Chainsaw chain oil brand

Physicochemical characteristics

Density at 15 ° С, kg / m 3 876.8
Kinematic viscosity at 100 ° С, mm 2 / s 10.76
Kinematic viscosity at 40 ° С, mm 2 / s 81.36
Viscosity index 118
Flash point in an open crucible, ° С 158
Pour point, ° С -37
Quality classes JASO FD / ISO-L-EGD, JASO FB / API TC
Tolerances Husqvarna HVA 242, HVA 346, STIHL

Fuel mixture preparation rules

The fuel mixture for chainsaws must be prepared in a clean container to prevent clogging of the carburetor and damage to the engine from mechanical impurities. The measured volume of oil is poured first. this way you can spend less time mixing until smooth. When filling with gasoline, it combines well with oil.

It is most convenient to prepare the mixture in the same quantity. For example, 1 liter of gasoline will require 20 milliliters of oil. The same measure can be used for any other multiples of the volume.

It is advisable to use the prepared composition as quickly as possible. This is due to the inevitable aging of gasoline: a mixture that has been stored for a long time can impair the starting of the chainsaw. The smoke of combustion may also increase; detonation is likely at high loads. At the same time, the risk of mixture stratification, due to which the storage of benzene-oil mixtures was not previously recommended, is not relevant for modern two-stroke oils.

Chainsaw oil

Chainsaw engine oil must meet a number of requirements. First of all, this is high thermal stability and antiwear properties: when using a chainsaw, especially in summer, the engine can heat up to high temperatures. Since the exhaust goes directly into the work area, minimal smoke is desirable. Taking these points into account, ROLF Lubricants GmbH creates a special oil for gasoline-powered tools and garden equipment with two-stroke engines.

Oil for chainsaws ROLF Garden 2T

The oil is produced on a synthetic base, which ensures the highest quality. Therefore, ROLF Garden 2T has low smoke, burns completely and with extremely low carbon deposits. At the same time, it reliably protects the engine from wear, since it has a balanced additive package. Long-term operation of the engine on ROLF Garden 2T eliminates the rapid contamination of the muffler with carbon deposits and products of incomplete combustion of oil, which reduce the power of the chainsaw.

The oil was developed specifically for garden equipment, where the main lubrication method is a ready-made fuel mixture. When creating ROLF Garden 2T, this was taken into account, and the product received excellent stability when mixed with gasoline. The ready-made composition during storage excludes stratification, clogging of the carburetor channels. The oil does not reduce the octane number of gasoline, eliminates the risk of detonation under load.

Due to its low freezing point, ROLF Garden 2T is excellent for winter work, which maintains the efficiency of engine lubrication with the fuel mixture. The oil burns well in the engine, reducing the risk of spark plug failure. Thus, the amount of maintenance required for the chainsaw can be kept to a minimum.

The quality of the oil is confirmed by the approvals of the largest chainsaw manufacturers. In addition, ROLF Lubricants GmbH offers a simple and effective anti-counterfeiting system: all the company’s products are packaged only in tin containers. As practice shows, counterfeit in such conditions practically does not occur on the market: packaging in plastic is more profitable for counterfeiters.

What parts of a chainsaw need oil

The quality of the lubricant directly determines the life of the engine. Despite the small working volume, chainsaw motors are used relatively heavily. The inertial loads on the parts of the crank mechanism are proportional to the square of the revolutions. Since most gasoline tools most often run at “full throttle”, chainsaw oil must retain its properties at high shear rates, avoid dry friction in the crankshaft bearings and piston group.

In addition to the engine, the tire also needs lubrication: the sliding chain inevitably wears it out. Forced oil supply from a separate reservoir saves resource both for the tire and for the chain itself. The oil used for lubrication should, if possible, be as viscous and sticky as possible in order to better adhere to the chain and tire, and not fly apart. In addition, according to the requirements of environmentalists, such oils are usually biodegradable.

How to choose your chainsaw oil

The main quality indicator that can be assessed on your own is smoke during combustion. Modern standards for two-stroke oils directly set the ultimate requirements. Therefore, high-quality oil with a normal composition of the fuel mixture should smoke minimally.

