How to use a gasoline grass trimmer

grass trimmer. Types and equipment. Work and how to choose. Safety

Garden equipment about, which will be discussed, consists of four main elements: the engine (electric or gasoline), a long boom, control handles, cutting head. Because of the differences in translation, these devices often appear under different names: grass trimmer, grass mower, lawn mower, electric lawn mower, electric mower, haymower and even lawn mower. Because of this there is confusion. Lawn mower. a device for lawn care, the main purpose is to maintain a neat appearance of the lawn.

The term “electric lawn mower” refers to two types of engines. gasoline and electric, which is also not quite right. In fact, all types of grass trimmers more logically called trimmers, which are divided into electric (electric mowers), gasoline (brush cutters or lawn mowers) and battery-powered.

There should also be no misconception that a grass trimmer is a tool for creating a decorative lawn. Mow the area inaccessible to the lawnmower trimmer can. That said, you can hardly mow the lawn evenly with a grass trimmer. Lawns mowed in this way will be inferior in appearance to the results of the work with a wheeled mower. But mowing weeds with a trimmer can be easy and enjoyable.

Technique of work with a fishing line and a disc

The technique of working with a string trimmer and a disc has some differences. So, the line for the trimmer cuts the grass at the very end, but if you move too fast, the entire length is engaged. As a result, the stems are not cut, and the grass winds up on the cord, which overloads the engine. You should therefore choose the optimum speed. Also, mowing tall and tough grass consumes trimmer lines faster than mowing lawns.

For your information! If you want to mow a hill, the hilltop should always be on the right. You need to go up gradually to the same distance as the width of the swath.

There are a few simple recommendations, the implementation of which will make mowing more effective and efficient.

  • Trimmers with the engine at the bottom are convenient for mowing garden paths, flowerbeds and edges of lawns. The plane of rotation of the coil of such a device can be placed perpendicular to the ground.
  • Mow dense thickets, large weeds, bushes with discs or special attachments.
  • When clearing large areas, the device must be tilted to the left, in the direction of swing.
  • To cut grass around flower beds, shrubs, and other objects, the grass trimmer head should be turned with the guard towards them. In this way, you can mow and not damage the objects themselves.

Remember, do not let the bobbin or disc touch the ground or any obstacle except grass and twigs to be mowed.

Mowing grass

Purpose of grass trimmer head (grass trimmer reel, mowing head, grass trimmer bobbin)

  • To remove all unwanted vegetation under walls, along fences, curbs, around trees, posts, bushes, between stumps and other obstacles.
  • To cut the grass in places not accessible for lawn mowers.
  • To selectively cut thinned grass and weeds before mowing the area for hay.
  • To cut weeds in the bed between the plants.
  • To shred potato foliage in the vegetable garden before digging it up.
  • To completely remove grass and weeds from, for example, paths.
  • To sweep up (creating an air vortex from the large revolutions of the grass trimmer’s line).


The trimmer head (mowing head or grass trimmer reel) has a high output when cutting grass, t.к. it is lighter for the metal blade and has a larger working diameter of 45 cm, compared to 25 cm for the hay blade.

Tool varieties

Three versions of garden trimmers are available for sale. electric, battery and gasoline. The mains-powered models, plugged into the socket, are less common, as they have minimal opportunities for autonomous operation due to their connection to the power grid. In addition, in terms of economy, it is not the best grass trimmer for mowing the grass. Electric unit can justify itself only in the work around the house plots, if there is an opportunity to supply extension cords to connect the cable.

Potential for churning flying stones puts windows in houses and cars. Shields around the trimmer head are in place to reduce flying debris and protect the operator. no one removes the shields after the modified grass trimmer is no longer under warranty or can be used safely.

When refueling, make sure the engine is stopped and the grass trimmer is placed on a flat, level surface. preferably not grass. A grass trimmer should never stay on the grass for long periods of time. Re-fueling should be done with a proper system to avoid leaks or overfilling.

