Beforehand make these mounting eyes according to the size of the tool you have and make appropriate holes in the metal brackets for fixing the angle grinder.

All that remains to do is to attach to the workbench and the bracket made angle grinder with a mounted cutting-off wheel. Required protection is installed, and then check the availability of the machine, and if necessary, adjust the shock absorber rod outreach, which will ensure convenient and comfortable work with the cutting machine on the angle grinder.

Making a metal cut-off saw with your own hands is not particularly difficult. You only need to use a solid and reliable bed and properly make the brackets, which later will be attached to the angle grinder. On the Internet you can find a variety of simple drawings of the cutting machine from the angle grinder with their own hands, the use of which will greatly simplify your work, and with the performance of such a tool every homeowner will cope.

Features of a saw blade

A mechanical saw can be used to make a blade, in almost any condition. Even if it has deteriorated and rusted, it will still be suitable for self-made. The product has enough advantages:

  • the knife will be made for itself, so it will be unique, and will lie well in the hand;
  • A wide choice of material in both length and width of the shank;
  • does not need to be hardened;
  • It is realistic to make several knives from a single blade;
  • Such a blade will be in the price range of 100 and up, better than “Chinese” for 30-40.

The easiest way to cut steel. Machine build DIY

It really is. Spending not a lot of time, depending on experience, you literally for pennies get the product with good cutting properties. Don’t overheat it while making it, and you’ll get a great knife.

metal, cut-off, their, hands

Making a self-made machine from the angle grinder features

It is not difficult to make a machine tool from an angle grinder yourself. And the variety of manufacturing options are many, which depends on the available improvised materials and imagination. There are two kinds of cutting stationary machines from angle grinder:

  • Simple. this is the name it received for one reason, which is not only the simplicity of manufacture, but also the minimalism of the device itself. The tool is attached to the workbench with additional materials, and you can operate it
  • Complex. it is rational to make such machines if you plan to use them frequently for different actions. In most cases, for a home garage is enough the simplest device, the manufacture of which takes a little time, effort and supplies
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In order to make a cutting machine from the angle grinder with your own hands, you will need consumables, which are metal plates, as well as profiles and fasteners. bolts, nuts and washers. Of the specialized tools you will need only an electric drill and welding machine. In more detail on how to make the simplest version of a cutting machine from an angle grinder, consider below.


Depending on the required power of metal-cutting machine and the scope of its use, choose the motor power. It must be in the range of 1.5-3 kW. If you plan to use the cutting machine in a home workshop, a small metalworking shop, where the cutting of profile pipe, rebar, angle or other products is made relatively rare, and thin-walled metal is used as blanks, the power of one and a half kilowatt is enough. For small-scale production, work on a construction site, or the manufacture of frameworks for any purpose will require a more powerful motor.

If you have a three-phase motor of about 3 kilowatts, you can connect it to 220 volts, using a delta circuit instead of the “star” circuit. But in this case you should take into account that its power will be reduced by 25-30%. The main thing is to keep the RPM indicated on the nameplate.

For installation on the metal cutting machine, the engine must have a speed of 2500-3000 rpm. This is due to the fact that it is at these speeds the cutting wheel works best.

metal, cut-off, their, hands

For samodelnogo cutting machine on metal circles with a diameter of 300-400 millimeters are used. Here, too, should be based on the needs of production. Do not chase too much disc diameter. the further away from the center the cutting edge is, the less cutting force is required and a more powerful motor will be needed. The optimal ratio of motor power to the diameter of the disk is 2 kilowatts at three thousand rpm and 300 millimeters in diameter.

A self-made metal cutting machine must be safe in the first place. The cut-off wheels are marked with the maximum number of revolutions at which they can be operated. As a rule, it should not exceed 4400 rpm. If it is more than this, the disc will be destroyed, and it is not safe. If the RPM is less than 3000, the cutting speed is not good enough and the disc will overheat and break down. These are the figures to be taken as a starting point for calculating the power train.

Layout of cutting machine

All components are made of steel alloys, which ensures more uniform operation of the machine. The platform has a rigid metal base that gives the construction the necessary stability. So, the installation will not turn over when the abrasive wheel in contact with the material to be cut.

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Depending on the design features of the machine is stationary or collapsible (removable). In addition, some varieties of designs are equipped with a vise for a more secure hold on the metal product during cutting.

As the basis for the cutting machine can also be used the most common angle grinder. But be careful, such a machine will act on the principle of a circular saw.

Metal cutting machine with his own hands

DIY for home workshop metal cutting machine, which you can make with your own hands from improvised materials.

This homemade metal cutting machine is made from an angle grinder, the base of the machine is made from an old bicycle frame. Here is a step-by-step photo of making a self-made machine.

I had an old bicycle frame like this.

Use an angle grinder to cut off a part of the frame with the fork.

From a piece of metal let’s make a platform for the angle grinder holder.

Adapted here is such a table, the table top cut out of sheet metal.

Weld the design to the table, in place of a bicycle handlebar set the lever.

I fastened the angle grinder with clamps, put a return spring.

For convenient work, the angles for cutting off workpieces at right angles and at 45 degrees are installed.

And here, the result of the work are perfectly flat cuts made on this homemade cutting machine.

Here such a simple machine tool, you can make from the angle grinder and a bicycle frame, a very necessary thing for a garage.

We recommend to watch the video, where the author shows the process of making the cutting machine with his own hands.

metal, cut-off, their, hands

Design and advantages

The main structural elements are the base and the saw head fixed on it, equipped with one or another working tool. According to the direction of movement of the head, metal cutting units are divided into two groups: vertical and horizontal. Models in the medium and higher price group have a rotary table as part of the base, which allows you to cut at an angle. Spindle can be locked for quick and safe tool changes.

Horizontal metal cutting machines

Metal cutting machines for vertical applications

Automated high-performance metal cutting machines are very expensive and are justified only at large facilities in terms of high-volume production.

A reasonable alternative would be to buy one or more models in the medium price range, with manual or semi-automatic control

Advantages of Metal Cutting Machines

Metal cut-off saws with abrasive wheels have the following important advantages:

  • Sufficient safety.
  • High fail-safe performance.
  • High service life.
  • Productivity.
  • High cutting quality.

Fault tolerance and service life of up to 20 years become realistic with timely preventive maintenance.