What kind of gasoline to put in your lawnmower?

What kind of gasoline to fill up your brushcutter?

A distinction is made between two-stroke and four-stroke engines. As it follows from the definition, the difference between them is in the number of operating strokes. A 2-stroke motor produces 2 cycles of piston movement in one cycle, a 4-stroke motor produces 4 cycles. The second one burns gasoline more efficiently than the first one. The 4-stroke motor is safer for the environment. Power of this motor is much higher than that of a 2-stroke.

Two-stroke gasoline mower in some cases replaces the electric mower. If you have a plot of dozens of hectares. buy a lawnmower with a 4-stroke motor.

But such an investment in a monthly use will quickly pay off. A mower with a 4-stroke motor will cut (and shred, if it has a shredder) more grass for the same amount of gasoline.

It is not advised to run both types of engines on the same fuel. Although the petrol type of engine speaks for itself, petrol is used to dilute the engine oil. It protects valves and nozzles from accelerated wear and tear. But it’s not just the need for oil that characterizes proper engine operation. Also specify what kind of oil is suitable for the motor of a particular lawnmower. synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral.

What gasoline to fill lawnmowers: what oil and how much to pour into the brushcutter

For this reason depend on their lubricating characteristics, their ability to remain watery at lower temperatures. But 5-15% of each is given to additives. They’re the ones that make a working compound that prevents:

  • Corrosion of surfaces;
  • Heat resistance;
  • Resistance to degradation;
  • Increasing the alkalinity that prevents oxidation;
  • Stabilize viscosity.

Lawnmower oil used in 4-stroke engines has different additives, viscosity. It also washes the surfaces that move, but it is not mixed with gasoline. Oil oxidizes, gets contaminated with scale particles and needs to be changed every 50 hours.

For two-stroke engines, there are two ways to lubricate the piston system and crank mechanism:

The photo shows the oil fed through a dosing plunger pump into the combustion chamber inlet.

The 2nd scheme is the future, while the 1st method is used in garden equipment. Making up the fuel mixture. The new engines are quiet and economical but more complicated.

Use the table and dispenser to make the fuel mixture.

A four-stroke engine has a reservoir for oil, which is used to create protection for the moving parts. All this the lubricating system consists of a pump, an oil filter and pipes delivering compound to nodes. Use sump or reservoir lubrication. First the oil is pumped from the crankcase into the system and from there it is forced by the pump into the supply pipes. With a “dry sump”, oil droplets that have collected in the sump go back into the reservoir.

Pictured are “wet sump” grease and “dry sump” grease.

The difference in oil composition for different types of engines is fundamental. 4-stroke engine oil should keep its composition unchanged for a long time. Composition for two-stroke engines during combustion should have less mineral included to prevent the formation of carbon deposits.

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If you have a recommended oil, it is not necessary to experiment with a second lubricant. In the absence of. Choose the recommended oil for 2.Otherwise speaking 4-stroke models. Use gasoline above the recommended grade. Go out for replacement of burnt-out valves, second units in advance.

A principle feature in the selection of a protective ingredient is its operating temperature. The additive is desirable stable to warm up, but not to thicken at low temperatures. For each mechanism weighs on the aspect of work has its own brand of oil.

Which combustion system is more efficient, 3.5 or 4 stroke? How the user can figure out and buy the best gear? Gasoline trimmers and brushcutters with 4-stroke motor are NOT sold. Two-stroke is much easier because the grass trimmer does not weigh much and can be operated together with it lady. But there are two-stroke engines on four-stroke. Other differences:

  • Different way to use the grease;
  • Eco-friendliness is higher in the 4-stroke motor, it is the same Less ringing;
  • Easier to repair and maintain a 2.4-stroke motor;
  • Motor life than just the 4-stroke, in their more difficult service due to oil changes in the lawnmower;
  • Two-stroke motors are lighter and cheaper.

What gasoline can be poured into the trimmer for the grass?

Before you decide which gasoline can be put in the trimmer for grass, you need to define some of the concepts used.

