Husqvarna grass trimmer 128r does not pick up

Husqvarna 128 Grass Trimmer Doesn’t Revolve

At this widespread commotion there are a number of different circumstances. In his time with the device there is a chance to encounter as evident problems, signs of which are true tracked, and with asymptomatic options. The 1st option is simpler in terms of finding the task. If the grass trimmer does not develop, and the exact signs of failure are absent, it will be necessary to check the more common cases of problems, and if the premise is found. to remove it.

Failure, when the mower does not develop, occurs, mostly in gasoline engines. Different models like Husqvarna, Champion, STIHL have this problem.

With high quality products, such problems occur less frequently than with cheap ones from unknown manufacturers.

Parts with which you have problems are visually inspectable, but to check the function of other parts you need to disassemble the brushcutter.

The grass trimmer does not turn if filled with low-quality fuel. Therefore, the engine can not start at all, as it is also called to work “jerks”, changing the rate of rotation of the knife or fishing line.

In order to find the quality of the gasoline used without the help of others, do the following actions.

  • With a special key to remove the plugs.
  • Inspect their working contacts for the presence of plaque reddish brick color: if it occurs, then the fuel used contains significant inclusions of additives.

Candles in general are often act as indicators to find problems with the combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine, as they certainly quickly removed and looked around.

If you notice a deposit, you need to drain the fuel in the tank and change it with high-quality fuel. Used lawn trimmer has to be filled only with those brands of gasoline, which are indicated by the manufacturers in the instruction manual. It is also imperative to clean the plugs from plaque before installing it to the area.

Husqvarna 128R brushcutter repair loss of power

Another common cause of RPM reduction is dirty air or fuel filter. At the beginning of the problem is that the fuel-air mixture that enters the combustion chamber is not enough oxygen, and therefore the gasoline burns not all. It prevents the brushcutter from working at full power.

husqvarna, grass, trimmer, 128r, does

In order to check if the air filter is to blame, you need to remove it (previously unscrew the cover for this purpose) and turn on the lawnmower. If it operates normally, then instead of a clogged filter element should be pasted new.

If the situation remains unchanged after the performed actions, it is necessary to note the fuel filter. The problem is similar to the previous case, but there is not enough gasoline for the normal operation of the device. This problem can also be solved by a simple change of the filter element. Air and fuel filters are cheap. To change them is not difficult without assistance from others, and the entire work does not take much time.

Keep in mind that without a fuel filter for grass trimmer operation is forbidden in the annotation, otherwise it will be useful after a while to fix the piston unit.

With constant use of the lawnmower, the spark plugs get dirty and wear out over time. To check this, they are removed and inspected for the presence of carbon deposits. The problem can of course be solved in 2 ways: if possible, return the old spark plug, or simply replace it with the newest spark plug.

  • Unscrew and wipe off the fuel from the candle;
  • Dry it out without burning;
  • Using a file or other small emery, remove the carbon deposits from the plugs and inspect the gap between the electrodes (sometimes 1 mm);
  • assembled grass trimmer;
  • Start the lawnmower.

If the spark plug does not give out a spark after reconstructive manipulation at a suitable distance between the electrodes, it will be necessary to check the quality of connections of parts of the electronic circuit of the device. When the wires are fine, it is absolutely necessary to install the newest part.

Replacement of the plugs. it is an easy process that is inexpensive, if you can return the old ones, it is free. To perform the work, only a spark plug wrench and a nail file will come in handy.

If there is a constant sharp contamination and wear of the plugs, it is necessary to find the case of these abnormal phenomena deeper.

If the fuel, filters and spark plugs are okay, then the next source you like internal combustion engine. It will have subsequent mechanical failures:

There is a small cable in the carburetor compartment. It can save and lead to the dilemma in question. Therefore, dealing with the carburetor, you should mainly check the condition of the cable, and if necessary tighten (but not to the maximum). The main thing is not to overstretch, that under load it has not cracked.

After it is necessary to check the operating options carburetor that must be consistent with the characteristics given in the annotation. If they are installed correctly, and a suitable effect is not, you should disassemble the part, wash, clean, purge with a pump that remains to do our customer its movement and assemble back. The carburetor itself is without mechanical damage.

