The snow shovel for a single-axle tractor with his hands

Design Features

First, let’s define the construction itself. The motor-blade shovel is a curved working surface, which consists of the following elements:

  • rigid frame;
  • stiffeners;
  • 2 mm thick curved steel sheet.;
  • heels (2 pcs.);
  • blades (metal and rubber one).

The metal blade is used in excavation work, when you need to level the soil and t. д. when sweeping areas from snow, debris, etc. д. uses a rubber blade (sparing), which will protect both the nozzle itself from damage when in contact with paved surfaces, and the sidewalk (tile, asphalt, concrete).

Shovel blade

a standard shovel is 100 cm wide. and a height of 40 cm.

There are two types of motoblade blades, which have some visual differences in their design:

Shovel blade for power tiller is intended only for clearing of garbage, snow, is used for leveling of crushed stone, soil and sand. The bucket is closed at both ends with welded plates, so in addition to the already described actions, it can also be used for loading sand, earth, snow, debris, etc. д.

We suggest seeing a photo that shows how the shovel differs from the bucket:

Shovel for power tiller

Shovel bucket on power tiller

Type of installation relative to the power tiller

Thanks to the relative simplicity of their design, their comparatively low weight (up to 16 kg.Due to its relatively straightforward design (up to 16 kg) and broad range of functions, the dozer blades can be attached to both medium and heavy power tillers.

Depending on the design of the power tiller itself, the canopy can be attached:

  • to the front part;
  • At the rear of the motorized device, taking into account that the steering column of the latter turns 180 degrees around its axis.

Working body location

Pivoting shovels are universal because they allow you to set the desired angle of attack:

Приговор снегоуборочной лопате. Как быть? Snow shovel verdict. How to be?

Non-adjustable canopies are rigidly fixed in the position required by the operator (straight, right, left) and are not subject to adjustment.

snow, shovel, single-axle, tractor, hands

We suggest watching a video of the work of a motorized block using a direct and swivel blade:

Varieties of couplers to famous brands of tractor blocks

Hitch is an indispensable device, included with a power tiller, which allows you to attach various attachments. Depending on the brand of power tiller, its design, the configuration of the hitch itself also changes. Couplings are also available as adjustable (angle of attack, horizontal) and non-adjustable.

There are several types of attachments available:

Zirka41 type


Zirka-105 removable mount

The “Zubr” type

Forte” type


KIT kit hitch with front lift

Types of lifting mechanism

Elevators allow you to raise and lower the working body (mouldboard for a power tiller), perform loading and cleaning work. There are several varieties of elevators:

What other snow shovel options are available

Manual versions provide for gripping and throwing masses of snow to the side. The labor-intensive task of clearing snow debris can be speeded up by using hand-held wheeled bulldozers with shovels made of plywood, plastic or metal. Dimensions and material of the equipment are selected to eliminate the effects of specific types of precipitation of varying density. ice, loose snow, frozen snow masses.

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Shovel for snow removal on bulldozer wheels

There are also shovel models with snow-milling auger, built into the bucket. The advantage of this type of moldboard is the light weight of the plastic from which it is usually made.

To further facilitate manual work, snow shovels, in addition to power tillers, are also attached to the following automated devices:

Interesting! All designs of snowplows are similar in structure and operating principle, despite the huge range of modifications.

Useful at ! The width of the shovel for the ATV can be 125-150 cm and depends on the weight of the equipment and the power of the motor.

Installation of snow shovels on a mini-tractor or off-road vehicle is easy to install and can be stored in the garage or car trunk. The design is equipped with a winch with an electric drive, which can be managed directly from the car interior. The angle of rotation of the blade is set depending on the density and amount of precipitation.

Peculiarities of making a snowplow

Let’s consider another variant of making a shovel, which is not too different from the previous one. For the blade itself, you will need 3 millimeter steel sheet, and for the racks, which provide additional rigidity, you need to take thicker steel. It is necessary to make holes in the poles to attach the shovel to the boom. It is very important to ensure the vertical placement of the attached homemade equipment in relation to the front of the power unit.