  • Trim tabs can be trimmed with a four-stroke or two-stroke engine. Four-stroke grass trimmers. This is a powerful and challenging design; its motor parts are lubricated by an oil pump. The engine runs on pure gasoline. For Two Stroke Units. conventional. Needed preparation of fuel consisted of gasoline and oil. Specifically because of the amount of oil in the fuel, the rubbing parts in the cylinder of this motor are lubricated.
  • To make the consistency you need gasoline of a certain class AI-95 or AI-92. The brand of gasoline depends on the rate of ignition. Octane rating. The lower the number, the faster the gasoline burns and the higher the fuel consumption.

In many models of gasoline cutters are two-stroke engines, working mainly on gasoline AI-92. Fuel for them to combine without the aid of others. It is better to fill the gasoline brand defined for him by the manufacturer, otherwise grass trimmer will fail sharper. For example, with gasoline AI-95 the engine quickly overheats, and if you select AI-80 fuel mixture has very low quality, so the engine will run unstable and with low power.

In addition to the choice of gasoline, preparing the fuel mixture for shieldkoryziv need to use special oil, designed specifically for two-stroke engines. Semi-synthetic and synthetic oils are great for lawn mowers. Semi-synthetic oils are mid-price range, suitable for such equipment of any manufacturer, they perfectly lubricate the necessary elements of the engine. Synthetic oils are more expensive, but they will hold the engine longer. In any case, when buying equipment, you should carefully read the annotation, because from time to time the manufacturer gives advice on the use of certain brands of oil.

What kind of petrol is in a VIKING mower?

VIKING lawn mower electronic and petrol self-propelled: reviews

The Austrian company VIKING declared itself for the first time in 1981. Heinrich Lechner is thought to be the entrepreneur. In the small town of Kufstein he started to build garden shredders. The world saw the very first VIKING lawnmower in 1984. Beginning in 1992 the above mentioned company began to develop intensively.

The association of VIKING and Steele is generally considered to be the reason. They are engaged in the creation of chain saws. Since 2001, however, VIKING has been able to boast an extensive product range of lawn mowers that are in great demand all over the world. Today this brand has become a leader in the production of garden tools.

kind, gasoline, your, lawnmower

What sets VIKING lawnmowers apart?

First, it is fundamental to note that the buyer has the opportunity to pick up a lawn mower, which works either on a gasoline or an electronic engine. There are also battery-powered models.

Their power is on average around 4 kW. Working width can vary, as well as the height of mowing. The cutting system is usually centralised.

If we consider small models, they are equipped with an eight-speed mechanism.

The grass catcher box is supplied in a set of sufficiently high quality. Their volume depends on the power of lawnmower. All models have reinforced frames. Lawn mowers do not actually require maintenance.

Cleaning the blades after the lawn is easy enough. The wheels of the machines are equipped with double bearings. For this reason their service life is considerably longer.

The “VIKING” lawnmower can be repaired only in the service center.

Reviews of the petrol version “VIKING MB 248”

This VIKING lawn mower has excellent reviews. Many buyers prefer this model because of its low fuel consumption. Productivity device, however, is in the normal range. The power of the indicated mower is 4 kW. Working width of the blades. 46 cm. The cutting height is at least 25 mm.

It can be adjusted with a lever. The cutting system is centralized in this case. The power of the machine can be adjusted in steps. The standard feature of the VIKING MB 248 is a metal blade. Total manufacturers have provided a total of 8 different modes. For country houses, this mower is great, and on average it can handle an area of 1200 square meters. м.

What they say about the ME 235 electric model?

The reviews of the VIKING lawnmowers are predominantly positive. This model is very easy to use. The handle is of high quality, and the grip of the machine is precise. This lawnmower does not actually need any maintenance.

The blades of the device are very sharp. The lawnmower copes with small grass successfully. Of the shortcomings should emphasize the low power unit. It is therefore better suited for small lawns. Electricity this modification consumes within the norm.

The engine of the ME 235 lawnmower rarely breaks down.

MB 448 Lawn Mower Overview

This self-propelled lawnmower “VIKING” among other devices is its own compactness. The cutting system in this case is rotary.

