How To Assemble A Button On An Angle Grinder

How to make a new button yourself

If the button stops working, don’t rush to throw it away. Maybe she just sunk and can be put in place. If not, then first you need to carefully consider the button. If it is just a little cracked, then it can be glued together with simple superglue. Only the most important. is that her contact is in the same place.

Button structure

Before considering how to insert a button on a laptop, you need to know its structure and mounting features.

The button consists of the key itself, a mechanism for holding it and a spring element with which it can be raised and lowered. There is also a special film with platforms and tracks.

The mount consists of two parts. These two parts are held together in the center by small tendrils. They come out of the inner part of the mount and are inserted into special grooves in the outer part. Thanks to this design, they can move when pressed on them. The button itself is attached to opposite sides.

There are no general guidelines on how to insert a button on a laptop, as there are many well-known keyboard brands. But we will look at general principles that can be applied in most cases.

How to insert a large button

Let’s take a look at how to insert a button on a large laptop. These are such keys as Space, Tab, Shift, Enter. In addition to the “rocker”, which is made of plastic, they can also have a metal stabilizer. It is necessary so that the key is pressed evenly. There are two lugs on the inside, which are necessary for attaching the stabilizer to them. Immediately you need to start its ends. Next, we put the antennae of the “rocker” into the grooves and put the button in its place by slightly pressing it.

The space bar is held on several “rockers” and on the stabilizer. A situation may arise that the “rocker” can be disassembled. It is easy to assemble it using a needle or toothpick. One side needs to be brought into the groove, and the other is installed using a needle.

Let’s consider how to insert a button on a laptop, in which the mount is made using metal brackets instead of a plastic swing. Here, the fastening is also simple. It should only be noted that such a keyboard will be more noisy.

The most common causes of breakdowns

The keyboard on a mobile PC has about the same structure as on a personal PC. She, like any device, is very sensitive to all kinds of dirt, animal hair, crumbs, and especially liquid spilled on it. After a certain amount of time using the keyboard, the buttons on the mobile PC fail or simply fall off.

Also, a simple banal cleaning of the keyboard using a vacuum cleaner for these purposes can become the cause of the breakdown of buttons on a mobile PC. Or a small child may accidentally rip off a key. Also, the cause of such a breakdown can be pets that live with you. This is also common. But you don’t need to take your laptop to repair right away. Very often you can do everything yourself.

Consider how to insert a button on a laptop

If a button appears on your mobile PC, you don’t need to panic right away. In many cases, the problem is solved on its own. At home, you can also solve the problem of how to insert a button into a laptop. To do this, it is enough to have a simple paper clip with you. Before you insert the button on the laptop to replace it, the old part must be removed from the keyboard. Working with the buttons on a mobile PC requires more care as they are flatter and can be damaged if pressed firmly. Removing an element is as follows. It is necessary to unbend the paper clip into a straight line and thread it under the lower platform of the key. Now you need to pull it towards you, and the key will jump off its base.

It should be noted that there is no need to apply force when installing the keys. Any pressing must be done smoothly and easily.

After installation, you need to carefully check the fastening of the replaced key. When buying new buttons, you need to check if they will fit your laptop model. If you need to change a few details, it is better to do it gradually. In order not to confuse the location on the keyboard.

Before inserting the button on the laptop, you need to carefully see that the plastic mount, which is located under the button itself, is in place. It may immediately seem that it is very difficult to dock everything. But in fact, this is not entirely true, because in reality there can be only one correct option. There is no other way to install anything.

How to insert a button on a laptop? The button fell out of the laptop. what to do?

How to fix a button on a laptop

It is necessary to clearly understand that there will often be only one attempt to repair a button. This must be taken into account before putting the button on the laptop. Before starting to perform the necessary work, you need to have the following tools available:

    A needle from a simple syringe.

We place the broken mount on his workplace. We take a needle and a soldering iron. We apply the needle to the place of the broken antennae and make sure that it goes there a few millimeters. We heat it with a soldering iron and fuse it into the mount. We bite off the unnecessary part of the needle. Cleaning off excess plastic.

Let’s consider another option, how to put a button on a laptop. We heat the needle with a lighter and make a groove with it, into which, for example, a lint or something like that can be placed. We place it in the groove and glue it with superglue

If the button just fell out

If the button falls out of the laptop, you need to follow these steps. On its reverse side there are grooves and latches. They contain “swing ears”. Their purpose. connect the button to the keyboard. If a key with a “rocker” falls out, they must be disconnected. Then the “rocker” is installed. There will be a button cover on it. They are connected to each other by the grooves that are on them.

