What are the most reliable gasoline grass trimmers. What is the principle of the rating?

most powerful grass trimmers

The more powerful the grass trimmer, the easier it is to cope with various shrubs and overgrowth on the site. For mowing tall grass, four-stroke models are best suited, the performance of which is not an example above the two-stroke garden equipment.

Our review includes the most powerful grass trimmers that you can buy on the free market. We have paid attention to electric models, too. they are, of course, incomparable to petrol models, but our participants look more than attractive, and surely will be of interest to the reader. Evaluation rating took into account both the claimed characteristics of trimmers, and the experience of owners, who are familiar with their capabilities in practice.

What to look for when choosing a gasoline trimmer for grass

Don’t be guided only by the price of the machine. High-priced does not always guarantee the best quality. Each model of grass trimmer has a number of technical characteristics, taking into account and should pick up the tool. What’s important:

  • Power. Before giving preference to the most powerful model, you need to determine the purpose of using a gasoline trimmer for grass. A low-powered unit will not cope with cutting very dense grass, while the most powerful one has a high cost and is suitable for professional work.
  • Engine location. Two options: the lower (rare for gasoline models). has low weight and is considered the most maneuverable, the upper. less convenient, but more durable.
  • Capacity of the fuel tank (from 350 to 1200 ml). affects the time of operation without additional refueling, but weighs the trimmer for grass.
  • Starter type: manual or easy-start system.
  • Type of boom. Options: straight and curved. maneuverable option is a grass trimmer with a curved boom. In addition, the boom gasoline trimmer for grass can be solid or collapsible (convenient for transportation).
  • Type of cutting element. trimmer fishing line, steel or plastic blade, slash. The stronger the element material, the denser the vegetation the tool can handle.
  • Grass trimmer weight. Different models weigh between 2 and 9 kg. The choice of parameter depends on the person who will have to work with the tool.

Echo SRM-2655SI

  • Great power
  • Sturdy build
  • Good reliability
  • Low weight
  • No vibration
  • Starts up very easy
  • Convenient shoulder strap included

For me personally it is a perfect grass mower, works for a long time without stopping. Bought on the recommendation of friends, they have been faithfully for 5 years. Very comfortable shoulder strap, no tension and well thought out. Low consumption. On the whole, the purchase is very satisfied)))

  • Grass trimmer cutting attachment: Trimmer line and blade, trimmer line 3 mm
  • Bar design: Straight boom
  • Handle shape: T-handle (bicycle handle)
  • Wheel availability: no
  • Power of internal combustion engine 1.1 л.с.
  • The two-stroke engine
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 0.65 л
  • Shoulder strap
  • Weight 6.5 kg

How to judge the inexpensive models?

For a more objective evaluation we have divided the devices into groups according to their suitability for the following jobs:

There is no point in comparing devices designed to perform different tasks, because a powerful brushcutter (sometimes called trimmers for grass, capable of cutting bushes and trees) will cope with cutting the grass, but a low-power device will not be able to cut even a thin branch.

Regardless of which of the ratings included trimmers for grass, all the budget devices are made in China, because China is the only country that makes cheap, but at the same time more or less qualitative and reliable brushcuts.

most, reliable, gasoline, grass, trimmers

Nevertheless, it makes no sense to expect even an average device to be reliable, because even the best ones, and those that are said to be “more or less”, cost from thirty thousand.

But even a budget brushcutter often has a service life of more than 3 years if used with care, and to fix them is much easier than more expensive devices.

In addition, regardless of capacity and purpose, all the budget grass trimmers equipped with only two-stroke motors, because they are not only cheaper in the manufacture, but also have a noticeably greater power to weight ratio.

Gasoline trimmers for grass mowing

If you are planning to buy a petrol brushcutter only for mowing the grass, then you will be suitable models low (≤1 l. с.) capacities equipped only with a trimmer head. By doing away with unnecessary equipment, you can choose a machine with a better price-performance ratio (read about the importance of this ratio here).