Makeshift shovels

Now many people prefer to live in their own homes, and, accordingly, the surrounding area occupies a large area. To work on the homestead plot, motor cultivators, motor blocks and mini-tractors are purchased.

In winter, snow removal turns into a competition to see who wins. And owners who have a motorized technique, prefer to remove snow with its help. Attachments on a single-axle tractor are not cheap, so craftsmen prefer to make it on their own.

Widespread single-axle tractor of domestic production “Neva”. It has regular places for attaching devices and rubber wheels, which are adapted for driving on loose snow. Most homemade moldboards were made for the Neva.

On the Internet you can find many descriptions and drawings of a shovel for a power tiller with your own hands. But before making it, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the blades. The composition of the product:

Turning the shovel to the side allows you to remove the snow mass while driving. Going to the sites for amateur craftsmen, you can find a lot of information on how to make a mouldboard for a power tiller with your own hands.

Sink blade from a cylinder

One of the materials at hand for making the moldboard is considered a gas cylinder. Its height is slightly more than a meter, and the recommended width of the shovel is 1000 mm. The fabrication work proceeds in the following sequence:

    Release excess pressure from the cylinder, if there was any.

  • Cut on both sides of the cover so that the width is equal to one meter.
  • Cut the resulting pipe lengthwise into two halves
  • Using a welding machine connect the two halves so that the height of the blade would be about 700 mm.
  • The mounting bracket is made as follows. From thick metal to cut a slash. Drill several holes in it to turn the shovel in different directions. Weld a piece of pipe to the braid.
  • The resulting device is welded to the shovel at the height of the bracket on the power tiller.
  • Installation is made by means of a thick finger.

The thickness of the cylinder is sufficient and reinforcement is not required. But it is possible to equip the lower part with a dense rubber, which will remove loose snow and not spoil the compacted road. To do this take a rigid rubber from a rotary conveyor.

Rubber blade width is 100-150 mm. Drill holes in the mouldboard with an electric drill to fix the rubber. To reliably fix the blade you need a metal strip 900x100x3 mm. Drill holes in the strip and in the blade by pre-marking the blade. Fasten with screws.

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Set the moldboard from sheet steel

Some craftsmen prefer to use new material rather than used elements. You can make a self-made moldboard shovel from a sheet of steel 3 mm thick. To strengthen the construction, take strip steel with a thickness of at least 5 mm.

The material is cut according to the drawings. The blade itself has four parts: the front, the lower and two side parts. The welded structure needs to be reinforced. To do this, elements cut out of the five are welded in a vertical direction.

Next, the swivel mechanism is made. It is an ear with a hole for the axle. The ear is welded to the angle, which is attached to the blade. The axle is fixed on one end of the pipe, and the other end is fixed on the power tiller. The required angle of rotation is fixed with a finger (dowel pin).

3 mm. the thickness is small, so reinforcement is required. Cut a 850x100x3 strip from a 3 mm sheet. Fasten can be bolted, but you will have to first drill or tack the strip by welding.

As you can see, to carry out the work you will need:

    working material;

  • angle grinder with discs;
  • An electric drill with drills;
  • bolts with nuts;
  • Welding machine with electrodes;
  • wrenches;
  • round or profile tube.

If you have certain skills, the work does not cause difficulties. And the resulting design can be used not only in winter but also in summer. Level the site after construction work, level the place for a children’s sandbox and much more. It’s up to you to decide which design to choose.

Manual snowplow: features and how to make your own hands

The design worked relatively well until I figured out how to improve it.

The snowplow of the second version turned out to be much simpler, more convenient, budget-friendly, and the main thing. it was suitable not only for a heavy SUV, but also for an ordinary light vehicle! The new snow blower is attached behind the car to a standard towbar hitch.