So, we figured out how to put a button on a laptop. As you can see, this is not very difficult to do, and in many cases you can solve the problem without contacting the service center.

Repair of plain bearings

The weak point of any angle grinder is the bearings. And although there are few of them in the design, only three, they are the ones that most often lead to mechanical failures. Bearings are adversely affected by:

  • high rotation speed;
  • work at limit modes;
  • insufficient lubrication;
  • ingress of dust or dirt;
  • untimely replacement or destruction of carbon brushes.
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The design of any angle grinder provides for a quick and easy replacement of any bearing.

assemble, button, angle, grinder

Angle grinder malfunctions associated with wear or destruction of the plain bearing on the gear shaft are characterized by the appearance of an unpleasant extraneous sound.

Destruction of the sleeve bearing is detected by checking the backlash of the working tool installation shaft. Determined by wiggling the shaft in different directions when installing the working tool.

At the next installation of the working tool, check the shaft play by swinging its end in different directions. Backlash should be absent or minimal.

The appearance of a backlash indicates the need to replace the plain bearing.

Bearing repair consists in removing it from the housing and removing it from the gearbox shaft.

It is better to remove the bearing from the shaft using a puller. It is best to get the inner race of a damaged bearing using a tap of the required diameter, previously screwed into the race.

The bearings are removed from the rotor using a puller or folk method.

Keys or metal strips are inserted into the vice, the bearings are placed on the keys and, using a soft metal adapter and a hammer weighing at least 400 g, are driven out of the shaft axis.

Work technology

Step-by-step repair of the inclusion element of the angle grinder:

  • Disconnect the power supply from the network.
  • Disassemble the tool body, i.e. remove all screws and the top. All screws must be placed in the previously prepared container. Cut out the starter compartment and remove the rear cover.
  • It is necessary to sketch the location of the internal wires on paper. You can use the camera to take pictures.
  • Then it is necessary to remove the switch of the angle grinder using tweezers or pliers, while carefully disconnecting the wire terminals suitable from this element to the tool motor. Then you need to unscrew the screw holding the metal plate, the function of which is to fix the power wire. The power cord must be removed from the case. In order to remove the button, you need to move the plate to fix it in the body using pliers, then you should remove the assembly.
  • Now you can install a new switch. Assembly repairs should be performed in the reverse order. First, you need to connect the wire for supplying electricity, attaching it with a plate, so that you do not get excessive tension on the wires, but you should fix it using a fixing screw.
  • After that, you should connect all the wiring leading to the electric motor of the tool, while you should use the wiring diagram previously sketched or filmed on the camera in order to exclude erroneous actions.
  • Now you can do the assembly work of the angle grinder housing by carefully laying the wiring inside. The spindle lock must be put back in place, the upper and lower housing must be attached and secured with screws.

Repairs completed. Now all that remains is to check the operation of the technical device by plugging it into an outlet and pressing the start button.

Having acquired a popular Interskol angle grinder in the domestic market, you can solve many household and even production tasks, such as cleaning welds, cutting metal, etc.

The main problem of failure of the start button Interskol angle grinder is a weak contact group.

Plastic moving parts do not withstand loads and begin to melt, after which the contact ceases to close. In such cases, you need to replace the button.

How to remove reducer gears

Spur gears are used in angle grinders up to 1000 W, and helical gears are used in angle grinders.

Gears are attached in different ways in different angle grinders. The drive gear is keyed or threaded onto the rotor shaft. The driven gear is mounted on the spindle shaft with an interference fit or keyed connection. Details on how to remove the gears and bearing from the shaft.

Milwaukee 4-1/2″ Small Angle Grinder

Repair of gears consists in replacing them, and only in a pair.

Long-term and trouble-free operation of the gearbox depends on the availability of a sufficient amount of lubricant and its timely replacement.

Gearbox repair angle grinder

The degree of wear of the gears of the reducer of the angle grinder is checked for a contact patch. The gearbox is pre-cleaned from old grease. A special blue is applied to the small gear of the reducer, the reducer rotates. Next, you need to remove the driven large helical gear and look through a magnifying glass at the contact patch. It must occupy a total of at least 50% of the tooth surface.

Otherwise, the gears must be replaced or the tooth profile corrected. Correction of the tooth profile has been described more than once on the pages of this site.

But such a malfunction is eliminated only by an experienced craftsman. Most often, licked, cut or destroyed gears are changed entirely, and in a pair.

Repair of the spindle lock button

The spindle lock button is designed for quick removal of the working tool. The button breaks when pressed while the disk rotates. Repair of an angle grinder consists in a complete replacement of the button.

The button should only be pressed when the angle grinder is at a standstill.