Gasoline models have always been considered a direct competitor to electric models. They offer high power, virtually no restrictions on movement, and can even cut through bushes. But, a gasoline grass trimmer for mowing grass is also characterized by high weight, noisy operation, strong vibrations, exhaust emissions and high cost. Cordless versions are not tied to a power source either, but they lose out to gasoline trimmers in terms of performance.

Be sure to use the appropriate string weight as indicated in the user manual. Grass trimmer string that is too thick for the motor can cause damage. Some grass trimmers can accept a trimming blade, but never use a blade on a trimmer that is not designed to use trimming blades. Accessories that are not designed for a particular grass trimmer can create excessive vibration, motor wear, or binding. This can lead to motor strain, possible component failure and potential damage to the operator.

How to correctly mow grass with a garden trimmer

Working with a brushcutter is easy enough if you know the basics and have a bit of practice. Here are some tips to help you get good results and keep your lawn looking well-maintained:

  • If you have tall grass or stubborn weeds to cut, use double motions. First cut the top of the stems by moving the bevel from right to left, and then mow the rest by moving in the opposite direction.
  • If you want to mow a large area, divide the area into squares, starting on the outer sides and gradually moving towards the center.
  • Work on slopes is carried out according to the following algorithm: start at the bottom, mowing grass in parallel lines and gradually climbing up. The grass will fall down on the mown area without interfering with the work.
  • To mow plants around an obstacle, you need to consider the protection of the gasoline trimmer. Move around an obstacle, gently moving the tool around it.
  • Always use only good quality attachments on your petrol grass trimmer. Working with low-quality lines or blades may not cut the grass, but uproot it. the lawn will quickly become worthless.

How to mow with a fishing line

Mowing with a trimmer that has a trimmer cord or line is safer than working with knives. But the working efficiency will be lower. It is always better to select consumables for specific tasks and combine their use.

When working with a gasoline trimmer, on which the trimmer line is installed, you need to adhere to the following tips:

  • mow at a height of about 10 cm above the ground;
  • mow the top part of the grass first, and then cut the stem at the base. this will help to avoid winding on the working part;
  • it is better to drive the machine in the same direction as the coil rotates;
  • When mowing the lawn, it is better to work with the tips of the line to reduce the load on the engine;
  • After every 15 minutes of work you should let the gasoline trimmer have a rest.

How to mow grass with knives

Knives (disk) perform well when working with hard grass or bushes, but you should follow some safety rules. Here are the main points to remember when using blades:

  • The blades are suitable for cutting hard grass, young trees or shrubs.
  • The more difficult the task, the larger the diameter of the blade disc should be.
  • Install only discs on the grass trimmer, the dimensions of which correspond to the capabilities of the tool. Otherwise, the grass trimmer could break.
  • If the tool is on, you can only mow with it, but not replace consumables, lubricate or inspect the gasoline trimmer.
  • Choose discs based on the information on it, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not sharpen the blades yourself, it can ruin the part.

Popular questions about gasoline garden trimmers

In this section we’ve answered a few common questions about gasoline trimmers.

Why the lawnmower does not start?

If you can not start the gasoline trimmer or it immediately stops, it is necessary to check the ignition by removing the spark plug. Dry spark plug means that the problem lies in the system responsible for the fuel supply. Wet spark plug indicates a faulty ignition system. If the spark plug is soiled, clean or replace it.

Another reason could be a clogged air filter. If it is dirty with oil, you need to clean, wash and dry it.

Why does the lawn trimmer stall??

Depending on exactly at what point the grass trimmer stalls, the causes may be different.

When the throttle is depressed

  • If the gasoline grass trimmer stalls when you step on the gas, you need to check the air damper. If it is set in the closed position, it needs to be set in the open position.
  • Another option is a clogged filter.
  • The gasket between the cylinder and carburetor may also be damaged.
  • A cracked fuel hose will cause air suction.

At idle speed

It can happen that the lawnmower stops after a short time after starting. Causes may include:

  • Improperly adjusted carburetor;
  • contamination of the carburetor, filter or throttle valve;
  • Air in the carburetor system;
  • malfunction in ignition system;
  • Lack of gasoline.