Unlike automotive lubricants, where API (American Petroleum Institute) sets the standard, two-stroke oils are mostly based on their own quality grades. The JASO F system developed in Japan is now the most widely used system. The largest proportion of lubricants for two-stroke engines are JASO FC and FD. It was the JASO FC class that in due time introduced the concept of “low-smoke oil”. That is, the oil for lubricating the chainsaw must at least correspond to this class, in order not only to protect the engine from wear, but also to make the work more comfortable.

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For heavy loads, it makes sense to use JASO FD lubricant. This class defines more stringent requirements for engine carbon deposits. So the motor will need to clean the piston ring grooves less often.

It is also desirable that the oil has confirmed grades according to the European ISO system. It is based on the JASO system, but further strengthens the requirements for engine cleanliness. Therefore, an oil with an ISO-L-EGD grade (based on JASO FD) will give the engine the best possible cleanliness.

How to determine the ratio of gasoline to oil

The mixing ratio of oil and gasoline is indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions and is usually duplicated on the gas tank cap. However, it should be borne in mind that on old saws, the ratio concerned low-quality mineral oils, which is why the lubricant had to be added to gasoline in an increased volume.

Modern synthetic oils for two-stroke engines are able to reliably lubricate the engine already at a ratio of 50: 1, while earlier the norm was 25: 1 and even 20: 1. An increase in the concentration of synthetics in the fuel mixture will not reduce engine wear, but smoke and carbon formation will increase Finally, operating costs will also rise. oil will have to be purchased more often.

Pro tips for choosing and using chain oils

The operation of the lubrication system must be monitored periodically. A lack of oil supply can be easily identified by the increased load on the engine and the smell of overheated wood. The crown and bearing of the driving and driven sprockets need additional lubrication.

Chainsaw chain oil: which, where and when to use?

The chainsaw headset works in difficult conditions that negatively affect its durability. Chainsaw chain oil supplied to the working area prevents overheating of working parts, promotes efficient cutting of hardwood. The smooth running of the chain removes some of the load from the power unit.

Chainsaw designers recognize the need for complete lubrication of the headset, therefore, in the compact designs of modern chainsaws there is a place for a consumable oil tank and oil pump, with a fixed or adjustable performance.

Chainsaw Bar Oil vs Motor Oil

Danger of using counterfeit oil

The performance properties of cheaper counterfeit oils are inferior to proprietary developments in basic parameters. The problem is that, relying on the perceived quality of the product, users operate their chainsaw equipment at full loads.

The use of surrogate oils initiates accelerated wear of the material part, in some cases it is the basis for the cancellation of factory warranty obligations by the service departments.

Price features of the offered assortments

European chain oils of a high price group are recommended for the operation of professional chainsaw equipment operating in difficult and even extreme conditions.

Domestic chain oils are mostly produced from their raw materials, imported additives and using modern technologies.

In terms of quality and operational characteristics, the Russian assortment is not inferior to similar products of European brands, but it costs much less.

Chinese saw headsets of the middle class are inferior to European counterparts in terms of wear resistance and durability of operation. This imbalance is partially eliminated by the use of chain oils recommended by the manufacturer, developed by Chinese specialists.

According to the suppliers of consumables, the presence of special additives in Chinese chain oils has a positive effect on the performance of standard tires and saw chains, as well as chainsaw equipment in general.

All of the above applies only to the products of large companies. The advantages of using chain oils for small private businesses have not been proven in practice.

Self-selection criteria

The problem of how to replace branded chain oil, which is not commercially available, is relevant for many peripheral regions. According to experts, a full-fledged analogue is products of well-known brands STIHL and Husqvarna, identical in basic characteristics. Motor and chain oils from these manufacturers have proven themselves in all respects from the best side.

chainsaw, chain, brand

Taking into account the possibilities of the offered assortment, the consumer can make a choice in favor of a more expensive chain oil or its budget analogue. In addition to branded products, the list includes Enkor, Nanotech Standard and Nanotech Premium oils, which retain their working properties at temperatures up to 30 ° C.

Mineral oil versions are represented by the brands Makita and Makita Oregon, identical lubricating characteristics for organic chain oils Makita Biotop, STIHL Bio Plus, which are sold in packaging from 1 to 25 liters.

Most professional sawers prefer one brand of branded lubricants. Continuous use of one brand of oil allows you to explore its capabilities and use them with maximum efficiency.