Because of that, the lawnmower is capable of working for long periods of time without interruption. Nominal power of the marked unit is in the range of 3 kW. The cutting height is only 20 mm.

Working width is good, many believe, and is equal to 30 cm.

Maximum height mowing the User is able to exhibit 60 mm. The engine in this case, the manufacturer has an asynchronous type. The wheel drive is of the rear type.

The MB 448 deck is made entirely of plastic, but is strong enough and can withstand heavy use. In terms of noise level this model does not differ from ordinary lawnmowers.

At a distance of 5 meters the MV 448 gives out 50 dB. Only one nozzle is standard. Blades are installed by the manufacturer of the blade type.

Benefits of the MB 2

This model is valued by consumers due to its high efficiency. It can work for about 3 hours without interruption. With all this the engine does not actually overheat. This was achieved by a good cooling system. This model also has disadvantages.

How much petrol and oil to fill a VIKING lawn mower and how often to change the oil? First it is necessary to emphasize quite thin blades in the kit. It is very difficult to adjust the height of this model.

This is because the lever is fixed relatively firmly. It is also important to note the high vibration. It shakes the lawn mower considerably when working on uneven terrain. As a result, the handle starts to vibrate a lot.

Keeping under control in such a situation is difficult for the MV 2 lawnmower.

VIKING lawn mower oil change at the end of the season

oil change at the end of the season. The lightweight, four-stroke engine with no oil.

VIKING MA 339 gasoline lawnmowers

This model can boast just great characteristics. The power of this machine is 4 kW. The grass bag is big enough. It disconnects very quickly during operation for cleaning.

In this case it is possible to regulate the mowing height. The cutting width of the blades is optimal. The cutting system of the lawnmower has a rotary cutting system. The standard set has only one mower. There are a total of five modes to choose from.

Adjusting the height of the handle in the MA 339 is also possible.

Consumer reviews of the MB 3

This VIKING lawn mower is not for everyone, but it does have certain advantages. Consumers primarily note the convenient operation of the brushcutter.

The blade speed can be adjusted quite easily with a single switch. The off button is conveniently located and this is a good thing. The disadvantages are the rather large size of the device.

Features of the brushcutter refuelling

When the mixture is ready and ready to use, it must be gently poured into the fuel tank. Since gasoline is a poisonous liquid, you must follow the safety precautions when working with it. The work must be done in calm weather and away from bystanders. To pour fuel into the tank, it is also necessary to use a funnel or funnel with which you previously diluted the mixture. Otherwise, the mixture can spread out, go unnoticed and become inflamed when the engine heats up.

The fuel can itself should be cleaned of external contaminants and only then unscrew its cap to refuel with ready fuel. After filling the tank should not be left open, because insects or soil can get into the tank and clog the fuel filter. Fuel must be poured into the tank at the designated mark or less and then refilled during operation.

When storing the container should be tightly closed with a lid. Store fuel in a cool place, out of sunlight. Keep in mind that during prolonged storage the oil liquefies and loses its characteristics.

Why lubrication is needed?

Gasoline lawn mowers. This internal combustion engines (ICE), in which the driving force transmitted from the ICE to the working elements (blades), generated by the energy generated in the cylinder combustion chamber during the ignition of fuel consistency. As a result of the fire, the gases expand, forcing the piston to move, which is related to the mechanism of further transfer of energy to the final organ, that is, in this case to the blades of the lawnmower.

Therefore, in the engine is mixed a lot of huge and small parts that require lubrication in order to, if not completely prevent their abrasion, destruction, wear, at least as much as possible to slow these unhealthy processes for the mechanism.

But over time, this is inevitable, as the development of gaps in the mates is still happening. And the better the oil, the longer the service life of the gardening equipment. Besides, the high-quality lubricants help to achieve the following positive phenomena:

  • The best cooling of the motor and its parts, prevents overheating and thermal shock;
  • The work of the motor is guaranteed at enormous loads and long periods of continuous grass mowing;
  • Motor parts are safe from corrosion during seasonal downtime.

Choice of gasoline depending on engine type

Check with your local dealer as to the type of engine you have. Petroleum product requirements for two-stroke and four-stroke engines are different.

