Dismantling the Stihl chainsaw ms 660

The main disadvantages of the Chinese chainsaw

Unfortunately, the low cost plays a role, the saw can work for several months, or it can completely fail in the first days. It all depends on the decency and hands of the Chinese making fakes. But we have highlighted the main disadvantages of the Chinese Stihl 660 chainsaw:

dismantling, stihl, chainsaw
  • weak unreliable clutch mechanism;
  • poor quality return spring on the starter;
  • cheap air filter housing, made of cheap plastic;
    very bad tire, it is recommended to change it immediately after purchase.

Original China

There are also Stihl MC 660 models on sale, which are considered original, but are manufactured in China using Chinese spare parts. Residents of the Middle Kingdom have been using this technology for a long time, in some cases it happens that the Stihl brand assembles its saws in Germany, but from Chinese spare parts. Chinese parts and cheap labor force more companies to relocate their production.

Chainsaw Stihl 660: Chinese version

In any case, the Chinese version deserves attention, because the low price attracts any buyer. On average, the Stihl MS 600 chainsaw differs from the original in its price category, a fake will cost 100. while the original German chainsaw will cost several times more. It is difficult to name the exact price, because the original chainsaws are no longer produced, instead they created the Stihl 661 model.

Chainsaw fake

Why is counterfeiting the Stihl brand so appropriate? The fact is that the color range of the saw and its quite standard dimensions and characteristics enable the Chinese “craftsmen” to change their cheap chainsaws for well-known brands. Very often the Chinese saw “Shain Saw 5200” with simple visual changes could become an inexpensive Stihl MS 660.

First of all, the original can be identified by its characteristics, because the heavy saw is really “heavy” and powerful, its weight is 7 kg, and the power is 7 hp. If the weight and dimensions can be faked in simple ways, then the power, unfortunately, will be half as much. Consequently, the two versions of the Stihl 660 will have different purposes:

  • Original. used on sawmills, works with various woods and can be used continuously for several hours;
  • Counterfeit. low power and average quality makes it possible to use the saw for domestic purposes, equating it with amateur models.

Due to the low cost of counterfeiting, this is an excellent choice for those who want to work with a chainsaw in a domestic environment, easily copes with branches, preparing firewood and other household tasks. Handled correctly, the Stihl 660 will last a long time and without breakage. A low price will allow you to exploit a fake for various purposes; use a standard fuel for chainsaws as fuel. But be extremely careful, especially greedy sellers can make a strong mark-up on a cheap saw, equating to a real original.

The main differences

Chinese chainsaws Stihl 660 are easy to distinguish, for this, be guided by the following differences:

  • The original always provides a set of company instructions with all information, including the manufacturer;
  • The counterfeit has a less attractive body color, not as bright and saturated;
  • The Stihl 660 chainsaw has a starter, or rather its body, is significantly different;
  • Differences in the tank lids (for oil and fuel), on the German version the lids are created for a combined screwdriver (included in the kit), the copy received ugly convex lids;
  • The original always has a serial number located in the area of ​​the body immediately below the muffler.

Any original Stihl chainsaw is confident in its quality, therefore it is sold with a warranty card issued.

Instructions for use

The instruction for the Stihl 660 chainsaw is mainly in German models, fakes can copy this data and indicate them in their manual. It is said above that a fake will not withstand the minimum loads on the sawmill, so use the saw carefully and only for domestic purposes. Fill in good oil in the right proportions, watch the wear of parts in time and adjust the carburetor. This will increase the lifespan of even an inexpensive Chinese fake.

If you decide to get a really high-quality Stihl chainsaw for domestic purposes, take a look at the review of the Stihl MS 180 model.

Accidentally stumbled upon a cheap chainsaw of a well-known brand, fell for it and immediately bought it. She did not work for long, used only 5 liters of fuel, after which the chainsaw broke down. I don’t see any point in repairing and diagnosing, it’s easier to take a more expensive, but original model.

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I bought a copy of the Stihl MC 660 chainsaw on the market, a week later the starter broke, it’s a simple matter. I decided to replace it. Then I changed the tire, like I worked on and sawed well, for household purposes I helped out pretty well. After a month of lengthy work, he worked the entire site, cut down trees, and prepared firewood. The centrifugal clutch flew, decided not to “steam” with the search and left the device to collect dust.