Benefits of higher price oils

The branded chain oils contain useful antioxidant, anticorrosive, stabilizing components and additives that help maintain the oil’s performance and increase the wear resistance of working equipment under difficult operating conditions.

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The quality of branded consumables is benchmark. Most of these are products of leading manufacturers STIHL, Husqvarna, ECHO, DAEWOO and a number of others. Over the past few years, the quality of Chinese chain oils produced by state-owned enterprises has improved markedly.

Chainsaw owners decide on their own which oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chain. At its best, it is a consumable adapted to the climate of the region and recommended by the operating instructions for this model.

Versatility problems

Performance evaluations of so-called multipurpose oils should be viewed critically. In reality, this is not a very good publicity stunt. To date, no manufacturer who respects its reputation has received information about the start of production of 100% universal oil.

chainsaw, chain, brand

Practice has proven that the wrong choice of chain lubrication increases the load on the engine by 7-10% and also reduces the working life of the saw set.

Advantages of automatic systems

Less oil-consuming chainsaws equipped with automatic lubrication systems. Depending on the engine speed, the oil supply is metered by a variable displacement pump.

Best Bar Oil for Chainsaw. Latest Chain Oil Brands

At idle speed, oil is practically not consumed. Models with automatic lubrication cut material consumption by almost half.

Chainsaw chain lubrication

Gasoline saws are widely used by those people who constantly independently carry out many chores around the house. With their help, you can cut off dry branches, harvest firewood and perform many other works. To ensure the normal functioning of this gas-powered tool and to maximize its service life, it requires competent care. Chainsaw lubrication plays an especially important role, without which the functioning of this tool is impossible. When the chain saw is in use, the chain rubs against the bar, causing it to heat up and leading to wear. To reduce friction, the chain must be lubricated regularly.

To supply oil for lubricating the chain of the chainsaw, a special pump is provided in its design. It delivers grease to the saw bar in accordance with the engine speed.

The system uses chain saw oil with improved adhesive properties. This is necessary to evenly distribute the composition over the entire surface of the tire and maintain it on it even at high chain speeds.

For these purposes, various types of oil are used, selected in accordance with the design features of the chainsaw and its characteristics.

Special attention should be paid to the lubrication of the chainsaw. It must be carried out with a special oil that does not harm the oil pump. In addition, this approach will ensure reliable, high-quality functioning of the self-lubrication system. The use of used oil compositions, including filtered ones, is unacceptable, since in this case the ability of the chainsaw to high speed will be impaired.

The chain also needs proper storage, for which it is immersed in oil. If the old chain is worn out, do not try to rebuild it, replace with a new one.

It is advisable to have a spare chain, or even better. several. The optimal number of spare chains is four, which allows them to be used alternately and to sharpen each of them regularly. Thanks to this approach, a slowdown in the wear of all elements is achieved: chain, tire and drive sprocket.

Experts advise not to undermine, but to correct the chain using special devices. Refueling should be carried out every two to three filling of the fuel mixture into the tank of the chainsaw.

Chainsaw oil to lubricate the chain

As for the question of what oil to fill in for good lubrication of the chainsaw chain. so that it ensures the normal operation of the tool and meets all safety requirements, the answer to it depends on the place, time and conditions of use of the chainsaw. In the warm season, it is advisable to use mineral oils, in the rest of the year, semi-synthetic or synthetic formulations are more suitable. The chain oil must be refined to ensure proper and accurate lubrication. The use of low-quality compounds will not allow to achieve proper contact between the bar and the saw parts, will lead to sparks and rapid wear of the moving parts of the tool. Each chain saw is equipped with a two-stroke carburetor engine and two tanks, one for oil, the other for fuel.

When choosing, oils for chainsaw lubrication. it is important to consider resistance to cold. In order for the quality of the chain saw to remain high, oil should not solidify at low temperatures.

Lubrication is preferably carried out using a chain saw chain adhesive oil, which contains special additives that provide good adhesion to the chain. High-quality oil will remain on the chain during its rotation, and the reliability of the chain itself during use will remain high.

Another important parameter of the oil is its density. The smaller it is, the more oil is wasted. Plant-based formulations should be used to prevent environmental damage from the chainsaw.

