Motoblocks with power take-off shaft and differential

single-axle tractor with differential: purpose and characteristics

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a single-axle tractor is an indispensable assistant for most summer residents, since it is impossible to perform some voluminous tasks without it. In order not to be disappointed in the purchase, you should study in more detail what motoblocks with a differential are and what is their difference.

Why is a differential needed

Most summer residents prefer to purchase country equipment with a differential, and beginners do not quite understand how such a single-axle tractor differs from a conventional one. In simpler and unprofessional terms, it is customary to call a differential a blocking swivel extension. The main function performed by the described component of the walk-behind tractor is to reduce the radius when turning the equipment. Accordingly, it becomes possible to make a larger wheelbase, to increase the plowing width. The equipment does not tip over when cornering, while it demonstrates amazing maneuverability.

Remove PTO Shaft To Replace PTO Seal Part1.

At the time of using the differential, one wheel is blocked, that is, the wheels begin to act independently of each other, as a result of which the turn is easier (turn in place).

How To Size Your PTO Shaft

This technique is great for those who do not want or cannot make additional efforts to change the direction of movement of the walk-behind tractor. Attached equipment, as well as its absence in the design, does not in any way affect the described ability.

Another benefit of a differential is to use a retaining bolt and move it from a bore in the hub to a cylindrical recess. In this case, the element can play the role of an extension, which allows you to increase the wheelbase of the equipment.

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The differential is installed on the input shaft, which should be round with a diameter of 30 millimeters.

Most popular models

There are many models on the market that come with a differential. Some of them are especially popular with modern gardeners, among them the following stand out.

  • Crosser CR-M8E.
  • “Oka MB-1D2M9”.
  • “Ugra NMB-1N9”.
  • Fermer FM-1309MD.

The first unit has an impressive one that does not correspond to its existing functionality. In fact, the price of the equipment is justified if you delve into its features in more detail. It’s worth starting with the fact that the technique in question belongs to the professional class. This means that it can no longer have a budgetary value. The scope of use of such motoblocks is large processing areas, reaching three hectares.

The design has a 5.2 kW 4-stroke engine with a power take-off shaft (PTO). Attachments are attached in the same way as on hay mowers. This is made possible by the front PTO. The diesel unit has an electric starter. The single-axle tractor is delivered unassembled, since this is the only way to transport it. The plowing width is 750 mm, the grip is a belt structure.

If we talk about the power of such a walk-behind tractor in horsepower, then it is 8. The depth of immersion of the cutter is 180 mm, and the total weight of the model is 225 kilograms. The fuel tank can hold 5.5 liters of fuel.

Users could not fail to note the numerous advantages of the heavyweight, including:

  • ease of management;
  • frame reliability;
  • excellent passability regardless of the type of soil;
  • high efficiency of any work.

The manufacturer took care to make the handle of the walk-behind tractor as convenient as possible for the user. It is easy to work even for a beginner on virgin soil, since the diesel unit has the power necessary for high-quality plowing.

Special attention can be paid to the passability of the machine. Excellent performance was achieved due to the use of large-diameter wheels and their aggressive treads. The user makes his choice in favor of this walk-behind tractor also due to the presence of a water cooling system and a plow in the complete set. During operation, the equipment does not make a strong noise, which is also important. On average, the service life is 3100 hours. Simple and quick starting from the starter made possible by the decompressor.

Oka MB-1D2M9 has a democratic price and is sold for 39 thousand rubles. Its power is slightly lower than that of the previous walk-behind tractor, and there are only four speeds. two in each direction. If necessary, the operator can change the plowing width from 720 mm to 1130 mm, which is very convenient. The immersion depth of the cutting part is 300 mm.

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A chain-type gearbox is installed in the design, which makes it reliable. The volume of oil required is up to two liters. The equipment is supplied complete with pneumatic wheels, four milling cutters for loosening the soil and a coulter.

Motoblocks under the Ugra brand are no less popular, since their ground clearance is 17 centimeters, hence the excellent cross-country ability. There is a reduction gear and a fuel tank made of metal.

The speed of movement is 3.6 km / h, which is quite a lot for a similar technique, and this is only in first gear. At the third speed, the figure rises to 8.52 km / h. Engine power is 6 horses, and the volume of the fuel tank is standard. 3.6 liters. As a transmission, there is a manual box, a gear reducer and a universal hub. The total weight of the complete model is 85 kilograms.

Fermer FM-1309MD is a modern and versatile single-axle tractor that can be used on any type of soil. All levers responsible for controlling the equipment are located on the steering wheel. A differential “leg” is also installed there, which the manufacturer has built into the gearbox.

How to Install a PTO Power Take-Off unit to Truck Gearbox

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The unit runs on gasoline fuel. The total weight of the structure is 175 kg. It should be noted that the volume of the fuel tank is much higher than the average volume and amounts to 6.5 liters. The width of the track being created is 1.3 meters, which is very impressive for such a technique. Differential allows the operator to swivel the machine quickly and easily when changing plowing direction.

Of the additional benefits that users themselves particularly highlighted, the following can be named:

  • large diameter wheels;
  • excellent cross-country ability;
  • universal coupling;
  • good equipment.

Supplied single axle tractor with instruction manual, built-in milling cutter and pneumatic wheels. The power of the power unit inside is 13 liters. from.

How to choose

Before opting for a walk-behind tractor of a certain manufacturer, you need to take into account some of the features of the models:

  • functionality;
  • plowing parameters (strip width, depth);
  • engine characteristics (power in the first place);
  • weight.

If the equipment is for ordinary use, where the processing area is small, then it makes no sense to overpay for power and productivity, which in the end will not be required. It is better to inquire about attaching attachments and the functionality of the walk-behind tractor.

It is worth remembering that heavy equipment belongs to the professional, its capacity sometimes reaches 16 liters. from., hence the high cost, attractive opportunities, but also the complexity of management. It is good when a single-axle tractor with a low gear, wheel locking and unlocking, or a differential extension. But the price of such a full-fledged unit will be much more expensive. If you need the latest compact unit, then you should take a closer look at the simpler models.

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