A lawnmower with a four-stroke engine does not require fuel pre-treatment. There are two tanks in the design, for gasoline and oil. Use the petroleum product recommended by the manufacturer to extend tool life.

Fill two-stroke engines with a blend of engine oil. Proportion of mixture may be found on fuel filler cap. To understand how much oil to add, see the table below.

TypeRequired proportion
Mineral 1:32. 1:35
Synthetic 1:50

Example of a calculation using a synthetic product:

So you need 20 ml of synthetic oil per liter. If you can’t measure out the oil you need, make a larger quantity. For example, half a cut glass of synthetic oil is enough for a 5 liter canister. Excess can be stored in the canister during the season, the quality will not deteriorate.

Online store “Gardener”. it is always a pleasure to shop with us

With us it is advantageous and convenient to cooperate, because we:

  • We sell high quality products, which is confirmed by certificates;
  • We allow you to buy with the help of our website without leaving home;
  • Delivery to any region information about shipping conditions on our website;
  • All products have a mandatory warranty and service is provided.

If you still can’t decide what petrol to pour in your mower, ask our experts by phone: 7 (495) 135-29-39 every day from 10 a.m. to 9 a.m.00 to 20.00. They will give you all the information you need for free.

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Filling up a four-stroke engine

Complicated design of the “4-stroke”, except for two additional compartments with pistons, has an oil tank. The oil dosing system (crankcase) injects oil in a manufacturer-established proportion by itself. The most important thing is to check the oil level in the system in good time. If necessary, top up or, better yet, change the oil completely by draining the used oil.

Do not pour fuel or oil under the filler cap. When the combustion part heats up, the oil pressure in the engine system will sharply increase.

As a result, it may stall after working only 2-3 minutes. until the amount of fuel and oil in the tanks is reduced by at least a few percent. If the upper mark is absent. fill up oil and petrol in tanks less by 5-10 % than they contain.

Don’t skimp on quality. neither gasoline nor oil. Badly refined gasoline and “wrong” brand oil will quickly clog your engine. This will lead to forced washing of the last one. and it’s good, if the restoration will be limited with washing, but not with overhaul.

Warm engine start

Starting the warmed up engine is much easier and doesn’t require the following efforts:

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Oil viscosity

A 4-stroke engine requires a semi-synthetic or mineral oil SAE-30, SAE 20w-50 (summer), 10W-30 (autumn and spring). These markers indicate the viscosity of the oil. Product with 5W-30 viscosity is all-season and all-weather. A two-stroke engine is not critical to viscosity. the oil is already diluted in gasoline.

Starting mistakes

The most common mistakes when starting a lawn mower are:

  • Insufficient or complete lack of gasoline. A common but fairly common reason for a lawn mower not starting. The tank has been checked and gasoline has been added to the correct volume.
  • Bad fuel or improperly prepared fuel mixture. In this case, it is very important to study the recommendations and recommendations regarding the required fuel quality for the mower model used.
  • Incorrect choke position. If the choke is closed and the number of jerks exceeds 5, there is a risk that fuel will flood the spark plugs.
  • Ignition off when starting. The ignition must be switched on as soon as the choke shutter is closed.

Intertool LM-4545 gasoline lawnmower

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Lawnmower oil: with 4-stroke engine, what kind of oil to use, petrol, change

Preparation, mixing and changing the air-fuel mixture are the main maintenance procedures for lawn mowers. The quality and composition of the fuel and lubricant used determines the durability not only of the rotating parts, but also of the engine.Lawnmower oil coats rubbing parts and gaps between parts with a thin, viscous film, resulting in less wear and tear and fewer scratches on the surface during operation.

What kind of oil to use

The main factors to consider when choosing a lubricant are

  • provision of engine cooling, protection from thermal shock;
  • operation at high speeds and loads
  • corrosion resistance during mower downtime in winter;
  • absence of soot and sulfate ash, smokelessness
  • environmental friendliness;
  • good solubility in gasoline;
  • long storage times of the prepared lubricant.

oil in a lawnmower must meet the requirements of biodegradability, all-season viscosity and cost-effectiveness.