As before, the snowplow has a cone shape, assembled at a 90° angle, which allows the snow to move sideways from the center of the track. The structure was made of materials that are available in every household: a bar section of 100 × 150 mm, 12 mm thick laminated plywood (on such snow slides better), size 2500 × 1200 mm, connected by wood screws and staples. For attaching the bracket I attached metal lugs with bolts.


The resulting design is very convenient and practical. Time to clean the road (which is about 1 km), it takes no more than 10 min. It is possible to attach a snowplow to the car in a couple of minutes: you drive up to the device, hook the bracket, hitch it to the towbar. and off we go, to clean the road!

The main advantage of this invention is that the machine pulls the snowplough instead of pushing it, and it puts less strain on the engine and running gear. With the new version, the machine pulls the snow shovel with ease over the most uneven road!

I successfully cleared snow with a regular car with an automatic transmission for 2 years. and never had a problem with either the car or the snowblower.

The total budget for the entire event amounted to 3800, and most importantly. a huge time savings!

The range of motor-blade shovels

We offer to get acquainted with popular factory models.

Neva power tiller


Aggregates on power tillers Neva and Salyut

Bertolini universal shovel 80 cm

Universal shovel Bertolini 80 cm

Universal shovel to power tiller LP-1

Shovel for LP-1 power tiller



Features of construction

The blade belongs to the category of attachments. It is attached to a single-axle tractor of any brand. But the bucket size is matched to the horsepower of the machine. If you hitch a large shovel to a weak single-axle tractor, its engine will overheat during operation and break down faster.

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If you look more closely at the photo, a homemade mouldboard for a motorized tractor unit consists of three main parts:

Factory-made moldboards have a similar design.

The dozer blade belongs to the category of attachments used with power tillers, mini-tractors, and other machines

The bucket or shovel is the main working unit. Curved shape allows for capturing large amounts of snow. However, it is difficult for a power tiller to push it in front of you when you have to clear heavy drifts. An adjustment unit that connects the shovel to the frame of the attachment allows you to reduce the load on the engine. It has three bucket setting positions:

the first two positions make it possible to move the captured snow to the left or right. The power tiller does not have to push a large weight in front of it. Usually the shovel’s angle of rotation does not exceed 30 o. In the “straight” position, the bucket is set when removing a thin layer of snow or clearing an area where it is not possible to move it sideways.

How to make a snow shovel on a single axle tractor from sheet metal

When only sheet metal is available, the design of the blade will depend on the thickness and size of the sheet. The easiest way to make a shovel is to use a single piece of rolled material 3 mm thick, about 1 m long and 500-700 mm wide. give the workpiece a slightly oval shape, do the same steps as with a barrel or cylinder.

snow, shovel, single-axle, tractor, hands

Reinforcing frame of the blade is welded from a profile pipe

When only small pieces of sheet metal are available, or its thickness is about 2 mm, to make a snow shovel for a power tiller, you need to weld a reinforcing frame. The material used for its manufacture is a profile tube. You need 4 vertical elements for the bucket. They are given an oval shape. This can be done on a machine tool or by trimming the pipe with an angle grinder in several places and welding them together. Vertical elements are welded to each other with three horizontal bars. Their length is equal to the width of the shovel.

When the frame of the blade is ready, it is lined with sheet steel on the outside. Fix the blade from the bottom with a metal tire and conveyor belt. On the backside they adapt the turning part and the hitch in exactly the same way as in the example of the barrel or cylinder.

Preparing to make a snowplow

You must remember that the gas cylinder must be empty and there must not be any pressure inside it. Before you start sawing the cylinder with the angle grinder, the container must be secured as securely as possible, otherwise you could be injured.

Next, you need to figure out how the gas cylinder will be sawed. To do this, you need to think about how to attach the container to the rest of the structure of the homemade machine. The simplest method involves installing a mechanical shovel from a cylinder on a home cultivator or single axle tractor. In this case, the container must be sawed so that it will eventually get a curved bucket of a solid metal layer. In this case, a snowplow from a gas cylinder will not throw snow over long distances, but its operation will allow you to throw snow masses so that they do not interfere in the yard or on the sidewalk.