If it is impossible to restore the performance of the carburetor, it is better to replace it with a new part or resort to the services of experts.

If the passage, when the adjustment or change of the carburetor will not give the desired result, you need to clean the drive mechanism and oil the cable located inside it.

Problems with the engine can be removed at home, if the required abilities, but it is better to use the services of a service center for this purpose. His experts will hold a comprehensive diagnosis trimmer for grass and establish the exact cause of the fall speed.

Violation of the normal circulation of fuel on the trimmer also leads to the fact that the lawnmower does not pick up working speed. You’ll like it better caused by the following main reasons:

  • air suction, which is caused by the presence of cracks on the hoses;
  • clogging of gasoline pump, which came out because of the introduction of bad fuel or because of the formation of sludge on the day of the tank and getting it into the system;
  • The muffler, also known as the catalytic converter, is contaminated.

Without the help of others to fix the problems considered necessary to do the following:

  • Rebuild the gasoline pump by removing contaminants;
  • Change the tubes and hoses through which the fuel circulates;
  • Clean the muffler and its grid;
  • Put a new catalytic converter, which is expensive because it contains precious metals.

All work to correct problems in the fuel circulation system is carried out without the help of others. However, it should be done carefully to keep the parts, or after the assembly of the grass scythe there is no “extra”.

When using a trimmer for grass, where an electronic engine is installed, difficulties with the recruitment of revolutions also occur. But these are caused by completely different problems compared to fuel mowers. The electric motor does not develop the desired speed of rotation in this version:

  • when the line voltage is more than 10 % below the nominal voltage of the electric motor
  • in case of problems in the soft start system (if this unit is installed);
  • when there are problems with the brush unit;

To exclude the case with a voltage, you need a multimeter, as it is also called a tester to check its value in the outlet, from which took the power electric mower. If it is less than a small permissible value, then to increase it will be useful to turn off what remains to do our client electric appliances or install a stabilizer.

husqvarna, grass, trimmer, 128r, does

Imperative condition, necessary for the normal operation of the grass trimmer, is the introduction of an extension cord with a cross section of wires suitable for the capacity of the motor grass brush.

To repair the soft starter unit it is useful to have the proper knowledge in electronics, because it is better to apply to a service center. There you can see if it is repairable or if it needs to be replaced. Without assistance of course check the button or look for a diagram of the block and try to understand here.

The engine stops when you press the gas: the causes and their elimination

The elimination of all of the above causes comes down to:

  • To clean the working parts, connected with fluids or air working medium;
  • To inspect the parts on the outside for malfunctions;
  • replacing old parts with new ones.

Proper carburetor adjustment is important for stabilizing the operating stroke of the Husqvarna chain saw and can be done at home.

Main carburetor problems and malfunctions.

Strainer. There are two problems with this element more often than not:

To find out the reason of the malfunction unscrew the fuel filter cover to remove the strainer. If it is just dirty, flushing or blowing it out in gasoline might help.

If you see damage on the strainer must necessarily put a new. There may also be damage to the fuel supply pipe (when repairing it is practiced to check this element).

The starting device of the carburetor almost always does not work because of clogs. Use acetone or the same gasoline for flushing.

Blowing out clogged carburetor parts with compressed air is a reasonable and comfortable repair practice.

Throttle body, carburetor component bundles, intake or exhaust line. all these parts are subject to depressurization. You can probably check it by a simple method. spread soapy foam on the problem area.

Adjusting the carburetor of Husqvarna 128r with my own hands

Adjusting the lawnmower carburetor can be done with your own hands

Lawn mower, like all gasoline garden tools, is not a difficult technique to maintain. Repair, adjust without the aid of others can and should be. For example, the adjustment of the lawn mower carburetor with their own hands. a matter of 5 minutes.

The carburetor from the lawnmower is a node in the power system. In it, as well as all carburetors, there is a process of mixing air and fuel (gasoline) for the upcoming feeding into the engine cylinders.

In this process, the main thing. the correct proportion of fuel and air, why regulate the carburetor.

The main problems and malfunctions of the carburetor.

