Which Bits For A Screwdriver Are The Strongest

Screwdriver attachment for self-tapping screws

For mounting bolts or screws in hard-to-reach places, extended bits are used. Their length can be 300 mm. These flexible extensions make it easier to install in difficult places.

What is a screwdriver bit?

A bit is a special attachment for a screwdriver, a drill, which helps to tighten screws, bolts and other fasteners. On one side (which is inserted into the chuck of the screwdriver), it has the shape of a hexagon. They are classified according to what the back of the nozzle looks like, what material it is made of, and where it is used.

Manufacturers analysis

which bits for a screwdriver are the strongest

In order to understand the range of products and choose the right bit for your screwdriver, you should get acquainted with the most famous manufacturers.

Aeg manufactures Coldfire bit sets to enhance metal strength.

Dewalt provides an extensive range of accessories, both individually and in sets.

The DT 7246 includes a PH2 with a torsion bar. Also very popular is the model called DT 71517 with bits and angle attachment. The number of revolutions is 1500 rpm, the tightening force is 150 Nm.

Bosch deserves worldwide recognition for its high quality. Extra Hart are characterized by increased strength and long-term operation, painted in gray. Max Grip with titanium nitride substance improves grip, golden color.

Whirlpower is, in many respects, one of the most demanded brands. The firm was founded in 1983 in Taiwan. The quality is time-tested, which is why many experts prefer this particular brand. The geometry of the working part is perfectly machined. All attachments are thermally treated and protected with a special coating.

Quality assessment criteria

When choosing nozzles, you need to focus on the features of the work performed. One of the reasons for the rapid deterioration of equipment is misuse. It is one thing to screw self-tapping screws into wood when assembling furniture, and another thing is the installation of metal structures, where the equipment experiences increased resistance during the screwing process. An impact screwdriver must be provided with special equipment, since standard equipment will not be able to withstand the shock load.

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To correctly approach the choice of bits, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

The material of manufacture affects the strength and durability. For conventional modifications, steel R-7. R-12 is used, which is distinguished by excellent resistance when interacting with any type of metal. Chromium and vanadium coatings are added to protect against corrosion. The strongest are tips with a titanium-nitride coating of a golden hue. Bits with titanium and tungsten plating have also shown themselves well in practice. For overly active use, experts advise diamond-coated nozzles, due to which the chance of grinding the edges of the working area decreases.

Processing technologies. Milling and forging are the most demanded methods. When milling, the top surface is removed to give the work area the desired shape. Forged tooling is characterized by increased strength, the material is not disturbed during production.

Hardness bit material for a screwdriver fluctuates in the region of 58-60 HRC. Soft attachments wear out faster, they are most of all intended for rigid mountings, as they are resistant to damage. Hard ones will last longer, but rather fragile.

Design features. The magnetized work surface makes positioning in the slot easier, but sometimes this magnet is superfluous. For an impact screwdriver, bits with a torsion part are suitable. The attachments are able to smooth out impact by withstanding high loads during operation.

Reliability rating

Manufacturing companies, which are trusted by qualified specialists, have proven themselves best in construction and renovation areas. The reliability rating is headed by the following brands:

Bosch bits. Proven quality over the years

Among all offered models are very popular titanium tips, which have a characteristic yellow color. Nevertheless, many people prefer products made of tungsten-molybdenum, chromium-vanadium or chromium-molybdenum alloy with a titanium shell. To prevent the effects of corrosion and other troubles that can impair the performance of the bit, it is treated with a special protective substance. It can be used as:

  1. Nickel;
  2. Titanium;
  3. Diamond;
  4. Wolfram carbide;
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Few people know that presence of titanium coating prevents the appearance of rust and improves the hardness of the working part of the nozzle. But the cost of such bits is much higher than usual, which is why not everyone is ready to buy them for everyday use.

If you intend to choose bits for a screwdriver and you are interested in a non-piece purchase, pay attention to ready-made sets of tips, which are packed in a special plastic box with dimensions and other features. It makes sense to opt for products from Hitachi and Kraftool. They belong to the segment of professional tips, which include a lot of different sizes and shapes that can expand the area of ​​operation of the screwdriver. German and Japanese quality is perfectly manifested in ready-made kits from these manufacturers.

What are the best bits for a screwdriver, how to choose

If you are facing a problem: screwdriver bits. How to choose, be extremely careful. The issue of choice should be taken very seriously, otherwise significant difficulties may arise in the operation of the instrument, which will give you a lot of unpleasant emotions. A poor-quality bit will periodically jump off the head or turn when working with the tool. In the end, the tip may fail altogether. In order to prevent such a course of events, you need to find out in advance which bits for a screwdriver are better and of better quality, and which ones are not worth their money.

What are the best bits for a screwdriver, how to choose

Today, one of the most indispensable household tools is the electric screwdriver. It provides a faster furniture assembly speed and allows you to build any structure in a matter of minutes. At the same time, the device is very cheap, so it cannot be considered a luxury or a hard-to-find item. But despite this, even those who have such a tool somewhere in a box or in a garage may not know what the bits for a screwdriver are, how they differ, and why their role in the operation of the product is very important. But it is this tiny element that is responsible for the convenience of tightening screws or screws of different sizes.

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Ph. (Phillips standard)

The PH standard is a 55 ° cross recess. Each of the four splines extends towards the shank.

Bits marked PH can have different slot diameters and be marked from a small PH 0, designed for small-diameter self-tapping screws, to PH3, capable of holding large self-tapping screws.

Bits marked PH 2 are the most common, as they are used for tightening the so-called bugs of self-tapping screws for thin metal, or (black) self-tapping screws with a simple cross-slot in the head.

The PH standard is more versatile and can fit other self-tapping screws.

Torx. (Six-pointed star)

This slot, when viewed from the end of the bit, is a six-pointed star, the differences are in the diameter of the sprocket.

The slot number is indicated on the bit and comes after the Torx inscription or just the letter T, for example Torx 10. Which corresponds to approximately 2.74mm. Torx has its own numbers for different bit sizes.

Torx splines are used where high torque is required when tightening fasteners. Such a slot can be found on powerful self-tapping screws and screws.

In addition to marking the slots, the bit can have a different rod length or a stop that will not allow you to turn further than the required self-tapping screw in drywall.

Magnetic bit for screwdriver

By the method of attachment in the cartridge, they are distinguished:

  • Magnetic bits. They are attached to the chuck by the magnetic field of the extension glass.
  • Spring loaded. They are rigidly fixed in the chuck.

The convenience of magnetic bits is that they are very easy to replace. However, this does not affect the work. During operation, they do not slip and do not fall out of the cartridge if they are inserted correctly into it.