Why does the lawnmower get hot??

  • One of the warmest parts is the gearbox. If there is not enough lubrication in the mechanism, the gears will experience friction and get hot. This can also happen with new gearboxes where the gears have not yet been lapped. Gearboxes can reach working temperatures of up to 60°C.
  • Using the lawnmower at maximum strain is another reason for overheating. The tool should rest regularly.
  • There may not be enough oil in the fuel mixture. this leads to oil starvation, increased friction, and a lot of heat generated during operation.
  • Clogged holes for cooling air flow.

The lawnmower. what to replace the line for the trimmer?

If you can’t mow hard grass or bushes with enough line, you may want to try a reinforced line for your trimmer. Another alternative is a disc with blades. It is suitable even for working with young trees and tough growth.

Choosing the right mowing head

In addition to its product, the manufacturer usually provides several cutters (usually 3).

  • To work with soft grass, a trimmer line wrapped around a drum is used as a cutting element. Speed of 9000 rpm allows you to quickly process even a large lawn.
  • For coarser grass and thickets you can use one of the metal blades, which have a different number of teeth.
  • For mowing dense weeds, reeds, young bushes the disk with 40 or 80 teeth is designed. Maize, dry weeds with thick stems can be mowed with a three- or four-blade burr.
  • To lay mowed grass in swaths a blade with 8 blades is used and a special comb is installed on the scythe itself.

And now more about how to mount the cutter. The gearbox is where the tiller is mounted. First of all, a shaped washer must be fixed on it with an Allen key.

Then place the blade, aligning the holes in it with the protrusion of the washer. After that, you need to install the top shaped washer on the shaft and screw everything with a nut.

it is necessary to pay attention that the thread on the shaft is left-handed, that’s why the nut (as well as the mowing head) has to be tightened counter-clockwise.

The key included in the delivery set will help you to tighten the nut up to the stop. If you want to change the cutter bar, you can do it in reverse order.

How to mow tall grass with a trimmer

Tall grass can ideally be mowed with a powerful trimmer with a thick line. But you should agree that the land where the weeds grow is not always flat, often landowners have bushes and all kinds of debris, stones, etc. on their plots. To save on expensive hardware, it’s better to mow in two passes. That is, first we cut the tops of the stems, look over the territory, analyzing “difficult areas”, and then perform a complete mowing procedure with a gasoline mower.

In a situation where you have to make grass for hay, and you are more or less oriented in the condition of the ground. then you can predict your work more easily. Any technique designed to cut the grass. can also cope with high overgrowth. The main thing is not to rush and to approach the process, as we demonstrate in the practical video.

  • Do not overload the mechanism;
  • If the grass gets tangled, immediately turn off the device;
  • Do not mow wet grass even with a gasoline trimmer.

You can always buy a grass trimmer reel, blades and disks at our store.

Which cutting head to use for mowing grass with a chain saw?

Two types of cutting nozzles or cutters are used in the construction of chain saws. These are spools of line, as well as steel or plastic discs. What is the best choice for working with a gasoline-powered tool. The site provides information on how to choose discs and line for trimmers, as well as their types and design features. Let’s take a brief look at what types of cutting blades should be used on trimmers and gasoline mowers.

  • A line for trimmer is used for mowing soft grass, which is wound on a reel or spool. unlike metal blades, the line trimmer blade is used when grass is growing near trees, houses, fences, and other obstacles. line for trimmers allows quality mowing near obstacles, without damaging the construction of the tool
  • Metal blades have 2, 3, 4 or more cutting parts, through which the mowing of coarse grass and brushwood is performed. Practice shows that the thicker the mowed bushes, the more blades the trimmer should have
  • Metal discs with 40-80 fine teeth are designed for mowing different kinds of vegetation. It can be rough grass, weeds, dense thickets and even small trees. The more teeth on the cutting head, the higher the efficiency of the tool in question
  • Plastic discs. are used mainly on electric trimmers or cordless grass trimmers
gasoline, grass, trimmer

The choice of cutter depends on where the tool is used. If it is planned to work in the homestead area, then the line for the trimmer is selected, and for mowing grass in the field or steppe, discs with 3-4 blades and more are used, as well as discs with fine teeth.