Repair. how to remove and connect the button angle grinder Interskol

The following diagram will help to understand the device of the angle grinder button:

  • The start button is located directly at position 41, which is built into the body (key 47).
  • The start button is supplied with voltage from the power cable (pos. 53).
  • The angle grinder is equipped with a lever (46) to operate the start button (key 41).
  • Also, electric brushes (item 55) and special brush holders (item 44) are connected to it.
  • The electrical part of the angle grinder, which includes the power button, includes the rotor (pos. 31) and the stator (pos. 42).

From the diagram, it becomes clear that you can only get to the start button by removing the handle in the back of the case of the angle grinder.

To repair the start button, the Interskol angle grinder we need:

  • Two screwdrivers. cross and flat;
  • New power button.

We proceed to remove the button of the angle grinder:

  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screws on both sides of the handle and remove it;
  • We remove the platform for adjusting the speed by prying its latches with a flat screwdriver;
  • Using a Phillips screwdriver, disconnect the contacts of the mains wire from the power button, after removing the clamp;
  • We disconnect from the start button four wires that go from the motor and capacitor to its contacts;
  • Removing the broken button from the case.

To make sure that the contacts are burned out in it, it is enough to remove the collapsible cover.

Next, we install a new switch:

  • We connect the removed motor and capacitor wiring back to the button contacts. they should be located in the same sequence as on the old button;
  • Insert the button back into the case;
  • We fix the speed regulator pad back;
  • We fasten the contacts of the network wire and the clamp;
  • We check the operation of the angle grinder at idle;
  • We fasten the handle cover with screws.
  • the angle grinder is assembled and the button is working properly.

“alt =” “

Button replacement Makita angle grinder

Easy button replacement with Makita angle grinder

A little about replacing the button

In practice, there are often cases when the button for an angle grinder fails. The reasons for this malfunction may be:

  • Mechanical impact. For example, under the influence of an external force or load, perhaps the start button broke when the tool fell.
  • Eclectic. When an overload is created in the electrical network, the button may melt.
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After it is not possible to start the tool in a known way, then you should first of all pay attention to the start switch. If there are external signs of breakage, it must be replaced. Many users turn to a specialized repair shop for this. This is absolutely necessary, especially in such circumstances when the instrument has not yet reached the warranty period. In these cases, repairs will be carried out free of charge. But if the angle grinder has been used for a long time, and all the warranty periods have passed, then you can replace this part yourself. This requires precision, basic knowledge of electrical engineering and a simple tool. The assembly diagram, disassembly, as well as some design features on all angle grinders are approximately the same.

Setting up a hyperlink for the “Forward” button

Now let’s add a hyperlink to the Next button. Right-click on it, click on “Hyperlink” in the drop-down list and select the slide in the presentation to which it should lead.

Thanks to PowerPoint effects, players must select the entire inventory for making an omelet before moving on to the next slide. During the game, they will make mistakes and read tooltips, remembering important information.

The plot for the game can be anything. This is a good way to diversify your e-course. The game will help your employees to relax a little before the next block of theory in the course and to consolidate in practice the information from the material covered.

How to create a mini-game in PowerPoint: step by step instructions

Pavel Bender, iSpring Technical Support Engineer

In this article, I’ll show you how to insert triggers and animations into your presentation, set up navigation using hyperlinks, and build a mini-game from scratch using standard PowerPoint tools.

The rules of the game are simple. You are a novice chef faced with a difficult task. to collect cutlery for making a delicious omelet. Click on the items that will be needed in the case. Only then can you move on to the next slide πŸ™‚ Let’s see how it works:

Setting up animations and triggers for the bowl

  • First, create an animation for the caption “Great! This will be useful to us. ” Select this message on the slide, go to Animations β†’ Add Animation β†’ Input β†’ Fade. The message now fades out whenever you view a presentation.
  • We want this message to appear when clicking on the thicket. To do this, you have to add a trigger. To do this, select the “Excellent” message again. Go to Animations. Trigger. On Click and select the bowl.

After that, when you click on the bowl, the message “Excellent! This will be useful to us. ” To check this, move the transparent layer aside, press F5 and click on the bowl.

  • Notice when you click on the bowl a message appears, but the background is not darkened. Because of this, you can click on other objects. Let’s fix this by adding a transparent layer. It allows you to see the background of the kitchen, but prevents you from clicking on other objects, such as a cat.
  • Drag “Transparent Background” onto the slide. Select it and go to the Animations tab β†’ Fade. The layer now has animation.
  • Now we need a message to appear when we click on the bowl, and only then the background darkens. To do this, let’s change the order of the animation. Click Animation Area. In the panel that opens, select the animation of the transparent background and move it under the trigger “Bowl”.
  • To see the result, uncheck On Click on the Transitions tab.