Spare parts for Stihl chainsaws

The STIHL Group of Companies (Germany) develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of motorized tools used in forestry, agriculture and construction all over the world. STIHL was founded in the German city of Waiblingen-Neustadt in 1926 by engineer Andreas Stihl, who graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Stuttgart this year. In 1995, the Stihl family business was transformed into a holding under the name Andreas Stihl AGCo.

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Spare part: Dismountable plate
Application: Stihl MS 260

Spare part: chain tensioner
Application: Stihl MS 180, MS 170

Spare part: Brake handle

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 180

Spare part: Piston assembly

Application: for chainsaw STIHL MS 290.

Spare part: Shock absorber kit

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: Decompression valve

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260.

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260.

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: Starter cover

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: chain cover

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: chain tensioner

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: Adapter from cylinder to carburetor

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: Oil channel plate

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: Piston assembly

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: Oil pump drive

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: carburetor repair kit

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: handle arc

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: Oil seal kit

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Spare part: Air filter

Application: Chainsaws Stihl MS 260

Chainsaws Stihl (Stihl) have gained popularity throughout Ukraine. This is due to the excellent quality, high technical performance and regularly used innovations in the production of gasoline vehicles. German chainsaws of the Stihl brand have long been recognized all over the world as products You can purchase a completely suitable Stihl chain saw for any need.

The company manufactures a wide range of products, from compact saws for hobbyists to heavy-duty tools that can cut thick wood. The equipment produced by the company is protected by its business reputation and the strictest control carried out at all stages of production. The uniqueness of the design of the gasoline engines and the tires of these tools ensures long-term uptime even at maximum load. This characterizes in the best possible way the highest reliability of every chain saw manufactured by STIHL.

Carburetor adapter (rubber) STIHL 180

Rubber carburetor adapter for STIHL 180 chainsaw The problem of leaks is a modern problem of mechanisms. This problem needs to be done quickly.

Stihl chain file (diameter 4.0mm)

Stihl chain file Dia. 4.0 mm 1 pc.

Crankshaft bearing 6002 RS STIHL 180

Crankshaft bearing 6002 RS STIHL 180 The chainsaw consists of a large number of connections, for which good connections are required.

STIHL 180 carburetor repair kit

STIHL 180 carburetor repair kit In the event of an unfortunate and unpredictable breakdown, consumables will be needed, especially when it comes to.

XADO 2-stroke oil (synthetics)

XADO 2-stroke oil (synthetics) If you want to obtain high service life of the mechanism, then the use of XADO oil is a mandatory process.

Clutch complete STIHL 180

STIHL 180 Clutch Complete The power and performance of the chainsaw is supported by the reference clutch. Problems in this system.

STIHL chain for STIHL chainsaw 33 teeth 1.6 3 \ 8 18 bar 66 links 361-440

STIHL chain for STIHL chainsaw 33 teeth 1.6 3 \ 8 18 66 links 361-440 bar.

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Stihl MS660 or 066 Piston & Rings Installation

Chainsaws Partner and Stihl, their adjustments.

In Stihl and Partner chainsaws, the proportion of air and gasoline in the mixture is set with adjusting screws H and L. When the screws are loosened, the mixture is enriched, the speed increases. Screwing in leads to a leaner mixture and, accordingly, a decrease in engine speed.

Setting the carburetor of the partner’s chainsaw to idle is carried out with the T screw (Stihl marks this adjustment with the letters LA). Basic tool setting is done in the factory during final testing. In most cases, the carburetor is adjusted to deliver a slightly richer air-fuel mixture than the optimal design. The factory settings must be saved during the first few hours of operation, during the running-in period. After that, a finer adjustment can be made, although this is not necessary, the saw will work normally on the basic settings.

For fine adjustment of the carburetor, a tachometer is required, in addition, technical documentation will be required in order to carry out work in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. The best solution would be to entrust the jewelry tuning of the fuel equipment to specialists.