Strainer. How to adjust the carburetor, Husqvarna chainsaw with your own hands. Self-regulation of the carburetor lawnmower with their own hands is impossible without preparatory work, knowledge of the theory, understanding of the device fuel system. Adjusting the lawn mower’s carburetor with your hands. There are most often two problems with this element:

In order to find out the cause of the failure unscrew the fuel filter cover to remove the mesh filter. Adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor on our Husqvarna 128R lawn mower. If it is just a clog, it can be washed in gasoline or purged.

If the strainer is visibly damaged, it is imperative that a new strainer be fitted. There may also be damage to the fuel supply pipe (when repairing it, it is a practice to check this element).

The carburetor starter almost always malfunctions because of clogs. Adjusting the Husqvarna 137 carburetor. Proper carburetor adjustment is important for the correct operation of the Husqvarna 137 chain saw, the tension. Husqvarna 55, its technical characteristics, purpose and features. Adjusting the carburetor on their own, for example, Husqvarna (Husqvarna) and Partner (Partner). Adjusting the carburetor with their own hands. Use acetone or the same gasoline to flush.

Blowing out clogged carburetor parts with compressed air is an acceptable and comfortable repair practice.

Husqvarna 128r Grass Trimmer Doesn’t Revolve

Overview: Gas R. Mow the grass without extra gestures? Easily!

In our polar regions there is a widespread joke “with a beard”: “Our northern summers are short and snow is light”. Well, the truth is: summer is much later and ends much earlier than in the average zone of Russia. Yes, and freezing temperatures with falling snow, say, in August, are not uncommon. So as soon as the temperature becomes steadily positive, the vegetation grows vigorously, trying to have time to decompose seeds as quickly as possible.

It’s time for us to “hay”: as in just a few days, overgrown with dandelion, timothy, weeds and other weeds, we have to take the helmet and try to make something like a lawn. It was like this until last year.

Last summer I decided to keep up and bought a grass trimmer. Electrical parameters are immediately disposed of. I was not at all happy at the prospect of dragging a 30 meter long extension cable. Of the brass trimmers he settled on Huskvarna, known for the quality and reliability of its products.

A trip to stores that sell such a product showed that in our region the demand for grass trimmers is high: there were no models that suited me, I had to wait. So, after a week I became the owner of a Husqvarna 128R gas trimmer

husqvarna, grass, trimmer, 128r, does

A little about the characteristics. Engine is a 2-stroke, 28 cm3, 0.8 kW (1.1 hp). Engine speed. up to 10,000 rpm.

Fuel tank (or more accurately, gas tank) of 400 ml.

Grass trimmer motor features Zama carburetor. The Smart Start system provides easy and quick engine starting.

On the carburetor cover attached a sign with a sequence of actions when starting a cold engine. For the overly forgetful.

The muffler is covered with a housing that prevents accidental contact with heated parts.

Idle speed

At idle speeds, common causes of a grass trimmer stopping are the following:

  • Decrease in RPM as the gearbox heats up, which is a consequence of using an unsuitable fuel mixture;
  • clogged throttle valve;
  • air entering the system;
  • Not enough fuel to run the lawnmower.

If the carburettor is the problem area, the machine will stop on cold and hot starts.

STIHL FS 55 lawn trimmer mower Doesn’t rev, shuts down, rebuild carburettor

STIHL FS 55 lawn trimmer does not rev, it stops, carburetor rebuilt Thank you for watching.

If the filter is unclogged, the fuel hose should be checked for clogging. To check it, disconnect it from the carburetor and with the air filter removed blow there. If you find a clog, clean the hose can be mechanically cleaned with a wire, and then blown with compressed air.

The last possible place of clogging is the mesh filter in the carburetor. In the diagram below, it is marked with the number 13.

Frequent malfunction: the engine does not pick up speed and what to do the driver

revolutions, the first step is to. Analyze when and how it manifested itself. In other words, the device has finished spinning suddenly, or the discomfort with gaining revolutions has progressed uniformly. You should also pay attention to the presence or absence of other symptoms.

The fact that the failure of the motor, which has previously worked, did not gain speed after any repairs or other manipulations, can be simply the result of assembly errors, unconnected sensor and the like. In such cases, the fault can be found more quickly and accurately after an independent review or immediate return ts to the service where the car was previously repaired.

Diagnostics and troubleshooting of electric motors

Troubleshooting of electric trimmers can be as follows:

You don’t need to disassemble the entire machine to fix these problems.