AL-KO BC 223 L-S

This gasoline trimmer tops the list because of its curved, fold-out shaft that allows it to cut the grass even close to the ground. Thanks to the drive shaft connector, the unit requires less space for winter storage, because the grass trimmer is only half its disassembled length.

STIHL Cordless Grass Trimmers & Brushcutters Garden Magic | STIHL GB

Low engine power and a boom made of a cable instead of a forged bar make this brushcutter unsuitable for any other cutting tools.

The machine is standard equipped with a loop handle so you can work without a shoulder strap (which is why it is not included) but you can fit a bicycle handle if you wish and buy one separately.

In this configuration, it is uncomfortable to work without a suspension belt or shoulder relief, because the load on the operator’s hands increases, so we recommend buying a convenient suspension system along with a bike handle. This will increase the cost and take the brushcutter out of the budget price range, but it makes it much more convenient to work.

Here are the main features of the model:

Ryobi RLT26C

This mower is similar to the previous model in many ways, because it is equipped with a curved drive shaft, the difference is that this shaft is not dismantled, and the engine produces slightly less power 0.9 liters. с.

Also unites the models in terms of equipment, that is:

most, reliable, gasoline, grass, trimmers
  • loop handle, which can be replaced with a bicycle handle;
  • No belt;
  • Of all the cutting tools there is only a semi-automatic spool under the line for the trimmer.

Despite the low cost and Chinese origin, most reviews of this model are positive.

After all, for mowing the grass power of the engine is more than enough, and to cut thickets of weeds or more energy-intensive tasks trimmer for the grass is not designed. The machine weighs 4 kg, and its

Champion T256

This lawnmower is equipped with a straight collapsible drive shaft with a forged rod inside, so it works effectively with a trimmer head or a three-blade blade (it is also included in the standard package), but it should only be used to mow the grass.

Despite its low price, the grass trimmer has a comfortable shoulder release and a grippy bike handle, so it is well suited to work in the fields and any other large green areas.

The machine weighs 6 kg, and the average


This grass trimmer is an analogue of the previous model, because the technical characteristics and equipment are the same, so some owners have the assumption that they are made by the same order, but at different factories.

The slight difference in price (8 thousand) and weight (6.5 kg) only confirms the assumption of placing one order at different factories. Most reviews are positive, in them the owners note the good workmanship and reliability of the unit, which also unites the grass trimmer with the previous model.

Zubr Master KRB-250

This machine has collected a lot of positive and negative reviews, but most of the latter are due to its improper use. After all, the lawnmower is equipped with a very weak motor (0.8 l. с.), so it copes well only with grass, and not too thick and thick.

Best Brush Cutter Blade? Let’s find out! Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Oregon, Renegade & Forester

The included three-blade disc copes even with relatively thick single trunks of weeds and other weeds, but the attempt to cut thickets of such plants leads to an overload of the motor and a sharp reduction in its resource.

The grass trimmer is equipped with a loop handle. It does not have a bike handle but the drive shaft can be disassembled to reduce the space requirement for storing the brushcutter.

In addition, the collapsible design facilitates the lubrication of the shaft, and thus prolongs its life with proper operation.

The second cutting tool included in the set is a semi-automatic trimmer head, and the plastic protective cover is equipped with a knife that cuts the trimmer line if it is released too much.

Together with a gasoline trimmer come uncomfortable shoulder strap. Machine weight 6.5 kg,

Summary table

In this table we have summarized all the basic parameters of each machine in the ranking:

The most reliable

In this section we have included those brushcutters, which according to their owners are characterized by the highest reliability, as they noted in their reviews.

However, the reliability of the grass trimmer. it is a very relative parameter, which more than half depends on the correct maintenance and use of such equipment, as we told here.

Therefore, the rating is relative, because one owner gasoline trimmer, considered unreliable, without major breakdowns can serve 20 years, and the other is the most reliable mower will break by the end of the first season.

Honda UMK 435

This brushcutter is made in Thailand, but the production cycle and quality control system are the same as in the Japanese Honda factories.