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If, nevertheless, it is decided to adjust independently, you should start with the L screw, then go to the H nozzle, and then set the idle speed by rotating the T screw (or LA. if it is a Stihl saw).

By smoothly turning the screw L in both directions, a position is sought at which the idle speed will be maximum. After this point is found, it is required to unscrew the screw L by 1/4 turn. If the chain continues to move when the engine is idling, the T (LA) screw is slowly unscrewed until the chain stops.

After setting the maximum speed with the screw H, the value of their frequency is checked by the tachometer. If the speed at maximum does not correspond to the values ​​indicated in the documentation, the adjustments are repeated. If the mixture turns out to be too rich at maximum speed, too much smoke comes out of the muffler, when the mixture is poor, the saw makes a squealing sound and the engine heats up unnecessarily. The adjustment ends by setting the idle speed. the position is considered correct if the engine runs exactly at the minimum speed and the chain is at a standstill. The idle speed setting can be viewed in the video below.

The device and principle of operation of the carburetor chainsaw Stihl MS 660

The carburetor of this model consists of almost 50 parts, including fasteners.

The main nodes of the carburetor of the Stihl MS 660 chainsaw:

  • The body is made of light alloys of non-ferrous metals, with channels for supplying a fuel-air mixture, a storage chamber.
  • Diffuser and chamber in housing for fuel atomization.
  • Nozzles with calibrated holes for metering fuel supply.
  • Air and throttle valves.
  • Needle valve for opening and closing the gas supply channel from the tank.
  • Elastic diaphragm for positioning the needle valve.
  • Manual fuel priming pump for starting a cold engine (primer, or suction).

When you first start a cold chainsaw engine, gasoline is manually pumped up with a primer button. The first jerks of the starter are made with the air damper closed. After setting and during operation of the internal combustion engine, the air damper opens.

During the operation of the internal combustion engine, a vacuum is formed in the combustion chamber, and the mixture is sucked in automatically.

At idle, the flow of the mixture is limited by a closed throttle valve with an opening for a small amount of fuel.

The throttle position is adjusted when the chainsaw is running with the throttle handle. When the handle is pressed, it opens, the fuel supply to the internal combustion engine increases, and vice versa.

On a note! A mixture with low m of gasoline and a large amount of air is called a lean mixture. Conversely, a mixture with more gasoline and less air is called rich.

For normal operation of the internal combustion engine, the mixture must be optimal in terms of the proportions of fuel and air, which is achieved by adjusting the carburetor of the Stihl MS 660 chainsaw.

Idle speed adjustment

Carried out with LA screw.

Adjustment is required if the engine stalls at idle. few revolutions, or the chain scrolls. many revolutions.

Reduce RPM by turning screw LA counterclockwise until chain stops, then unscrew back 1 / 5-1 / 4 turn.

Adjustment with screw LA is almost always required after adjusting screw L, which also changes the parameters of the engine at idle.

Screws LA and L regulate idle speed in principle differently. L Changes the quality and quantity of fuel delivery through the calibrated holes. LA is called “booster” because it affects the position of the throttle at idle.

How to Adjust the Chainsaw Carburetor. Chainsaw Maintenance. Dismantling the carburetor chainsaw Chinese Stihl 660 does not adjust the carburetor on. Part 11

In this video we will answer the question of how to set up or adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw with your own hands.

What is the difference between the Stihl MS 660 carburetor and the Stihl MS 650

Stihl MS 660 and MS 650 belong to the same class of powerful professional chainsaws, close in technical characteristics and design. The Stihl MS 660 has a combustion chamber volume of 91.6 cc with a power of 7.1 hp.

Stihl MS 650. 84.9 cc and 6.7 hp They have externally almost identical carburetors, which are regulated according to the same algorithm.

The design differences are that the carburetors of the Stihl MS 650 chainsaw use calibrated holes in the jets and channels of a smaller diameter.

The original German carburetor on the Stihl MS 660 chainsaw does not apply to consumables that must be replaced after a certain service life. The service life of which it is capable may exceed the resource of the chainsaw as a whole.