2-stroke engines require a mix in the manufacturer’s recommended oil to gasoline ratio. For four-stroke engines there is no mixing, the ingredients are poured separately in different containers. Lubrication is accomplished with the help of oil tubes, pump, filter and valves.

The types of oils that are most suitable for 2-stroke units are used for the lubricant:

The fluid contains 5-15% of various additives designed to improve efficiency, slow down corrosion and stabilize viscosity.

Lawn mowers with 4-stroke engines require a single fluid for the vehicle, e.g. SAE30 or 10W40 with the right technical characteristics. Almost all makes of cars is suitable for SF. Frost-resistant fluid is used for winter operation.

What kind of gasoline to fill up

Lawnmower gasoline is the second element of the fuel mixture. Its brand should be chosen based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, described in the passport of the unit. High octane rating also indicates the combustion time and resistance to detonation: the higher the rating, the longer the fuel burns. For example, these types of petroleum products are available at petrol stations:

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AI-92 has a higher tendency to detonate.

If you use fuel with a higher octane rating than stated in the manual, in units with 2-stroke engines, the engine is damaged, with a lower parameter. the piston group.

kind, gasoline, your, lawnmower

The mixture is prepared before operation in the proportion that is indicated on the cap of the gasoline tank:

This means you need 20 ml of oil for every 1 liter of fuel.

Lawn mower with a 4-stroke engine does not require pre-preparation of petroleum product. There are two reservoirs in the machine. Fill the tank with gasoline and the reservoir with oil through the drain hole in the crankcase.

Changing the oil

  • turn on mower and let it idle for about 15 minutes
  • unscrew the plug in the tank opening;
  • put up a container to collect the waste;
  • tilt the device in the direction of the drain;
  • after draining the waste material, the plug is screwed on;
  • the mower is placed on a flat surface and the opening in the top is opened;
  • The oil is filled to the required level and the level is checked with a dipstick;
  • the hole is closed and the plug is screwed.

The fill volume in most machines is up to 500-600 ml.

What kind of gasoline does the Husqvarna mower

Husqvarna lawn mower. the right tool for lawn care

Technics for the care of country estates is presented in a wide range of. Husqvarna lawn mower belongs to the best models at an affordable price. Highest quality products in any price category. this is the distinctive feature of Husqvarna, which is a world leader in producing tools with diesel and electronic traction.

Peculiarities of lawnmowers of Swedish manufacturer

Husqvarna lawn mowers are produced with two or four strokes internal combustion engine of own design. The production sites are in Sweden and China. The main components and engines on all Husqvarna machines are self-made. Chinese units sell cheaper because their production costs are lower.

The hallmark of Husqvarna lawnmowers is their reliability over many years of service when the instructions for use are followed. Conventional operation and adaptability to the climate ensure the implementation of units by urban utilities.

Concern is expanding its product line, and offers modern models:

  • mechanical drum saws;
  • non-propelled;
  • self-propelled;
  • self-propelled, vended, with seat;
  • battery-powered robotics.
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Working function. the alignment of the grass on the lawn is made by 3 methods:

  • Bioclip. mulching that takes place with shredded grass. With all this, the cut grass is repeatedly fed to the blades until the small pieces pile up on the lawn.
  • Dioclip. a system that allows you to select a mulching option or implementation of the grass catcher box.
  • TrioClip. the option to dispose of grass clippings through a side ejector, mulching or collection in a bag.

The multistep cutting height adjustment is important for lawn care. It’s understandable that if you cut a lawn that hasn’t been mowed for a while, it will turn yellow. Need to cut a couple of times, but a little at a time.

The invention of the robotic lawnmower dates back to 1995. The first solar-powered apparatus was created. The Husqvarna Automower series of automatic lawn mowers is already in production.

Start your Husqvarna petrol mower with either a push button for an electronic starter, or a cord with an easy start function. Models with a four-stroke engine make less noise, run on 92 gasoline and give off less pollutants in the exhaust.

Changing the Oil in a Husqvarna 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine??