    Now we click on the bowl and a message appears and the background darkens, blocking other objects. Hooray, you did it! But getting back to the game is impossible. If you click anywhere on the slide, nothing happens. Fix it.

  • Highlight the message “Great! This is useful to us ”and a transparent layer to add another animation to them. To do this, click Add Animation. Exit. Fade.
  • Highlight the two new animations in the Animation Area panel β†’ click Trigger β†’ On Click.
  • In the window that appears, select the name of the button “Great! This will be useful to us. ” I named it “Correct” when I renamed all objects.
  • Now, to continue playing, just click on the message “Great! This will be useful to us “.

    Making the bowl disappear

    Once you’ve taken the omelet bowl, it should disappear. This will give the impression that you have added it to your work inventory. The fade effect needs to be tweaked too. This is what we will do now.

    • Select the bowl on the slide. To do this, you will again have to lower the transparent layer under the slide. Select Add Animation β†’ Exit β†’ Fade.
    • Drag the resulting effect on the Animation area panel to the second place in the “Bowl” animation list.

    We can also make the bowl disappear before the message appears. To do this, move the exit animation to the top of the list and select After Previous for the rest of the animations.

    You should have something like this:

    Congratulations, you’ve set up the animations and triggers for the bowl. Now let’s take care of the cat πŸ™‚

    Setting up the animation for the lock and the Forward button

    Now we need to add animation for the lock on the bottom panel. it will disappear if the player chooses the right inventory for making an omelet.

    • Select the castle on the slide and add a fade animation to it. To do this, use the already familiar path Animations β†’ Add Animation β†’ Exit β†’ Fade.
    • Drag this animation to the location between the message “Excellent” and the transparent layer in the list of bowl animations and in the Start panel, set the With Previous option.

    Now, when the player clicks on the bowl, it will disappear, the lock will disappear, and the “Next” button will appear on the navigation panel.

    Note. The dark rectangle on the navigation bar has a restrictive function. it hides the Forward button. It only disappears when you select the correct object on the slide. In our case, a bowl.

    In the full version of the game, there are five correct objects on the slide: a bowl, a frying pan, a knife, a whisk, and a grater. This means that the Forward button will have five dark rectangles. Once you select the correct object, for example a whisk, one rectangle will disappear. But the “Forward” button will appear only when you collect all the inventory for making an omelet.

    Setting up triggers

    Trigger in PowerPoint. a tool that creates a hotkey to trigger animations, audio and video effects.

    One click with the mouse. and the selected object (picture, shape, separate word) starts moving on the slide: disappears, slides out to the right or left, changes color.

    In our game, if you click on the bowl, the message “Great! This will be useful to us. ” This is how a trigger works.

    Let’s set up all the triggers in our game.

    Adding objects to the slide

    To build the game, download the pictures that I have prepared.

    • Open PowerPoint and create a blank slide.
    • Add a kitchen interior to the slide. To do this, go to the Insert β†’ Picture tab, find the downloaded folder with all the files and select the Background object. Place it on the slide. Leave some space at the bottom for the navigation bar.

    To avoid confusing objects while working, rename them. To do this, in PowerPoint, choose Home β†’ Arrange β†’ Selection Pane. Name the objects as I have on the slide.

    Next, we will sequentially set up animations for each object. To prevent unnecessary images on the slide from interfering during work, hide them. for this, click on the eye-shaped icon to the right of the object name.

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    For now, you can hide all objects except the message “Great! This will be useful to us “.

    Setting up animations and triggers for the cat

    To animate the cat and the rest of the message, we will have to follow the already familiar sequence of actions.

    • To get started, place the message “Interesting idea” on the slide. After that, right-click on it and select Bring to Front so that it appears on top of the “Excellent” message.
    • Select a cat on the slide and add animation to it: Animations β†’ Add Animation β†’ Exit β†’ Fade.
    • Add a trigger to the cat. Go to Animations β†’ Trigger β†’ On Click and select the cat. Now it will disappear if you click on it.

    Now, to continue the game, it will be enough to click on the message “Interesting idea”. You should have something like this:

    Congratulations, you’ve set up animations and triggers for Misha. Now let’s set up animation for the “Forward” button.

    Launch scheme

    The design of an angle grinder, the energy source of which is an electric current, is capable of converting it into a mechanical one. The interaction of all units of the angle grinder is shown in the schematic diagram of connecting its electric drive.