Thanks to this, the machine is very resilient, as confirmed by numerous

One of the reasons for this reliability is the Honda four-stroke motor. Therefore, the grass trimmer effectively performs all tasks within the power unit capacity, and without serious damage serves 10 years or more.

lawnmower comes complete with:

Weighs 7.5 kilograms, and its medium

Oleo-Mac BC 360 4T

This Italian mower is also equipped with a four-stroke motor, thanks to which it lasts much longer before repairs than even the most reliable two-stroke analogues.

Honda motor produces 1.6 liters. с., Which is enough for mowing any grass and young growth of bushes, but it is desirable to cut down trees with a grass trimmer, equipped with a power unit of significantly greater power.

The standard equipment includes:

Lawnmower weighs 7 kg, and its

Makita EM4351UH

This Chinese lawn mower with a 2L four-stroke motor. с. Outperforms most of its competitors in terms of reliability.

engine torque is enough to cut not only grass but also young growth of bushes or trees (requires a saw blade, which is not included in the delivery set).

Handle with comfort grip screw clamp securely holds the handle, and allows you to quickly adjust its position without using any tools.

Together with the trimmer you get:

It costs 44 thousand, and its mass is 8.5 kg.

Ryobi RBC430SBD

Despite its small power output (1 litre), the torque of the engine is more than enough to power a car. с.), this Ryobi lawnmower differs from the vast majority of counterparts in the corresponding price range with a noticeably higher reliability.

This is due to the four-stroke motor and Japanese quality standards for the finished product.

Due to insufficient power of the motor the grass trimmer is good only for cutting the grass, as well as cutting not too dense weeds, for which it comes with a semi-automatic spool and a three-blade blade.

Also with a brushcutter you receive not too comfortable suspension system, which it is desirable to replace at once with something more comfortable and weight 6,5 kg.

Compare table

In the table we have summarized all the most important parameters of each petrol trimmer from this section about the best machines in terms of reliability:

Model Engine type and power l. с. Weight kg Equipment package Country of production Price thousand
Honda UMK 435 4Т 1,3 7,5 Automatic reel, professional suspension system, three-blade blade, safety glasses. Thailand 40
Oleo-Mac BC 360 4T 4Т 1,6 7 Automatic coil, professional suspension system, three-blade blade. Italy 52
Makita EM4351UH 4Т 2,0 8,7 Automatic reel, three-blade blade, comfortable suspension system. China 44
Ryobi RBC430SBD 4Т 1 6,5 Semi-automatic spool, three-blade blade, awkward suspension system. China 18

What the engine power depends on?

There are two factors that affect the power that any motor can develop:

The first parameter is also directly affected by two factors:

Combustion chamber volume (it is designated in cm 3. and colloquially called “cubes” or “cube”). Two-stroke motor by virtue of its design produces 1.7-1.9 times more torque than a four-stroke engine.

At the same time, the maximum speed of the brushcutter power units is 10-12 thousand rpm. That’s why a high horsepower motor is always more expansive than one with a lower RPM.

When a potential buyer knows what the real power depends on, he first of all looks at the volume of the power unit.

For example, for low horsepower engines (≤2 l. с.) the chamber volume is 25-35 cm3. for motors with a claimed power of 5 liters. с. the actual volume should be 50-70 cm3.

Theoretically, it is possible to squeeze out 5 liters. с. of the 40 cm3 engine. But this is always associated with a decrease in its resource due to too high load on the piston and crank mechanism.

How to choose a good gasoline trimmer for grass


Which power to choose?? The power of a gasoline grass trimmer is counted in the same units as for cars. in horsepower (l.с.). The highest value is 4.7 liters.с such trimmers are designed for professional use. They work effortlessly for a long time and easily cope with all types of grass, can cut even small branches and bushes.

If you plan to use the machine infrequently and for simple work, such as mowing grass in flowerbeds, there is no need for an expensive, powerful trimmer. A model with up to 1 liter power is sufficient.с. For larger jobs like mowing grass in the garden, it is worth using a brushcutter with medium power of 1.2 to 2 liters.с.