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Lawn mower: oil, gasoline and running-in

Question how much oil to give, what kind of oil, gasoline: 92 or 95, what if in the annotation says otherwise. И

Used by AFT, a vacuum cleaner, can even straighten up damp grass, the level of cut goes straight. Complete with an iron blade made of a solid plate without welding, a special deck and a chute, the working tool stands out for its quality of lawn treatment.

Technical characteristics of gasoline lawnmowers

Husqvarna gasoline-powered lawn mowers come in manual and self-propelled. They are chosen according to the working conditions:

  • When power is used only for cutting and chopping the grass and when manpower is required to move the mower, the model requires less power than a self-propelled model. In general all machines are equipped with 3-6 liter engines.с. Two-stroke and four-stroke single-cylinder engines are used. The stronger the machine, the more work it can do.
  • The decisive factor in choosing the device is the cutting width. It depends on the length of knives fitted. Mowing width can be 31-56 cm, depending on machine power.
  • The spectrum of grass-cutting height adjustment allows you to choose the mode according to the length of the lawn. It is normal when there are several modes, the Husqvarna lawnmower can have seven.
  • Sturdy metal housing has a scratch-resistant paint finish.
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  • Gasoline Mixture For Grass Trimmer

Huswarna products for household and professional use. For smooth lawns or working on rough terrain you can find the right model of petrol lawnmower to suit your needs.

Maintenance Requirements for Lawn Mowers

Sophisticated technology requires careful handling. Before you start working, you need to study the instruction manual. To prepare and start the machine for the first time, follow the sequence of operations. An important factor for trouble-free operation afterwards is to use the right gasoline and oil for your Husqvarna lawnmower.

Gasoline must be of good quality, bought at a certified gas station and only AI 92. Using gasoline that does not meet quality standards will inevitably shorten the life of the engine. The four-stroke engine adds oil to the fuel mixture automatically.

For the two-stroke engine, the fuel mix is mixed in the proportions given in the owner’s manual.

To buy a genuine Husvarna lawnmower, you need to use the services of specialized retailers or dealerships. VIKING requires a warranty card and full documentation.


VIKING is an Austrian company that was launched relatively recently in 1981. The founder Heinrich Lechner originally started out producing garden shredders, but already in 1984 the first VIKING lawnmower was introduced. Since the 90s the range has expanded and the machines have become popular all over the world. Austrian VIKING mowers offer petrol, electronic and battery powered models, which have become very popular lately.

Also models are divided into self-propelled and non-propelled, distinguished by front and rear drive. Today VIKING is one of the leading manufacturers of petrol mowers, especially thanks to its high output and robust design. It is also worth noting the sturdy housing, made of high-quality materials.

No less important factor noted by users is the design of the equipment. models are available in the brightest shades.

Let’s consider the main advantages of petrol mowers firm “VIKING”:

  • the robust design of the frame allows to operate the device for a long time;
  • big knurled wheels for better grip and less damage to the grass during cutting;
  • low noise level. only 96 dB;
  • low vibration of the unit when switched on;
  • blades are made of durable steel to withstand hard work;
  • the special technique of sharpening the blade does not yellow the lawn;
  • Availability of an ergonomic folding handle;
  • effective work on uneven areas;
  • a wide range of amateur and professional equipment.

From the disadvantages of this type of equipment it is worth allocating:

Even despite the aforementioned negative traits, VIKING petrol lawnmowers are still used today for cleaning up domestic areas. Buyers especially note the power of the unit, which allows you to work for long periods without interruption or overheating.

Step by step instructions for starting

In order to easily start the lawnmower, it is necessary to read the step-by-step instructions in more detail, but it is also necessary to take into account the rules of fueling the device, as well as many other important nuances.

Only gasoline models need to be refueled before starting, the engine of which without the right fuel will not work properly or will not start at all. Therefore, having studied in detail the technical characteristics of your device, it is also necessary to read the information about ready-made fuel or the preparation of a special mixture with your own hands.

In the latter case, it is necessary to observe the proportions that are specifically calculated for the proper functioning of the mechanism.