There are a huge number of types of oils on the market. One can talk for a long time about their specific qualities and chemical characteristics, however, these selection criteria are rather difficult for ordinary consumers to understand. Therefore, the easiest way to choose the right oil is to study the proposals of the world’s leading manufacturers who care about their reputation and make only high-quality products. When deciding which chain saw oil to choose, you should pay great attention to the brand. Leading manufacturers of these products include VegOil, Shell, Ravenol, Mobil, Castrol, Divinol, Bio-Kettenol.

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The formulations of the Ravenol brand have proven themselves well. For example, Ravenol Saegekettenoel S 85 is excellent for chain saw lubrication, has good lubricating properties and provides a secure grip. This mineral composition is produced in Germany on the basis of high-quality base oil with the addition of many special additives that allow the oil to remain on the chain even at high chainsaw speeds and ensure high chain reliability in use. In addition, this oil reliably protects the tool from corrosive processes, even when working in unfavorable conditions. It allows you to:

  • cool the circuit due to high thermal conductivity;
  • reduce vibration of the chain;
  • cleanly and quickly cut any type of wood.

This chain oil has excellent lubricating and adhesive properties, which prevents premature wear of the joints and chain links. Thanks to the optimal combination of temperature parameters and viscosity, this oil can be used at any time of the year.

Choosing oil for chainsaw chains. Please note that Divinol offers several different formulations. The advantages of the Zweitaktoel FF brand are economical consumption, compatibility with any fuel and excellent corrosion protection. This composition can be applied at any temperature. Divinol Kettenol and Divinol Kettenol Bio formulations are designed to lubricate chains and bars on your chainsaw. They reliably protect the joints and chain links from wear at an economical cost. Organic oils of this brand are of high quality, have good adhesive properties and provide excellent lubrication. They are not only easy to use, but also environmentally friendly.

The sustainable STIHL chain oil is based on herbal ingredients. STIHL products are well known for their efficiency, environmental friendliness and high quality. This chain oil can be used in any climate. Of particular interest to customers is the brand of STIHL BioPlus oil, which is intended for the lubrication of high-speed chains. It is characterized by the following properties:

  • excellent protection of the cutting headset;
  • resistance to oiling;
  • excellent fluidity that remains even in extreme cold;
  • excellent adhesion due to special additives;
  • oxidation resistance.

In addition, this oil is completely safe for the environment as it decomposes naturally within a fairly short time.

STIHL semi-synthetic oil

STIHL eco-friendly chainsaw oil is made from high quality virgin raffinates. It contains no impurities that can harm the environment. This oil can be used with equal efficiency in any climate at any temperature, even at very low temperatures. It reliably protects the saw chains from wear.

This brand has shown itself exclusively from the best side, and therefore has become widespread. Among several varieties of this brand, a special place is occupied by Vegeil Husqvarna, a vegetable-based oil for lubricating chainsaws. It is extremely environmentally friendly and has excellent lubricating properties. This biodegradable, economical formulation has a low viscosity even when used in extreme cold conditions. Excellent performance parameters of this brand’s oils ensure their place among the best brands.

When deciding which chainsaw oil to use, you should pay attention to the Sage-Kettenoil brand. This oil is completely safe from an environmental point of view, since its complete decomposition occurs naturally without the formation of harmful substances. The combination of herbal ingredients with high quality additives reliably protects the saw chain from wear under any conditions of use of the chainsaw. Due to its high adhesive and lubricating properties, it is very convenient to lubricate the chain, and this oil can be used even in frosts down to minus thirty degrees.

The Oregon brand includes formulations to fit all chainsaw models. Refined mineral oils are supplemented with special adhesive additives that increase the tack and viscosity of the formulation. Therefore, they do not remain on the bar and chain, even at high rpm, and do not splatter. Stable viscosity ensures the use of such oils in any season of the year.

The benefits of Oregon formulations are as follows:

  • reduction of vibration;
  • overheating protection of the chain and guide bar;
  • prevention of corrosion processes by forming an oil film.

Regular use of Oregon oil can reduce stress on both the cutting attachment and the entire chain saw. The increase in the efficiency of the sawing process is achieved thanks to special additives, which make it possible to reduce the energy consumption of the tool. It is also important that when using these compositions there is no formation of resinous deposits.

This allows consumers to select the most suitable chain oil for their chainsaw based on the information above. Which one to use in specific circumstances, everyone decides independently, taking into account the described properties of different brands.