To recap! Before you start the repair, it is important to prepare the necessary tools: a set of screwdrivers, a tester, a soldering iron, an indicator, a set of keys.

If the engine has serious problems, you have to disassemble it. To do this, you need to unscrew a few screws. Once you have access to the motor parts, you will need to

  • Check the degree of wear of the brushes. unusable parts will need to be replaced with new ones;
  • Check the motor winding for high resistance;
  • check the stator and rotor. to test the rotor winding with a multimeter, measure the resistance: large deviations from the norm indicate malfunction, the lack of resistance on the stator winding also indicates a breakdown (in the same way diagnose the stator housing).

Tip! Solving problems related to faulty electrical components is difficult. It is often easier to replace them with new parts than to take the time to rewind.

Low RPM problems are common with cheap trimmers. However, if not properly serviced, manual mowers such as Huter, Patriot 3055, Echo also suffer from this.

Adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor is done if:

, To be sure that the Husqvarna engine is working as it should and that the grass trimmer (lawnmower, brushcutter) is operating at maximum efficiency.

Before adjusting the Husqvarna, do maintenance of the grass trimmer (wash the mower and engine, replace the spark plug, repair minor defects).

Make sure to wash the foam element of the air filter. Wash the element in warm water with soap and water, then wring it out and dry it (or replace it if it’s old or damaged).

If adjusting a Husqvarna carburetor with a dirty air filter, the fuel mixture will become much leaner after cleaning the air filter (which can lead to poor performance or even engine failure).

Install a trimmer head with a cord of the maximum allowable diameter and standard length (up to the cutting blade in the extra protection) to put the strain on the engine while adjusting the high RPM screw on the Husqvarna carburetor.

Start the mower according to the Husqvarna manual and warm it up for 10 minutes (if the trimmer head rotates at idle speed, the idle screw, t.е. the lower one, turn counterclockwise until the trimmer head stops rotating).

Carefully turn both needles (right and left) to a middle position between fully unscrewed and fully screwed in (do not turn by the stopper!, it can cause a Husqvarna motor to break).

There are three adjustment screws for adjusting the Husqvarna carburetor: right, left, and bottom.

It is considered correct to adjust the idle speed when:

  • Cool engine runs stable at idle speed.
  • A hot engine does not have too high idle speed.
  • There is a sufficient RPM margin before the trimmer head begins to rotate.
  • Motor is stable in any position (e.g., when lowering the blade sharply).

From the factory (Husqvarna) the idle speed screw from fully turned, was turned to 8 full rpm and “2 o’clock” (now it remains so). The recommended idle speed of the Husqvarna lawnmower engine is 2.900 rpm.

Husqvarna engine should not run at full speed for more than 10 seconds!

  • Open the throttle fully (give full throttle) and slowly turn the left screw clockwise until the Husqvarna engine speed is reduced (by ear).
  • Then turn the left screw very slowly counterclockwise until the engine feels rough.
  • Then turn the screw slowly back a small amount clockwise until the Husqvarna engine is running smoothly.

That’s the end of the Husqvarna adjustment.

On a new Husqvarna trimmer from the factory (Husqvarna), the left screw was completely unscrewed (0.5 turns) and blocked (filled in) with hard plastic, which I drilled out after the warranty expired. Now the left screw (as well as the right one) is looking at about “11 o’clock”.

Checking correct adjustment of the Husqvarna carburetor

Engine revs quickly, smoothly and steadily, and slightly quadruple at maximum rpm, the trimmer head T-35 at idle should not rotate.

Adjusting the carburetor on the Husqvarna 128R lawn mower.

The first question worth answering in a review of the header topic is Why you need to adjust the carburetor on the 128R grass mower? It’s all about European fuel standards. the 128R lawnmower adjusts to EU fuel standards. Our fuel is of lower quality (we are discussing gasoline AI-92), which makes this adjustment necessary. Adjustment procedure of Husqvarna 128R carburetor is not complicated. What you need to make it. a tachometer, adjustment screwdrivers.

Set the length of the line out of the trimmer head to 15 cm on each side (this significantly affects the RPM).

