What Can Be Made From A Lawn Mower


Trimmer. a device that acts as a lawn mower for hard-to-reach places.

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Grass trimmer

To assemble garden tools you will need:

  • strang;
  • dust collector motor;
  • homemade knives;
  • disc made of plastic or steel.

The motor is secured at the foot of the boom. Knives cut from a hacksaw of a size similar to that in the above section are attached to the shaft. Another option is to attach a disc to the shaft and make a hole in it for threading the line. From above, for protection, the device is covered and secured with a casing.

Alternatively, you can use a plastic casing. It can be built from a sewer pipe, which is usually used when installing a mixer.

To cool a high-power engine, the following device is made: a disc with concave blades is inserted under the place where the fishing line is threaded. This part serves as a fan.

The motor from the vacuum cleaner: where you can apply in everyday life?

Household appliances break down and wear out over time. A vacuum cleaner is a classic household cleaning tool. Often, when this unit breaks down or wears out, people buy a new one, without thinking about what can be done from the heart of the dust collector. the engine.

There are many different models of vacuum cleaner today. However, all devices are made according to the same principle. The engine of the unit during operation gains power, which rotates the impeller.


Before disassembling the motor of an old unnecessary vacuum cleaner, preparation of the tool and the unit itself is required. First, the brush is unscrewed from the back surface, then the casing is removed, the role of which in the engine is to cover the impeller from the front side.

Broken impeller in the motor

Often, the casing is firmly attached to the chassis. In this case, pliers are used: the edges are bent at the sides and the casing is squeezed out with a screwdriver.

Procedure for loosening the nut:

  • The rotor is carefully locked by pressing firmly through the recesses for the brushes. To do this, you need the bars, the size of which is indicated above. Wooden blocks are inserted into the brush recesses. The whole structure is tightly pressed against the anchor with a vice. If the bars do not fit into the brush holes, they can be filed with a round file.
  • The nut is unscrewed using a wrench. The key tip is selected according to the size of the nut.
  • Removing the rest of the structure. Suitable screwdrivers are taken from the tool kit to unscrew the remaining parts on the engine.

Disassemble the motor in order to determine the breakdown or upgrade to create other useful items in everyday life.

Lawn mower

For people who are thinking where to introduce the motor from a vacuum cleaner, it is proposed to design their own lawn mower.

This household item is designed with the help of the heart of a vacuum cleaner in working order. Typically, dust collectors wear out and are thrown into the trash. Instead, the engine of the unit can be used to build a lawn mower: sufficient power. 500 W.

Homemade lawn mower made using a vacuum cleaner motor

Materials required for assembly:

  • welding machine;
  • Sheet steel;
  • unnecessary baby stroller;
  • old saw or hacksaw.

To begin with, the wheels of the stroller are separated. It is better if the wheels are large, as this will ensure the product’s permeability on uneven and rough soil. Excess parts are cut off, but you can leave the handles, as this will be convenient for holding the lawn mower while moving.

Next, a platform is constructed, on which the engine with the dust collector shaft is then placed. It is necessary to follow the rules under which the platform with the shaft will face downward. To protect such a motor and shaft from possible damage, a casing approximately 1.2 cm thick must be cut out. A hole is cut in the casing. The size of the hole should be 0.5 cm larger than the motor placed on the platform. Before the installation itself, the distance from the motor to the floor is measured. The size of the distance is strict. not less than 3 cm.

The next step is cutting the disc out of steel. Diameter. 35-45 cm. The volume of the disc is compared with the force applied to unwind. For a disc of 45 cm or more, a powerful motor is required. In building a lawnmower, it is better to use a larger disc, since the power of this vacuum cleaner never fails. A hole is drilled in the central part of the cut disc. The tip of the shaft passes through it together with the motor.

2 cm are measured from the sides of the disk, then 2 holes for the knives are drilled at the specified distance.