This is interesting!In most cases, the cutters are not complete with the tool, so the buyer can independently decide what he needs. a line for the trimmer or a steel disc.

How to mow grass with a trimmer with a fishing line?

Practical garden tools are becoming increasingly popular. Buying a new helper inevitably raises questions about how to mow grass with a line trimmer. To begin with, it is a great addition to the existing lawnmower. It can be trusted with large areas, and the finishing work will produce a trimmer for grass with a fishing line. Let’s specify, the line for trimmer is designed for cutting weeds and delicate branches. For rougher work use models equipped with metal blades or a chain.

Safety precautions during work

Technique of work trimmer with a string and disk has some differences. For example, a line for a trimmer cuts the grass at the very end, but if you move too fast, the entire length is involved. As a result, the stems are not cut, but the grass is wound around the cord, causing overloading of the engine. That’s why it’s important to choose the best line speed. And when you mow tall, tough grass, the trimmer line runs out quicker than when you mow lawns.

There are a few simple recommendations, the implementation of which will make the mowing more effective and efficient.

  • Trimmer with the engine below is convenient to mow garden paths, flower beds and edges of lawns. The plane of rotation of the reel of such a device can be perpendicular to the ground.
  • Thick bushes, large weeds, bushes should be mowed with the help of discs or special extensions.
  • When you clear large areas, tilt the machine to the left in the direction of the swath width.
  • To cut grass around flower beds, shrubs and other areas, turn the blade of the grass trimmer toward you. This allows you to mow and not damage other objects.

Remember that the bobbin or disc must not touch the ground or any obstacle other than grass or branches to be cut.

When working with brushcutters you must follow the safety precautions below.

  • Do not use trimmers in rain or high humidity.
  • Keep people and animals at least 15 meters away from the cutting head: grass clippings, small debris and stones may fly out from under the cutting head at high speed and cause injuries.
  • The grass trimmer operator should wear thick clothing that completely covers hands and feet.
  • Wear protective goggles, gloves, headwear, closed shoes, special headphones or earplugs.
  • The wire of a hand-held grass trimmer should be behind the mower.

So, using a handheld grass trimmer allows you to keep a small area tidy. It is more convenient to use a mower on large areas. In addition, the grass trimmer is relevant when making hay and bringing order to the territory: small grass clippings can be mulched strawberries and other useful plants. You can visually see the process of mowing with this tool on the video.

Unlike a disc. mowing with a cord trimmer is safer, but not always optimal. As they say, it is worth choosing a cutting mechanism under the peculiarities of your area of work or use integrated systems, where you can operate both the disk and the cord for the trimmer, if necessary, setting the first, then the second.

As we have already written, lawn mower with a fishing line can be automatic, semi-automatic and manual. In the first case, the cutting element “ejects” itself after each new start of the machine. This is very convenient, but not economical enough, for example, if your area is irregularly shaped and contains corners, jagged edges, and at a long transition to each of such areas the mechanism must be turned off and on again.

It is important for the operator to understand that the length of the line ends he sees in front of him when extended is exactly the diameter that the device will mow. You can read the rules of threading a line in a reel in one of our articles, but the main thing to remember: the length of the line ends should be optimal for proper mowing.

How to mow with a chainsaw correctly? This should be done so that it will last you as long as possible:

  • keep the reel 10 cm above the ground;
  • When working with tall grass. mow it at the top and then near the stem to protect yourself from grass winding up on the device;
  • lead the machine in the same direction as the spool rotates;
  • lawn grass, especially near walls and garden décor, it is better to mow with the tips of the line, so as not to overload the engine;
  • Every 15 minutes take a break.

Any questions about mowers are answered in this section of the site, but we are happy to offer spare parts for lawn mowers among our other offerings for gasoline power tools.