We dilute gasoline AI-92 with Husqvarna engine oil for two-stroke engines in the ratio 1:50 (one part of oil for 50 parts of gasoline). For ease of calculation we recommend the ratio of 1 liter fuel x 20 ml oil. For the first startup, we recommend 1 liter fuel x 23 ml oil (same ratio as for the first run-in). A precise ratio and the use of only Husqvarna two-stroke oil is essential for long engine life and warranty coverage in the event of a warranty claim from your supplier.

We start the mower and bring it to the maximum with the gas knob

revs. Adjust revolutions to the level of 8500. 8800 by the tachometer with the right adjusting screw H.

Release the throttle trigger. At idle speed on top of the carburetor adjusting screw T bring the idle speed to the level of 3000. 3200 on the tachometer. The engine should run smoothly, without jumping. Trimmer head should stop turning.

If there is visible smokiness from the exhaust or unstable idling with the idle RPM set. adjust “quality of mixture” with the left adjusting screw of the carburetor L.

Having trouble adjusting the carburetor on your Husqvarna 128R??. Bring it to our service center and we’ll help you.

As our service center has learned from service work with Husqvarna power tools that the adjustment is occasionally required for other models of Husqvarna chain saws and brushcutters as well. These adjustments, similar to the method described for adjusting the carburetor of the Husqvarna 128R lawnmower, can be made by any user. Below, by way of reference, we give motor speed figures for different equipment and in different modes.

Husqvarna grass trimmer 128r repair with their own hands

In detail: Husqvarna grass trimmer 128r repair with their own hands from a real master for the site

Features of Husqvarna gas tank models

The mower is a reliable and indispensable assistant for every modern summer resident and homeowner in mowing grass, fighting weeds and. Its independence from electricity gives the gas mower more efficient and maneuverable.

Husqvarna handheld grass trimmers, traditionally used for this type of mower, consist of a rod on which the motor and operating element are mounted on different poles. The quality of performance, guaranteed by the Swedish manufacturer and appreciated by the consumer, has ensured that gasoline grass trimmers of this brand are leaders in their segment.

The Husqvarna 128 R is popular among home users for handling small areas. It has the following main technical characteristics:

  • two-stroke two-cycle petrol unit with the working volume of 28 cm3
  • engine power 0.8 kW or 1.1 hp
  • 0.4 liter fuel tank with 507 liters per hour;
  • straight, non-removable rod with 24 mm diameter;
  • T-handle of bicycle type with details of engine control, increased ergonomics;
  • availability of anti-vibration system;
  • The cutting system consists of a 2.4 mm wide blade and a metal four-blade knife;
  • 25.5 cm cutting width blade and up to 40 cm of fishing line
  • dimensions 286 × 244 × 1829 mm;
  • 5.0 kg weight.

The Husqvarna 128 R is a multi-purpose gasoline-powered machine that is quick and easy to change cutting elements, designed for comfortable and productive garden and lawn care. safety in operation is ensured by a safety guard. This prevents accidental contact with the cutting parts.

Husqvarna 128 R has a manual start system. Smart start. Start cord reduces drag by 40%. Returnable start button. Once pressed, it automatically returns to its previous position and is ready for an easy start again.

The Husqvarna 128 R development has been equipped with the latest E-TESN 2 technology, which reduces exhaust emissions. It doesn’t affect engine power, but it provides an environmentally friendly, low-emission.

Ergonomic handle and comfortable grip with optimal tilt angle and anti-vibration system. This allows you to work long hours with your Husqvarna gasoline pump without fatigue or discomfort.

Standard equipment for gasoline pumps

The standard version of the Husqvarna 128 R, which belongs to the household class, includes:

  • lawnmower itself;
  • backpack mounts two shoulder-type attachments;
  • T 25 semi-automatic trimmer head with line;
  • Four-blade metal blade blade Grass.

Husqvarna 323 R. A professional lawn mower of lightweight design that has won the favor of users. Ideal for treating large areas in parks, golf courses, etc. Д. Working long and hard with this device won’t seem like hard work.

Husqvarna 128R brushcutter repair loss of power. lawn mower does not pick up. Online parts store for.

Husqvarna 125R- 12 years of use! Detailed video on finding the fault that caused the loss of power.