The old saw is deformed and turned into 2 knives. Before inserting into the above holes, the knives are sharpened. Recommended length. 5.5 cm, width. 3 cm. Using M6 screws, the cut out parts are fixed to the disc. Knives every 3 lawn mows.


The engine of an old vacuum cleaner will come in handy for building the devices needed in the household. But before creating a new item, you need to get and disassemble the heart of the dust collector.

Sometimes, during disassembly, it becomes difficult to remove the nut that holds all the parts of the unit together. The nut holder is firmly seated in the middle of the motor by means of a sealant.

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Samsung dust collector motor. 11ME83

Attention! You cannot turn the rotor of electric motors with metal devices like a screwdriver, trying to remove the nut. The nut will come off and the winding will be damaged. It is unlikely that you will be able to restore the stroke with your own hands.

The following is information on how to easily disassemble the motor of an old vacuum cleaner using common tools.


What can be useful to make from a motor from a vacuum cleaner? The following are products that are designed using a dust collector motor.

List of required materials

For disassembly you will need:

  • pliers;
  • screwdrivers;
  • a wrench for unscrewing a nut with a diameter of 1.2 cm;
  • vice;
  • 2 pieces of wood 10×40 mm;
  • round file;
  • hacksaw designed for metal surfaces.

The dust collector motor is always assembled in a uniform manner. The difference lies in the volume and weight of the parts. Tools must match their size.


An excellent fan for cleaning rooms comes out of the motor of the old dust collector. What is needed for construction:

  • compacted elastic bands;
  • turbine motor;
  • half of the body from the vacuum cleaner.

The wires are led out to the body and the motor is fixed. Then elastic bands and a cover are put on to protect against damage. At one end the air is sucked in, at the other it comes out.

Complete blower design

A plastic cone is attached to the place where the air mass escapes, the end of which is cut off.

Next, a plastic tube is attached to the body, which will serve as a holding handle. It is necessary to bend the tube carefully so as not to break it, therefore it is better to heat the bending points with a hairdryer for several minutes.

Turbine vacuum cleaners are very powerful, so there is a strong ventilation of the air. A built-in fan is used for cleaning construction equipment and premises. The main plus is no costs.

How can sawdust be used?

Sawdust is a unique material with many properties of wood. Therefore, such material is in great demand in:

  • fuel production;
  • production of building materials;
  • home and agriculture;
  • repair and construction works.

Fuel production

Various types of fuel are obtained from sawdust, among which the most famous are pellets and briquettes.

These fuels can be used for conventional boilers, stoves or fireplaces, but the maximum effect is achieved only in automatic heaters.

After all, all elements of the same batch are the same in size and shape, thanks to which automatic fuel supply systems can dose them more accurately. Read more about these types of fuel here.

Another popular type of fuel is a mixture of various alcohols, which is obtained from fermented sawdust.

This material is mixed with a sulfuric acid solution and heated under pressure, so that the cellulose breaks down into simple sugars suitable for fermentation.

After the end of fermentation, the mass is driven through a distiller, receiving alcohols of various quality at the outlet.

Read more about this use of sawdust in a separate article.

Also, pyrolysis gas is obtained from sawdust, suitable for use in heating and kitchen stoves, as well as in hot water boilers and other equipment operating on natural gas.

In terms of calorific value, pyrolysis gas is much inferior to natural gas, but, due to the minimum cost of its production, heating with pyrolysis gas is often cheaper than natural.

Read more about this gas, the method of its production and use, read here.

What can be done from sawdust: we extract benefits and benefits from wood waste

In the article, we will talk about various ways to get rid of sawdust, their use and compare them with each other.

In some cases, you have to pay for someone to take out and somehow dispose of the sawdust, in others they are taken by interested persons or organizations, and it happens that a profitable business is created on the processing of this material.

Recycling business

If there is a constant supply of sawdust or the ability to get them for free or very cheaply, then you can start a business to process them. The end product can be anything, so you need to focus on the demand for a particular product.