Which shaft to choose? The grass trimmer boom is the part of the structure that connects the engine unit to the cutting element. There is a shaft or rope inside the boom that transmits the motor’s rotation to the cutter. The boom can be made collapsible, which allows for easy storage and transportation of the grass trimmer. Also, this boom can be straight or curved.

Straight bars are characteristic of professional trimmers. Robust shaft is more reliable and durable than a cable, it can transmit more power, which allows you to easily cut small branches and shrubs. It is good if the shaft is forged of steel.

Curved booms are considered more ergonomic. Their shape provides greater maneuverability for the grass trimmer and allows you to work in low-access, difficult areas. It is easier to hold and less strain is put on the trimmer.

Previously we have already considered:


The handle is designed to guide the movement of the grass trimmer. Its shape and material are important for comfortable operation. If the device has good ergonomics, the person will be less tired, distracted, and the quality of lawn mowing will increase.

There are several types of handles, specialized for different activities. Handling tall bushes is easier with a D or P handle. The U or T-shaped handlebar is designed to resemble a bicycle handlebar and needs two hands to hold it. It increases the maneuverability of the device and simplifies the work with heavy, oversized models. The J-Grip lets you control the trimmer like a traditional scythe.

Just as well, if the trimmer has an anti-vibration handle system.


Lawnmower can be equipped with the following types of cutting tools:

Grass trimmer easily cuts not only thick stems of thistle bushes and other overgrown weeds with its metal disc, but can also cut small branches of trees. The blades cut all kinds of grass well on lawns without stones. A line for a trimmer, on the other hand, is good for uneven, rocky terrain. Its cutting properties depend on the profile and thickness. Star-shaped or square-shaped lines produce the best results. The round shape is best suited to lawn grass. Thicknesses range from 1.5 to 3 mm, the thickest line for trimmers copes well with bushes and small branches.


Two and four-stroke motors are installed in brushcutters. Two-stroke models are easy to operate and rugged, but require a special fuel mix. Before each refueling, you’ll have to clearly measure the proportions of gasoline and special oil and mix them thoroughly. This compound can not be stored for long, the fuel must always be fresh. Their other significant drawbacks are loud noise and high exhaust emissions.

Four-stroke motors are an alternative. They are reliable, relatively low fuel consumption, do not require the preparation of the fuel mixture manually, less noise. Their disadvantages include high cost and more complicated maintenance.

In fact, here you do not have to choose, as almost all domestic and semi-professional trimmers for grass with a two-stroke engine.

Top 20 best gasoline trimmers 2021-2022 rating

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3 Huter GGT-2900S You should know the price
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Top 3 best four-stroke gasoline trimmers
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Before you buy a trimmer for the grass, determine the anticipated scope of work, and on this basis, choose the maximum power and performance of the tool. It is necessary to orient on the maximum load for the tool to cope successfully with the front of the work.

The main parameters for selection include:

  • Type of engine. Usually trimmers use two-stroke or four-stroke engines. Models of the first type work from ordinary gasoline and do not need special maintenance. Four-stroke engines require a special fuel mixture, but are very demanding in maintenance, but have increased power and productivity.
  • Power. With this criterion everything is simple: the higher the power, the greater the performance of the grass trimmer. The most powerful devices allow you to mow even thick plants and small trees.
  • Weight. Since trimmers have to work for a long time, it is desirable that the weight of the tool was not too great.
  • Gas tank capacity. The bigger the tank, the longer the trimmer can work without refuelling.

It is also desirable to evaluate the shape of the handle. It should be ergonomic so that the user can comfortably hold the tool. It is also desirable that the unit supplied with several sets of nozzles to work with different vegetation.

Which company to choose?

Many models of garden trimmers have been released by various manufacturers in 2020-2021-2022. Each device has its own characteristics and advantages.

If the buyer has the opportunity to buy a more expensive model of the tool, then you should pay attention to world famous brands such as Makita, Husqvarna, Bosch, Huter, DENZEL, BLACKDECKER.

Among highly specialized manufacturers, the brands Greenworks, Gardena, Champion, STIGA, Echo have received the greatest recognition.

From domestic developments, the stable quality show grass trimmers from the company “STAVR”.