Technical characteristics of this model are as follows:

  • Gasoline two-stroke engine with a cylinder volume of 24.5 cm3;
  • 0.9 kW or 1.2 liters of power;
  • Fuel tank capacity of 0.5 liters with a fuel consumption of 0.495 liters per hour;
  • Straight T-handle bar with 1,483mm long and 24mm thick;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • The cutting system consists of a 2.4 mm blade and a metal blade;
  • Dimensions: 1844 × 270 × 285 × 132 mm;
  • weight 4.5 kg.

This machine is also easy and quick to replace the cutting element. Versatile safety cover lets you safely replace the cutting part on the rod and the mowing process.

Equipped with Smart start system, the primer pumps air into the carburetor. Fuel pump pumps gasoline into carburetor after long periods of inactivity and provides a quick start.

Ignition switch with return spring. Transparent fuel tank to keep an eye on fuel quantity.

Conical gearbox has high torque up to 9000 rpm with cutting edge parallel to the ground. It ensures the quality of grass.

Ergonomic handle with control buttons at an adjustable angle to the shaft.

Husqvarna 323 R standard equipment includes:

  • motokosa;
  • T 25R semi-automatic trimmer head with line;
  • Graas 255-4 grass cutting blade;
  • double shoulder type backpack attachment.

Using this model makes it easy to mow grass of any hardness, shrubbery and tree saplings. to menu

The vehicle must be prepared before beginning work. It follows:

Gasoline for refueling must be of good quality AI Class 92. Do not use fuel with a higher octane rating. The device will overheat and the engine will fail rapidly. The fuel mixture should not be stored for future use, when stored it loses its quality. It is recommended to use only freshly prepared mixture with special oil for two-stroke engines. Good fuel is the main criterion for the performance of the device.

Gasoline failure can be caused by clogged fuel or air filters. If the engine stalls or fails to start and the fuel mixture is present in the tank and its quality is not in doubt, it is necessary to pay attention to the filters. They often need to be sufficiently cleaned or rinsed with gasoline or water and detergent, and then pulled back. If heavily soiled, needs to be replaced.

  • Starter failure. Broken cable handle or broken cable itself, can be repaired independently. Other problems with the starter are corrected by replacing it completely.
  • Spark has occurred. Need to clean the spark plug, make sure it works and put it back in place, or replace it.
  • The engine starts after starting and there is a strong vibration. There is misalignment in the carburetor setting. Adjusted individually with adjustment screws.
  • Cause engine to stop after establishment, possibly clogged fuel valve. By cleaning and purging it, we’ll restore the fuel supply to the carburetor.

Husqvarna 128r brushcutter starter repair (rebuild). From the “private home” series.

Minor redesign of starter motor.

Husqvarna is a manufacturer of various equipment and tools for home, garden, forest and construction. Gasoline saws, cultivators, scissors, riders, lawnmowers Husqvarna and all other products are made only on the newest developments and quality materials. Exactly because of unmatched reliability of tools the company Husqvarna is known all over the world and is in great demand.

The 128R Gasoline lawn trimmer by Husqvarna is made for small to medium-sized areas and is also good for cutting grass near hard-to-reach places (flowerbeds, curbs). The tool is equipped with a two-stroke engine that has 0.8 kW or 1.1 L.с. The Husqvarna 128R reaches up to 11000 rpm. Engine is designed with E-Tech 2 technology, which significantly reduces the amount of exhaust produced by the trimmer. Its volume is 28 cm3.

To ensure a quick start, even after longer idle times, the machine has a built-in primer for pumping fuel and a “Smart Start” system. The maximum cutting width is 45 cm. The Husqvarna 128R is a straight-boom gasoline grass trimmer with professional bicycle-style handles. This gives even more control over the operation and direction of the tool. The straight boom type is considered more reliable than the curved type. To make transporting the mowers easier, the bike handles can be folded up.

Without fuel, mounted cutting parts and blade guard, the tool weighs 4.8 kg. So the Husqvarna chain saw 128R can be used for extended periods of time without interruption. The gasoline grass trimmer’s fuel tank is made of white plastic to make it easy to check how much fuel is left in it. Gasoline tank with capacity of 400 ml. To start the lawnmower, it is enough to pull the cord smoothly, as the necessary force to start has been reduced by 40%.

  • 4-blade blade for tough, tall grass or bushes
  • trimmer head (semi-automatic);
  • 2-shoulder belt attachment;
  • wrench set;
  • bicycle handle;
  • Instruction, maintenance and servicing manual;
  • protective cover;
  • One-piece cutter bar.

trimmer line is used to remove only small grass.