For example, if the gas supply is poor in the region, but people have the opportunity to buy automatic boilers, then high quality pellets and briquettes will be in good demand. Read about choosing a similar boiler or burner here.

In those regions where the construction sector is actively developing, the production of blocks from wood concrete or sawdust concrete may turn out to be profitable.

If you are interested in such a business, then read more about it here.

Another promising direction is the production of sawdust for cats or hamsters.

To do this, wood sawing waste is dried, treated with deodorants, which give a pleasant smell to the material, and packed in paper or plastic bags.

The sale of sawdust in bags for smoking can be no less interesting.

After all, each product uses its own combination of wood species, which provides the best taste and smell, so packaged sawdust of various types of wood will be in demand.

Manufacturing of building materials

Sawdust is used for the production of building materials such as sawdust concrete.

Compared to ordinary concrete, this material is noticeably lighter, moreover, it has less thermal conductivity, therefore, a house built from it loses less heat, which means that you will have to spend less on additional insulation.

Lawn tractor trailer build

In addition, the wood in the composition of concrete improves the vapor permeability of the walls, due to which there is always optimal humidity in such houses, because its excess goes through the walls to the street.

You can read more about this material here.

Another popular material made from sawdust is wood concrete. In many ways, it is similar to sawdust concrete, but it also has some differences. After all, the mixture for pouring wood concrete is prepared without adding sand, that is, mixing cement, sawdust and water.

In addition, this material is lighter and stronger than sawdust concrete, although it is much more expensive. You can read more about the production and use of wood concrete in this article.

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Good insulation and finishing materials are made from sawdust:

  • Fibreboard (fiberboard);
  • Chipboard (particle board);
  • organic insulation.

Fiberboard is used for walls, ceilings and floors. and also for cladding the inner space of cabinets.

On the basis of fiberboard, a popular finishing material is made. hardboard, which differs from fiberboard by the presence of a decoratively processed side. Chipboard is used to create furniture and many other works.

Organic insulation is only slightly inferior to mineral wool, but it is environmentally friendly, because its basis is paper obtained from sawdust.

Household and agriculture

Sawdust is an excellent material for bedding various animals. This applies to both pets, such as hamsters, parrots or cats, and various livestock.

The material for the bedding is chosen based on many factors, one of which is the smell, because fresh sawdust smells strongly, and not everyone likes it.

For more information on how to choose bedding, read the article (Sawdust for pets).

Another application of this material is mulching the ground around plants.

Bare earth quickly loses moisture, overheats and cools down, which causes plant roots to suffer. Covering the soil around the plant with sawing waste will help protect the roots, making the plant better able to withstand the winter cold and summer heat, and it will also be less likely to water.

Waste sawing wood is an excellent material for growing mushrooms and creating high-quality fertilizers. Mushrooms get enough nutrition from them to multiply quickly, and the cost of such food is low, often it is possible to get it for free.

Sawdust also produces good humus, which saturates the soil with nutrients and raises plant productivity.

To learn more about this method of using sawdust waste, read the article (Fertilizer from sawdust).
It is also very convenient to fill the paths between the beds in the fields, in vegetable gardens or greenhouses with waste from the sawmills.

Could We Save This Lawnmower After 5 Years In The Bushes

Even after heavy rains, such paths can be walked on without being smeared with mud, so you can check the plants after a downpour.

Once every few years, it will be necessary to plow a garden or field so that the sawdust is evenly distributed over the ground and fertilizes it.

Repair and construction work

The main use of sawdust during repair and construction work is various insulation.

They are poured between thin wooden walls, due to which, at minimal cost, the thermal conductivity of such a wall is comparable to the same parameter of a wall made of a bar of equal width.

That is, with a wall width of 20-30 cm, insulation will be required only in the northern regions.

In addition, wood sawing waste is mixed with clay and the resulting solution insulates ceilings, floors and brick walls.