Sometimes synthetic oils are used for this purpose. These types of fuel mixtures have a lower cost, but practically do not differ in their quality characteristics. For 100 grams of synthetic oil it is necessary to use 5 liters of petrol, so the mixture will have proportions of 1: 50.

Mixtures with mineral oils have a higher cost, because they are considered more natural and environmentally friendly, but in terms of technical characteristics they are only slightly superior to synthetic options. The proportions when using such materials will be 1: 35, that is, for 100 grams of oil you need to use 3.5 liters of gasoline.

There are also variants of petrol lawnmowers where the fuel tank is located separately from the oil sump, so there is no need to prepare the mixture.


Depending on the model of the lawnmower, starting up will be done in different ways. It is therefore necessary to take this into account and, comparing with the individual technical characteristics, proceed to connect the device and start the engine.

And if with the manual model, working on the principle of the usual grass mower, everything is quite simple, then when starting the gasoline model, there may be some difficulties.

A petrol lawnmower can be started in two ways. when the engine is cold or warm.

Before starting an unheated engine, take care to disconnect the ignition system and transmission, and crank the motor shaft with the starter lever or starter. Then the machine can be started as follows:

  • first the ignition must be turned on;
  • Then close the choke;
  • after that you may safely start the engine.

After starting, you must set the idle speed on the instrument, using the throttle lever. Then, using the same lever, you need to put the device to work at low speed, thereby giving the engine an opportunity to warm up. After that you can safely start the lawnmower at full power. It is worth noting that starting the device with an unheated engine is allowed, but further operation in such state is undesirable, as it will negatively affect the overall condition and functioning of the lawnmower.

Starting the lawnmower with the engine warmed up is much easier, because this process does not require prior preparation. And then you need to proceed in this sequence:

  • The control lever must be set to the maximum fuel level;
  • then the engine has to be started;
  • Then you can select the desired speed and start working.

How to start after winter?

To start the lawnmower after the winter period can be quite difficult, since most often the devices of this kind are stored in barns, where no heating is provided, and therefore exposed to the harsh winter climate, and sometimes sharp temperature fluctuations. It is therefore necessary to approach this process wisely and take into account all the important nuances.

For example, the first thing to do after winter downtime is to check the fuel tank of the device and make sure that it is clean and there is no old fuel. If the tank is not empty, however, you should clean it before refueling it again. This should be done because adding new fuel to the old fuel that has survived the winter downtime is not safe for the operation of the device. Old fuel under the influence of winter temperatures can slightly change its composition, which when mixed with a fresher composition or even simple operation can lead to malfunctions.

Next, for safer operation, you should follow the principle of turning on the device with the warming of the engine. This way you can gently prepare your lawnmower for work.

All about the fuel mix for the grass trimmer. What kind of gasoline is needed for the grass trimmer?

The responding authors correctly noted that there is a big difference in the brand of gasoline used for two-strokes and four-strokes. I do not take into account electric trimmers. by definition, they use lubricants only for the moving parts of the drive.

Without going “behind the furnace” I can say from my own experience that the gasoline for two-stroke trimmers should be lower actan number than for four-stroke trimmers. I had the experience of running a Makita four-stroke grass trimmer on 92nd gasoline. The grass trimmer owner used 92 gasoline again, though the manufacturer recommended to use 95 and higher.

However, all other operating fluids used in strict accordance with the instructions (engine crankcase oil (for the crank)) I also tried it for a while, and this is what I realized. The result. traction is not to hell, a lot lower than the manufacturer’s claimed, as a consequence, more RPM and heating, too, gasoline is not burned completely, the soot in the muffler is constantly growing.

When you take it home for a drive, you fill it with 95o petrol and the car goes. it is not hot, you get good response, the exhaust is like with gas. you don’t even smell or see it, you can put your hand on the cylinder and not get burnt. Conclusion. for four-stroke trimmers better at least 95.

For two-stroke trimmers. It’s just the opposite. No matter what proportions you dilute 95 gasoline with oil, additives present in it (and in Russia by definition there is no “pure” 95-th gasoline at all. it is the same 92 additive package) cannot be neutralized with oil and therefore the detonation component cannot be excluded.