Start button on Husqvarna lawn trimmer automatically returns to the home position so it’s easier and quicker to turn the trimmer on again. the special blade for cutting the grass does not shred it, but lays it in swaths. cover to protect disc and grass trimmer with fishing line is used in the same way, no need to remove it when changing accessories.

For trouble-free, long-lasting use, experts recommend using Husqvarna two-stroke engine oil.

Repair of lawn mower Husqvarna can be done by your own hands, as, for example, to replace clogged air filter. Especially since it is located in a convenient and easily accessible place under the cover. For its replacement do not need tools. In case of a breakdown, it is better to take the equipment to a service center, as ignorance of the principles of operation of individual parts can only aggravate the situation.

The most common problems with the Husqvarna 128R are problems with the ignition or fuel supply. In the first case, the gasoline grass trimmer either stops after a few tens of seconds, or does not start at all. To do this, it is necessary to inspect the condition of the spark plugs of the ignition system. If it is wet, then, most likely, it will be necessary to properly adjust the carburetor. Or it can be a problem with the ignition or fuel supply, so make sure to read the owner’s manual carefully.

If the spark plug is dry, it means there is no fuel mixture. Most often it is caused by clogged fuel filter or hose. The filter should be changed (it is better to do it every 3 months) and the hose should be cleaned.

Gasoline grass trimmer of this model can serve for many years, the main thing is to follow the rules of operation and promptly conduct inspection and replacement of necessary parts. The more that the price of lawn mower Husqvarna 128R fully corresponds to its quality and performance.

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Great machine. Started to stall once, but cleaning the flame thrower fixed everything.

Greetings! My name is Peter. From my youth I liked to assemble model cars and paragliders, later my hobby grew into something bigger and I worked as a long time in a “man for an hour” company. Over many years of experience in my piggy bank there is a huge number of different schemes and implementations of repair and installation with their own hands of various devices. Not all of the “recipes” are mine, but I believe that such knowledge should be in the public domain. This was the reason to create this site.

Husqvarna 128r Grass Trimmer Doesn’t Revolve

Review: Gas R. Mow the grass without any extra gestures? Easily!

In our polar regions, there is a widespread “bearded” joke: “Our northern summers are short and snow light.”. Well, the truth is: summer is much later and ends much earlier than in the average zone of Russia. Yes, and frosts with falling snow, say, in August, are not uncommon. So as soon as the temperature becomes steadily positive, the vegetation grows vigorously, trying to have time to spread the seeds as soon as possible.

It was “hay time” for us: how in just a few days, overgrown with dandelion, timothy, weeds and other weeds, we got to take the helmet and try to make some sort of lawn. It was like this until last year.

Last summer I decided to keep up and buy a grass trimmer. The electrics are immediately disposable. I was not at all happy at the prospect of dragging a 30 meter extension cable. Of the brass trimmers, he stopped at Huskvarna, known for the quality and reliability of its products.

A trip to stores that sell such a product showed that in our region the demand for grass trimmers is high: there were no models that suited me, I had to wait. So, a week later, I became the owner of a Husqvarna 128R gasoline trimmer

A little about specifications. The engine is a 2-stroke, 28 cc, 0.8 kW (1.1 hp). Engine speed. up to 10,000 rpm.

Fuel tank (or rather gas tank) has a volume of 400 ml.

The grass trimmer motor is equipped with a Zama carburetor. The Smart Start system makes starting the engine easy and quick.

On the carburetor cover there is a sign with the sequence of actions when starting a cold engine. For the overly forgetful.

The muffler is covered with a casing that prevents accidental contact with heated parts.

To sum up

At the first signs of chain saw malfunction, it is worth carrying out a complete diagnosis. To prevent damage to your saw as a result of improper maintenance, it is best to leave the job of troubleshooting the engine to professionals. And most importantly, you should not use a chainsaw with minor defects, t. к. This will lead to more problems.

Chainsaw owners have to deal with the fact that the saw, for no apparent reason, stops working properly. To understand why the chainsaw stalls in different modes of operation, and now to outline, the most diagnose the malfunction, we will try in our article.

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