The effectiveness of such insulation is much lower than that given by the use of mineral wool or foam, but it is possible to increase the thickness of the layer, due to which significant savings are achieved.

The same compositions are made on the basis of lime or cement, which act as an astringent. For more information about all methods of insulation using wood sawing waste, read here (Warming with sawdust).

What can be made from plastic?

Plastic is a sculpting material that has an amazing property: after heat treatment, it hardens, turning into plastic. Plastic is an excellent material with which a child can realize many of his creative ideas. But at the very beginning, when for the first time a box with the coveted multi-colored blocks appears in his hands, he sometimes gets lost. What can be done from this material? How to work with him?

Most often, they begin to treat plastic in the same way as with plasticine. But with all the external similarity, the properties of these materials are still different. If the plasticine remains soft and plastic, then the plastic product can be immortalized. And, of course, I want beautiful, even graceful and refined products to become “eternal”. And. unusual. The ones to be proud of.

But if you take into account the future hardening of a plastic product, a lot can be done. What does not come out of plasticine is simply because of its constant plasticity. Older children (from 10 years old) are quite capable of understanding the peculiarities of plastics themselves and creating amazing works of art. The younger ones need help and guidance in the first step. Let’s just say: instruction manual. But, having studied the instructions once, the child is already ready and strives for independent work, wants to realize his own fantasies, spurred on by the first successes under the strict guidance of the parents.

This article is a variant of such an instruction. Offering several models that look very impressive when finished, and even a five-year-old can make them.

For example, a calla flower. The finished flower even looks like a real one, is strictly graceful, and any little master can be proud of such a product.

But such a flower is made very simply: first, a “pancake” (rather thin) is rolled out of white plastic, an elongated “tail” is made on one side of the “pancake”, then the pancake is folded into a cone, the “tail” is bent. A smaller green “pancake” is wrapped around a finished flower cone, inside which a yellow tube is inserted. all made of the same plastic. The flower is ready.

It can be fixed on a metal leg (small knitting needles are suitable, from those on which socks are knitted). The leg is coated with green plastic, and the leaves of the flower are attached to it. After heat treatment. even in a vase.

A rose is somewhat more difficult to make. simply because its production requires patience, since there are more details in this flower than in a calla.

The first thin “pancake” is rolled up into a rather dense cone, then it is sequentially wrapped in the same “pancake”.palals.

When the flower itself is ready, green “leaves” are attached to it from below.

As you can see, nothing complicated. You can easily create whole flower arrangements. You can plant plastic flower beds and fill vases with artificial flowers.

Use such flowers, made by a child, to decorate the interior of an apartment, and the child will strive for further creative development and improvement. Because nothing fosters creative inspiration like a sincere confession.

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What can be done from scrap materials for the home: DIY decor ideas

Designer items for decorating an apartment are usually quite expensive. We offer you a list of easy-to-manufacture, but not inferior in originality, options for decorating your home.

You can use almost anything: old toys, empty cans, cans of chips, buttons. You can bring your ideas for home to life without even having professional knowledge and skills.

Bath mat

To make this rug you need the following:

  • moisture-resistant base according to the size of the rug;
  • wine corks;
  • sandpaper;
  • glue suitable for bonding materials;
  • stationery knife and board.

A rug made of such materials at hand is not afraid of prolonged ingress of water to the surface. The texture of the traffic jams is very pleasant.

Organizer from jars

Do-it-yourself apartment decor for a home can be made from empty cans.

Tin cans can also be used as pots for home flowers, organizers for small things. Consider an example of how you can quickly and easily make such a craft for your home with your own hands.

To do this, you will need:

  • several empty, clean cans;
  • unnecessary sheets from the atlas with world maps;
  • glue;
  • sandpaper;
  • scissors.

Step-by-step instructions on how to make useful crafts for the home with your own hands:

Button pattern

In addition to beauty in the interior, creating such a picture of buttons will be useful for fine motor skills and will help develop creative talents and perseverance. So, how to create a beautiful and unusual painting at home?