Ideally the high grass can be cut with a powerful trimmer with a thick fishing line. But, agree, the land where weeds grow is not always smooth, landowners often have bushes and all kinds of debris, stones. In order not to ruin your expensive equipment it’s better to mow in two stages.

In a situation if you have to make grass for hay, and you are more or less oriented in the condition of the ground. then you can forecast your work easier. Any technique designed for mowing grass. can cope with high overgrowth. The main thing. do not rush and competently approach the process, as we demonstrate in a practical video.

  • do not overload the mechanism;
  • If the grass gets tangled, turn off the unit immediately;
  • Never mow wet grass, not even with petrol-powered trimmers.

Buy grass trimmer spool, knives and disks. you can always at us, in the store KosiKosa.

Care of the device

To make your lawn mower long and reliable service, you need to perform a number of maintenance activities.

  • The grass trimmer must be stored in a dry room.
  • Clean grass and debris from the appliance after each use.
  • The air filter and radiator grill on the gasoline grass trimmer motor must be periodically cleaned in the manner described in the instruction manual for the appliance.
  • Keep grease in the gearbox at all times.
  • Electric trimmer wires should be intact, without cuts or cracks in the insulation. Connect the appliance to the mains only through grounded sockets.
  • All cables should be coiled after use.

If the gasoline trimmer for grass will not be needed for a long time, you should empty its tank, let it idle for the combustion of fuel residue, lubricate the engine. Disassemble the entire boom and apply grease to joints to prevent rusting. All storage and maintenance precautions are explained in detail in the owner’s manual, which can be downloaded in case of loss.

Safety precautions during work

When working with brushcutters, safety precautions include.

  • Do not use trimmers in rain or high humidity.
  • Keep people and animals at least 15 meters away from the cutting head as grass clippings, small debris and stones fly out from under the cutting head at high speed and may cause injuries.
  • Grass trimmer operator should wear tight-fitting clothing that completely covers hands and feet.
  • Wear safety glasses, gloves, headwear, closed shoes, special earplugs or ear muffs.
  • The wire of the grass trimmer must be behind the mower.

Important! Do not reach with your hand or foot for the cutting head!

So, using a handheld mowing machine can help keep a small area tidy. Mowers are easier to use over large areas. Grass trimmers are also useful for haymaking and landscaping: fine trimmings can be used to mulch strawberries and other useful plants. Watch this video to see how you mow with a handheld mower.

How to use the grass trimmer with a blade

Regardless of which blade you use, always keep it so that it is parallel to the ground. Adjust the straps so that the grass trimmer sits comfortably in this position, with part of the boom behind the handle resting on the shield on your hip.

Knives can only be used on a straight shaft trimmer. This means that the knife rotates counterclockwise. This means that it’s best to cut with the left side of the blade and move the grass trimmer head to the left.

If you cut with the right side of the knife (especially the right front side), you may experience a knife bounce (kickout) or as the Americans say. The bounce (kick) of the blade is a quick jerk or jump of the grass trimmer, as if it hits an obstacle and bounces. It can be unsafe.

Mowing different types of vegetation

In addition to keeping the knife parallel to the ground and cutting thicker thickets with the left side of the knife, there are a few tips to consider for each type of vegetation you may encounter:

Grass and weeds

To cut tufts of grass and weeds, make sweeping motions back and forth in long arcs, as if you were using a scythe. Hold the grass trimmer so that the blade barely hovers above the ground.

Dense shrubbery

Cutting thick, dense bushes starting at the base of the plant is not the easiest way. Instead, start by raising the blade to about waist level, keeping it parallel to the ground. Lower slowly until the blade is just above the ground. Never raise the knife above waist level.

gasoline, grass, trimmer

Small trees and saplings

Grass trimmers with saws can be used to cut trees up to 2.5 cm in diameter. For larger diameter trees, use a chainsaw.

Hold the grass trimmer so that the blade is 5-15 cm above the ground. Get in a stable position and press the left side of the blade against the right side of the tree. Cut evenly, without pushing.