    • After the power cord is connected to the outlet and the start is turned on, electric current is supplied to one of the brushes.
    • After passing through the collector winding, the current appears on another brush through which the stationary stator windings are supplied with power.
    • The magnetic fields generated by the stator and rotor windings interact with each other, causing the rotor to rotate in the bearings. Together with it, the torque arises on the bevel gear, which is anchored. Another bevel gear, working in tandem with the first, rotates the spindle with the working tool of the angle grinder.
    • Additional taps of the stator or rotor windings allow you to increase the functionality of the power tool by creating various control systems.
    • Through the contacts of the collector plates, signals about the rotor speed are transmitted to the tachogenerator or Hall sensor. With their help, the required revolutions are maintained.
    • To protect the angle grinder from overheating, a thermal protection unit operates. It switches off the tool if the sensor indicates the maximum permissible temperature of the reference surface. Angle grinder.

    Angle grinder work diagram. Source here

    Understanding the role of each of the elements included in the electrical circuit of the angle grinder allows you to correctly determine the cause of its breakdown. If the cord, button and brushes are in good condition, pay attention to the condition of the electric drive.

    Angle Grinder Button

    Angle grinder device

    The start button is part of the construction elements of the angle grinder, each of which performs its own specific task in ensuring the functioning of the power tool. The main ones are the following:

    • power cable for connecting the angle grinder to the network;
    • stator. stationary part of the electric drive, consisting of several excitation coils;
    • anchor (rotor). the movable part of the electric drive of the angle grinder;
    • collector. part of the rotor, made in the form of insulated copper plates, providing connection to the stator;
    • brushes. provide a sliding type contact for transferring current between the movable and stationary parts of the electric drive;
    • gearbox. converts the rotation of the rotor created by electromagnetic interaction into the spindle speed acceptable for work;
    • the structure is protected from external influences by housings made of impact-resistant plastic for the electrical part and aluminum alloy for the gearbox;
    • for ease of use, the angle grinder is equipped with a removable holder;
    • there are buttons on the body: an on / off button and a locking button for changing the working tool.

    Metabo W 750-125 angle grinder case, handle, off and stop buttons (red and black). Photo 220V

    Some of the power buttons have a soft start function, which makes the operation of the angle grinder more convenient and durable. On the case there may be a speed regulator, which significantly expands the functionality of the angle grinder with various materials.

    Angle Grinder Button

    How to change the power button, connection process

    The main symptom that the starting device is out of order is the lack of reaction of the angle grinder when the button is brought into working position. This defect can also cause critical wear of the collector brushes and a break in the power cable wire.

    Therefore, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics using an electrical multimeter device or, in its absence, using an open circuit indicator. For this, it is imperative to remove the plastic case that protects the electrical part of the angle grinder in order to get to the button contacts, the power cable connection and the ability to check the operation of the brushes.

    If the contacts do not ring, they begin to replace it. The whole process, including diagnostics, is described in the video below. It should be noted that the button that has failed here is changed to a similar one in design. In passing, the condition of the brush assembly of the angle grinder is assessed, recommendations are given on a possible easier replacement of brushes.

    It is shown how the actual ringing of the buttons is performed using a multimeter (the indicator of the position of the modes during operation is located in the “on” position). The button can be easily removed after disconnecting the lead wires and the lever for setting the operating modes from it. Disassembly of the button once again convinces of its poor serviceability (small melted plastic parts cannot be replaced). The new one is installed in the reverse order of the actions carried out when it was extracted.

    The following video describes how to repair a Makita angle grinder with an inoperative power button. Here, after removing the plastic case, the wear of the brushes is immediately checked by ringing them on a multimeter. Visually, the brushes are worn out, but still working, which is confirmed by the readings of the device.

    In the case when it was not possible to find the same button instead of the burnt one, you can adapt other designs of starting devices to the angle grinder. In the video, the hole for the button of other sizes is being finalized according to new dimensions. In a plastic case, this is not difficult to do. The main thing here is to securely fix it. The design of the button from the video allows you to do this using self-tapping screws.

    In the following video, the failed button changes to a conventional toggle switch, which is more common in technical devices. For this, in the plastic case, a sharp knife is used to clean up the places that prevent the toggle switch from landing in it, and in the area of ​​the slots for air supply for cooling, a hole is made for the outlet of the toggle switch. over, the marking of this hole is preliminarily done.

    The toggle switch is fastened with a washer and a nut, pressing it to the plastic case.

    The main disadvantage of the toggle switch is that any involuntary movement can turn the angle grinder on / off (a long toggle switch contributes greatly to this) at the most inopportune moment.

    There is no guarantee that starting devices that do not correspond to the models of the angle grinder will withstand the load in the form of the magnitude of the current passing through them.