To make such a craft with your own hands from improvised material, you will need:

  • a template for a future painting (in this article, we will consider a painting in the shape of an apple);
  • canvas or thick white cardboard for the base;
  • hot glue gun and rods;
  • buttons of different shapes, colors and sizes;
  • simple pencil;
  • scissors;
  • several sewing pins;
  • a frame for a photo in the size of a future painting without glass;
  • also for decoration you can take sequins, small decorative elements.

Step-by-step instructions on how to decorate a house using a picture from scrap materials:

DIY home decor will keep pleasant memories for a long time.

Dish drying tray

For him you need:

  • wine corks;
  • old tray;
  • glue;
  • acrylic paint and brushes for tray decoration.

Step-by-step instructions for making a dryer tray:

From traffic jams

You can create an incredible number of things from wine corks, they can even be used in finishing walls. Consider a few examples of using wine corks in the interior.

From old toys

Plastic baby toys can be used in the interior. Consider an example of using animal figurines as handles for furniture.

Required materials for creating such decorative elements:

  • rubber or plastic toys in the form of animals;
  • paint in a golden balloon;
  • fasteners;
  • old newspapers.

Such a room decor with your own hands from scrap materials will last a long time and will decorate the interior.


For the manufacture of a drill, both a rechargeable and an electric model of a screwdriver are equally successful. For alteration, it is enough to purchase a special adapter and make a bit, the diameter of which is suitable for the adapter.

Metal cutting tool

The unit is easy to assemble. To create it, it is enough to fix the cutting disc for metal to a screwdriver at the location of its drill.

Children’s catamaran

To create such a vehicle, you can use plastic pipes. Plastic ties are used to secure them. A catamaran motor can be made from a screwdriver engine.

Electric car

For work, you need to prepare a steel frame, rubber wheels (you can take it from a garden trolley), a body from pedal equipment. An electric drive can be made from 2 motors from a screwdriver and a gearbox. Battery 6ST60 is used as a battery.

If you have all the working parts, you can start assembling the electric vehicle. Even a novice master can do it.

Manual router from a screwdriver

To convert a screwdriver into a manual router, you need a sheet of plywood or chipboard, a clamp, fasteners and a feather drill (crown) for woodwork. To fasten the future router with a plywood clamp, a stand and an emphasis are made. Their dimensions depend on the dimensions of the screwdriver.

Using a drill, a hole with a diameter of 40 mm is drilled in the center of the rack. It will provide access for the cutting part of the router to the workpiece being processed.

Fasten the screwdriver to the stand with a clamp. In this case, a small gap (2-3 mm) must be left between its cartridge and the stand. Fix the cutter in the chuck.

A homemade hand router has little power. Its spindle rotates at low speed. Therefore, the router can be used for machining small workpieces.

Angle Grinder

In the absence of a grinder, it can be replaced with a homemade angle grinder made from an old screwdriver. To do this, use a nozzle or adapter equipped with a gearbox, which can be purchased ready-made. The possibility of making such devices with your own hands is also not excluded. For this, studs, nuts and washers are useful, the diameter of which is similar to the diameter of the screwdriver chuck.


Cordless screwdriver models are perfect for creating a homemade generator. By turning its knob, the device will be able to supply electrical energy. Such a generator can be used in a hike or when the electricity is turned off in a country house. Homemade generator can be used to recharge batteries (6-12V).

A screwdriver is suitable for work, the operating voltage of which is 18 or more V. Masters advise to adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  • Disassemble the screwdriver body.
  • Unsolder his electrical board.
  • In place of the battery, install a diode bridge suitable for technical parameters and characteristics.
  • Make an easy-to-use handle by fixing it in the screwdriver chuck.

Upon completion of such simple modifications, all that remains is to assemble the case. Homemade generator ready to go.