Chainsaw carburetor adjustment ensures efficient operation of the tool at full power with economical fuel consumption. Adjustments must be made with clean fuel and air filters. For a larger number of carburetors, adjustment is carried out with 3 screws: for high and low speed and idle speed adjustment.

The H and L screws adjust the ratio of the mixture of gasoline and air, which is determined by opening the throttle valve of the carburetor. On Stihl chainsaws ms adjusting the carburetor instructions for the Stihl chainsaw ms 660. When the screws are unscrewed, the mixture is enriched, and the speed falls accordingly, when tightened, the mixture becomes leaner. the speed increases.

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Designation H refers to the maximum speed screw that controls the main jet, L refers to the minimum speed screw that controls the idle jet. The S screw is used to fine-tune the idle speed. The article discusses in detail the adjustment of the carburetor of a chainsaw with three adjusting screws, as well as adjusting the carburetor of a Stihl 180 chainsaw with one screw. Sometimes, to simplify tuning, the number of available carburetor adjusting screws is reduced.

Chainsaw carburetor tuning is divided into two stages. basic (factory settings), carried out with the engine off. and the final, produced on a running warm engine. The exact value of the angles of rotation should be taken from the operating instructions for the particular chainsaw. Failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions may result in engine damage.

Purpose, design and principle of operation of the carburetor.

The carburetor is needed to prepare the air-fuel mixture to power the engine. If the proportions in this mixture are not correct, the motor will malfunction. If the proportion is not observed in the direction of increasing the amount of fuel, the mixture is called oversaturated, if, on the contrary, there is little fuel, it is called lean. Both of them do not affect the operation of the engine in the best way.

In different models of chainsaws, carburetors differ in design, but they are similar in principle of operation. The air stream moves at high speed through the air duct. A damper blocking the channel allows you to change the speed of the air stream. The fuel is fed through the nozzle into the channel, where it mixes with the incoming air, forming an air-fuel mixture. The resulting mixture enters the engine.

The pressure in the float chamber, where the fuel is located before mixing, is practically equal to atmospheric pressure. But a vacuum is created in the air channel, due to which the fuel is drawn into the air stream. The more the damper is opened, the faster the air moves, and the amount of fuel also increases. the engine speed increases. So you can simplify the principle of the carburetor.

Chainsaw carburetor adjustment is required for efficient, smooth operation of the tool, getting the maximum output and at the same time economical fuel consumption. Before adjusting, the fuel and air filters must be checked. they must be clean. On most chainsaws, adjustment is carried out with three screws: idle, high speed, low speed. The following signs indicate the correct setting of the carburetor:

  • The chain does not move when idling.
  • The engine accelerates smoothly and quickly.
  • The sound of the engine running is smooth, similar to the sound of a four-stroke engine.

Adjusting the carburetor must be treated with all possible care, because errors in the settings can lead to very serious consequences, up to the occurrence of engine malfunction. If you are not completely confident in your abilities, you need to contact the service center.

Stihl chainsaw carburetor setting ms 660

Stihl does not use ready-made components from third parties to assemble its chainsaws. Therefore, the original Stihl MS 660 chainsaws are equipped with carburetors manufactured by this company. Chinese chainsaws may have carburetors manufactured by Walbro, Rezer, Kimoto, Cingcong, as well as other unknown manufacturers.

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DIY Stihl MS 660 chainsaw carburetor adjustment

All carburetors on Stihl MS 660 chainsaws are factory set at equipped stands. This ensures the best operating parameters of the internal combustion engine in all modes. Settings get lost very rarely. Before adjusting, you need to make sure it is necessary. Deterioration of the internal combustion engine can be caused by other reasons:

  • Clogged air filter.
  • Spark extinguishing grille and muffler outlet pipes clogged with carbon.
dismantling, stihl, chainsaw

If there are no problems with them, or they have been eliminated, and the internal combustion engine is working abnormally, they begin to adjust.

The carburetor of the Stihl MS 660 chainsaw has three adjusting screws:

  • LA for idle speed control.
  • H for adjusting the fuel supply at high speeds (main screw).
  • L to adjust the fuel and air proportions (mixture quality screw).

The L and H screws are located side by side, LA away from them. All of them are marked on the body.