Besides the two-stroke engine, working off every cycle of the piston stroke for ignition of the working mixture, is heated up on the high-octane gasoline much stronger, since the combustion temperature is higher. Which leads to increase of natural expansion of metals, well logically to reduction of clearance in the mating parts (piston group, bearing shells and balls, etc.).п.

) Every second stroke of the four-stroke engine works in the working mode (ignition of the working mixture). According to the principle of the cooling system it can be said that 92-rd gasoline is more recommended for two-stroke engines with the air cooling system.

The oil proportions for any type of engines, first of all, you need to look in the certificate of the product. Well and of course to realize clearly that in four-stroke engine oil is poured only in the crankcase, and for two-stroke is prepared by the working mixture of gasoline and oil parts. proportions for oil and petrol for each models of trimmers see (first of all!) in the manual.

I can only give you the guaranteed proportions of oil and gasoline for two-stroke motors trimmers company STIHL and Huter. and during the break-in period, and during operation, when using our (Russian) gasoline dilute 25 milligrams of oil in every liter of 92-gasoline. Proportion 40/1 I’ve had a STIHL 180 and a Huter weed trimmer for over 3 years now and it works just fine.

STIHL 50/1 mix ratio is designed for European 87-90 grade gasoline and not for Russian gasoline that comes straight from the distiller without anti-detonation and eco additives.

Dachnikov, owners of private country houses for the care of lawns, mowing weeds, buy small mechanization. They prefer trimmers that are powered by internal combustion engines and use a properly diluted mixture of gasoline and oil.

Motorized grass mowers require maintenance, the use of combined fuel. If you keep the gasoline to oil ratio, it’s easy to get the most out of your brushcutter.

Comparing with similar mechanisms, give preference when choosing brushcutters according to the following functional indicators:

  • Mobility and low weight of the machine, allowing to transport it over distances, to use it in hard-to-reach places for mowing.
  • Versatility. the lawnmower is equipped with a node for changing working elements directly during operation of the machine.
  • Simplicity of design for long life without frequent adjustments.

These and other positive features give customers the confidence that they are buying a grass trimmer is the right choice.

How to get the proportion right?

The lawnmower is filled with A-92 gasoline. There are other manufacturer’s instructions that specify a different octane rating for gasoline. For example, A-95. The price difference is minimal.

Oil selection does not take any liberties. For two-stroke engines, API sets a specific order:

  • for motor blocks, brush cutters, air-cooled mopeds. TA class;
  • engines with a cylinder volume of 200 cm³. TV class oil;
  • for all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles recommends the use of class TS oils;
  • Yacht engines, water scooters, powerboats use TD grade lubricant.

From the list above, the last two engine lubricants are not recommended for power trimmers. The lettering indicates the petroleum products from which the lubricant is made.

Can I Add 95 Gasoline to My Grass Trimmer?


The brand of gasoline suitable for a particular model of the appliance is usually listed in the instruction manual.

If you disregard the manufacturer’s recommendations and fill the tank with the wrong octane rating, over time the unit may simply fail. Grass trimmers are equipped with two- and four-stroke engines.

Their refueling and maintenance are quite different.

What kind of gasoline to fill up with 92 or 95

We’ll talk about gasoline. What’s the best gas to use?AI 92 or AI 95.

STIHL models 92 or 95?

Let’s think about whether you can pour 92 gasoline instead of 95? What will be the consequences for the engine? Let’s also think about.

kind, gasoline, your, lawnmower

Mix petrol and oil in the right proportions. If the lubricant is too low, the piston surface and cylinder walls will be teething, then the piston ring will be destroyed and the engine will stall. Excessive oil is not as critical, but it will also lead to unpleasant consequences. The piston will form a sludge and the piston ring will be short-circuited, resulting in a drop in power.

The proportions of petrol and oil are usually given in the tool’s instruction booklet. Many manufacturers prescribe a ratio of 50: 1. one part oil poured into 50 parts fuel. Consequently, one liter of fuel should be 20 ml of oil. If the engine is worn out or the tool is running heavily, the amount of grease can be increased to 25: 1 by pouring 40 ml per liter of gasoline.